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         Part #10 of Big Girls Do It series by Jasinda Wilder
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  Chase walked forward with me, never breaking contact or pausing in his kissing of my skin, now behind my ear, beneath it, over my jawline and to my chin. He found a doorknob, twisted it, pushed it open. We startled a group of men in the act of snorting lines of cocaine, three roadies by the look of them, and one guy who looked like a rocker, with spiked dyed red hair and spike-studded leather bracelets on his wrists.

  "Out," Chase growled.

  The rocker drew a short straw along the last line, blinked hard as he sniffed. The guys stood lazily, one of them brushing his forearm over the low table they'd been snorting from. The rocker was the last one out the door, and he threw a lecherous glance over his shoulder. "Fuck her good, mate," he said, his voice thick with a British accent.

  "She's my wife, asshole," Chase said, shooting a hard glare at the man.

  The British rocker just smirked as he sauntered off, not bothering to reply, pulling a guitar pick from his back pocket.

  Chase pushed the door closed and twisted the lock, then turned to me. "Sorry about them."

  I shrugged. "It's a concert--they're rock stars. What do you expect?"

  Chase pulled a face. "I just hate that shit. Coke, I mean. When Gage and I started the band, we made a pact that we'd never do drugs, and that no one who played with us would, either. We actually fired our first drummer for that same thing, not long before I met Anna. We caught him doing lines off a stripper's tits in the back room of a nightclub when he was supposed to be with us, practicing."

  "I knew people who did it regularly. I never liked it. I tried it once, but I hated it. Plus, I watched too many friends fuck up their lives using it."

  Chase nodded. "A buddy of mine OD'd. Right in front of me. I watched him go, and I couldn't stop it."

  His eyes darkened and narrowed with memory. I closed the distance between us, pushing my breasts up against him and running my fingers up under his shirt.

  "Hey," I said, tilting my face up for a kiss, "enough of that. Where were we?"

  Chase shook his head to clear it, and when his eyes descended to mine, they were hot with lust once more. "God, I missed you. Do you have any idea? If I didn't love performing so much, I'd quit because I just can't stand being away from you so much."

  "I'd never let you quit," I said. "It's what you do, part of who you are. I miss you, too, more than you know, but it just makes these reunions that much better."

  He grinned at me, and the sight of his smile still had the power to take my breath away. Then he kissed me, and my breath was truly snatched, sucked away by the desperation of his mouth moving on mine. I melted into him, slid my palms up under his shirt and clawed my nails down his spine, feeling tingles begin in my core. Chase curled his fingers into the fabric of my dress at my hips, gathering the material into his hands to slowly bare my legs. The anticipation of his hands on my flesh caused me to shiver all over, to lean up on my toes to deepen the kiss. I put every shred of my desire, my need, my three months' worth of pent-up sexual frustration into the kiss. At some point I pushed his shirt off so I could roam my hands over his rock-hard, sculpted torso, and then I was fumbling with his belt and zipper and button, pushing his boxers away as well.

  And then--god, yes--he was naked for me, right there in the office or whatever this room was. Hard for me. So hard, so huge. Thick and pink and veined and ridged and rippled, and begging for my touch. I trailed my fingers slowly down his stomach, nibbling on his lower lip. Chase sucked his belly in, still slowly gathering my dress up at my hips. I loved this teasing, this give and take. Chase blew out a sigh of ultimate pleasure and relief as I finally wrapped my hand around his cock, and when he did, I smiled at him, my lips curving against the line of his jaw.

  "God, Jay. God, I love your hand on me."

  "You like that?" I teased. "You want more?"

  He bucked his hips into my plunging fist. "Yes, fuck yes."

  "Then touch me." I straddled his knee, clenching my thighs around his leg and rubbing myself against him.

  Chase waited a beat, then peeled my dress off over my head and tossed it aside. He pushed me back a few inches and took in my body, and his eyes went heavy-lidded with appreciation. "God, Jay. You' are honestly the sexiest goddamn woman in the world. You're heaven, my love. Absolute perfection."

  Again with the prickling eyes. I reached up behind me to unclasp my bra, letting it fall away so Chase could gaze at me. He closed the gap slowly, cupping my bare breasts in his big, hard, callused hands, gently massaging them. He knew by now that they were sensitive, so he was extra gentle. Of course, I'd gotten three months more pregnant since he'd seen me last, and now they were even more sensitive. Just the ever-so-slight brush of his palms over my nipples had me wet and shivering, gasping. And then he bent and pulled me to him, lowering his mouth over my breast and suckling a rigid nipple between his lips. I cried out against his shoulder, and then full-on bit him when he slipped his fingers between my thighs, cupping me over my panties.

  I had his erection in my fist again, sliding my fingers around him, rubbing the tip with my thumb, squeezing low on the base the way he liked it, pulsing my fist around him in short squeezes as I slicked his pre-come over him. His thumb hooked over my panties and jerked them down, and I stepped out, widening my stance, and then whimpered into his bicep when he slipped two thick fingers into my wet, arousal-pungent folds.

  "I need you, baby," I said. "Now. Take me now."

  Chase laughed, almost mockingly. His fingers curled inside me, eliciting a muffled shriek, and then his thumb pressed over my ultra-sensitive clit, and I was undone. I latched my teeth onto the round of his shoulder and let myself scream as I came apart.

  "Goddamn, Jay. You came fast." Chase didn't relent when I came, but curled his fingers inside me again, and I had no choice but to ride his hand, rubbing against him and whimpering, crying out. My orgasm hadn't slowed, hadn't abated, and when he slid to his knees in front of me, I let my head fall back and steadied myself on his broad shoulders, knowing I was about to be ripped in two by his talented tongue.

  His tongue stroked up my crease, and I shivered, shook, trembled, aftershocks hitting me with sledgehammer force even as another orgasm built up within me. The tip of his tongue touched my clit, lightly, and then circled it. I moaned long and low, the sound rising in pitch until I was keening in my throat, dipping with my knees at each curling lap of his tongue in me. I rode his face, arched my back, and fucked his tongue with my folds, greedily gorging myself on the high. I cried out his name as the third orgasm punched through me, leaving me breathless and limp.

  Chase chose that moment, the instant of utter satiety and complete bonelessness, to move behind me and spin me in place. He lifted my foot and placed it on the low coffee table, which was pushed up against the wall. I bent forward, planting my palms on the wall and braced myself, waiting.

  He took his time. He slid up against me, dragging the tip of his cock along my thigh, nudging my folds. I gasped at the presence of him there, held my breath, tensed and waiting, needing it. He pushed against me, and I whined when he moved away.

  "I need you inside me, Chase." I could barely gasp the words.

  He mouthed my neck in the hollow between shoulder and throat, cupping my breasts with both hands. He put his foot next to mine, nestled his tip in my folds. I arched my back, silently begging him. I heard him suck in a breath, and then he was sliding up, sliding in, and I sobbed in relief, in desperate ecstasy. I heard him moan, felt the vibrations of his voice on my skin. I held my breath and waited, every muscle tensed, my heart hammering absurdly in my chest.

  And then he was inside me, sweet and deep and slowly pushing deeper. I let out my tension in a gasp, sinking down to meet him. He lifted up on his toes to drive himself deeper, swiveling his hips in a circle as he reached full impalement. I draped myself against the wall, head down, watching his hands cup and caress my breasts. His right hand slithered down my belly and between my thighs, and then his fingers curled in to slide
against my clit, and I screamed into my forearm, biting it until pain laced the pleasure. I grabbed Chase's thigh and pulled him, urging him harder, faster, but he resisted. He lowered himself from his tiptoes and onto flat feet, then pulled his hips away until he was nearly out of me and I was whimpering with the loss of him within me. He held there, circling my clit with his fingers, then began pulsating his hips so his tip slipped shallowly in and out between my swollen labia.

  "Oh fuck, baby," I moaned, "stop teasing me. Give me all of you."

  He clutched my breast in one hand, pressed his fingers against my nerve endings with the other, hesitated for a beat like that, then thrust hard into me. Once, twice, three times, hard and arrhythmic, and then he was gasping against my neck and pumping his cock into me, fast and hard and so perfect.

  "Like that?" he asked, rolling my nipple in his fingers.

  "Yes, this. Don't stop." I clutched his thigh in my hand and pulled him closer, arched my back and lowered my hips into his frantic thrusting.

  I came a fourth time, a nuclear detonation within me, my inner muscles clamping down around his thick, slick, sliding shaft, my breath stopped and gasping in stutters, heart palpitating, fire and heat and lightning shuddering through every fiber of my body.

  I knew, in that moment, what Chase needed. I knew he was close, and I knew how he liked to come. I pushed away from the wall, lifted up to pull him out of me, ignoring his curse of protest. He followed me to the floor as I settled on my knees and forearms, presenting my ass to him. I was quivering all over, aftershocks crashing in my muscles and my core, but I held the pose, watching him over my shoulder. He grinned, licked his lips dramatically, and settled on his knees behind me. He grabbed himself at the base, feathered his fingers into my slick folds, and guided himself in, sliding deep.

  "Oh, fuck, Jamie. God you're perfect. So tight." He grabbed my leg at the quadricep and lifted so my thigh was resting on his outstretched knee, and I nearly collapsed at how deep he went, how he struck every sensitive place inside me from the angle of his penetration. "I've dreamt of being inside you like this every night for three months."

  "Me, too," I gasped.

  I didn't think I would, or could, come again, but when he started shifting his hips to drive into me deep and slow, I felt it rising again. Impossible. I almost feared how hard I would climax if he took me over the edge a fifth time. Five times in thirty minutes? I'd be a puddly mess.

  But I did. As Chase began to groan and grunt with each staccato thrust, I felt it rip through me. "Chase, baby...come with me. Right now."

  He thrust hard into me, and I felt him unleash within me, filling me, and his voice filled the room with a long, low growl. I didn't scream, didn't cry out or whimper; I was left too breathless by the potency of my climax. I could only clench my fists and open my mouth wide in a silent scream, rocked forward by his crashing hips. And then he was limp behind me, his cheek resting on my back and his cock softening within me.

  "Holy shit, baby," I said, collapsing onto my belly on the floor. "That was...incredible."

  Chase flopped to his back next to me. "Yeah, it was." He twisted onto his side to smirk at me. "That was just the beginning, babe. You have no idea what I'm going to do to you tonight after the show. You won't be able to walk tomorrow."

  I rolled to my back and pulled him over me. "I already won't be able to. You just ruined me. I'm done."

  Chase lowered his lips to mine, kissing me with a sweetness that belied the ferocity of our lovemaking from just moments ago. "I wasn't too rough, was I?"

  I held him by the nape and met his gaze. "No, baby. You were perfect. Exactly what I needed, just like you always are. You won't hurt me, or the baby." I squirmed beneath him. "You did make me all drippy, though. I think you came an entire gallon."

  He laughed. "I had a lot built up."

  I scrutinized his face. "You didn't take care of yourself at all?"

  He shrugged, rolling off me. "Once, about two weeks after I left. It sucked. It's just not the same, not satisfying at all. I'd rather have blue balls and wait until I can be with you." He extended his hand to me and lifted me to my feet.

  I put on my bra and slipped the dress over my head, stuffing my panties into my purse.

  "Not gonna put those back on?" Chase asked as he dressed.

  I shook my head. "No, not until I can go to the bathroom and clean up. I don't think you understand how much you came, Chase. Even after I clean up, I'll be dripping for days."

  He tied his boot and stood up, pulling me against him. "Sorry. I didn't think to bring a condom."

  I shrugged and scrubbed my palm over his shaved head. "It's fine. I like feeling you bare inside me. I'll just be...squishy for a while." I rubbed his head again, then looked into his eyes. "You should grow your hair back. I'm tired of bald Chase."

  He smirked at me. "Fine, if you want me to."

  At that moment someone knocked on the door. "Sorry, guys, but we gotta be on in ten," Gage said.

  "Coming right now," Chase said.

  I snickered. "You already did," I said.

  "Whoa, TMI, guys," Gage said, laughing.

  Chase kissed me, long and slow, and then we exited the room. Gage gave us a knowing smirk as I ran my fingers through my hair, which very likely looked as thoroughly just-fucked as I was in all actuality. I walked with Gage and Chase, chatting about the other bands on the tour.

  They escorted me to the hallway, and I glanced at Gage. "Where's Lindsey?" I asked.

  "In the box already."

  "You better be nice to her, Gage Gallagher," I warned. "She's a sweet girl, not one of your groupie sluts. Don't hurt her."

  Gage met my gaze, his eyes serious. "I know, Jay. I won't, I promise. I'm taking her on a for-real date after the show."

  I gave him a surprised look, as I'd never known Gage to take a girl on a date before. He was in many ways a stereotypical rock star, especially when it came to women.

  Before we parted ways, I pulled Chase aside. "Will you be here for the ultrasound on Thursday?" I tried to sound casual, and didn't entirely succeed.

  I would never tell him how much I wanted him there. If he couldn't make it, it wouldn't be his fault, and I knew it. I'd been putting off asking him until I saw him in person, and I wanted to keep putting it off, because I knew what the answer would likely be. I held my breath as he considered.

  "I honestly don't know, babe," Chase said, grimacing. "I really want to be there. All I can promise you at this moment is that I will do everything in my power to be there."

  I swallowed, hard. "That's all I'm asking. Do your best."

  Chase's eyes found mine, and they were piercing. "What aren't you saying?"

  I shook my head and brushed a wayward red curl out of my mouth. "Nothing, honey. It's just...I'm really hoping you'll be there." I put my hand over his mouth before he could speak. "I know you can't promise me. And if you can't, that's how it is. I knew there'd be the risk of this kind of thing when I married you. Just try, okay? Now go kill 'em." I leaned in, kissed him, and then turned him around by his shoulders and pushed him away, smacking his ass as he went.

  I made my way to the private box and slid into my seat next to Lindsey, who was, as usual, busily tapping away at her phone.

  She looked up when I appeared, and grinned at me. "Well, well, well," she said, "don't you look pleased with yourself."

  I rolled my eyes at her. "More like pleased with my husband," I said, covering up my inner turmoil over the upcoming ultrasound appointment. "So I hear Gage is taking you out later."

  Lindsey blushed. "Yeah, I wasn't expecting that. I mean, he's Gage Gallagher. He's got a reputation already, and they've only been a big deal for, like, a year." She picked at a thread on the hem of her miniskirt. "I'm kinda nervous."

  I patted her knee. "You should be, hon. Gage is a force of nature. The fact that he's taking you on an actual date? That's huge, Linz. He likes you."

  She narrowed her eyes at me. "Did yo
u say something to him?"

  I shrugged and accepted a diet Coke from the server. "I might have told him I'd cut off his balls if he hurt you. No big deal. Not like he could possibly mistake you for one, but I just didn't want him to treat you like one of his little groupie hookers. You're a classy chick, and he needs to treat you like one." I turned a serious look at her. "If he doesn't treat you right, ditch his ass. Just 'cause he's a rock star doesn't mean he can treat you like shit."

  Lindsey frowned at me. "I appreciate your intentions, Jay. But I think I know what I'm getting myself into."

  I laughed. "You don't know Gage if that's what you think."

  Lindsey turned to the stage as the lights went down, and I caught a thoughtful expression on her face before the stadium went dark. I wasn't about to tell Lindsey some of the things I knew about Gage, none of them bad, per se. He was an intense person, and not someone to lightly enter into any kind of a relationship with, rock star status aside. I wondered if Lindsey really had any clue what she was in for.

  Those thoughts were erased as a spotlight bathed each band member, Chase in front, right at the edge of the stage, Gage and Kyle to either side, and Johnny in the middle on his elaborate drum set. The crowd went wild for several moments, screaming and clapping, then gradually faded into silence as the band merely stood in place--or sat, in Johnny's case--waiting. When the silence was complete, Johnny hit the kick drum in a slow rhythm, bang...bang...bang...building anticipation, getting blood boiling. The beat gave nothing away as to which song they'd start off with, and the crowd became restless as the kick drum rhythm continued, drawing out the tension. Chase extended his hand out to the side, low, and then slowly raised it. For every few inches Chase raised his arm, Johnny increased the tempo of his kick drum, until Chase's hand was vertical over his head and Johnny was kicking the pedal faster than I'd thought possible. They held this for a heartbeat, and then Chase dropped his hand in downward slice. The gesture cut Gage and Kyle loose, and they both cut into a blistering power riff, the stage lights bursting into a flashing pattern. Chase bobbed his head in time to the music, then slowly brought the mic to his mouth and began the intro hook to one of their hardest numbers, a piece Chase told me was a tribute to Slipknot, Gage's favorite band.

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