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       Badd Motherf*cker, p.16

         Part #1 of Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder
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  I dipped my finger inside her. "You're fuckin' soaked, Dru. Soaking fuckin' wet for me."

  "Can't help that you make me crazy," she murmured.

  "I love it," I said. "I love feeling you wet like this, knowing it's all for me."

  I dragged my fingertips up her body, under the raincoat she was still wearing, the hood now fallen forward around her face.

  "I'm hot," she breathed. "Take off my clothes."

  I unbuttoned the raincoat slowly, pulling the edges aside while I released one of her hands and let her pull it free and toss it aside. Then I re-captured both wrists again and tugged her T-shirt up over her bra, working the cups down beneath her breasts to bare her nipples. She gasped as I bent and took one in my mouth, and now her hands wriggled and fought against my hold. I refused to let her go, though, liking her helpless under my touch. I teased her nipples until she was gasping and writhing, and then I slid my fingers inside her underwear and against her slit. Her head thunked against the door and she groaned out loud as I found her clit and started working my finger against it.

  "Let me go, Sebastian. I need to touch you."

  "Not quite yet," I murmured. "I'm not done."

  I teased her pussy, fingering her, circling her clit, ramping her up and making her crazy but not letting her get near the edge of orgasm for her to really let go.

  "I'm warning you, Sebastian. Let me go." Her voice was low, and I wasn't really listening. Too focused on the taste of her tits, the feel of her pussy around my fingers.

  I kept teasing her, and then--without warning--the world spun and my arms were wrenched behind me, and I hit the bed like a ton of bricks. Not sure what she'd done, even as I lay on the bed, dizzy and disoriented. She was sitting astride me, a feral glint in her eyes.

  "Put your wrists above your head, Sebastian." She whispered the command, a hungry smile on her face.

  Let's play this out, I decided. See what she does.

  I just grinned back at her and offered her my wrists. Within seconds she had her T-shirt whipped off and was wrapping it around my wrists to bind them together, and then she tied the ends to the simple metal headboard.

  She stared down at me. "Now it's my turn to make you beg." A shiver went down my spine at the sound of her voice, the look in her eyes. She shimmied down my body so she was sitting on my feet, reached up and unfastened the fly of my jeans, tugged down the zipper. "You're not wearing any underwear."

  I just shrugged. "Knew I'd fucked up letting you go, didn't wanna take the time to bother with 'em."

  She jerked my jeans down around my ankles, swung off me, slid my boots off, then my jeans, and then I was naked and tied to my own bed, and the girl sure as hell knew her knots, 'cause there was no way I was getting out of this unless she let me; I'd been tugging and working at the binding the whole time, and had gotten nowhere.

  "Well," Dru said, standing beside the bed near my face, "we're both here now, and you're at my mercy."

  "No way in hell I'm getting out of this knot, so yeah, I'd say I'm at your mercy."

  She leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose. "Sebastian, honey. One thing you need to understand about me is that I do not fuck around."

  She kicked her boots off and climbed up on the bed beside me clad in nothing but a bra and her yoga pants, which were still down at mid-thigh, baring her underwear. She threw her leg over my chest and straddled me again, bringing her core near to my face.

  "Now, you started taking my pants off, but didn't quite finish the job." She thrust her cotton-covered pussy against my face. "Finish taking them off, Sebastian."

  "Hands are tied, honey. How you expect me to do that?"

  Her grin was predatory. "Your teeth, dumbass."

  "It's like that, is it?"

  "It's exactly like that. You got me all worked up and left me hanging, so now we're gonna play this my way."

  "What way is that?"

  She pressed her thumb against my lower lip and pressed down until I opened my jaw, and then slid her entire thumb into my mouth. "Slowly, that's how. By the time I'm done with you, you'll be begging for my pussy." Her eyes went hooded as I sucked on her thumb, licking it as erotically as I knew how. "And make no mistake, I plan on giving it to you. But only after I decide you've learned your lesson."

  "And which lesson is that, Dru?"

  "Off, Sebastian." She pressed her thumb against my lower teeth to hold my jaw open, and then fit the waistband of her yoga pants between my jaws. "Which lesson?"

  I clamped down and tugged, and Dru wiggled up, slowly working her way out of the tight yoga pants. When she was free of them, she reached up, unhooked her bra, shrugged out of it, and then, with a little giggle, set it on my head as if I'd decided to wear it like a hat. Like that crazy little blue fucker from the Disney movie. Xavier used to love that movie--which one was it? With the little blue alien critter and the Hawaiian girl? Whatever. Like that.

  "Hysterical," I said, deadpan.

  "I think so," she said, still giggling. "The lesson, my sweet, rugged, handsome Sebastian--" she paused to thrust her hips against me, encouraging me to take the elastic band of her panties in my jaws, which I did, "--is to never ever tease me unless you expect me to tease you back in kind, plus interest."

  "Consider me taught, then," I said. I wasn't liking being tied up and helpless. Took my vulnerability to a whole new level, and I was still reeling from the scene with my brothers.

  "Oh, I don't think so," she breathed. "Not yet. Not by a long shot."

  "Dru...please untie me."

  "Oh my...begging already?" She grinned down at me. "This'll be fun."

  She writhed in front of me, on top of me, teasing me, draping her tits against my face and then pushing her core against my mouth, then pulling away, wriggling and writhing slowly, undulating upward, sashaying her hips side to side. She rose to her knees, the panties now below her hips. Spun around, pressed her ass to my face, and I took the panties in my teeth and tugged them lower, baring that beautiful ass of hers. Back to facing me, then, and now I had the upper few inches of her sweet pussy bared for me, and I stole a kiss as she thrust against me, urging me to finish removing her panties. When I had them between my teeth again, she undulated against me, pressing the sweet, desire-pungent slit of her pussy against my nose--I flinched at the twinge of pain, backed off a little--and then she was standing up on the bed, and the underwear was loose around her knees. She let them drop onto my chest.

  She stepped out of them, snagged them, and sat down on my chest again. "You keep talking about how sweet my pussy is," she said, mischief in her eyes again. "Prove it."

  "How?" I had a pretty good idea, and I was plenty eager to prove it.

  She snagged her panties, sniffed them. "You got me all worked up, Sebastian." She leaned close to whisper to me. "Got me so worked up I was all wet and dripping because of you. You said it yourself...I was soaked."

  "Fuck, Dru. I can smell you right now."

  "That's right. I can feel it dripping down my leg." She brought her pussy close to my face, and I stuck out my tongue, eager for her juices on my tongue. "You want to lick me clean?"

  "Fuck yeah, Dru. I'll lick every fuckin' inch of this sweet pussy."

  "Show me."

  She gripped the metal railing of the headboard and thrust herself against me. "Lick me clean, Sebastian. I know you want to."

  "Fuck yeah I do, Dru. I love this sweet, perfect cunt of yours."

  "You do, huh?" I froze, stared up past her body to meet her eyes, realizing what I'd just said. She narrowed her eyes. "Is it just my cunt you love? What about the rest of me?"

  "I--" had no fucking idea what I was supposed to say. Saying I loved her cunt had been a figure of speech, and I hadn't really been ready to say those particular three words just yet. "I meant--" Panic seized me, because she was going to expect it and I wasn't ready, wasn't fucking ready...

  She laughed. "Relax, Sebastian. I'm just messing with you." She slid down my body and kissed my
lips. "You don't have to say it. We've known each other less than what, three days? So I'm not ready to hear it any more than you're ready to say it. I was just messing with you. Relax."

  "Not fuckin' funny."

  She wormed back up again, writhing, as she placed her core against my mouth. "Sure it was. You should've seen your face." She gasped as I teased her opening with my tongue. "Yeah, just like that. Lick me so good, Sebastian. Make me come and I'll reward you."

  "I like rewards."

  "You'll love this one." She piled her hair on top of her head with both hands and writhed as I started eating her pussy with all the skill I had. "I have plans that involve your monster cock and my extraordinary lack of a gag reflex. And you...shouting my name so loud the neighbors will call the cops."

  "Mmmmmmm?" I hummed my response, too busy trying to earn my reward to stop to reply.

  "Oh yeah, it's gonna be so good for you, Sebastian...oh god, yeah, just like that, right there--oh fuck, fuck, fuck--that tongue of yours! My god, Sebastian...where'd you learn to do that? Jesus...never mind, I don't want to know. I'm just glad you learned, because god that feels so fucking good."

  "How good is it gonna be for me?" I paused to ask, staring up at her.

  She buried her fingers in my hair. "Less talking, more licking--I'm getting close." Pressing herself against me, she writhed as I gave it to her the way she seemed to like it best: slow at first, circling her clit with my tongue, and then as she got closer to orgasm speeding up and flicking her clit directly, and then as she started to come, sucking her clit into my mouth and going wild, tongue-thrashing her into a frenzy. "It's gonna be the best thing you've ever felt. I'm gonna suck you so good you'll forget your own name, and that's just to start. Oh god, oh god--yeah, yes...yes--YES! Sebastian, fuck, you're making me come right now."

  If I wasn't so utterly focused on bringing her to orgasm, I might've admitted something else: that I loved how fast she came, that it never took much to bring her to orgasm, and that I loved how she came, the way she let loose, just gave herself completely to the orgasm, the way her pale skin flushed and the way beads of sweat dotted her upper lip, and the swell of her tits, and the lines of her forehead.

  I didn't say any of that, but I thought it. Which was scary enough as it was.

  But then she was coming and it was all I knew, all I cared about, licking the hard nub of her clit and sucking it into my mouth and thrashing my face side to side and up and down until she was screaming past her clenched jaw and fucking my face with wild thrusts of her hips.

  When she was finally done coming, after long moments of gasping and heaving and twitching and writhing against my face, she finally collapsed onto me, breathing hard, clutching my shoulders.

  I gave her a few minutes to catch her breath, and then I shifted my weight beneath her, pushing against her. "You mentioned certain plans?"

  She sat up, a sly grin on her face. "I did, didn't I?" She pretended to think. "What did I say I'd do? I don't seem to remember."

  "You said, if I remember correctly, that you had plans which might involve my monster cock and your lack of a gag reflex."

  She slid off me to sit beside me. "Oh, that's right--those plans." She gathered my cock in her fist, and gave it an exploratory stroke. "Now I remember."

  She stroked me slowly, until I was fully erect. "A couple things I should mention, I suppose." She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and then a bun, and bound it back with a ponytail holder from her wrist. "Number one, I really don't have a gag reflex."

  She pulled my cock away from my body, tilting it so it stood straight up from my groin. Stroked me a couple more times, slowly. And then she bent over me, keeping her eyes on mine. She opened her mouth, licked her lips seductively, and then--without taking her eyes off me--put her lips to the head of my cock.

  Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

  An inch, two, three...she blinked at me, taking me deeper and deeper. Then backed away, licked her lips again, gave me a teasing little grin, and took me into her mouth again. And fuck, fuck, holy fuck, she wasn't kidding. ZERO gag reflex. I'd had some really great blowjobs before, but no girl had ever done what Dru was doing right then, namely, taking my entire cock in her mouth and down her throat.

  It had never really mattered to me before, since the goal of blowjobs was typically just to get me off as fast as possible, so trying to make a girl deep-throat seemed kinda pointless. Just suck me dry and get it done, yeah? But this, what Dru what doing? This was...totally something else, something I'd never experienced before. This was...fucking erotic. Seductive. Teasing. She took me slowly, inch by inch, her eyes on mine, lowering her mouth around my cock, fluttering her tongue against my shaft as I slid in deeper and deeper. And then, fuck, she had all of me, every single inch of my cock down her throat, her eyes blinking over at me with a pleased, proud, eager gleam, her nostrils flaring, her throat working as she swallowed around my shaft, her nose against my belly.

  And then she backed away as slowly as she'd taken me, unhurried, never looking away.

  I swear to fuck I nearly came right then. That look on her eyes, the sight of my cock stretching her mouth wide, her lips sliding over my wet shaft...

  She let me fall out of her mouth with a pop.

  "Holy motherfucking hell, Dru..." I gasped. "What--um--what was the second thing?"

  Almost idly, she stroked my cock with both hands, her saliva making me slick. "Oh. Just that I planned to make you enjoy it, but not necessarily make you come. Or that it would be quick."

  "What's that mean?"

  She just grinned at me, and licked the head of my cock. "'ll see."



  Oh man, oh man, oh man. What the hell was I doing? This wasn't me. Not anymore, at least. It used to be me, though.

  Being with Michael had sort of chilled me out, taken the freak out of me. I used to like it kinky. Not, like, super freaky kinky like hardcore BDSM or anything, just...mild wild, if that made any sense. I was crazy. I was lonely, and horny, and had no reason to hold back. It wasn't Daddy issues, since Daddy was always there for me and was always amazing, but he was a busy guy as one of the better detectives in the Seattle Police Department.

  I ran wild, what can I say? I wanted attention, I wanted love, I wanted to be wanted. So I'd been a little crazy. Lots of guys, lots of hot and heavy nights and walks of shame the next day. I don't think anybody really knew the extent of my craziness during those years, because there wasn't anybody I'd have told. I never really had girlfriends, which was a direct result of Mom abandoning me at such a young age; I didn't trust women. Never had, probably never would. Which just meant I had no one to talk me out of bad decisions, like shacking up with Michael for four years.

  Giving him the best of me and getting nothing in return.

  Letting him flatten me, bore the actual personality out of me. His friends were boring, his job was boring, his life was boring...he was boring. I'd been bored. I'd been bored in my job, had no friends, and Michael, even though I loved him--or thought I had, which I was now beginning to question--I was starting to realize I'd been deeply unhappy. Michael hadn't even begun to satisfy me in bed. He liked it one way--missionary 'til he came, then it was done. He'd usually remember to work me up to an O before he started, so at least he had that amount of consideration as a lover, but there was no variety, no spice, no kink. Just...blah. Not bad, the sex was never bad--I wouldn't have stayed with him for so long otherwise--it was just...blah.

  And I didn't like blah.

  I think that was the entire point of my relationship with Michael: he'd made me feel normal. I'd grown up around cops, grown up learning martial arts from the time I could walk. I'd spent as much time at the shooting range as I had the library, as much time in the dojo as I had in the classroom. I could hold my own against three black belts at once, and could put an entire clip in a tight grouping dead center with a nine millimeter at twenty-five yards. I'd gone skydiving with Dad at eighteen, and
did my first solo jump at nineteen. I could throw a knife and hit the target. I was on a first-name basis with most of the police officers in Seattle.

  Not all.

  Michael was normal. Even his family was the "normal" kind of dysfunctional. And being with him had sort of forced me to fit into a "normal person" pigeonhole.

  But that wasn't me.

  This was me.

  Surrounded by a bunch of wild, dominant, alpha males who seemed to accept me at face value and weren't inclined to ask any questions. Men who weren't intimidated by the fact that I could go hand-to-hand with a Navy SEAL and hold my own, and were actually impressed by it. In bed with a big, hard, strong, powerful, bare-knuckle brawling tattooed bartender with a heart of gold--once you dug past the surly demeanor--and a monster cock. A man who let me tie him up and tease him. I had no doubt he could rip that flimsy T-shirt apart if he really wanted to, but he was content to let me do what I wanted, confident enough in himself to let me have my way and know it'd be good for him.

  I hadn't left this tiny slice of Ketchikan, but even so I felt more at home here than I had my entire life in Seattle. The mountains in the distance, the constant squawk of seagulls and the crash of waves against the docks--it reminded me of Seattle in some ways, but there was a wildness to it that appealed to me.

  Just like the man beneath me.

  I had him hard as a rock, leaking pre-come. He was throbbing in my hands. His eyes were heavy-lidded with need, his hard muscles tensed from the effort to hold himself still. His cock was wet with my saliva, and he was already holding back, I could tell. And boy oh boy, I was just getting started. I knew all his tells, already. I knew he was close to coming and holding back, and I knew exactly when to back off so he didn't come before I was ready.

  He'd made me come once already, and I was planning to get several more out of him before I let him come.

  Sebastian growled and bucked his hips, and I realized I'd been spacing out, staring at him while lost in thought. "Dru? You all right?"

  I plunged my fist down his shaft. "More than all right." Another slow stroke, then I bent and licked pre-come away as if I was eating an ice cream cone. "Just...coming to a few realizations of my own."

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