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         Part #7 of Badd Brothers series by Jasinda Wilder
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  He continued to defy my expectations and anticipation, however. He kissed my stomach, again and again and again, from the curve of one side to the other, and then lower, across the elastic band of my panties, and then his mouth moved over my core without making contact with the fabric covering me. I was so wet with need, now, that I could feel the cloth sticking to my skin, and I knew how that must look--the white cotton would be nearly see-through, plastered against the plump lips of my core. I knew the word he would use, but I couldn't quite bring myself to use it, even in my own mind.

  Lucian's gaze raked over me, from my face and my eyes to my breasts, to my core, and I saw the moment he saw how wet I was. "Shit, Joss--you're fucking soaked," he groaned.

  "I told you."

  His thumb brushed the soaked cotton, and I jerked at the contact. "It's sexy, Joss. You don't even know what it does to me to see you this turned on, this wet."


  "Abso-fucking-lutely," he growled.

  His fingers tugged the sides of my underwear down, exposing my hipbones, and he kissed each of them. And then, instead of pulling them the rest of the way down, he kept kissing, moving his lips down my thigh and around inside, pushing my thighs apart as he did so, until his lips were dancing across the tender flesh of my innermost thigh, his cheek brushing against my core over the cotton. I felt his breath on me, cooling dampness, making me gasp sharply, and then his lips were sliding over my other thigh and his teeth were grazing and nipping. His hovered his mouth over my core, and I tensed all over, aching, breathless--he hooked his index finger in the leg of my panties and tugged the gusset aside to bare my core. Momentarily bare, I quit breathing entirely, waiting, waiting, waiting, watching for the moment he put his mouth on me.

  He extended his tongue...and I flinched and my lungs squeezed and my heart stuttered as he touched his tongue to me, sliding up the seam where my nether lips met.

  I whimpered at the wet warmth, the teasing slide.

  And then it was gone and he was letting the underwear cover me again, and I was wild with need, aching, desire pooling through me, making me wetter than I already was. I wanted that. I wanted him to do that again. To strip me naked and put his mouth on me, his tongue.

  God, I wanted it.


  "See, if I wanted to hear you beg, that's how I'd do it. Tease you, really tease you. You'd go crazy if I held out long enough."

  "Don't, Lucian. Please don't."


  I brushed a lock of hair away from his face, tucked it behind his ear, and shook my head. "Don't tease me. Not this time." I flexed my hips, biting my lip. "I'm already begging. Please, Lucian. Do that again."

  He repeated the action, pulling aside my underwear and licking me, once. "Like that?"

  I groaned. "More, Luce. You know what I want. Please."

  He grinned at me. "You want me to lick your pussy."

  I laughed in aroused embarrassment at his filthy words. "Yes, god, yes."

  "It'd be really hot to hear you ask me to do that."

  "Haven't I, already?"

  He kissed the insides of my thighs again, and I let my legs fall apart, wanting more. "I want the words, Joss. I want to hear that beautiful, innocent mouth of yours talking dirty to me."

  "My mouth wasn't so innocent a few minutes ago," I reminded him.

  He shifted up, to my navel again, and kissed along the hem of my underwear. "True."

  "I don't like that word," I lied, to cover my embarrassment.

  He just grinned at me. "You're lying, Joss."

  "God, how do you know?"

  "I can just tell when you're lying." He tugged the elastic down so the upper swell of my core was exposed. "You're just embarrassed to say it."

  "Damn you."

  He laughed. "Try it, Joss. Ask me to lick your pussy."

  I stared down at him, his fingers in the waistband of my panties, preparing to draw them off me. "Lick me, Lucian. Put your mouth on me..." I got the words out, then, finally. "Lick my pussy. Make me come so hard I can't see straight."

  He groaned and slid my underwear down to my thighs, exposing my core--my pussy. I lifted my butt off the mattress, and he tugged them all the way off of me, and now, once again, I was naked with Lucian. This time, I wasn't afraid. I was eager. I was beyond ready, shaking with arousal as he stared with obvious and greedy appreciation at my core.

  "So beautiful," he murmured. "Just as beautiful and perfect as the rest of you."

  I ached, god, I ached. Arousal was a throbbing drum inside me, a volcanic pressure consuming me. I felt like if Lucian didn't make me come soon, I would lose my mind.

  He was still teasing me, kissing my hipbone, my thigh, my navel.

  "Lucian--" I breathed, my voice nearly a snarl. "Please."

  He pressed his palms to the insides of my thighs, caressing, and I let my eyes close at the sudden tenderness in that caress, and then, while my eyes were closed, head thrown back, he pushed them farther apart and his mouth slid along the crease where thigh, hip, and core all met, and I whimpered. I opened my eyes and lifted my head to watch, not wanting to miss a single moment.

  I didn't wait long, after that. A moment of hesitation, his eyes meeting mine, and then he covered my seam with his mouth, and I lost my mind. The heat of his mouth, the pressure of his lips, his tongue sliding wet and strong into my opening--I threw my head back and moaned, a wild, wanton sound. He groaned, and I felt his tongue slither between the lips of my core, and then glide upward--my breath caught, lightning searing through me as his tongue circled around my clit. My groan was ragged then, and I couldn't help clutching in desperation at his head.

  "Don't stop--oh god, Luce, god, please...don't stop!"

  He grunted a negative, and then his lips suctioned around my clit, and his tongue flicked against it, and I whimpered, trying to contain a rising need to scream as the pleasure built inside me. I felt him drag his palms down my stomach to my hips, and then I felt a finger gliding through my damp lips inside me, penetrating me, and just that finger felt like so much, so thick, such an intrusion, that I felt a moment of panic trying to imagine actual sex. But that worry was blasted away as he drew that finger out and then slid it back in, curling it just so, massaging inside me, careful, gentle, even as his mouth and tongue worked in alternation, licking, suckling, circling around my clit, building the pressure of ecstasy inside me to frenzy.

  I moaned, and whimpered, and my hips began to flex, and my thighs started to quake. "Lucian!" I heard myself breathe his name, a raw, desperate exhalation.

  It only prompted him to drive the wild pressure of need to a crescendo; he slid a second finger inside me, stretching me, and I cried out at the burning ache, and then his tongue flicked and fluttered against my clit and the burning pain of being stretched by his fingers vanished into an inferno of pleasure. I felt myself teetering on the edge, clutching at him, and my hips were flexing, my ass lifting off the bed, breasts swaying.

  "Oh god, oh my god, Luce, please, yes--" I heard myself say.

  I was outside myself, hearing and feeling my reactions, but in no kind of control.

  Lucian worked his fingers in and out of me, mimicking sex, stretching me, and his tongue flicked against my aching, throbbing clit, and everything inside me built and built and built into a mountainous weight of pressure and heat and need and exquisite, agonizing ecstasy. I was going to explode, detonate like never before. I would come apart, and it was going to be such a furiously intense explosion I would have been afraid of it, if I only didn't need it so fucking badly.

  There was nothing else in that moment, nothing in the entire universe except the wild, desperate need to reach orgasm.

  "Oh--oh god--oh my fucking god!" I heard myself say, the words a whimper, and then a wail.

  I was gone, utterly lost. He was driving me to it, now, thrashing my clit with his tongue, two fingers slicking noisily between the spasming walls of my pussy.

  And then...
br />   I came apart.

  And I screamed. This time, my scream was one of release, of helpless, violent orgasm. I writhed against him, weeping, screaming in choking, gasping wails as I was seized by wave after wave of raw intensity, through which his tongue and lips and fingers worked constantly, pushing me higher and higher, until the crescendo broke and I was sobbing, hips thrusting madly, grinding my pussy against his face with crazed abandon.

  The waves only slowly and gradually subsided, and the intensity became too much--I couldn't take any more. I caught at his face. "Luce, I--I--stop, you need to stop--I can't handle any more."

  He lifted up, and I saw the wet evidence of my orgasm smeared on his face.

  I pulled him toward me, and he lay on the bed beside me as I gasped, whimpering occasionally as aftershocks shot through me. When I was capable of coherent movement, I reached over and wiped at his face with my palm.

  "You're messy again," I said.

  He licked his lips. "Best kind of messy."

  I shrugged a shoulder. "I dunno...I kind of liked the mess we made of you earlier."

  He smirked, and then gently, carefully swiped a finger through my opening, making me flinch and gasp. He brought the finger to my lips. "Taste yourself, Joss."

  I touched a finger to his mouth, to his lips, still glistening, and leaned in. "I'd rather taste it on you."

  I kissed him, licking at his lips, and tasted myself on his mouth, the smoky musk of my essence. The kiss shifted, then, morphing from a teasing taste of my juices on his lips into something more.

  Something heated, something deep.

  Something wild.

  Our bodies pressed together, and I felt his thigh between mine, his hands on my ass, cupping and kneading possessively, and I felt his cock hardening against my hip, driving against my belly. His hands were everywhere, and so were mine, carving at his muscular bicep, trailing down his waist, clawing at his ass. We were lost to the kiss, groaning as we exchanged control, him taking the kiss deeper, and then letting me claim his mouth, his tongue.

  God, I was crazy, aching again already.

  The feel of his cock against my hip was maddening.

  I clutched at him, then, needing to feel him in my hands again, needing the evidence of his desire.

  I was going to be addicted to this--to the wonder and glory of his cock, the pulse of it in my hands, the way he lost control as I brought him to the edge--I could even see myself needing to taste him, to feel him in my mouth, to feel him so desperate, so needy for what only I could give him.

  But...there was more.

  His fingers inside me had introduced a new element to all this. The intrusion of them, the stretch, even the slight burn, the ache of it. I needed that again...

  I needed more.

  I needed to be closer to Lucian, to feel him all around me, inside me, above me.

  I broke the kiss, my palm on his jaw, our bodies tangled together. "Lucian...I need you."

  "I'm here, Joss," he breathed. "You've got me."

  I met his eyes, clutching his cock in one hand, and rolled to my back. "No. Luce...I need you."

  "Joss..." He searched my eyes with his.

  I ran my fingertips down his spine, to his ass, cupping the bubble of hard muscle. "Luce, I want this. I want it. I want you, I want us."


  "Yes, now."

  He leaned in and touched my lips with his, and then groaned when I squeezed his cock. "I need to get a condom."

  "You have some?"

  He rolled away from me to the bedside table, opened the drawer, and pulled out a new, unopened box. "Perhaps somewhat anticipatory, but I went and got some before Brock and I left to get you. It was the desperate act of a very hopeful man."

  I laughed. "I'm glad you did."

  He opened the box, withdrew a string of square packets, and ripped one free. I watched as he tore the foil open and took out a ring of latex.

  I sat up, reached out and took it from him, toying with it, figuring it out. "Let me do it?"

  He knelt in front of me, setting the string and the box on the table, and he waited as I gently pressed the ring to the crown of his cock, rolling it down gently with both hands until it was snugged at the base.

  I smiled at him, pleased with myself. "That was fun."

  "Never had anyone else do it for me before," he said.

  I didn't like the way that phrase sat inside me--more accurately, at the insinuation of having done this before. I knew he had, but I didn't want to think of it. I was jealous, I realized. Somehow, Lucian had become mine.

  He saw something in my expression. "What?" he asked.

  I shrugged, smiling at him. "I just...I got all jealous, when you said that."

  He frowned. "Oh. Sorry, I didn't think--"

  I shook my head. "It's fine. I just want you to know, I'm jealous of you." I reached for him, wrapping a hand around his waist, resting my fingers on the small of his back. "You're mine now. That's what I was thinking."

  He leaned close, kissing the corner of my mouth. "That goes both ways, Joss." He kissed my lips, shifting so we were facing each other, sitting up, and his hands brushed my dreadlocks behind my shoulders so they didn't obscure my breasts. "I'm yours--and you're mine."

  I smiled into the kiss. "I like the sound of that."

  "Yeah?" He backed away, our eyes locking.

  "There's nothing I want more than to belong to you, Lucian. To belong with you."

  He smirked at me. "There's nothing you want more?"

  "I want you to make love to me." I wrinkled my nose at him. "Is that phrase cheesy, or passe, or whatever?"

  He cupped my face in both of his hands, eyes searching me. "I just want you to be absolutely sure it's what you want."

  I withdrew from his touch, lying on my back, catching at his hand. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life, Lucian."



  * * *

  There's never been anything more beautiful in my life than Joss in that moment--reaching up to hold my hand, pulling me toward her. On her back beneath me, eyes shining, eager with passion and love and need. Heavy breasts swaying, dark nipples rigid points.

  She pulled at my hand, reaching for me. I knelt between her thighs, on my hands and knees above her. I wanted this so bad it hurt, but I knew I needed to be careful, no matter how much she wanted it.

  I trailed my fingers along her thigh, toward the juncture, never taking my eyes off of hers as I slid my middle finger up the damp, slick seam.

  She shivered, biting her lip. "Luce, I want you."

  I bent to flick at her nipple with my tongue. "I want you back, more than you know." I fluttered my tongue against her other nipple, then, and teased her clit with my finger. "Can you trust me?"

  She gasped at the touch of my finger. "I trust you, I just...oh, oh..."

  I slid my finger inside, and then withdrew it, smearing her essence against her. "I want this to be perfect."

  "It already is."

  I spoke in between flicks of my tongue against the erect buttons of her nipples. "If you're on the verge of won't hurt as much...or so I've...heard."

  "I'm all about it not hurting."

  I took my time building her up, plying her with my fingers, circling her clit, flicking her nipples, kissing her mouth, until she was whimpering and her hips were flexing. When she reached that point, I slid a finger inside her, and then a second, and she whimpered again, this time at the stretch of it, and I moved down her body again, sucking her clit into my mouth until her whimpers turned to wails of pleasure and her hips were driving against me and she was moments from her orgasm.

  She pushed me away with her hands, pulled my face up her body. "No, no--not like that," she panted. "I want--I don't want to come again unless it's with you...unless it's together." Her eyes met mine, fraught with emotion and racked with bliss. "I want to come with you."

  I settled between her thighs, and her hands reached for
me, palming my shoulders and drifting down my back to cup my ass, a smile on her face as her fingertips dug into the muscle.

  "I love your butt," she said.

  I laughed. "I'm glad. I work hard on that ass."

  The humor faded from her eyes as I pressed my fists in the pillows beside her face, levered over her. "Luce..." She pulled me closer, wrapping a hand around my condom-sheathed cock. "I'm ready."

  "No doubts, no hesitation?"

  She leaned up to kiss me. "None. I'm nervous, and a little scared, but I want it. I want this, so bad."

  I slid my fingers against her opening, touching myself against her seam, and then she took over, guiding me. Our eyes met, and I felt a whirlwind of emotion flood through me--a raging maelstrom of need, a fear of how intense this was and how badly I wanted her, how intensely I was beginning to care for her.

  This was love.

  I'd told her I loved her, because I'd realized it and admitted it to myself while she was gone, but it wasn't until then, until I felt her fingers wrapped around my cock, guiding me into her opening, how deep the love really went. It was more than this--more than this act. But this act in and of itself, that Joss was giving me--me, Lucian Badd--this amazing, beautiful, priceless gift of her was so enormous in its meaningfulness. It made me breathless, made me ache with the preciousness of it. It made everything inside me melt and expand at once, made me say a vow to never take this woman for granted, to spend every moment she would give me making her happy, taking care of her, being there for her. Love wasn't just this one emotion, I finally understood. It was so, so much more. It was the act of trusting each other, of each of us mutually falling, trusting the other to have arms open, ready to catch.

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