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       Badd Motherf*cker, p.11

         Part #1 of Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder
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  And then I felt his cock thickening against my hip and belly. I brought my hand to his face, caressed his rough stubble and put all of myself into the kiss, gave back, tasted his tongue, sucked his breath into my lungs. I had to. I couldn't not. You don't get kissed like that and not give it back. It leaves you delirious, wild. There was a tumult deep inside me, a crazy rush of emotions I didn't dare examine, so I shoved them all deep down and focused on the taste of his lips and the feel of his stubble under my palm, and then I wedged my other hand between our bodies and found his cock.

  He hissed between his teeth as I fondled him, feeling him hardening in my hand. "Your touch is like magic, Dru. I don't know what it is you do to me, but just your hand on my cock makes me crazy."

  "Fuck me, Sebastian." I whispered this against his lips. "I need your cock inside me so fucking bad."



  Holy shit, her voice as she begged me for my cock? Her eyes? She was trembling, shivering, her thighs quaking around my leg. I've always been blessed with a refractory period as short as my cock is big, but something about Dru had me hard as steel faster than ever, and now she was begging me for it?

  "Yeah?" I rolled away from her, tugged open my nightstand drawer and ripped a condom free from the string. "How bad?"

  She snatched the condom from me, shoved me to my back, and tore the packet open, tossed it aside with the rubber in one hand. She fiddled with it for a second, figuring out which way it rolled, then gripped my cock at the base and rolled the condom onto me in a hand-over-hand movement, which had me stifling a groan.

  "So fucking bad I'm crazy with it, Sebastian. Please." She said this as she slid her thigh over my hips and sat astride me. "You promised you could make me forget. So I'm begging you, please, take it all away."

  She braced her hands on my chest, and her loose auburn-red hair draped around my face and onto my shoulders, and her weight was an arousing promise of what was about to happen. I reached between us, gripped my cock with one hand and fingered her opening with the other. I guided the head of my cock to her slit.

  Nudged almost but not quite in, so the head was splitting her pussy open but it wasn't quite inside her. I let go, caught her hips to keep her from sliding down on me before I was ready. She leaned forward, the tips of her tits brushing my chest, and her eyes were the hottest wild blue. I needed to be inside her as badly as she needed me inside her, but I wanted to savor this. Burn the memory into my mind. Sear it into hers.

  "Like this?" I teased.

  "No," she murmured. "Deeper."

  I let go of her hips. Cupped her tits and leaned up to bite her lower lip, drew it out and let go. Her eyes flared open as I pinched her nipples, then went heavy-lidded as I flexed my hips to tease my cock a little deeper.

  "Yeah..." she whimpered. "Like that. Deeper."

  I gripped her hips again and guided her to flutter up and down shallowly on the head of my dick. Teasing us both. Making myself absolutely crazy with it. I could feel her, feel that sweet cunt wrapped tight around my cock, and it wasn't enough, I needed deeper, needed to fill her, needed to claim her pussy as mine, mine, needed to slam deep and feel her thighs quake around me as she came.

  She was quivering, gasping, needing to impale herself on me. "Please, Sebastian. Please." She was desperate, now.

  I was, too. I was done with this cruel game I was playing.

  I let go of her hips. "Show me how deep you want me, Dru."

  "Oh fuck--finally." She pressed her forehead to mine and kept her eyes on mine, hesitating a split second, hips writhing helplessly, and then she sank down around my shaft. Slowly, deliberately, her eyes going wide as I stretched that tight perfect pussy open. "Jesus Christ, Sebastian. I can't--oh god, I can't take it all."

  "Yes, you can," I growled. "Slow. Back up. Go slow."

  "I'm trying, but you're so fucking huge, I just--" Her eyes were wide, glimmering and gleaming with delirious awe, and a little pain as I stretched her apart. She lifted her hips to draw me out, hovered there for a moment, catching her breath, and then sank down again, taking me deeper. "God, Sebastian. So--fucking--good."

  I couldn't breathe. Legit, I was breathless, shaking all over. Being inside erased every moment that had ever gone before. It was...perfection. I wasn't even all the way in yet, and I was fighting the urge to pin her to the bed and fuck her like a savage beast. Equally, I needed to just hold her like this, cup the beautiful swell of her lush hips and let her ride me to completion and just soak in her incredible beauty, just drink in the angles of her face, the fall of her thick red hair around her shoulders, the way her heavy tits trembled as she lowered herself on me. I just wanted to feel this, to drown in the feel of being inside this woman.

  I didn't want it to ever end.

  I wanted to savor each individual second of this.

  She gasped as she slid down my cock again, her fingers digging into my pecs, sharp strong claws piercing me to cling hard. The pain only reminded me that this was real, that I was really here with her, feeling this, filling her, splitting her open. It wasn't a dream, wasn't my imagination. It was better than I'd fantasized while jerking off. Infinitely better. Her body was so goddamn glorious, I didn't dare even blink, because I didn't want to miss a single second of the way she looked on top of me.

  Before she'd even taken half of my length, she backed away again until just the tip was inside her, and she hesitated there, as if preparing to feel me fill her all over again. I felt my heartbeat hammer wild and staccato as she hovered there, waiting, waiting, and I was crazy from not knowing when she'd slide me back in, or how deep, or how slowly. It took everything I had to hold still, to let her get used to me in her own time, her own way.

  She sucked in a sharp breath, dug her fingernails even deeper into my skin, nearly breaking it now, and then slowly lowered down onto me. And god, fuck--she was so tight I felt every millimeter as I pushed into her, felt her pussy squeezing around me like a vise, gripping me, sliding wet and slick and hot--it felt like going home, sliding into her. Filling her.

  She took almost all of me, gasping breathlessly as she withdrew again, hesitated, forehead to mine, breathing hard. Then, in the same agonizingly slow, wet, torturous slide, she impaled herself on me all over again. Groaning the whole time, her voice low and hoarse and primal, like a lioness. Almost all the way out, hovering at the apex of the withdrawal, and then this time instead of sinking down on me, she fluttered her hips, rolled them to fuck the top few inches of my cock into her pussy. She was teasing me and teasing herself, groaning low in her throat in a sound so fucking insanely erotic it had my balls clenching, had my cock throbbing, had me clawing my fingers into her ass, holding on for dear life.

  God, I needed to move, needed to thrust. Needed to fuck. But I couldn't. Wouldn't. Not until she was ready.

  Without warning, she slapped her ass down onto me, took all of my cock in a single hard crushing thrust, taking a mouthful of my shoulder and biting down to stifle her cry. I growled at the stinging ache of her teeth in my flesh and the sudden dizzying onslaught of ecstasy as I felt her pussy swallowing my cock, filling her tight cunt so completely I couldn't possibly keep quiet because of the raw heady bliss of the way she felt.

  "Fuck--" I breathed, my lips brushing her ear. "Dru, you feel like--Jesus, I didn't know it could feel like this."

  She was sobbing, gasping, her ass flush against my hips, her cunt squeezing around me as if she was already orgasming. "So much, Sebastian. So fucking much."

  "Look at me, Dru," I growled. Her gaze met mine, and wetness glazed her bluest blue eyes. "Those good tears, darlin'?"

  Her fingers clawed into the meat of my chest, hair loose and wild around our faces, her knees squeezing my hips as she straddled me, she could only nod at first, teeth catching her lower lip. Then she spoke, through gritted teeth. "The best. Too good."

  "Can you take me now?" I asked.

  She nodded again, her breath catching and stu
ttering as she began to roll her hips, and then buried her face in the base of my throat.

  I wrapped her thick auburn hair around my fist and hauled her face back up so she was forced to look at me. "Need your voice, Dru. I need to move. Can you take all of me now? Say it."

  She inhaled raggedly. "I can take you, Sebastian. Give me all you've got. Give me everything."

  I clutched her tight against me and rolled to pin her spine to the bed. "Don't close your eyes. Don't miss a second of this, Dru."

  "I won't."

  I pushed my hips harder against her, pushed my cock as deep as it would go. Then, slowly, I pulled back, and she whimpered as if to mourn the loss of me inside her. Gently, then, I slid back in. My arms were braced on either side of her face, her thighs framing my hips, feet planted in the mattress near my knees. Her hands were clutching my shoulders, and as I pushed in, her fingernails became claws all over again, and she gasped when I filled her. Again, and again, and every time I thrust into her she clawed her fingers deeper into my flesh, and I relished the desperation of the way she clung to me, the ferocity in her fingers and the erotic breathy gasping of her voice.

  But I was still going slow. Taking her measure, more than anything. Just getting started. Not wanting to overwhelm her or frighten her off with my full power.

  But she sensed it. Scraped her hands through my hair and down my back to grip my ass. Her palms smoothed over my buttocks and then she traced them with her fingertips, and then she slammed her hips up against mine and dug her fingers rough and fierce into my ass and yanked me against her to deepen the thrust.

  "More, Sebastian. I said I can take you. Give it to me." She lifted her face to mine, kissed the corner of my mouth, teasing me with a kiss, and then bit my earlobe. "I'll take all you have and beg you for more."

  I reared back and started moving more earnestly, staring down at her. "I like it when you beg, sweet thing."

  She smiled, a pleased, amused little grin. "Yeah?"


  She pulled me against her with one hand on my ass, and wrapped the other hand around the back of my neck and tugged my ear to her lips. "Fuck me, Sebastian. Please...please fuck me." She whispered into my ear, writhing her sweet, tight, wet pussy around my throbbing, aching cock. "I need you to fuck me so hard I can't breathe. Fuck me senseless."

  I leaned back, got my knees underneath me, lifted her thighs and pushed them up against her belly, stretching her out, splitting her open, letting me in deeper. I slid closer to her, seating my cock as deep as I could go. Withdrew, pushed back in. Slow at first, testing her depth. She groaned as I pushed deep, tangled her fingers in her hair and arched her spine off the bed.

  "Yeah, just like that," she groaned.

  I thrust harder then, slowly letting myself unleash the beast I felt snarling inside me, raging to get loose. "Like this?"

  She nodded, spine arched completely off the bed, one hand diving between her thighs, the other going to her nipples. "Yeah, Sebastian, just like that. So good. So fucking good. God, please don't stop."

  I grinned down at her, adrenaline bashing through me as I realized how voracious she was, that she could take all I had and still demand more, just like she'd said she would. "I'm just getting started, baby. I need to feel you come around my cock."

  Her eyes went blank for a second, and she froze, eyes going cold and hard and pain-filled. "Don't call me that. Don't ever call me 'baby.'"

  I faltered. "Okay. Sorry?"

  She sucked in a deep breath, closed her eyes and just breathed for a few seconds. When her eyes opened again, there was remorse in them. "I'm sorry, Sebastian. I just--"

  I set her legs down and wrapped my arm under her neck, moved to my side and hauled her tight against me, cupped her ass as I thrust deep. One hand tangled in her hair, the other on her ass, our legs woven under and over each other's.

  "Hey, you don't like it, that's all that matters, darlin'. Don't gotta explain shit to me, okay?" I moved into her, slow and sinuous. "Just you and me here, sweet thing. Nothing else matters. You feel me?"

  She clung to me, just breathing, and then nodded after a moment. "I feel you."

  "All right now?"

  Her eyes opened and met mine, and her fingers skated through my hair. "I'm good. More than good. I'm sorry, I just--"

  I shut her up with a searing kiss, thrusting my tongue in and out of her mouth to mimic the action of my cock. "No apologies. Don't want it, don't need it."

  I nipped her lower lip, and then she tilted her head back to give me access to her throat. I kissed and bit my way down the ivory column of her throat to her breasts, and then found her nipples, licking and sucking and biting them until she was gasping.

  "That's what I need, Dru. Those sounds you make." I rolled her to her back again, leaning away to leave room for her hand between our bodies. I guided her fingers down between her thighs to her clit. "Get yourself there, honey. Let me feel you come apart beneath me."

  She started out tentatively, all ferocity subsumed beneath whatever my use of the word 'baby' had brought up for her. I wanted her back, that fierce unrelenting lioness. But I had to go slow, had to coax it out of her.

  I moved gently, slowly, shallowly as she closed her eyes, pressed her fingertips to her clit and began slowly circling. I bent over her, kissed her tits, flicked her nipples with my tongue. Braced my weight with one arm and pressed my palm to her free hand, tangled our fingers. Not sure why I did that, honestly. It just felt right. Felt like what she needed in the moment. Once our hands were joined, though...something shifted. Inside me. In her. I felt it within us both, as if the press of her palm to mine broke open some connection between us and now that the link was created it blasted everything apart for us both. She gasped, her eyes flicking open and meeting mine, and that need was back, the hunger, the raging desperation. Her eyes went wide and glistened wet, and I loved that, seeing her near tears from the intensity of this. I felt it too. I couldn't deny how fucking intense this was.

  Her fingers moved faster, and I started sliding deeper as her touch went wild, blurring faster and faster until her hips left the bed and pressed her pussy against me in a silent demand for more. Her lip was caught between her teeth and her eyes watered and her ass bucked and writhed, and her hand crushed mine.

  "Oh--oh fuck, oh fuck yes, fuck yes..." she groaned. "Sebastian, god, I'm--I'm gonna come, Sebastian."

  I let myself move a little harder, then, and she whimpered, groaned, squeezed my hand in hers so hard I thought my fingers were going to break, but I loved it and gave her the pressure back just as hard. I felt her pussy clench around mine, and her hips went wild, bucking against me as she detonated, eyes sliding shut.

  "FUCK! Oh shit oh fuck oh god, Sebastian! God, I'm coming so fucking hard it hurts--"

  "Look at me, Dru, darlin'. Look at me while you come."

  She wrenched her eyes open wide, fingers flying in a blur around her clit as I fucked her slow and deep. "I need you to come, Sebastian."

  "I will," I said. "I will. I promise. But I'm not done with you yet."



  Not done with me yet? I'd just come harder than I ever had in my life, and he wasn't done yet?

  He waited until I was shaking with the aftershocks of my orgasm, still gasping, still sobbing, and then he moved back to sit on his heels, his shins against the mattress, pulling me up with him so I was sitting on his thighs. I was shaky and weak and trembling, so I clung to his neck with both arms and curled my legs around his waist. He flexed his hips to push into me, and I couldn't help another gasp. Just like that, then, for the space of maybe a minute, Sebastian just lazily flexing his hips to thrust into me, until I started feeling greedy for more, started feeling the need build up within me all over again.

  I pressed my mouth to his ear. "More, Sebastian. More."

  "Thank fuck," he growled. "Thought you'd never ask."

  I pulled back to meet his eyes. "You don't seem the type to wait to be a

  "I'm not," he said, rising up onto his knees, "but you had a moment. Didn't want to push you too fast."

  "You're sweet." I latched more tightly around his waist with my legs and used my arms to lift up, then sank down. "But I'm over my moment."

  "You sure?"

  I dug my fingers into his shoulders; he seemed to like that, and god knew I couldn't help it, not when his teeth nipped the side of my neck and his cock was filling me to bursting. "Totally."

  "'Cause I thought I lost you there for a second."

  "You did. But I'm back."

  He cupped my ass and lifted me up and drew himself out of me. "I got the wild thing back?"

  I clawed his back and sank down on him, feeling his hard sweaty muscular back stutter under my fingernails, bit the round of his shoulder so hard he growled in pain, and his hips pistoned almost on instinct, thrusting his thick, hot, iron shaft into me so hard I lost my breath. "You tell me," I gasped, moving with him, writhing on him, tearing at his back with my nails and biting him as hard as I dared. "This wild enough for you?"

  "No," he snarled. "Not even fuckin' close."

  He threw me off of him, my pussy throbbing and aching with his absence. His cock slapped against his belly, and his gaze was primal, the brown gone nearly black, his broad chest heaving, his hard, chiseled abs tensing with each breath.

  He slid off the bed to stand at the foot, just staring at me and gasping for breath. I was left panting, empty, desperate, confused. On my back, legs splayed open, pussy drenched and on display, tits swaying in rhythm with my breathing.

  He grabbed me by the ankles and jerked me down the bed, wedging his hips between my thighs. "I ain't usually one to ask, but I need you on the same page as me, so I'm gonna ask, just this once." He gripped his cock in one hand and fed it into me, buried himself deep, then cupped his hands under my ass, lifted me off the bed and toward him so only my upper back was on the mattress, then just held me there. "How hard can I fuck you, wild thing?"

  I writhed in his grip, undulating, secure in his hold on me, knowing he wouldn't let me fall. I met his gaze and pinched my nipples with one hand, hooked my heels around his ass, and fingered my clit with my other hand. "As hard as you want," I breathed. "Wreck me."

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