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         Part #2.3 of Men of Inked series by Chelle Bliss
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  Sexual Healing

  Throughout the day, Fiona and I texted as I enjoyed my time in the city. We learned a little about each other, or at least as much as either of us was willing to share. I learned that she was an only child. This little fact was refreshing to me. Izzy, the girl who crushed my heart, or at least I had thought so, had four brothers. Every single one of them hated me. Maybe not her brother Thomas, he and I had worked together and seemed to get along. But the rest—they were happy I was out of the picture.

  I added multiple brothers to the list of things to steer clear of in a future mate. That was in addition to crazy, a drug addict, and crazy. Really, most women are perfection, but crazy wasn’t my thing. They’re fun to fuck, but not to spend time with in any way, especially as a girlfriend.

  My job with the FBI didn’t go well with crazy either. Everyone in my life had to go through a thorough background check. Sometimes I thought it was a pain in the ass, but in all actuality, it saved me a lot of hassle.

  More and more, as the days passed by, I realized I no longer wanted to be part of the Bureau. It had lost its sparkle. Maybe it was the last undercover assignment I had, but it didn’t make me happy anymore.

  As I sat in the backseat of the taxi, I sent Fiona a text. I told her I’d pick her up at work, but a hospital is massive. She could be anywhere.

  Me: Where do you want me to meet you?

  I stared out the window of the taxi, watching the city pass by as I waited for her reply. The outskirts of New Orleans were like any other place on earth. The romanticism of the French Quarter disappeared quickly as you moved out into the city. Restaurants and bars fill the urban landscape, some new and some old. The mix of cultures created a unique city that offered something for everyone.

  Fiona: Near the ER. Be there about 12:15

  Me: Take your time.

  I checked the time, seeing that it was only quarter to midnight. I was early, but I knew it was better than being late. The last thing I’d want her to think is that I didn’t care. Tomorrow night I’d be at home, back in Florida and bored. Tonight, I’d be with Fiona, and there was no fucking way in hell I’d be late.

  After handing the cab driver a twenty following the short drive, I strolled through the entrance of the ER. I didn’t want to wander around looking for her; I figured she’d find me.

  Not even ten minutes later she walked through the doors to the waiting room. She had on her nursing uniform, and I was oddly disappointed. I wanted it to look more like a naughty nurse costume women wore at Halloween. Instead, it was a pink pantsuit thing and didn’t fit the fantasy I used last night to jack off.

  Her head turned from side to side as she scanned the waiting room, looking for me. I waited, watching her as she surveyed the room. A giant smile spread across her face as our eyes locked. She curled her finger, calling me to her.

  Without hesitation, I sauntered in her direction, trying to keep my composure. Inside my body, everything danced, feeling the happiness and excitement as it coursed through my system.

  “Hey,” she said with a grin on her face. “You came.”

  I shot her my best cocky grin and a slow blink to go with it. God, the shit she said made it so easy to be dirty. “That’s the plan.”

  She slapped me on the shoulder before placing her hand over her mouth to cover her laugh. “Dirty.”

  “You look stunning,” I said, touching her cheek. My fingers itched to touch her. My lips ached to kiss her, but I couldn’t. There were too many people around, and it was still her place of employment.

  “Thanks.” Her cheeks turned a rosy shade of pink, almost matching her outfit. “You ready to go?”

  “Yes. You lead the way and I’ll follow.”

  “Just have to grab my things in the break room.” She swiped her card through the security system, unlocking the door into the ER.

  I followed her through the doors, keeping up with her fast pace. “I’m just along for the ride.” Fuck, really? I didn’t mean for it to come out dirty, but something told me she’d take it that way.

  She stopped dead and turned to face me. “Do you always have sex on your mind?” she asked as the smile tugged at her lips.

  “No. I could ask the same thing of you. I didn’t mean it that way, but you took it that way. Who’s the dirty one here?” I arched an eyebrow, throwing down the challenge.

  She smiled before turning around and continuing down the hallway. “Point taken.”

  Crisis averted. I didn’t want to be the creepy guy who only thought with his cock. I mean, I wasn’t that guy right now. Tugging on it last night wasn’t the same. It didn’t dull the ache I had for her. It was a momentary Band-Aid that had been ripped off the moment I saw her again.

  She opened a door labeled “Hospital Staff Only” and motioned for me to follow. Without thinking, I followed her inside. “What the…?” I asked as I scanned the room. It wasn’t the employee lounge, but it sure as fuck was a storage room.

  Before I could ask another question, she pushed me against the door. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.” Her hands slid up my chest, feeling my pecs with her fingertips.

  “Me either, Fiona.” Reaching out, I grabbed her face and brought my lips down upon hers. The velvety texture was the same, but the taste was different. Last night they were laced with whiskey, but right now, the only thing I tasted was Fiona.

  As I kissed her, she moaned into my mouth and squeezed my chest harder. Tonight I wouldn’t hold back with Fiona. I didn’t have time for that luxury.

  “Sam,” she groaned as I ran my hands down her arms, brushing my thumb against her breast. Her body trembled under my touch as her breathing hitched. The simple sounds that spilled from her lips made the throbbing need in my cock almost unbearable.

  When her hand made a beeline for my dick, rubbing it through my jeans, I almost exploded. The heat mixed with the friction of her palm almost brought me to my knees as she stroked my shaft hard and slow.

  “Fiona,” I whispered against her lips. It was a plea for relief. I wanted her both to stop and to keep going. The last thing I wanted was to come in my pants like a teenage boy. Fuck, that would be humiliating.

  “Mmm,” she mumbled into my mouth, the sound vibrating against my lips. She gripped my dick, her stroke growing more aggressive.

  “Fuck,” I groaned as my body shuddered in her grip.

  Two could play at this game. Besides that, my fingers needed to touch her. The urge to touch her flesh and taste her became overwhelming. Sliding my hands away from her breast, I dipped my fingers inside the elastic waistband of her uniform. When they pushed through the top of her panties, it was her turn to quake in my arms and moan in my mouth.

  Inside I found a landing strip that beckoned for me to go further. The closer I got to the Promised Land, the softer and damper the hairs became. Her need drenched my fingertips as I slid them between her legs. My fingers moved easily against her satin skin, laden with her wetness. Running my fingers through her lips, I savored the softness as she spread her legs farther apart.

  I dragged my fingers backward, pulsing her clit between my fingertips. She hissed and bit down on my lip. Everything about that moment drove me wild with lust. The way she smelled, the feel of her pussy, the way she stroked me, it all had me on edge and fighting to keep control.

  As she stroked me faster, I plunged my fingers inside her, unable to wait any longer. She cried out as her hand locked around my dick and ceased to move. Her lips popped off mine as she sucked in a harsh, shaky breath. “Oh God,” she moaned as her head tipped back. “Yes,” she whispered.

  With my body against the door, I held her body close to mine using my hand. Digging my fingers into her pants, I used my other hand to stroke her deep. Feeling her pussy convulse around my fingers was sexy as fuck. Her breathing changed, growing more ragged as her hand finally started to move. Moving my face forward, I ran my nose against her neck before kissing the tender flesh.

  Working in another digit, I stretched her body open and thrust them inside of her. She fit me perfectly, milking my fingers as I fucked her with my hand. She moved against my hand, not pushing it away, but smashing her pussy against my palm. I tried to focus on her, ignoring the pleasure and the feel of her hand as it rubbed my shaft through my jeans. I couldn’t and I wouldn’t come here. I wanted to feel her mouth as she took me deep, rubbing her tongue against the head. God, I wanted to feel something more than fabric and heat.

  As her grunts turned into something different, a noise more primal, I touched her clit with the pad of my thumb. Her pussy quivered around my fingers and her mouth fell open. I wanted to tip her over the edge. Bring her to her knees with pleasure so intense I’d leave her winded.

  I moved my fingers in tiny circles, increasing the pressure with each rotation. The more her pussy contracted, the more I quickened the pace. Even though I wanted to taste her flesh as she came, I wanted to see her face more. Watching a woman come is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Knowing I fucking did that to her is life-affirming. Life is nothing without pleasure. The way their mouths fall open and their breathing changes—it’s heavenly.

  Her hand locked on my dick, pulsing it as she sucked in a quick breath without exhaling. I watched her eyes flutter closed as her pussy locked down on my fingers. Her body swayed as the first wave of orgasm crashed over her. I didn’t relent, fucking her harder with my fingers as she came on my hand. Increasing the pressure on her clit, I could hear the wetness of her pussy as my fingers moved inside of her. It was fucking fantastic.

  As her body grew limp in my arms, she blew the air out of her lungs and then pulled in a breath. “Jesus,” she whispered, raising her head to look at me.

  I smiled and tried to ignore her hand that was still plastered to my dick. I didn’t know if I wanted it to move again or for her to release me. “That was sexy as hell, Fiona. Watching you come is the best thing I’ve seen in New Orleans.”

  She laughed, letting her head fall back as she tried to swallow. “Give me a minute here.” Her fingers flexed against my dick, and I knew my answer. I needed her to stop stroking me through my jeans before I would have to leave the hospital looking like I’d pissed myself.

  We needed to detach from each other, or at least I needed her to move her warm, soft hand from my crotch. Slowly I slid my fingers out of her pussy and dragged them across her skin as I pulled them out of her pants. Her juices coated my fingers, and I couldn’t help myself. I needed to taste her.

  Her head came forward as she watched me lick herself off my fingers. Sticking them in my mouth, I closed my lips, trapping her slickness. It was better than I had imagined. The sweetness danced across my tongue and permeated my entire mouth. I soaked it up, wishing there were more and wanting nothing more than to plant my face between her legs and feast for hours.

  When her hand released me as I licked my fingers clean, I instantly felt the loss. The warmth was replaced by nothingness, and my dick ached for her touch again. I groaned as my cock twitched, and my balls felt heavier than they had before we walked into the storage closet.

  Her smells and taste surrounded me and drove me mad with need. I had planned to take her to a late, extremely late, dinner and then spend the night having wild, monkey sex. I wasn’t about making love. I wanted to bang her brains out to the point that we both passed out. This put a kink into my plans, but a welcomed one.

  Without warning, she dropped to her knees and started to undo my zipper. Although I should have told her to stop and wait, my dick did the thinking and told me to shut the fuck up. She licked her lips as she unfastened the button and peeled the material away from my skin. I made it easy on her. I never wore underwear. Clothing alone was constricting enough without adding an extra layer to suffocate my cock.

  She palmed my hot flesh, moving it between her two hands, and I swear I almost died. The intensity of her soft skin against my hardness had my knees wobbling. As she moved forward, opening her mouth, I sucked in a breath. I couldn’t look away. Who the fuck would want to anyway?

  I stared at her as her tongue darted out and swiped against the tender spot underneath the head. “Fuck me,” I said through gritted teeth, tangling my fingers in her hair. As her lips closed around my tip, I shuddered. Honest to God, my body reacted of its own volition, moving forward to push my cock deeper into her mouth.

  She moaned around the shaft, causing the vibrations to shoot straight to my balls. I gritted my teeth and tried not to yell out all the things I felt or a string of curse words. My fingers dug deeper into her hair as she worked my dick. Sucking, licking, and stroking with her hand slick from her spit. It was a thing of fucking beauty the way she swallowed me whole and peered up at me. This was the second-best thing in the world next to seeing a woman come from something I did. It was a very, very close second.

  “So fuckin’ good,” I whispered, my voice harsh. I rested my head against the door and braced myself. I’d like to think I could last hours as she sucked me off. But there was no way in hell I’d last more than a couple minutes from start to finish.

  She increased her stroke, and when her mouth pulled away, she used her hand to swipe the tip. The softness of her hand against the hard, sensitive spot, my sweet spot as I call it, pushed me over the edge.

  My thighs locked as my hand fell away, releasing her hair. I rested my palms against the door, enjoying the feel of her lips as I released everything I had into her mouth. My body quaked with each stroke, the aftershocks just as intense as the first wave that smashed my last bit of resistance.

  When her lips left my dick, it bobbed in the air and immediately missed the heat of her. I stood there, unmoving, and drew in quick breaths. My heart banged against my chest, outpacing the air I tried to suck into my lungs. She sucked a mean dick. Although it may have been the best blow job I’d ever received, there was nothing more that I wanted than to be buried balls-deep inside her.

  She grinned as she rose to her feet. My cock twitched, loving the look on her face. She wasn’t done with me as much as I wasn’t finished with her. I grabbed the back of her neck, crashing my lips down on hers. Our mouths tasted of each other, mixing together on our tongues. The smell of sex and orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks and made me want more. More than I could get in one night. She was intoxicating.

  When I released her from my grip, she peered up at me and bit her lip. “What’s wrong?” I asked. The look on her face confused me. Was she worried about something? I hoped she didn’t regret anything we just did because it was fucking spectacular.

  “This was always a fantasy of mine.” She blushed as her eyes glanced down.

  “I plan to make a few more come true before the night’s over.” I smiled down at her, brushing my lips against hers. “The night’s still young, doll.”

  “Let’s get the hell out of here,” she said as she pushed away from me and started to adjust her clothing.

  I nodded, pushing my dick back into my pants and zipping them up with great caution. The last thing I needed right now was an injury. My pecker and I had plans for tonight. They involved Fiona and not a wound that would put it out of commission.

  She stepped back and put her hands down at her sides. “Do I look good?” she asked, sighing as she blew a puff of air upward and moved the tiny wisps of hair that had fallen free when I fisted her hair.

  “You look fuckin’ beautiful, Fi.” She did too. As the overhead light bathed her in a white halo, she looked almost angelic. If I didn’t know her abilities, I’d swear she was an angel sent to rescue me from my weekend of pity.

  She blushed again and smiled. “You may want to button that.” She pointed at my dick and giggled.

  I laughed, fastening the button that just a few moments ago I couldn’t wait for her to open. “Do I look like you just gave me the best damn orgasm of my life?”

  “The best?” she asked, looking shocked.

  “Of. My. Life,” I admitted and nodded
. I couldn’t stop the giant smile from growing wider on my face. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get rid of this smile the entire night. It may be permanent, and I hadn’t really been much into smiling recently.

  “Well, shit. I could’ve done better than that,” she replied, putting her hands on her hips.

  “What?” I blurted out. “There’s no way it could be better than that.”

  “I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” She grinned, looking at me from under her eyelashes.

  I closed my eyes, trying not to picture her mouth on my dick again. I didn’t want to walk out of here with a boner. I finally felt a sense of relief, or at least I wasn’t in discomfort like I had been just a few minutes earlier.

  “I don’t need tricks. I just need you. I just want Fiona without any bullshit.”

  “You’ll get her, but first let’s grab my stuff.”

  I reached back, moving my body away from the door as I turned the doorknob. She walked out in front of me, pretending that nothing had happened. She looked cool as a cucumber, but she fidgeted with her hair. It was a bit haphazard and had that freshly fucked look about it as we walked down the hallway. She kept peeking over her shoulder, giving me a tiny smile as we walked down the hallway.

  I winked at her, watching her face turn a brighter shade of pink. The excitement I felt was written all over my face. The sadness I had last night had vanished. It was replaced by a sense of hopefulness and eagerness.

  How could I go back to my life in Florida after spending a few short hours in New Orleans with Fiona? The bigger question was how did a woman like Fiona work her way inside, change my view of the world, and cause me to examine my entire future?

  Were my feelings true, or were we a classic case of rebound?



  After I returned home to Tampa and got back to my job, I knew it wouldn’t work. Not Fiona, but my life in general. The restlessness I felt working for the FBI had become suffocating and inescapable. Living in a town that held so many memories fucked with my head. I was miserable.

  The only bright spot in my day was Fiona. Talking with her, video calls, and texting kept me sane day to day. The western coast of Florida even lacked spirit. The area was bland. It lacked the culture and history that saturated New Orleans.

  Everything felt wrong. Every damn thing. I didn’t belong here. The linchpin that kept me here had always been Izzy. I rarely thought about her anymore. I didn’t wish for what could’ve been. We were friends from childhood, and she was no longer the woman I loved.

  I wanted to be with Fiona. Nothing brought me greater joy than seeing her face and hearing her voice. I was ready for a new start. I’d never been a pussy when it came to change. Some people may have thought I was overly cautious or a little too in control, but for once I was ready to say “Fuck it.”

  Even if it didn’t work out with Fiona, I’d get a fresh start. I deserved that. I earned the right to find my happiness. There was no better place in the world to try to do that than a city like New Orleans.

  “Fi,” I said after she answered my call on the first ring.

  “Sam!” she yelled. “I’ve missed your voice.”

  “Hey, baby. I’m thinking about taking a trip.” I flicked at the balled-up paper sitting on my desk and watched it fall to the floor.

  “Oh, where ya going?”

  “Well,” I said as I pulled a piece of paper out of my desk, ready to write my letter of resignation. I closed my eyes, praying she wouldn’t freak the fuck out. “I think I need New Orleans.”

  “Oh my God, really?” she screamed into the phone, causing me to move the earpiece away from my head. “When? For how long?” she asked quickly.

  “Now and forever.”

  Those three words were filled with so much hope for what lay ahead. Sometimes you find someplace, someone that makes you feel at home, and you just need to grab it by the reins and hold on for the crazy-ass ride called life. Everything comes with chances, and if we don’t take a risk, we may miss out on the best thing in our life. I was ready for anything. Fiona made all things possible.

  “Those are the sweetest words I’ve ever heard,” she whispered. “I’ll be waiting, Sam.”

  “On my way, doll. Talk later.”

  “Later, babe.”

  I disconnected the call and wrote out a short letter, stating that effective immediately I was no longer an employee of the FBI. I had a life to live and nothing would hold me back.




  I had a future that would be filled with all of those things, and I wouldn’t let anything get in my way. Fiona and New Orleans had changed me. Made me a better man. Brought me more happiness than I thought possible.

  I always thought I was in love until I met Fiona. I knew when I touched her that no other woman could ever compare. I wasn’t in love with Izzy Gallo. I loved her, yes, but she wasn’t the one. The time with her wasn’t wasted. It brought me to the Funky Pirate in New Orleans. The stool next to me had sat empty, waiting for Fiona to fill the space at the bar and the void in my life.

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