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         Part #4 of Hotbloods series by Bella Forrest

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  Hotbloods 4: Venturers

  Bella Forrest


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  Chapter One

  My hands were covered in blood. It oozed between my fingers, snaking down my wrists and pooling across the floor of the small
room. No matter how hard I scrubbed, I couldn’t get it to budge, the viscous liquid turning everything a sickening shade of scarlet.

  I flinched as something bit into my skin, and looked down to see a tiny shard of glass sticking out. Cursing under my breath, I pulled the fragment out and tossed it into the trash, listening for the clink of it as it fell. I reached for yet another damp cloth, desperate to get everything cleaned up as quickly as possible. The sooner I was done, the better. I’d already worked my way through a considerable stack of cloths, most now piled high in a laundry bag to my right, which looked like the remnants of a murder scene.

  The stench was overwhelming, filling my nostrils with an acrid, metallic tang. Had it been normal, human blood, it would have been horrifying, but at least I would have known where it came from. This was something different entirely. Several shades of red, a patch of blue, and a funny streak of black flowed together to make one nauseating puddle of grossness. I didn’t want to touch it, let alone clean it up, but here I was, stuck in the stuffy confines of the ship’s storeroom, crouched down in a pool of alien blood, wishing every kind of pain imaginable on the woman who had caused this mess.

  Pandora had dropped a tray of vials earlier, and though she claimed it was an accident, I suspected foul play. Naturally, she hadn’t bothered to clean the aftermath up herself, but had demanded I get down on my knees and do it instead. No doubt she thought herself too important to do any grunt work. That was certainly the way she was acting, strutting about the ship like a peacock, keeping us all busy to the point of exhaustion while she messed around with a few dials and controls.

  We’d been on the Vanquish for a week already, heading for Zai, and it felt like the longest week of my life. Around every corner, there was something else Pandora wanted us to do. She never gave any of us a moment to ourselves. Each morning, there was an enormous list to plow through, but we knew there would only be more jobs if we ever reached the end of it. Not that we ever did.

  I understood why she was doing it, but that only served to make me more annoyed. Pandora was keeping all five of us—Navan, Bashrik, Angie, Lauren, and myself—as busy as possible, to prevent us from congregating in secret or stealing a moment to discuss plans with one another. She wasn’t an idiot; she had to know we had other reasons for wanting to be away from Vysanthe, and she was making sure we didn’t get a single second to put those reasons into action.

  After all, we’d been shipped off in such a hurry, the five of us had barely had the chance to speak with one another about what we might do when we reached the Fed outpost near Zai. Queen Brisha had demanded we leave the day after my stunt at the new alchemy lab, perhaps fearing another manic attack involving an explosives belt and her beloved generators. It wasn’t ideal, since it meant we had to miss out on the mission to Queen Gianne’s underground hangar to destroy her new fleet, but there was nothing we could do about that. Navan had tried to persuade her to let us complete that mission first, but Brisha wasn’t having any of it. With guards flanking us, we’d been frog-marched from our quarters down to the waiting Vanquish.

  And now, we were far away from that world, piercing the eternity of space, headed for Zai. Much to our irritation, we’d been forced to tell Pandora about the deep-space tech in the underground hangar, knowing her rebel resources might be our best bet at keeping it secret. With surprising solemnity, she had promised she would get Orion to see to it—whatever that meant. Even so, I worried what might happen if Brisha discovered the technology and the lies we’d told before Orion could do anything about it.

  It was funny, the way my mind settled on certain things while I was in the middle of some menial task Pandora had set. In solitude, scrubbing for hours, it was hard not to dwell on fears and errors.

  Still, at least I wasn’t in the engine room polishing the thousands of pipes, big and miniscule, that crisscrossed all over the thrumming chamber, running in labyrinthine tracks across the ceilings and walls, and even under the floor. Navan and Bashrik had been sentenced to that particular duty today, and I knew they’d come back at the next mealtime shouting at the tops of their voices, their hearing muffled by the roar of the engines. The Vanquish was not a sleek, state-of-the art machine like the Asterope, with silky smooth, purring engines—it was a military beast, built for might and power, not deep-space speed.

  Sometimes, Navan and I would pass in the corridor on the way to our next tasks, and I would tap the spot just above my heart, where my climpet still flashed, the light showing my love for him was still as strong as ever. He would smile and tap his, or lift his shirt to show me, if he was feeling particularly defiant to Pandora’s surveillance. I usually preferred the latter, though I wasn’t all that keen on Pandora looking in, getting a cheap thrill out of it. Besides, knowing her, she’d probably think we were communicating in some peculiar Morse code, though she hadn’t said anything about it just yet.

  Drawing my mind away from Navan, I thought of Lauren, who was in the supply closet down the hallway making an inventory of every little thing the ship had, while Angie was stuck in the laundry room cleaning every scrap of material for the dozenth time. I could already visualize her emerging from the humidity of the laundry room, her already-curly hair frizzed up into an unruly blond mass, her face deeply unimpressed. The inventory would go missing at the end of the day, meaning someone would have to do it again tomorrow, but we’d grown used to that annoyance. Pandora saw to it that every task needed repeating, purely to keep us away from one another. “The devil makes work for idle hands,” and all that.

  I know what I’d like to do with my idle hands, I thought bitterly, wondering how it would feel to smack Pandora hard across the face. Delightful, I imagined.

  She just would not leave us alone, to the point where she’d taken to sleeping in the same room as us. Not only that, but she was monitoring our every move with recording devices that were dotted all over the ship. Wherever I walked, the devices moved to follow me, their camera lenses glinting like eyes, surveying every corner, every walkway, every room. One was watching me right now, at the far end of the store cupboard, peering down over my shoulder. I thought of Pandora sitting in her control room, chuckling to herself as she watched the camera feeds, and felt my hands tighten around the damp, blood-soaked cloths. She really was insufferable.

  Just then, the alarm on my wristband beeped, telling me it was almost three o’clock—not that time had much purpose or meaning out in space, where there was no sunlight or moonlight, only the endless expanse of stars stretching through the darkness. Even so, it felt nice to have something routine, to keep my grasp on earthly, normal things.

  I hurled the last of the sodden cloths into the laundry bag, knowing Angie would hate me for dropping off so many, threw it over my shoulder, and headed out of the store cupboard. A few unsightly streaks of crimson marked the ground, but they would dry. Besides, if Pandora didn’t like it, she’d just get me to do it all over again.

  Keeping my head down, I walked briskly down the hallway toward the observation deck, leaving the sack outside the laundry room on my way. I rapped on the door to let Angie know it was there, but I didn’t stay to see her irate face. It was almost my turn to check for any updates on the Note, and I was determined not to be late because of Pandora’s spillage.

  I had just reached the main space of the vessel when a jolt vibrated through the ship. With the gravity drives enabled, there was no graceful floating, just the hard impact of being weighted to the ground, as though we were on land. Stumbling to one side, I knocked into the wall, grasping for a handhold to keep me upright as a second shudder rippled through the vessel, shaking it violently. Still gripping the side of the wall, I peered into the main space, trying to see what was going on. There were no windows in the main chamber of the Vanquish, but the cockpit was on the other side of it, the door wide open, revealing Pandora in the captain’s chair, her hands darting over the control panel, struggling to steer the ship.

  I turned as the sound of erra
tic footsteps echoed in the passageway behind me. Navan, Bashrik, Angie, and Lauren were all running toward me, swaying from side to side with the jarring movements of the ship.

  “What’s going on?” Navan asked as we moved into the main space and headed for the cockpit.

  “We’re passing through a field of metal debris. It came out of nowhere!” Pandora yelled, her fingertips moving so fast they were almost a blur. “Bashrik, take the second set of controls and help me navigate! Lauren, Angie, secure any loose items in the cockpit. The last thing we need is something crashing down and hitting one of us while we’re trying to steer. Riley, Navan, man the force guns—we need to push this debris away from the ship before it does too much damage!” she barked, her eyes never leaving the screen in front of her, where objects kept popping up, flashing red when they got too close.

  “I don’t have any training with weaponry like this. I’m used to two-man fighting vessels, not giant military gunships!” I replied anxiously, while the others hurried to their posts. Only Navan hung back, waiting for me.

  “Just figure it out, Riley! We don’t have time for your pathetic insecurities!” Pandora bellowed back, her eyes narrowing as she took us past a particularly aggressive block of compressed metal.

  With my cheeks flushing angrily, I turned and took off through the main space of the ship, with Navan in hot pursuit. We were headed for the weapons control section on the floor beneath the one we were currently running across. Turning down the corridor, we sprinted to the end, where a stairwell disappeared into the metal ground. With our booted feet clanging on the winding, steel steps, we reached the bottom of the ship, sprinting in the direction of the gun-pods, the vessel still jolting back and forth, knocking us off balance. Well, knocking me off balance. Navan seemed to figure out how to run in a straight line, despite the jarring movements.

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