Love's Second Chance series

Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife

One night, they found themselves under some mistletoe.Now, he owes her a kiss. And she is determined to claim it.One night, they found themselves under some mistletoe.Now, he owes her a kiss. And she is determined to claim it.HIS HEART TORN in two, Graham Astor, Duke of Kensington, mourns his wife. As he distances himself from everything that reminds him of happier days lost forever, he comes to realize that there is one thing he cannot run from.Graham needs a new wife, if only for the sake of his daughter.DISILLUSIONED WITH LOVE, Rosabel only wishes to not remain a burden to her uncle’s family much longer. After seeing her parents’ love turn against them, Rosabel dreams of an independent life as a governess.But then a stranger asks for her hand in marriage, and to her utter shock her uncle instantly agrees.Will Rosabel find love after all? Or will the memory of Graham’s late wife keep him from finding happiness?*Although certain characters appear in multiple books, 'Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife' can be read as a stand-alone. However, in order to avoid spoiler, I'd advise against reading them out of order. Love's Second Chance Series#1 Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife#2 Cursed & Cherished - The Duke's Wilful Wife#3 Despised & Desired - The Marquess' Passionate Wife#4 Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife#5 Ruined & Redeemed - The Earl's Fallen Wife (coming June 22, 2017)#6 Betrayed & Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife (coming fall 2017)More to follow!A Forbidden Love Novella Series#1 The Wrong Brother#2 A Brilliant Rose#3 The Forgotten Wife#4 An Unwelcome Proposal (coming February 28, 2017)More to follow!
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Heroes Next Door Trilogy series

Fireflies - a Tale of Life and Death

In the buzzing city of New York, 12-year-old Gabriel Scott retreats from his parents' constant arguing into a virtual world of adventure and companionship. Unfortunately, as summer comes along, his parents ship him off to Kenton Woods to stay with grandparents he hasn't seen in years. Trapped in a world of small town life, Gabriel suddenly finds himself cut off from the only friends he ever had when he discovers that his grandparents don't even own a computer.

After sulking in the house for a few days, his grandfather drags him outside and Gabriel takes his first steps into the real world. Gathering all his courage, he talks to Liam, their neighbors' son, who hands him a small sheet of paper and asks for his help. From that day on, Gabriel follows Liam and his friends on a treasure hunt across town. With the entire school on their heels, they rush to solve riddle after riddle, slowly closing in on that which no one has ever found before. Along the way, Gabriel meets the head-butting twins Jack and Jordan, their dog Cat, the insane story-teller Eddie and Hannah, a young girl locked up in her room.

Hand in hand, they work to help Hannah escape and take her along on their adventure. Having spent her entire life cut off from the rest of the world, Gabriel finds a kindred spirit in the red-haired girl with the glowing eyes. But one day, a secret Hannah has been carefully hiding from the group rears its ugly head and threatens to shatter Gabriel's new life and the place he thought he'd finally found in the world.

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Forbidden Love Novella series

A Forbidden Love 1-4: The Wrong Brother; A Brillian Rose; The Forgotten Wife; An Unwelcome Proposal

Four determined ladies. Four charming gentlemen. And four forbidden love stories.

If you like forbidden love stories filled with intense relationships, vibrant chemistry and strong characters that will captivate your heart, then you’ll love these four novellas. Grab them now and start reading today!

#1 The Wrong Brother
Two brothers. One lady. And a heart torn in two.

Just as ISABELLA CARRINGTON gives her hand to CHARLES DASHWOOD, her heart is stolen by none other than her husband's notorious twin, ROBERT.
When mind and heart do not go hand in hand, can there be a happily ever after?

#2 A Brilliant Rose

Two brothers. A brilliant, young lady. And a love that will not be denied.

When ROSE LAWSON meets a handsome man, she quickly fancies herself in love.Upon learning his name, she recognizes his reputation and her opinion of him can not be lower.
Will CHARLES DASHWOOD be able to win Rose's heart and overcome his.. or rather his twin brother's past?

#3 The Forgotten Wife

A love lost. A daring wife. And a mistletoe kiss.

Because of an accident WILLIAM EVERETT cannot remember the past few years of his life, including his loving wife CATHERINE.
Will Catherine find a way to reclaim her husband's heart? Or is a love once lost gone forever?

#4 An Unwelcome Proposal

A chance encounter. An unexpected proposal. And an undeniable love.

When WESLEY EVERETT proposes to the women he loves, CHRISTINE DANSBY says no, because she does not believe in marriage.
Will Wesley take 'no' for an answer? Or will he be able to convince Christine that marriage is far from boring?

A Forbidden Love Novella Series

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5 Rules to Be Broken

6 Hearts to Be Mended

To Follow:

7 Winning her Hand

8 Conquering her Heart

Love's Second Chance Series

1 Forgotten & Remembered - The Duke's Late Wife

2 Cursed & Cherished - The Duke's Wilful Wife

3 Despised & Desired - The Marquess' Passionate Wife

4 Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife

5 Ruined & Redeemed - The Earl's Fallen Wife

6 Betrayed & Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife

7 Deceived & Honoured - The Baron’s Vexing Wife

More to follow:

8 Sacrificed & Reclaimed - The Soldier's Daring Widow (Bonus Novella)

9 Condemned & Admired - The Earl's Cunning Wife

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Where There's Love series

Remember Me

By all means, Jenna leads an average, ordinary life.

Working as a waitress, she shares an apartment with Abby, her best friend from college, dreams of being a columnist and spends many waking hours arguing with her brother.

Until one day, when a stranger walks into the restaurant looking for her.

Seemingly desperate to talk to her, he always disappears before Jena can find out who he is and what he wants. However, their paths cross again and again, and soon, Jena feels certain that she once knew the man who is desperately trying to remind her of something she seems to have forgotten.

Their love.

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