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         Part #1 of Alpha series by Jasinda Wilder
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“I could have walked, you know. ” I watched him, unsure of his emotional state, of his thoughts, of what he’d felt regarding my little display of control.

  I was kind of impressed with myself. I’d never done any of that before. I mean, sure, I’d given plenty of blowjobs before, a de rigueur part of sex and dating. But I’d never taken a guy that deep before, never spent so much time and effort on making sure he came as hard as possible. And I’d certainly never fingered a guy’s ass**le before. I really couldn’t believe he’d let me do that. But he had. And he’d seemed to enjoy it, giving in to it.

  Giving o**l s*x had always just been part of the process, something to do as part of sex. If a guy asked, and I liked him, I’d do it. If I was really feeling good about him, I’d do it voluntarily sometimes. But I’d never truly enjoyed it. I mean, does any woman really like having a giant c**k shoved down her throat? Probably not. Not most, at least. But what I’d just done to Roth…I’d really, really liked it. I loved the sense of power, the knowledge that I could make him come apart and lose control. I’d loved making him feel good, giving him that pleasure.

  After setting me on the bed, Roth tightened the towel around his waist. “Wait here. ” He ran his hand through his hair in an agitated gesture, then left the room without a backward glance. I wondered then if I’d gone too far. I’d taken control and had been pretty open about my feelings for him—even though I hadn’t told him everything. But had I been too clear? Had I pushed him away, scared him off?

  Only a few moment’s passed before Roth came back, carrying a six-pack of Stella Artois, a bottle opener, a gargantuan slice of cheesecake drizzled with chocolate, and one fork. As he entered the room, I slid off the bed, combed my fingers through my hair, and tossed my towel to the floor.

  “I come bearing gifts,” he said with a smile.

  “Tasty gifts, too. ” I sat cross-legged on the bed next to him, angled toward him.

  He popped the tops off two beers, handed me one, and took a long swig from his. I matched him, drinking deeply from the neck of the bottle. When I lowered the beer, he held the fork out to me, bearing a bite of cheesecake.

  “Holy shit, that’s good,” I said.

  I’d tried to stop swearing, but bad words just kept slipping out. Fortunately, Roth didn’t seem to mind it. If he did, he’d never said anything to me about it.

  “Mmmmhmm. ” He bobbed his head in agreement, and then swallowed his bite. “Yeah. It’s Eliza’s. Some secret recipe. ”

  “That woman is a miracle worker. ”

  “That she is,” he said, feeding me another bite.

  Silence settled between us then, long and comfortable. Roth fed me in between long swallows of delicious beer, and when I finished mine, he popped open another before I’d even set the bottle down.

  We finished the cheesecake and were near the bottom of our second beers when Roth finally met my gaze. “What you did in the shower…it was…amazing. Letting you have your way, though…that was extremely challenging for me. ” He glanced away. “Letting you touch me as you did, that was even harder. I’ve not ever let anyone do that before. You…challenge me, Kyrie. On every level. ”

  “Why’d you let me, then?”

  “You’ve shown so much courage, so much willingness—eagerness, even—for everything I’ve demanded of you. I don’t know, and don’t really want to know about everything you’ve done before…or why you haven’t. I told you, I only watched you to protect you, to watch over you. I was never voyeuristic about it, so I’m not familiar with the details of your sexual history. And I don’t care to go into it now, neither yours nor mine. I just want you to know that I’m very much aware of what I ask of you, and the fact that you’ve never denied me anything means a lot to me. Giving you your way in the shower…that was…I knew I had to give control back to you, because I couldn’t demand something of you I couldn’t give back. ”

  I grinned at him. “Well, if you’ve got to give me control, I certainly chose a fun way of exercising it on you, right?”

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  He chuckled. “Fun? That’s a hell of an understatement. That wasn’t just a blowjob, that was…something else. Something far more. ”

  “You liked it, then?”

  “Liked it?” He stared at me. “Kyrie…you totally blew my mind. I didn’t know I could feel that way, or come that hard. ”

  I shivered with pleasure. “Good. That was what I wanted to do. I can’t guarantee it’ll be like that every time I blow you, though. ”

  “Every time?”

  I nodded. “Yeah. I mean…there will be a next time, right?”

  He didn’t answer right away. “That’s up to you. I’ll take what I want from you, when I want. ” His gaze went hot, hooked on mine. “I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with my c**k inside you. I’ll take you up against the wall in the garage, and on every one of my cars. I’ll take you on the island in my kitchen and on my desk in my office, and in the bathroom at a concert with your dress up around your hips and your heels around my waist. But what I won’t take from you is o**l s*x. I’ll leave that for you to give. ”

  “I’m on board with that,” I said, finishing my second beer and accepting a third.

  He smiled. “Good. ” He lifted an eyebrow. “Which part, though?”

  I shrugged. “All of it. The sex everywhere, especially. I’ve never made love anywhere but in a bed. Well, that’s not true. In a car once, and it was awkward and uncomfortable. So just know that you can take me anywhere, anytime, just…not in front of people. I’m not an exhibitionist. ”

  Roth frowned at me in surprise. “And I am?”

  I laughed. “No, obviously not. I’m just…clarifying. ”

  “No worries on that score, Kyrie. I might f**k you in a public place, but never in such a way that you’d be embarrassed. Just enough to make it…risky, and thus all the more exciting. ”

  The subtext of this conversation wasn’t lost on me. We were discussing, via our plans for sexual conquest, a future relationship. I wasn’t sure what that would entail emotionally, for me or for him, but it was still an exciting prospect. I’d take what I could get from Roth, for as long as he’d give it to me. We were still on our first full night of sex together, and it was already life-alteringly fantastic, out-of-this-world incredible.

  “Change of subject,” Roth said. “How about a movie?”

  “Naked movie time?” I suggested.

  He laughed. “As if I’d let you put on clothes?”

  I stood up. “Let’s go, then!”

  He shook his head. “Get back here. ” He set the plate and fork on a bedside table, then pulled out an electronic tablet.

  He tapped the screen to wake it up, and then touched a series of buttons. A screen rolled down on the wall opposite his bed, hidden in a recess in the ceiling. I glanced up and saw that the projector was also hidden, the only hint of it a small screen angling down from the ceiling. Roth touched another button, and the tablet’s screen switched to show a Netflix account, and he quickly typed in a movie title, selected it, and set it to play. By the time he’d finished this, the projector was warmed up, and within seconds the movie began. He’d picked a romantic comedy, something fun and light. I propped the pillows up against the headboard and settled in to watch. Roth left the room without explanation while the opening credits rolled, returning a few moments later with another six-pack. I was already a little tipsy, but I took a fourth beer and drank it slowly, cuddling in with Roth as the movie started.

  Halfway through the movie, I felt myself drifting, dizzy, warm, and happy, and sleepy and pleasantly drunk. Roth took my empty bottle from me, set it aside, and scooted down on the bed, holding me against his chest.

  “I should’ve warned you I almost never finish movies,” I mumbled. “I always fall asleep. ”

  “It’s fine,” he said. “That’s why I put it on. Just relax. ”

ut…naked movie time. ” I wasn’t making sense, falling under the spell of sleep.

  He laughed, a rumbling chuckle I felt more than heard. “Expect to be woken up bright and early, then. ”

  “Oh, goody. Cock-a-doodle-doo. ”

  “Are you drunk?” He sounded amused.

  I nodded sloppily. “I’m kind of a lightweight. ”

  “Good to know. ”

  “Get me drunk while I’m awake next time. I get crazy horny when I’m wasted. Especially if you give me tequila. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor, except naked. Tequila makes her clothes fall off…. ” I fumbled at the towel around his waist, slipped my hand under the edge, found his warm skin. “Lookie what I found. ”

  He pulled my hand away, placed it on his chest. “You are ridiculous. ”

  I nodded, and felt the heady mixture of tipsiness, sleepiness, and Roth’s hard body and clean scent pulling me under. I went willingly.

  My last thought, before I slept, was, I could fall in love with this man. I hoped I hadn’t said it out loud, but it was true.



  When I woke up, Roth was curled around me, spooning me. His arm was slung over my waist, his hand splayed against my belly, low, almost touching my pu**y. He’d shed his towel, so he was naked behind me. One of his thighs was wedged between mine, his “extra arm” shoved against my back.

  A girl could get used to this.

  I dozed in the warm, drowsy place of not-quite sleep, enjoying—loving—the feel of his huge, hard body behind mine, sheltering me, heating me. His breath was on the back of my neck, whooshing in and out rhythmically, his chest swelling with each breath to brush my spine.



  I’d never thought I could feel this, not this way. Not this potently. I didn’t want this to ever end. I didn’t want this moment—Roth sleeping behind me, no problems or worries or expectations or games or problematic emotions or demands—to stop.

  It did, eventually. In the best way possible, though. I was awake with my eyes closed, just soaking up the perfection of the experience, when I felt his c**k harden. His breathing never shifted, so I figured it was just morning wood making its presence known. But for all that, I loved the way it felt, thickening against my back. I shifted upward, letting his erection nestle between the cheeks of my ass. I didn’t move or grind, just let it rest there, filling that space, pushing through the awareness that soon this big, hot, iron-hard yet silk-soft organ would be inside me. I relished that knowledge, let the desire for it well up within me.

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  I felt Roth’s fingers twitch, felt his breathing alter. He was waking up. Oh, god. Please. He made a low sound in his throat, a wordless waking-up murmur. He moved his head, sliding his face against the back of my head, nuzzling into me, inhaling. He stretched, unintentionally grinding against me. That got his attention. He brushed his lips against the back of my neck, shifting his hips intentionally now. His hand tightened on my belly.

  I arched my back and lifted my hips, dragging his c**k through the crease of my ass.

  “Mmmm. Kyrie…. ” His voice was still sleep-thick and sexy.

  “Valentine. ”

  I didn’t need to say another word. Roth’s hand hooked around my hip so his arm encircled me completely, and then he rolled to his back. Just that fast, I was lying on my back on top of Roth. Before I could take another breath, he thrust into me, hard, deep, and fast. I gave a gasping shriek of surprised bliss, and then he was moving. He cupped both of my tits with his huge hands, rough palms scraping my ni**les. He brought his feet together, his heels near his bu**ocks, and I hooked my legs around his, thighs spread wide, my pu**y split open wider than I’d ever thought was possible. Bracing my feet on the mattress, I pushed, sliding up his body, drawing his c**k out of me, then hovered with his tip just barely piercing my cleft.

  “Don’t move. ” His voice rasped in my ear.

  I let my head fall back to the pillow beside his. His mouth touched my shoulder, a kiss, and then a bite. I whimpered, legs trembling as I held my weight suspended. He fluttered his hips, giving me a series of shallow thrusts that left me gasping with the need for more. As soon as he thrust into me, I knew he’d be deep, deeper than ever. I wanted to feel every thick, hard inch of him as far inside me as I could get him.

  “Valentine…come on…. ”

  “You want it deep, don’t you?”

  “Yeah. ”

  “How deep?”

  “All the f**king way, baby. As deep as it’ll go. ”

  “All the f**king way, huh?”

  “Yeah. Please?” I was breathless, pleading, and I was totally abandoned to begging him for everything he’d give me. I didn’t care how it sounded, what it made me. I wanted him—everything he had—and I’d beg if that was what it took to make him give it to me.

  “Can you hold that position?” I nodded, focused on keeping my weight up, braced my hands on his knees. “Good. Stay just like that for as long as you can. ”

  Roth began to thrust into me, slowly at first, slipping just the broad head shallowly between my slick, swollen labia, just barely penetrating me. And then he began to give me more, his hands clutching and kneading my tits, his mouth on my shoulder, his c**k spearing deeper, splitting my pu**y apart with his girth until it burned as I stretched. I whined in my throat, my legs giving out, dropping me down fully onto him, impaling me on him.

  “Oh, f**k, Valentine!” He was so deep it almost hurt, stretching me, filling me, his hands gripping my boobs tightly, teeth nipping at my shoulder. “God…damn, you’re so deep, baby, I almost can’t take it. ”

  “You’ll take it. You want it all, remember?” He ground into me, not thrusting but rolling his hips to push even deeper.

  “Oh, god, oh, shit, oh, god. ”

  He slid his hands down my body, fingers flickering over my ribs. He explored farther down as I arched my back, desperate for what I knew was coming. He thrust his fingers into me, circling my hardened clit. There was nothing I could do but accept his c**k into me, take it all and take it deep, my thighs unable to lift me off him any longer, and now his fingers were spreading heat through me, building up the pressure, and he still hadn’t moved to actually f**k me yet.

  He held still, only his fingers moving, bringing me closer and closer to that shivering edge of orgasm. When my hips began to roll of their own accord, he stopped. He fluttered his fingers over my tender inner thighs, teasing down near my taint, near my ass**le, and then, in a sudden movement, he wrapped his hands around my thighs from the outside, brought my legs together in front of me, and pulled them taut against my front.

  “Oh. ” I could only gasp that single syllable.

  “You want it all?” Roth demanded. “You want it deep?”

  “Yes…yes. ”

  “Then take it…. ” He punctuated his words with a hard thrust, pulling back and ramming his c**k into me.

  “Ohmyfuckinggod!” I gasped, but any further words or breath were driven from me as he pulled back, bit my shoulder hard enough to cause pain, and then rifled hard into me.

  “Like this,” he grunted, “hard and deep?”

  “Yes,” I panted, “fuck, yes. ”

  “That’s my girl…I love the way you take my cock, Kyrie. You take it all, and you always want more. So f**king hot. ”

  And then he adjusted his grip on my legs, shifting his hands at the crease of my knees, pulling my thighs apart to stretch open my pu**y once more, this time keeping my quads flush against my torso. I was completely opened to him, split wide, completely at his mercy. I couldn’t move at all like this, could barely breathe, and what little oxygen I did have in my lungs was driven from me as he began to draw back slowly before slamming in deep.

  “Tell me what you want, Kyrie. ”

  “I want your cock, Valentine. ”

“Tell me how you want it. ”

  “Harder. Deeper. ”

  “My girl wants it harder?”

  “Yeah, baby. Give me more. ”

  He gave me more. And I took it all, unable to even scream now, each pounding thrust making my body shudder and shake, my tits bouncing upward as his c**k slammed into me. He was so deep I could feel his balls slapping against my taint, which was exposed by my wide-spread legs.

  “I want you to come now, Kyrie. Right now. ”

  I didn’t think it was possible to come on command, but somehow I did. His words struck me like lightning, his c**k pulling out slowly and gently, only to drive in hard and fast. I came with a choking scream. I craned my head, curling forward, forced my eyes open to watch his massive c**k spearing into me as I came. When he pulled his c**k out, it was glistening and gleaming with my juices, and as my orgasm wrenched through me, I saw my come squirt out to coat his throbbing length, and then he drove into me and my eyes squeezed shut.

  He rocked forward, tumbling me to the bed and ripping his c**k out of my sheath with a wet sound.

  “What? Wha—what are you doing?” I asked.

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  He didn’t answer, turning away from me to pull open the bottom drawer of his nightstand. I was quaking all over; my body wracked with tremoring aftershocks, my pu**y needing him back in me. His c**k was tall and painfully hard, wet with my grool, bobbing as he moved. I couldn’t help wrapping my hand around him and fondling him, my palm slipping down his coated length.

  “A-ha. ” He came back up with a small box, still taped shut, unopened. He ripped the top open, pulled free the packaging to reveal a brand-new bullet vibrator. “I bought this a couple of days ago. I’ve been meaning to use it on you. ”

  The bullet was a short, fat oval of soft pink rubber with a loop of thin black wire at the back end. There was also a round remote control with a triple infinity symbol containing the settings buttons. He pushed a button, and the bullet hummed to life.

  “Hands and knees, Kyrie. ”

  I didn’t hesitate, assuming the position he’d demanded. He knelt behind me, slipped the bullet between my legs and inserted it into my soaked cleft, pulled it out and then pushed it back in. I gasped at the buzz of it on my walls, but my pu**y was stretched to accommodate Roth’s cock, and the tiny vibrator barely registered. Then he swept the tip of it over my clit, and I definitely felt that. But he wasn’t done. A circle of my clit, twice, three times, just enough to get me arching my back and moaning, and then he slipped it into me once more, getting it slick with my juices.

  “Ready, love?” Roth asked.

  I opened my mouth to respond, to tell him I was ready for anything, but it was a rhetorical question. He pushed the bullet against the tight-clenched rosebud of my ass**le, and I forced myself to relax those muscles, pushed my hips back to take the madly buzzing device.

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