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       Saving Forever, p.33

         Part #3 of The Ever Trilogy series by Jasinda Wilder

  Forgiveness is a choice, and so is love.

  Learning all this, learning to choose and to live and to love, messing up and being forgiven and trying again, it's a rhythm. Getting up and living your life, despite hurting and despite mistakes, it's a pattern. It's the cadence of life.

  Cadence. God, what a handful. She's every bit of both her mothers, her biological mother, and her mommy. To Cadence they are Mommy and Aunt Edie. She's wild and funny and spirited, showing a talent for art, if her finger painting is any indication. And her musical ear, the way she sings her favorite TV show songs, shows musical talent. But I might be prejudiced.

  She's me, too. Her eyes, the way she sees things. She looks at you, and you know she's seeing you. That's a uniquely Cadence thing, that perceptiveness. She looks into you. She climbs up on your lap and she listens, and you know she's not just hearing, but really listening. And then she'll hop down and run off and try to feed her blocks to our very long-suffering Yorkie.

  I never thought I'd be a parent. And I never thought I'd enjoy it. Having kids had never crossed my mind,. It was a "maybe someday" idea. But now, I'm all in. Totally sold out to that little girl.

  And, of course, to her mommy.


  All the Traverse City descriptions are accurate. If something is labeled by name, it's real. The only liberty I took was the island. Carter's mysterious island home is a fiction, sadly. I might move there myself, if it was real.


  "Run For Your Life" by The Fray

  "What Was I Thinkin'" by Dierks Bentley

  "Misery Loves Company" by Three Days Grace

  "One Day You Will" by Lady Antebellum

  "Cripple Me" by Elenowen

  "Save Me" by Elenowen

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  Jasinda Wilder, Saving Forever

  (Series: The Ever Trilogy # 3)




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