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         Part #1 of Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder
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  "What kinda realizations?" he asked, struggling to sound normal rather than breathless from pleasure.

  I wrapped my lips around the plump head of his cock and swirled my tongue around him, then paused to answer. "Just that I never really belonged in Seattle. That was my dad's home, not mine. My life there wasn't what I wanted, it was just me making the best out of what I had."

  He grunted as I put my mouth around him again and took inch after thick, throbbing inch of his cock. "And have you figured out where you--shit, shit, Dru, that feels so fucking good--where you do belong?"

  I took all of him, swallowed to ripple my throat muscles around him. Backed away, then bobbed down again, backed away, bobbed down--taking him out of my mouth and then taking him deep again, teasing him, fucking him with my mouth until I had him grunting and bucking.

  When I finally let him fall free from my mouth, I sighed in pleasure at the sight of his massive cock all glistening wet from my mouth, leaking pre-come, seconds from detonating. Such a beautiful cock this man had. I cupped my palm around the shaft and kissed the side of him. "I really love your cock, Sebastian."

  He groaned. "My cock loves you back, Dru." I took him down my throat again, all the way, without warning. "Fuck, holy fuck! How the hell do you that?"

  I grinned at him after I'd backed away. "Magic."

  "I like your magic."

  "I thought you might."

  I stroked his length with both hands, slowly, rhythmically, until he was bucking into my fists and groaning and cursing between clenched teeth.

  "Dru, shit--I need to come."

  "Oh yeah?" I cupped his balls in my hand. "These feel pretty tight. Are they aching?"

  He actually whimpered when I suckled those plump, sensitive balls into my mouth. "Everything aches, Dru. So fuckin' bad. I need to come."

  "I don't hear you begging, Sebastian," I said, then stroked his cock with one hand and massaged his balls with the other, licking up his shaft to the tip. "I think I need to hear you beg me to let you come."

  "Please? Fuck, Dru, I'm dyin' here...I ache so fuckin' bad. I need to be inside you. I need to feel your cunt, wild thing. Please. Please. Want me to beg? I'm begging. Please let me come."

  I let go of him, straddled him again. "Hmmmm...I think you're almost desperate enough. But not quite. And I think I need another orgasm, first."

  "I'm plenty desperate, Dru. I swear."

  I slid up his chest, brought my pussy to his mouth. "Eat me out again, Sebastian."

  "Fuck, Dru...I could spend every single fuckin' second of my life eating this sweet cunt of yours and never get enough." He was as good as his word, and he buried his face in my folds, tongue thrashing, lips suckling, stubble scratching.

  Every single second of your life? Sounded an awful lot like love to me, Sebastian.

  I thought it, but I didn't say it. No need. He'd get there, I'd get there. I didn't need the words, not yet, at least. I would, someday. But for now, knowing he wanted me this badly, knowing I wanted him this badly...feeling at home with him, in his arms, in his life, even around his crazy was enough. More than enough.

  I lost all capacity for thought, then, as his talented mouth pushed me to the edge and then over it, sent me crashing and thrashing to another orgasm so potent I had to grit my teeth from screaming out loud, and even then whimpers and groans and whining gasps escaped me, and even when I came he didn't relent, just kept devouring me until I was rocking against his face and grunting in time with my thrusts, fingers fisted in his hair, coming and coming and coming--

  I wrenched myself away, gasping. I stared down at him; he had my essence smeared all over his mouth and chin. "I like you with my pussy juice all over your face," I said. "I think I'll keep you like this."

  He exhaled roughly. "How about you just keep me, period?"

  I slid my aching, throbbing, pulsating pussy down his chest to his belly, leaving a wet line of desire on his flesh. Then I nudged his cock against my opening, hovered there for a moment, my body flush against his, breasts flattened against his chest, my hands on his shoulders.

  I impaled myself on him, took him to the hilt, gasping raggedly as he split me open. "Sebastian--"


  "What if I just never went back?" I asked it with his cock fully seated inside me, my pussy burning as he stretched me apart. "I kinda like it here."

  He rolled his hips beneath me, pushing deeper yet. "I don't got much to offer. Probably never will. This bar, my brothers...shit, me, as I am right now...this is what it is. It's all it'll ever be. I ain't the upwardly mobile type, sweet thing. Got no need for fancy houses and shit. You wanna stay here? Nothin' would make me happier, but it's gotta be what you want--Ketchikan, my grumpy ass, and my seven ugly, annoying, stupid brothers."

  "Your seven gorgeous, incredible brothers, you mean?"

  " Ugly and annoying. But they're mine, and they're part of the package, I guess."

  "We just met." I groaned as he rolled his hips again, filling me, moving inside me. "This is kinda crazy, you know?"

  "Known your sexy ass less than three fuckin' days, but I'm hooked, Dru. That's all I know. Crazy? Sure. Whatever. Don't really care what you call it. Maybe shit'll change for one or both of us. No way of knowing. All I know right now is I can't get enough of you, and I like you here, and I like myself better when you're around."

  I started moving, then. I couldn't take any more deep talk or emotional intensity. The whole point of this was to distract him from his pain, to help him get past the huge weight he'd let go of with his brothers. To show him that emotional maturity and vulnerability was sexy to me.

  But it'd gone past that, somehow.

  He was inside me. Literally, obviously, but metaphorically, too. The moment I walked into this bar I'd felt calmer, I'd felt as if I was somewhere I belonged. It wasn't the bar itself, though, it was this man. Was I in love? Maybe. Getting there. If I wasn't, I was learning that what I'd felt for Michael hadn't been love at all. Affection, sure. I cared for him--at least, I had. Now I just hated him. But it hadn't been love. Because what I felt for Sebastian after something like forty-eight hours made everything I'd shared with Michael over four years pale in comparison. Made it seem stupid and paltry and flimsy and weak, like a tiny candle flame guttering from lack of oxygen. Sebastian was a wildfire, hot and majestic and dangerous and out of control.

  There was no stopping this.

  Not sure I wanted fact, I knew I didn't.

  God, god, god, he felt so fucking amazing inside me. Heaven. Home. Perfection. Glorious. Words failed.

  But words didn't matter, because Sebastian wasn't a man for whom words really mattered--actions mattered. He could tell me he loved me till he was blue in the face, but if he didn't act like it, it wouldn't matter, because it wouldn't be true; another lesson learned thanks to Michael. But because Sebastian wasn't a man of many words, he also would never say anything he didn't mean. He wouldn't waste his breath on bullshit.

  "Shit, Dru, you're makin' me crazy here, wild thing." His voice barreled through me, that deep ursine rumble of his.

  I'd lost myself in him, feeling him, thinking about him, which only served to tease him further, make him crazier. But it served my purposes. I wanted him crazy.

  I propped myself up with my hands on his chest, rocked my hips forward to pull him nearly out of me, lifted up on my knees to angle him away.

  "Making you crazy, am I?" I leaned in and bit his chin. "Sebastian, sweetheart--you have no idea what crazy is."

  There's no better term for what I did to him then than to say I twerked on him. Bounced my ass up and down hard and fast in short little movements, so his cock ground in and out of my pussy in staccato machine-gun rhythm. After about thirty seconds of this, he started writhing, his spine going concave, his hips thrusting up, and he was yanking at the T-shirt trying to get away, grunting and snarling like a savage.

  I bounced on him until he was riding the ragged edge of
orgasm, tensed, arched, thrusting, groaning.

  "Fuck, fuck--Dru, gonna come so fuckin' hard, Dru!"

  I jerked my hips away so he flopped out of me. "I'm not ready for that quite yet," I said, then kissed him to take the sting out of losing my pussy.

  "Fuck! Goddammit, Dru. I think you got your revenge already. Enough."

  I bit his lower lip until he grunted in pain. "Not so sure about that, actually. I think I could tease you a while longer. Another...oh...hour or so?"

  His snarl then was inhuman. He hauled at the twisted cotton of the T-shirt until his muscles bulged and his veins stood out. I heard seams pop, and then, after another roaring straining heave, the fabric gave way and his hands were free.

  He was on me in a flash.

  Curling forward, he snagged my wrists and jerked me against his chest. "Now you've done it," he rumbled.

  I wriggled against him, leaned in to lick the tip of his nose. "Oh goody," I breathed.

  He chuckled. "Why you dirty little minx! You were riling me up on purpose, weren't you?"

  I felt myself being lifted as he caught me in his arms and rose to his knees. "Maybe."

  "Tryin' to make me crazy?"

  "I like you when you're wild," I said, going still in his arms, feeling utterly content and safe right where I was. "Plus, I hated seeing you upset."

  He pressed his lips to mine in a brief, soft kiss--which felt like a wordless thanks--then bit my lip like I had his, hard enough to really hurt. "I'm always wild, Dru."

  "Good," I whispered. "Tame is for pussies. Been there, done that, bought the wedding dress. No thanks."

  His lips curled in a predatory smile, and then he tossed me to the bed on my stomach. He knelt behind me, grabbed me by my hips and hauled me backward toward him. I watched him over my shoulder, and I quivered at the sight of him. Tattoos covered his arms, shoulders, and chest in whorls and eddies of ink, turning his skin into a canvas, bright colors and bold images sheathing rippling muscles. He was huge and hard behind me, his hands smoothing over my back, caressing my ass, gripping my hips.

  He gripped his massive cock in one hand, teased my opening with his fingers, and guided himself into me slowly, gently, until his hips were flush against my ass. A momentary pause, and then he pulled back, slid back in. Slow, deliberate.

  Another slow, lazy thrust, his hands roaming my hips and ass, praising them with his hands, worshipping me with his touch.

  Then he leaned forward over my back, gathered my hair in his fist. "That's all the gentle I've got patience for," he growled.

  I writhed against him, shoving my ass against him, driving his cock into me. "Told you, Sebastian, I don't want gentle."

  He let out a ragged breath, and then tightened the pressure of his grip on my hair, pulling me back with it. He drove his cock into me on a growl, and his palm smacked against my ass, setting it to stinging and quivering. "You're saying you want it rough?"

  "Exactly what I'm saying," I gasped, breathless from the sting and the bliss of his touch.

  He fucked me, then. Hard. Roughly. He drove into me hard and fast, his cock pounding my pussy mercilessly, skin slapping skin, our voices tangling in grunts and curses. Occasionally he'd slap my ass with his hand, but mostly...he just fucked.

  And god, it was the most incredible thing I'd ever felt.

  Because I'd glance back over my shoulder and his eyes would be blazing, raking over me, his body moving in perfect synch with mine, giving me exactly what I wanted, what I needed, what I'd never known I needed.

  "Fuck, Dru. You feel so fuckin' amazing." He gripped both of my hips and jerked me hard back into him, thrusting forward to drive himself deep. "You're so beautiful, Dru. Need to feel you come around my cock, need to watch you come apart for me."

  I slipped one hand between my thighs and tweaked my clit, and that was all it took, one little touch to set me on fire, the pounding beauty of his cock inside me and his words and his power, and then the light circling touch of my fingers against my clit--

  "Sebastian! I'm coming, god--I'm coming!" I gasped.

  "Fuck--I feel it, babe. I feel your cunt squeezing me..."

  I clamped down even harder, shaking, trembling, torn apart by the orgasm. The fire of the climax was intensified by his wild thrusting, the unbridled lust of his driving cock.

  "Fuck, babe. I don't ever want it to stop, but I can't hold out any longer. I gotta come, Dru."

  That tickled something in my head, but I was so caught up in my own orgasm that I didn't pause to think about it. I just thrashed against him, gripping the sheets in my fists and slamming my ass back into his, taking his pistoning cock with breathless shrieks and gasps, and whispered curses, and his name repeated again and again--

  "Sebastian, Sebastian, god yes, Sebastian!"

  Then I felt his thrusts falter, and the thing that had been percolating in my head popped free.

  "Shit! Don't come inside me, Sebastian!"

  He growled. "Fuck--"

  I felt him tense, and then he pulled out and I felt his fist moving.

  I rolled over onto my back and he straddled my hips. I brushed his hand away, took his thick slick throbbing cock in my hands and smeared our essences all over his shaft, and then, on impulse, cupped his firm ass to guide him forward. He moved closer, his eyes on mine, wild, feral, desperate, jaw clenched as he teetered on the brink of orgasm.

  I lay beneath him and took him into my mouth, tasted my own essence and his combined, tastes tangling, smoke and musk and tang and salt.

  "I can't--fuck--Dru, Dru...I have to come, I can't fuckin' stop it this time," he said, his voice ragged.

  I just moaned and fisted his length and cupped his balls, slid my finger along his taint and massaged the sensitive nerves there, fucked him with my mouth until his fist buried in my hair and he started pulling me against himself.

  "Mmmmmm--" I moaned, and his eyes flicked down to mine. I let go of his shaft and cupped his ass, opened my throat, and then he understood what I wasn't saying.

  He growled, tangled both of his hands into my hair and let himself go, let himself fuck my throat knowing I could take it, knowing I wanted it. And I did. I did. All I wanted then was to see him lose it, to feel him let go, to know he'd found what he needed in me. To give him the most pleasure I could.

  He grunted, and his hips drove, and I tasted us, felt his girth between my lips and his length against my tongue.

  "Fuck--I'm coming, Jesus...holy shit--Dru, god...Dru!"

  I took over as he tensed on the thrust, backing away so his head was in my mouth. I sucked and hummed and flicked him with my tongue and tasted musk and felt his grip in my hair go painfully tight, and then he spurted and I swallowed; he groaned long and low as he came and came and came, his come salty and almost sweet and tangy and thick and warm in my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed, and still he came. And then finally he was done and I took him deep down my throat again until he shuddered and pulled away, collapsing onto his back.

  After a few minutes of gasping silence, as we both caught our breath, he curled me into his arms and held me against his chest. "You're not on the pill?"

  I shook my head against him. "Not on any kind of birth control. It messes with my hormones too much. Makes me all bloated and I gain weight. So no, no birth control for me other than condoms." I leaned up and kissed his jaw. "Sorry about that."

  He brushed his thumb against my cheek. "Just glad you caught me before it was too late. I'm sorry, Dru. I didn't even stop to think about that." He sounded chagrined, thunking his forehead with his fist. "God, I'm such a fuckin' asshole."

  "It's fine, Sebastian." I caught his hand and kissed his knuckles. "It's on me too. You're not an asshole."

  He quirked an eyebrow at me. "You did sorta push my buttons on purpose."

  I laughed, nuzzling his neck. "No regrets. Just can't forget the condom next time."

  He played with my hair, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger. "You make me crazy like that, I can't be hel
d accountable for how I react. Poke a bear, you're gonna get bit, sweet thing."

  "I'll remember that," I murmured.

  "Good. You better. 'Cause honey, you want wild, you're gonna get wild."

  I reached down and toyed with his penis. "I think I proved fairly well that I can handle all the wild beast you've got."

  He hardened in my hand, watching with glinting, hungry eyes as I fondled him to erection. "Think you fairly well did." He grabbed my hips and threw me on top of him. "But I think you might need to do a little more proving."

  I reached over and took a condom from the drawer, ripped it open and rolled it onto him. "I think I might be know a few more tricks."

  "Oh yeah? Like what?"

  I spun around to face his feet, slipped him inside me. "Better grab onto something, Sebastian. I'm about to rock your world."

  "You just did, I thought," he said, taking hold of my ass.

  I watched him over my shoulder as I rode him reverse cowgirl, starting slow. "That was just an appetizer."

  "Then I can't fuckin' wait for the main course."

  "It starts with a little something like this..." I swiveled my hips in wide, slow circles.

  "Ho-ly shit--"



  It'd be a damn dirty lie if I said Dru and I didn't spend the rest of the day fucking. And, sweet Jesus, the woman was absolutely insatiable. We fucked and we fucked and we fucked, and she'd be all over me for more as soon as my cock was ready, and Dru Connolly was so goddamn gorgeous I was always hard within ten or twenty minutes.

  Finally, she passed out. We'd gone into my room at somewhere around one in the afternoon, and it was eight at night before she fell asleep in my bed, my flannel sheet draped low over her sweet round, juicy ass, the rest of her bare and so beautiful my breath caught just looking at her. When I knew she was asleep, I tugged on a pair of workout shorts and left my room. My brothers were all clustered in the living room around the TV, playing a video game.

  But as I stood there and thought about it, a few things were different.

  There was a new TV mounted on the wall, and it was HUGE. Like, sixty inches at least, probably closer to seventy--the old one was nearly four years old and less than fifty inches. The TV was goddamned enormous, but it was barely two or three inches thick, and it had a slight curve to it, and the picture was so crazy crystal clear it made my head spin. Also, a few hours ago I didn't possess a video game system, but I did now.

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