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       Big Girls Do It Wetter, p.4

         Part #2 of Big Girls Do It series by Jasinda Wilder
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  I stopped listening when he got to spumoni, although to be honest, I only heard half of what he said anyway. My brain was scrambled by Jeff's strong, relentless finger circling my clit, by the need to stifle my usually-vocal reaction to my rising climax. I was so close, my thighs were trembling and I was using every shred of my self-control to not undulate my hips into his hand.

  "Ma'am? Would you like to make a dessert selection?" The server was getting antsy and confused by my vacant, distracted behavior.

  "Order what you want, Anna," Jeff said. "I'll eat whatever."

  "I'll have...ahem--" I was reaching climax now, and speech was nearly impossible. "Creme brulee, please." I wasn't sure I liked creme brulee, couldn't remember ever having it; my mouth spouted an answer having completely bypassed my brain.

  "Very good, ma'am," The server said, and then was gone, thank goodness.

  I slumped down in the booth, breathing through my nose in long, controlled huffs, fists clenched tight, nails digging into my palms, fire pooling in my belly and crashing through my body...

  ...and then Jeff stopped, withdrew his hand and left it on my thigh.

  "Goddamn it, Jeff!" I spoke through gritted teeth, wanting to scream in frustration. "Not fair!"

  "Turnabout's fair play." The humor was in Jeff's voice, in the subtle softening of the corners of his mouth, the almost imperceptible lift of one eyebrow.

  "Well that's not cliche."

  "I wasn't teasing, Anna. I was making a promise."

  "Oh, you bastard."

  "Don't tease me, I won't tease you," Jeff said. His finger brushed between my thighs again, and they split open on their own, with alacrity. "But, if you ask nicely, I may finish what I started."

  I grabbed his hand and tugged it higher, toward my wet, aching opening. "Please, Jeff?" I used my tiniest, most innocent voice. "I'm sorry. I won't ever tease you again."

  Jeff smiled, both sides of his mouth lifting this time; a real, bonafide grin. I felt victorious, having wrested a full-fledged smile from a man so taciturn as Jeff Cartwright.

  "I'm not sure you'll keep that promise, but I'll go easy on you this time." His finger brushed the fabric of my thong aside and delved into me. "But you have to be quiet. I wouldn't want to be embarrassed."

  I gasped and fluttered my eyes. Of course, the server came up with my creme brulee at that very moment. He only eyed me this time, frowning in puzzlement.

  "Will there be anything else?" The server asked. He had our dessert in one hand, and the tray in another, presumably to show another table.

  "I think I'd like to take a look at the desserts, actually, now that I've seen Anna's," Jeff said.

  Jeff was circling my clit now, wringing a climax from me in record time. I forced myself to hold still, to keep my ass planted in the seat and my mouth shut. Miniscule whimpers kept escaping me, though, and the server was giving me increasingly perplexed glances as he pointed out and described each dessert.

  "And what's in the tiramisu?" Jeff asked.

  My teeth were grinding so hard my jaw ached, my fingernails were digging into my palms hard enough to draw blood, and I was exploding from the inside out, tongues of fire blossoming from my sex up through my belly and into my thighs and chest and down to my toes, curling them in my strappy platform sandals. If I were in a bedroom, I would be shrieking, moaning, clutching to Jeff for dear life as I rode the wave of ecstasy. Instead, I sat, still and silent, pitiful whimpers drifting from my lips at intervals as Jeff listened to the server patiently described ladyfinger pasties soaked in espresso, layered with blah blah blah OH GOD help me he wasn't stopping, surely he felt my muscles clenching around the fingers he'd slipped in and up to my G-spot, surely he knew I was coming, dying, but no, he kept stroking, kept pushing me higher.

  A wave rocked through me, and I couldn't stop the gasp from escaping. To cover, and to mollify the server's concerned expression, I faked a cough. Which then turned into a real cough, and now Jeff and the server were looking at me in concern. I took a sip from one of the glasses of ice water, the ice now melted and the glass covered in dripping sweat. I put the glass to my lips, and a took generous mouthful of lukewarm water. What did Jeff do? He slipped his finger out of my pussy and explored backward, past the stretch of skin and pressed onto my second, tighter opening.

  I spewed water all over the server. I mean I sprayed it all over the front of his apron, his shirt and tie, his order book...everywhere. How humiliating.

  Jeff actually, factually chuckled. A real laugh. At my expense, sure, but a laugh. It was almost worth the embarrassment. He stifled the chuckle with a sip of wine.

  When I'd quit hacking enough to breathe again, I muttered an apology. "Sorry, it went down the wrong pipe."

  The server looked disgusted, wiping ineffectually at himself with a napkin that had been dangling from his back pocket. He turned and walked away without so much as glancing at me or Jeff, still trying to dry himself off. When he was gone, I rounded on Jeff, my eyes blazing.

  "What the hell was that?" I demanded.

  Jeff just smirked at me. "I didn't want to leave you hanging."

  Not like I had him, was the implication.

  "But did you have to do it with the server there?" I squirmed in my seat, still feeling the aftershocks, and the surprise of his finger in my asshole. "And you really didn't have to put your finger there."

  Jeff retained his innocently blank expression. "Where?"

  "You know where." I leaned close, feeling more shy than I'd ever been; I'm not a shy girl. "You stuck your finger in my ass. That's why I spat water all over that poor server."

  "I did? Gee, Anna, I'm sorry." Jeff's tone belied his words. He was all but laughing out loud. He knew exactly what he'd done. "Didn't you like it? You seemed like you did. I would never do anything you didn't like." That last sentence was delivered with an intense sincerity, all joking aside.

  "No, I did like it, honestly. It just surprised me. I've never been touched there." I kissed his jaw and whispered in his ear. "I wouldn't mind if you did it again later, in private."

  Jeff nodded, as if filing the information away for later. "Your creme brulee is getting cold."

  I giggled. "I just said the first thing that came to mind. I don't even know if I'll like it. I was a little...distracted."

  It turned out I did like creme brulee, and so did Jeff. Jeff paid the bill--ignoring my attempts to help pay it--and we left.


  We got to Jeff's house, which wasn't far from my place. Sexual tension filled the car, the smell of my arousal musky and intense. I wanted to touch Jeff, to feel him fill my hand, but he wouldn't let me. He held my hand in a firm grip on his thigh, a safe distance away from his crotch.

  "I'd rather wait until we can do things right," was all he said.

  I managed to wait until we were inside and Jeff was kicking off his shoes to attack him. I sidled up behind him and pulled at the buckle of his belt and then worked my way down the button-fly of his jeans. He slipped his shoes aside and straightened, putting his hands behind him on my hips. His head tipped back as I pushed his pants and boxers down to let his still-rising erection free. I wrapped eager fingers around him, the other hand cupping his sack and stroking the skin behind it.

  Still cradling his balls in one hand, I caressed his length as lightly as I could, focusing my ministrations on his tip until the first pearls of moisture began to leak from him. I smeared my palm along his tip, and felt his knees buckle as I did so.

  I circled around in front of him, pushed him backward to the couch until his knees hit and he sat down. I knelt in front of him and pulled his jeans and boxers off, and then settled between his knees.

  "Anna, you don't have to, just because I--"

  "I want to," I cut in. "I want to taste you. I want to feel you come like this."

  He didn't argue. I took him in both hands, pushing down on him in a hand-over-hand cycle. When his breath started to come in gasps and his hips began to move, I leane
d forward and fit him into my mouth. I had to stretch my jaw as wide as it would go to take him. He smelled and tasted clean and of male musk. His skin was salty and slick and smooth. I started a slow bob of my head, careful not to graze him with my teeth. He leaned his head back against the couch and tangled his fingers in my hair, not pulling or tugging, merely holding. One hand pumping him at the base, I slipped my hand underneath him and put my middle finger to the stretch of skin behind his balls and pushed, gently, as he began to move his hips. He was struggling to keep still. I lowered my head to take him deeper until he brushed the back of my throat, feeling him throb harder against my lips. His body tensed as I drew him out and wrapped my lips around his head, working him with my hand and sucking hard. My cheeks hollowed and he gasped a shuddering breath, arched his back, and tightened his grip on my hair.

  "I'm coming, oh god..." His warning accompanied the jet of viscous, salty come against the back of my throat.

  As soon as I felt him tense and climax, I put a second finger to his taint and massaged in circles, lips on his head, hand pumping in a blur. He shot a second time, and then a third, his back arched in a rigid curve.

  When he finally went limp, I let him go and sat on the couch next to him, resting my hand on his belly.

  "God, you come a lot," I said.

  "Sorry," he said.

  I laughed. "It's not a bad thing," I said. "I don't mind."

  "Thank you," Jeff said. "That was...incredible. It's been a long time since I've--never mind."

  "What?" I put my head on his shoulder and looked up at him. "A long time since what?"

  "Since I've had that done to me."

  "Do you like it?"

  "Well, yeah, obviously. Like I said, it was amazing. But now it's your turn."

  He stood and pulled me to my feet, drawing me into his bedroom. He kissed me as he unzipped my dress and let it fall to the ground around my feet, and we got lost for a few minutes, clinging to each other and kissing.

  "I could kiss you forever," Jeff said. He unhooked my bra, kissing my shoulder as he slipped the straps off.

  He nudged me onto the bed, stripping my panties off as he did so, and then he was kneeling above me, staring down at me with an expression on his face telling me more clearly than any words how beautiful he thought I was. I wanted him so badly, right then. I wanted to feel him fill me with his cock and hold me down with his weight as we came together. He wasn't ready yet, though, and he lowered his lips to my breasts first.

  Each kiss of his lips to my skin was a slow, reverent, moist caress, moving with agonizing slowness over my body. With each kiss, my body turned hotter, my skin prickling in anticipation of his next kiss. My nipples puckered and stiffened as he pinched one and licked the other. I was dripping from between my thighs, wanting, needing to feel his mouth move there next, but he didn't, even when he kissed his way down my belly to my pubis and hip bones. I spread my legs apart, willing him to put his tongue inside me, but he licked my inner thigh instead, just outside my labia, then across my belly and down the other thigh.

  I tugged a pillow from the head of the bed and stuck it under my back, elevating my hips to make it easier for him. He kissed my calf and behind my knees instead, then the soles of my feet. He ran his hands up my legs ahead of his kisses, touching his lips to my quad muscles, and then my hip bones again, and finally, at last, to my pussy. It was a kiss, at first, just his lips stroking my entrance, then a single shallow lap of his tongue.

  Oh, lord, I thought, he's really drawing this out. His slow and methodical pace, his mouth and hands' detailed attention to every inch of my body brought my desire into furious life, making me desperate for him to lick me, to be hard and ready to push into me, fill me with his cock.

  He refused to rush, though, and when he at long last dipped his tongue against my clit, I moaned out loud and pulled his head shamelessly against me. He rewarded me with a swift circle of my clit and a finger striking into me, curling in to stroke my walls and find my G-spot. After one swift circle, he resumed his unhurried bottom-to-top licks, focusing the apex of each swipe on my aching nub.

  I'd come already, and hard, and I was anticipating another body-shivering explosion.

  I wasn't disappointed.

  He never increased his pace, even when he had to know by my breathing and moaning and desperate undulation of my hips that I was close. He paused once to spit into his hand, smearing the saliva against my asshole. His other finger was deep inside my pussy and stroking slowly, his tongue gliding in lazy circles around my clit.

  He touched a finger to my tightest hole, paused and looked at me for approval.

  "Do it," I breathed. "Gently."

  He didn't answer, just pushed his finger against me, not trying to shove in but to coax the opening to stretch. His tongue and other finger had slowed to almost stillness, but not quite. And then he was inside, just his pinky finger. I gasped and drew my knees up, trying to relax the muscles. He left his finger there, letting me acclimatize to his presence, and then moved deeper with his characteristic gentle, unhurried pace.

  His tongue began to move again, flicking my clit, and his finger moved in my pussy to stroke the rough patch of my G-spot, and now the fire and pressure began to burgeon. My breathing was a long-drawn, high-pitched moan, rising into a panting whimper as the climax rose to frenzied peak, his pinky working its way ever deeper until I felt his knuckles against me. I clawed my fingers into the bed and didn't even try to dampen my scream of climax, feeling ecstatic detonations rip through me. My pussy clenched around his fingers and my asshole clamped around his pinky and he was moving both hands in tandem, his pinky more slowly and shallowly, and I was blind and deaf and mute, every muscle, every fiber, every synapse of my being on fire and in twisting paroxysms of delight, and he did not relent.

  When finally he removed his fingers from me, I went limp, shuddering with ripples of pleasure.

  Jeff brushed his lips against my ear and whispered, "I'll be right back."

  I couldn't have moved if I wanted to, and right then, all I wanted was to stay still and bask in the glow of a glorious orgasm.

  He came back, put his hand in mine and helped me sit up. "Come on," he said to me, pulling me to my feet.

  "Where are we going?"

  "You'll see." He nipped my throat with a kiss and led me to his living room and out onto his back porch.

  I hesitated on the threshold of the door-wall. "Outside? But...I'm naked."

  "So am I," Jeff said. "There's a privacy fence, for one thing, and I only have neighbors on one side, for another, and for a third, I've got a wall around the hot tub."

  I let him pull me outside, and sure enough, he had a ten-foot-tall fence between his backyard and the neighbors. In addition to the privacy fence, he had built a three-sided wall around the hot tub.

  The night was pitch black, and the tub glowed with wavering, submerged yellow light. A small, round, three-legged table stood to one side, a massive, four-wick white candle flickering merrily, and a bottle of wine. It was a small touch, just a table, a candle and a bottle, but it was enough to show he'd made an effort. It wasn't just sex, for Jeff.

  Oh, shit. The thought was a flash through my head, but enough to make me wonder what I'd gotten myself into. And then Jeff's arms were around my bare waist and pulling me into a breath-defying kiss and all thoughts and worries were gone.

  We broke apart long enough to step into the hot tub. It was scalding, and I wasn't ready to sink down into it yet. I held on to Jeff, one arm around his neck, the other toying with his cock, testing his readiness for round two. Oh, he was ready.

  He grew rigid under my hand, standing upright, unfolding, uncoiling. I put one foot up on the side of the tub and lifted up onto my toes, a gush of wetness spreading through me in eager hunger to feel him spear into me, fill me past full. Jeff rumbled deep in his chest as he probed my pussy with his tip. I sank down from my tip-toes, plunging him up into me. He spread me apart, pushing in and rising up
on his toes until he was hilt-deep.

  He sat down, easing us into the water. I put my legs on either side of his hips and he braced himself with his feet on the far edge of the tub, his hands supporting his weight and mine on the seats.

  Holy shit, he's strong, I thought. He held us without straining, both of our bodies' weight held by the power of his arms and core. I sought the tub bottom with my toes, but he held me aloft, smirking he as began to thrust.

  "Jeff, you're crazy," I gasped, laughing.

  I was waist deep in the water, and he let us sink down, floating nearly weightless, and then he powered upward, spearing deep and then relaxing, only to thrust again. I curled over him, mouth quivering, breathless, as he moved. I was near climax almost instantly, burning all over again, boiling with pressure.

  He sank to a sitting position on the bottom, and I wrapped my legs around his waist, the water at his chin and at my throat. He tilted his head up and I pressed my lips to his, tasting the tang of my essence on his tongue. He rolled his hips into mine, barely moving inside me, just enough to keep the pressure building.

  The wine was open, and I reached for the bottle, tilted it to my lips and drank. It was a sweet red, inexpensive but delicious.

  "I forgot glasses, didn't I?" Jeff said, taking the bottle from me.

  "It's fine," I answered. "I'm not above drinking from the bottle."

  We took turns drinking straight from the bottle, our hips rolling in synch all the while, until my climax was nearing peak, until I couldn't hold the bottle, so unsteady were my hands. The water was hot, the air with a bite of near-fall cool, and the night silent but for our breathing and the gentle bubble of the water.

  Jeff set the half-empty bottle down and took my waist in his hands, lifting me and pulling me down in an increasing rhythm. I bowed my back and bit his shoulder as the fire began to spread, turning from a slow blaze into a wild inferno, heat spreading through me until my hair stuck in damp tendrils to my forehead and cheeks, until I was sure the boiling of the water around us was due to the heat radiating out of me.

  Jeff began to groan, lifting and pulling me, thrusting upwards, never letting our hips part, driving himself deep, and then his groans turned into my name, "Anna, Anna, Anna," pulsing deeper into me with each syllable. He pressed his lips to my throat and began to thrust harder, splashing water now, his arms curled up around my shoulders and dragging me down, down, down, harder, harder, harder, and I came, came so hard stars burst behind my eyes and my fingers gouged into his back and my face tipped up to gasp whimpering gusts of air into my heaving lungs.

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