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       Big Badd Wolf, p.19

         Part #7 of Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder
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  I swallowed hard, my eyes widening, teeth catching at my lip, breathing going shallow. His...his cock--I formed the word in my mind, tasting it, liking it--was...well, beautiful. Thick, straight, pink, and beautiful. Veins stood out, the skin stretched taut. The head was bulbous. He had a thatch of hair around the base, which I suspected he trimmed.

  My gaze caught and held there, at his cock. How could I look away? It was where all my attention was focused, where all my desires were attenuated. He was just breathing, just waiting, but he was tensed in anticipation.

  I glanced at him, met his gaze.

  He smiled at me reassuringly. "It's all about you, Joss."

  I rested a palm on his thigh, my eyes on his as I dragged my hand upward, to his hip. He licked his lips, sucked in a deep breath and let it out slowly, as if deliberately focusing, slowing himself, restraining his impulses and instincts.

  I lifted my palm from his hipbone, desire pooling between my thighs, and wrapped my fingers around his erection. He sucked in a sharp breath and held it, teeth biting down on his lower lip, brows furrowed in concentration. He swallowed hard.

  I smiled, another silly, eager grin of excitement. I slid my hand downward, to the base of him, and then upward, my heartbeat ratcheting to an impossible speed. I watched my hand glide over him, enjoying the contrast of his pink, pale flesh to my darker caramel and mocha skin. He exhaled shakily, releasing the breath he'd been holding. I squeezed, and then released, using my fingers, now, to examine and play with the feel of him. Tracing the rim of his circumcision, following the veins, testing the hardness of the shaft and the springiness of the head. Rubbing the slit at the tip with my thumb. He alternately held his breath, abs tensed rock hard, and then let out shaky, focused sighs.

  I met his eyes. "Are you okay? Is this difficult for you?"

  He shook his head. "I'm...I'm amazing. I'm just trying to control myself. Holding back, so you have time to explore, or whatever."

  I smiled. "You feel...I really, really like touching you like this."

  "Yeah, I don't mind this myself."

  I stroked him slowly from root to tip. "You don't mind this?" I grinned as I said it. "It's okay, huh?"

  He growled. "Joss, the feel of your hand on my cock is actual heaven. I died and went to heaven."

  "That good?" I asked.

  He closed his eyes as my hand made another slow glide, this time downward, from tip to base. "You don't even know."

  "Well, I'm enjoying this quite a lot myself, I'll have you know."

  His eyes flicked open and pierced me. "Say the word and I'll make you come so hard you won't be able to see straight."

  My heart fluttered and my thighs clenched. "What's the word I'd have to say to get you to do that?"

  His grin was feral and hungry. "Please."

  "That's it? All I have to say is please, and you'll give me an orgasm? Like you did last time?"

  He searched me. "Joss, the last time I only used my fingers. This time, I plan on using my tongue."

  I whimpered at the thought. "Your...tongue? You'd--you'd do that? Really?"

  His wolfish grin only widened. "Joss, baby--you have no idea."

  I squeezed him. "Oh...oh god."

  The idea of Lucian's mouth between my thighs had me shaking and quivering--his fingers had felt amazing...what would it feel like to have him kissing me, down there? Heat pooled, desire making itself known as a flood of dampness between my thighs, as an ache and a tremble.

  I decided to take my own advice--go one step at a time. He was clearly enjoying my touch, and had said as much. I was a virgin, but I was familiar enough with how things worked to know, mentally, at least, what would happen when Lucian reached the end of his control. He would come; he would orgasm. I knew it would happen, and that it was the goal of all this, but I was only vaguely aware of what it would look like. I wanted to know. Wanted to see. Wanted to feel it happen, watch it happen, and know I'd given him that.

  Lucian was just lying there, hands behind his head, breathing slowly, evenly, deeply, watching me as I clutched his erection in one hand, thinking this through.

  "You okay, Joss?" he asked.

  I smiled. "Yeah...yeah. I'm just..." I shook my head, and resumed stroking his length with one hand. "I was thinking."

  "About what? You mind sharing?"

  "I will," I said, "just not yet. If I start talking, I won't be as focused on this." I squeezed him.

  He closed his eyes briefly. "Well, I certainly wouldn't want you to lose focus."

  I added my other hand, then. One hand atop the other, wrapped loosely around his thick cock, sliding slowly up and down. I watched him, watched his reactions and expressions as I explored him with both hands.

  "Will you warn me when you're..." I hesitated, flicking my gaze from his cock to his eyes. "When you're almost there?"

  "Of course."

  I held his gaze. "Is this okay--is it all right? I don't know how things usually go, but I just--"

  He cut in. "Joss, this is more than okay. There's no right or wrong, there's only you, and me, and us, and what we want to do, and how we want to do it."

  "And you're okay if I--if I just do this--" I stroked him, my eyes going to the motion to indicate what I meant, and then back to him, "until know?"

  "This about you, Joss. Take as long as you want. And if you want to stop before I get there, that's fine too. I can handle it, if that's what you want."

  I held him in both hands and leaned over him to kiss him. "No, that's not what I want," I murmured, my lips moving against his. "I want to take you there. I want to feel you come. I want to give you that."

  He let out a sigh of relief. "And trust me when I say I really want that too. But however you want it, whenever. Okay? Don't worry about me."

  I kissed him again, and let myself explore his cock with one hand, and then the other, and then both again, feeling the hardness in my hands, the contrast of the iron-hard shaft wrapped in silk-soft skin. I went a little faster, feeling his cock slide between my fists, feeling his breathing quicken and his stomach tense.

  "Keep going like that, and it won't take long to get me there," Lucian murmured.

  "So the slower I go, the longer it takes?" I asked.

  "Yeah...pretty much." He groaned as I slowed again. "And if you alternate, go fast and then slow, it's kind of like teasing me. Getting me close and then slowing down."

  "Is that bad or good?"

  "Both, in a good way."

  "That's confusing," I said.

  He laughed. "Yeah, I suppose so." He flicked open his eyes and looked at me. "Maybe you'll let me show you how it works, after...this."

  "Maybe I will."

  I didn't want this to end, though. I loved the feel of his cock in my hands, the restraint on his face, the tension in his body, the fact that he was so clearly enjoying how I was making him feel with just my hands. How would he react if I wanted to see what he tasted like, what he felt like in my mouth, between my lips? I was feeling daring. His patience and restraint made me feel in control, and safe at the same time.

  "I'm gonna try something," I warned him. "Just...hold still."

  "I won't move," he assured me.

  I stroked him once more with both hands, glanced at him, offered him a shaky, nervous smile, and then shifted forward, leaning over his body.

  He understood what I intended moments before I did it. "Oh shit, Joss, you don't have to--oh fuck...fucking hell, Joss--Jesus!"

  His outburst of shocked profanity sent a thrill of pride through me.

  I touched my lips to the tip of him, feeling the broad bulb of flesh against my mouth, and then I parted my lips until my jaw was stretched wide, and my mouth was filled with him. He was soft and thick against my tongue, and even with my jaw opened as wide as it could go, it was still a tight fit. And he tasted...god...amazing. Salty skin, and a musky tang of...him, of his arousal. There was wetness against my tongue, the source of the flavor, something seeping out of
him. I gripped his shaft low around the base in one hand, holding him away from his body as I filled my mouth with his cock.

  "Ohhhh fuck, Joss. Jesus. Fuck." He was arched off the bed, spine arced, hips flexing, and his hands shot out from under his head to grip the comforter in knotted bunches of fabric in white-knuckled fists.

  I backed away, working my jaw, watching him. "Was that okay?"

  He barked a laugh. "Was it okay? Joss, did you see how I reacted?"

  "You looked like..." I considered my phrasing carefully. "Like it felt so good it almost hurt."

  "Exactly." He brushed my cheek with his palm. "You do that, Joss, I won't last long at all."

  Daring, eager, and full of erotic zeal and pulsing arousal, I let a leering smile cross my lips. "Then I might just do it again."

  "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he hissed, knotting his fingers in the comforter again, as I took him into my mouth.

  I felt him throb between my lips, and then I felt veins against my tongue as I took more of him, fist sliding up from the root until my fingers touched my lips. The taste was unlike anything I'd experienced, and the feel of him in my mouth, knowing his most sensitive organ was at my mercy, knowing it felt so good that he couldn't even control the words that came out of his mouth--it empowered me.

  I backed away until the damp crown of his cock was at my lips again, and then, without thinking, flicked my tongue out to taste him, lapping the flat of my tongue over the slit. He jerked at the touch of my tongue, hissing another curse. His cock was wet with my saliva from tip to midway down the shaft, which was as far as I'd dared take him. He was breathing hard, now, gasping raggedly.

  "Joss, god--you do that again and I'm done, honey."

  "Really?" I stroked him with both hands, smearing my saliva on his skin. "I do...this...again, and you're done?"

  I took him into my mouth once more, and this time slid my lips around him and went farther and farther until I felt him brush the back of my throat, as far as I was willing to go. He was groaning, and his hands, trembling, went to my back, sliding up my spine to my shoulders, and then, shaking, framed my head as I slid my mouth back up his cock until the softness of his crown was between my lips.

  "Joss--" he groaned, his voice a hoarse rasp. "You have to stop--I'm close, Joss. I'm right there."

  I backed away, glancing up at him. "You want me to stop?"

  "No! No. But--" He had to stop, breathing hard, teeth gritted, clearly focusing every ounce of control on holding back. "But if you don't stop, you're gonna get a mouthful, babe."

  "Oh." I licked the tip again, tasting his essence as it leaked out of him, clear, viscous. "Yeah, I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

  "That's why I'm warning you."

  I clutched him in both hands, shifting away so I could watch what was about to happen. I stroked him, then, slowly, root to tip, with both hands, and this time, I didn't stop, or hesitate. He was arched off the bed, gasping, groaning, and his hips were flexing uncontrollably.

  "Joss--god, I'm--oh god, oh god."

  I paused to rub the tip of him with my thumb. "You're going to come, now, Lucian?"

  "Yeah, god yeah." His eyes were closed, head thrown back, jaw clenched, abs taut. "So hard."

  I ached. My thighs were clenched, my core seeping--watching him edge closer and closer, and knowing I was making him feel this was a rush, sending lightning bolts of need through me. Watching him reach the verge of orgasm was sending arousal through me, turning me into a shaking, needy mess of wetness between my thighs.

  One touch is all it would take, I realized, to make me come--just from the intensity of giving him this.

  I held it back, clung to the edge as I stroked his cock with both hands, faster now.

  Lucian was thrusting into my fists, groaning wordlessly.

  "I'm--fuck, Joss--I'm gonna come!"

  "Now?" I asked, caressing him even more swiftly, fists sliding in a blur up and down his thick, tensed, throbbing cock.

  "Oh fuck--fuck, now, Joss!" He arched, pulsing his erection through my fists, his shout morphing into a wordless snarl.

  I felt him spasm, felt his cock throb, and then a stream of thick white come shot out of him to splash against his stomach, and I kept stroking, slowing down so I could soak up every arousing moment of this, watching his face tense into a rictus of release, watching his abs flex as he thrust into my fists. I clutched the crown of him with one hand and gently pulsed my fist around him in short shallow gentle movements, and he cried out again as another spurt of come burst up his torso, over his navel nearly to his diaphragm. He thrust and I caressed and stroked, and yet more thick white viscous hot semen left him, dripping over my fingers and into the curly thatch of hair around his base, and then again and again, until the backs of my fingers were coated in his come, a pool of it on his stomach and navel.

  He was gasping raggedly, his body sagging as if he was suddenly boneless, his cock still throbbing hard and thick in my fists. "Holy shit, Joss."

  I grinned in pleased pride at the stunned stupid sound of his voice, at the raw ecstasy obvious in every line of his body. "That was..." I bit my lip, holding up my hand to look at his come on my fingers. "That was incredible."

  He opened his eyes. "You have no idea." He glanced down at himself. "I'm a mess, now."

  I showed him my fingers. "So am I."

  "Sorry, I should have warned you it'd be messy."

  I shook my head. "I like it. No--I love it. Watching that, watch you come? It was...amazing." I shuddered. "It Arousing."

  He fixed me with a piercing stare. "You get off on watching me come, huh?"

  "God, yes." I didn't shy away from the truth, from how he made me feel; I embraced it. "One touch, and I could explode."

  "One touch?" He reached up to tweak my nipple, sending an electric thrill through me. "Like that?"

  I squeaked in surprise, and then shuddered as the thrill sizzled down to my core, igniting the pool of desire flooding me. "Yeah--a lot like that."

  He palmed my breast, and then pinched my nipple, suddenly and hard. "How about that?"

  I jumped, whimpering as the pinch, as the pain and the pleasure of it left me quaking. "Yes...god yes."

  "Remember what I said?"

  I blinked at him. "What you--what you said?" The pulsing hammer of my arousal was making me dizzy, clouding my mind, need replacing everything.

  I needed him. I needed his touch. I needed to come.

  "One word. That's all it takes."

  I remembered, then. "'re all messy."

  He tilted halfway off the bed and snagged a towel left on the floor after a shower. Dizzy, thoughts slowed as if I'd been drugged, I took the towel from him and wiped him clean, and then glanced at my hand, still wet with his drying essence. A thought struck me, and I gave into it before I chickened out--I touched my tongue to the wetness on my knuckles, and the flavor of him burst through me: salty, musky, tangy, almost-but-not-quite sweet.

  "Mmmm," I murmured. "That's not so bad."


  I shook my head. "Not what I was expecting."

  He pinned me with a look. "Joss, don't ever think I expect you to--"

  "If I do--when I do," I told him, "it'll be because I want to." I grinned at him, biting my lip. "And believe me, I'll want to."

  He reached for me, hooking a finger in the waist of my leggings. "Can we get back to that word you were gonna say?"

  I squirmed. "The word that gives you permission to make me come so hard I won't be able to see straight?" I asked. "That word?"

  "Yes, Joss. That word."

  I stopped breathing for a moment, as we sat side by side on the bed, his eyes fierce and wild and eager, one finger curled into the elastic waistband of my leggings. One word, and he would show me things I'd never even dared dream of or fantasized about. He was waiting, and I knew he wouldn't go any further until and unless I gave him permission.

  He kept one finger hooked into the hem,
leaned close to me, pressing our bodies together, caressing my breast with his palm and brushing his lips against mine. "Let me taste you, Joss," he whispered. "Let me make you scream."

  "I'm..." Embarrassment flooded through me, making my cheeks burn. "I'm really, um...down there--"

  He pulled back to meet my gaze, rolling one of my nipples under his thumb. "You're what, down there?"

  "All worked up."

  "I sure as fuck hope you're worked up."

  I swallowed hard. "No, I mean--I'm turned on like crazy, from wanting you,'s..."

  He teased kisses across my cheek, down the side of my neck, to my shoulder, and then to the upper slope of my breast. "Don't be shy, Joss. Just say it."

  "I'm wet," I whispered. "So wet."

  He groaned, forehead resting against the swell of my chest. "Ohhh fuck, Joss--don't tease me like this."

  I frowned at the top of his head. "Tease you? I'm warning you. You said you wanted to taste me, and I'm may not, because I'm--"

  He lifted his head to look at me, and his grin was equal parts amused and aroused. "Joss, honey, please trust me when I say that's exactly why I want to go down on you so bad right now. I can smell how turned on you are."

  He leaned into me, touched his lips to my ear. "Lay down. Trust me."

  I slid to my back, and Lucian leaned against me, teasing kisses as I squirmed to a comfortable position. "I trust you," I whispered.

  "Say it," he murmured.

  I met his gaze. "Please, Lucian." I smirked at him. "You just wanted to hear me beg, as payback for all the back and forth from before."

  He nibbled my throat, kissed my clavicle, and then slid his tongue between my breasts. "Joss, honey, that wasn't begging. That was just giving me permission to make you feel good." He nipped my nipple, and I felt it throb into an aching, diamond-hard point. "I'll show you what it's like to beg."

  I breathed a whimpering sigh as he flicked my erect nipple with his tongue, and then slid his mouth across the valley to the other one, lips stuttering across my flesh. I arched my spine and trailed my fingers along his shoulders and through his hair, giving in to the bliss of his mouth on me, anticipating the downward slide.

  He shifted down my body, cupping my tits in his hand, and kissed my ribs, and my navel, and then paused to glance up at me, dragging his fingers down my front to the waist of my leggings. I bit my lip and flexed my hips in silent permission, and he tugged the stretchy cotton downward, stripping them off in a single smooth jerk, tossing them aside, leaving me in nothing but a pair of plain white cotton underwear. He didn't remove them immediately, like I expected him to. Instead, he nudged my hipbone with his nose and then used one finger to inch aside the gusset of my underwear, baring a slice of skin between the crease of hip and core, and his tongue slid along that exposed flesh, causing me to gasp, and tense. He ran his palms up my thighs, shifting his weight over my legs so he was kneeling between my calves, hovering over me. I stared down at him, having trouble breathing as I anticipated him stripping me naked, leaving my damp core bare to his eyes...and his mouth.

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