Twisted perfection, p.28
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       Twisted Perfection, p.28

         Part #1 of Perfection series by Abbi Glines
Page 28



  I wasn’t going to be able to get any work done today. My mind was on figuring out how to convince Della that she was moving into my house. Today. I couldn’t deal with her staying with Tripp any longer. That and the memory of my dick buried so deep down her throat that she was fucking gagging. Damn. I’d never had a blowjob like that one. It had been completely different from any other one I’d experienced.

  Della hadn’t been worried about getting it over with or what was coming next. She had sucked me with complete abandon. I’d tried to stop her when she’d gagged the first time but then she’d done it again and I snapped. When I’d come in her mouth, I had been afraid I’d pushed her too far but then she’d tried to fucking suck me some more.

  God. I was hard as a rock again. That one memory was going to keep me hard for the rest of my life. I had to find her. She worked the lunch shift and I had stayed hidden in here. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself if I felt like she was being mistreated or if someone looked at her ass.

  I headed for my truck when I saw Della standing by her car talking to Bethy who looked like she’d just gotten off work too. I loved Jace like a brother but Bethy I didn’t trust. She was a little too wild and I didn’t know if I liked the idea of her hanging around with Della. I wouldn’t put it past her to try and fix Della up with some guy. Bethy needed to know where things stood and that Della was mine.

  I walked over to them and pulled Della into my arms causing her to squeal in surprise. She tilted her head back and smiled up at me. “Hey you. I didn’t see you at lunch. ”

  The playful look in her eyes had my already hard cock throbbing. “I had to get some work done. I’m finished now. ”

  “Oh,” she said, not moving from my arms. I stepped closer to her and let her feel the proof of my arousal against her back.

  “So, she is the reason you didn’t go through with the Greystone thing,” Bethy said. It wasn’t a question. She was just affirming something she’d already suspected.

  “Yeah, she is. ”

  Bethy grinned and nodded her head. “Good. You admit it. ” She looked back at Della. “Well, I don’t think anyone would mind if you brought the boss. Since he will be sidetracked with you and all it should be fine. You’re invited and so is he. ”

  Della nodded her head and Bethy wiggled her fingers at us in a wave before walking off.

  “What was she talking about?” I asked.

  Della turned around in my arms and took a step closer so my erection was brushing her stomach. Damn she was a tease. “The club staff is having a bonfire Saturday night. It’s something they do at the end of Spring Break season before the summer season hits. You wanna go?”

  I knew about the staff’s bonfires. I’d had to go bail several former employees out of jail in the past from indecent exposure on the beach during one of these bonfires. I wasn’t about to let her go without me.

  “If you want to go, I’ll go with you. ”

  She frowned. “Do you think it’s okay for them to know we’re dating? Since you’re the boss?”

  I could see directly down her shirt and her generous cleavage was distracting. “It will be fine. They need to know you’re mine. ”

  She moved against me and mischief gleamed in her eyes.

  “Della, sweetheart, unless you want to get fucked in the nearest closet you’ll stop it. ”

  Della tilted her head to the side. “I like closets. ”

  Hell. I grabbed her hand and dragged her giggling to the back of the cart shed. pulled out my keys to unlock the supply closet. It was nice and cold in there because it was where we kept the beers for the cart girls.

  I’d discuss moving her out of Tripp’s later. Then we’d discuss both going to get tested and getting her on some form of birth control. I wanted to feel Della without any damn barriers.


  The only things Della had to be moved fit into two suitcases. Tripp had told me he was leaving in a week or so and that Della would be alone again soon but that didn’t ease my mind. I’d just be sleeping there. I wasn’t about to let her sleep alone again. Ever.

  She finally agreed to moving in with me but kept telling me I was going to regret it.

  We’d both been tested yesterday and were clean. However, the recommendation for the pill they had given Della said that it was best to wait seven days until we had unprotected sex.

  Just the idea that I could slide up inside her without worry was making it hard to concentrate.

  I sat outside on the porch waiting on Della to get back from work. I wasn’t scheduling her on night shifts anymore. I hated her not being with me. I also didn’t do well sitting in the dining room watching her. Everyone pissed me off.

  It was best if I just stayed away for her and me. The last thing I needed was for my dad to find out about Della and blame her for the fact I wouldn’t marry Angelina.

  My phone rang interrupting my thoughts and I pulled it out of my pocket to see Jimmy’s name on the screen. Shit. He was working tonight too. He wouldn’t call unless something had gone wrong. I stood up ready to go back to the club.

  “Hello. ”

  “Uh, Woods. Hey, it’s Jimmy. I got a problem on my hands. It’s Della”

  I was running for the door at the sound of her name. “What’s wrong?” I demanded as I jerked my truck door open and climbed inside.

  “I don’t know, man. She just freaked or something. I can’t explain it. She was working and everything was okay. Then some teenage boys came in. Drew Morgan and that crew. They had a tennis tournament today. I think one of them cornered her on his way to the bathroom. I’m not sure but she isn’t responding and she’s in the corner back here outside the ladies’ restroom. I’m guarding her but I can’t get her to respond to me. She makes whimpering sounds sometimes but other than that she won’t say anything. ”

  My heart felt like it was about to beat out of my chest. “Stay there with her. Don’t let anyone near her. I’ll be there in less than five minutes. Just STAY with her Jimmy. Tell her I’m coming okay? Tell her I’m on my way. ” I slung the phone across the seat and sped to the club. She was scared. I was going to beat the hell out of the kid who upset her. I should have never left her there. Pulling into the parking lot my tires squealed and I left the truck running as I slammed it in park and took off running for the back entrance. I saw Jimmy’s back as he blocked her from anyone’s view. I shoved past him and bent down in front of her and scooped her up in my arms.

  “It’s okay, sweetheart. I’ve got you. You come back to me okay,” I soothed her as I walked back out to the privacy of my truck with her. When I turned to push the door open with my back I saw Jimmy standing there watching us.

  “You tell no one about this,” I warned.

  He only nodded before I turned and took her to the truck. I sat in the passenger seat and kept her tucked up against my chest.

  “Come back to me, baby. No one’s going to hurt you. I have you,” I reassured her, holding her close to my chest. “I shouldn’t have left you and I’m sorry. But I’m here now. You’re okay. ”

  Her wide vacant eyes blinked slowly and then the recognition in them as she focused on me was one of relief. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she held on tightly.

  “I’m sorry. I did it again. I’m so sorry. I’ll leave. I promise. ” Her garbled words made no sense until she said she would leave. I tightened my hold on her.

  “You won’t go anywhere or I’ll chase your ass down. I’m the one who is sorry. I wasn’t here when you needed me. I should have been here. Tell me what happened. I won’t leave you again. I swear it. ”

  She sniffled and pressed her face against my neck. “This will happen again. It will always happen. I can’t make it stop. I’ve tried but I can’t. I shouldn’t be working here. It’s too nice of a place for a crazy person. ”

  “Don’t,” I snapped, pulling her back to look at my face. I wanted
her to see me when I said this. She needed to believe me. “You’re not crazy. You’re beautiful and fun. You’re selfless and big-hearted. You’re a hard worker and you don’t expect anything from anyone but You. Are. Not. Crazy. ” I grabbed her face in my hands. “I don’t want to ever, and I mean EVER, hear you call yourself that again. Do you understand me? You call yourself any of those things I said but never crazy. ” I pulled her back into my arms and held her. I didn’t trust myself to say anything else at the moment. My emotions were running too close to the surface.

  “There was this boy. He was a couple years younger than me,” she paused and took a deep breath. “He said he wanted to lock me up in a room and do things to me. It,” she stopped and I heard her swallow hard. “It wasn’t that I was scared really. It was when he threatened to lock me up in a room. My cr… my fears took over. The panic set in. ”

  She was scared of being locked up. Why? Had someone done that to her? I brushed the hair away from her face and pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

  “Let’s go home. Then, will you tell me more? Help me understand so I can help you? Please?”

  She didn’t answer right away but finally she nodded. “If you want me to,” she replied.

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