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       Big Girls Do It Wetter, p.5

         Part #2 of Big Girls Do It series by Jasinda Wilder
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  He came, then, exploding into me, thrusting upward so hard I had to fall forward and clutch myself to his hot, dripping chest and cling to him as he lifted me clear of the water, the wet heat of his seed crashing against my inner walls in an endless flood.

  "Oh my lord...oh my Anna," Jeff whispered, sinking down and stroking my hair from my face.

  "God, that was intense," I breathed, nestled against his chest, his cock still buried inside me.

  "I don't want to leave you," he said. "I mean, I want to stay inside you."

  I wiggled my hips down onto him. "So don't. Let's stay like this until you're hard, and then we can do it all over again."

  He reached for the wine and we drank, me still sitting on his lap, the water bubbling around us, flushing us with heat.

  I've never been a make-out-session kind of girl. I like kissing all right, but as a means to an end. When I kiss a man, it gets my juices flowing and all I want to do is keep going, not just kiss all night.

  Then Jeff kissed me, post-coital, in the hot tub, and all that changed. It was a slow, delicate kiss, moving and shifting in its own rhythm, drawing me into it, pulling me down into the substance of the moment. For the first time in my life, I lost myself in a kiss, drowned in the taste of the man, the feel of his body around me, his strength supporting me, his manhood slick inside my sex.

  It was just a kiss at first, and it continued thus for a timeless eternity, minutes and hours passing out of awareness, until I wasn't sure which way was up, where I was or even who I was, outside of the roaring passion of our lips' and bodies' matched fervor.

  And then, gradually, he grew within me, hardening and lengthening, almost imperceptibly at first, but more noticeably with every passing second. His hands lifted to find my breasts, and with that sensual touch my awareness of sensation beyond the kiss broadened to include his cock inside me and his hips beginning to move and my pussy beginning to glide on him then...

  The world obliterated. There was nothing but orgasmic brilliance, instant ecstasy from the very first full thrust, lasting for a time without time as he crushed into me, and I came again and again, until I was limp on top of him and still coming, shudders rocking through me with each roll of his hips, so much unending climactic fury that I couldn't contain it, could only writhe helpless on top of him until he began to grunt, moving in a thrashing rhythm into me, his breathing in my ear almost panicked; when he came, I fell over the edge of sanity into something else, and he clutched me as if he too had passed beyond the ability to contain the spreading infinity coursing between and in and through us.


  A little over two weeks passed, and Jeff and I spent almost every spare moment that we could together, working, sleeping, eating, and making love...having sex...fucking. I wasn't sure what to call it, what word to use.

  Nothing we did was wild or kinky, just vanilla, multi-positional sex, but he rocked my world every single time. He was unfailingly slow in all things, never rushing to take me, never moving into me until I had found climax at least once, never allowing me to come down from climax until I was limp as a dishrag and completely sated.

  He was wonderful. He was attentive. He was polite and considerate, and incredible in bed, and...

  I panicked.

  The panic began with an envelope, with a New York, New York return address, and the one name that could throw me for a loop: Chase Delany. Eleven letters, and I was sweating, my heart hammering, confusion pumping through me, and I hadn't even opened it yet.

  Jeff had swung me by my apartment to get clothes and check my mail and appease Jaime for having vanished for two weeks. I sorted through the mail: bill, bill, junk, bill...holy shit what is this?

  Jeff noticed me freeze with the envelope in my hands.

  "What is it?" He asked, concern tingeing his voice."

  "A letter." My voice was small and tight.


  A pause too long. "Chase."

  An even longer pause. "Chase." A lift of the chest and a slow outbreath was his only reaction. "Might as well open it, then." Jeff's eyes were shuttered, cold, and guarded.

  I opened the letter. A plane ticket to New York fell out of the envelope, and I unfolded the letter with trembling fingers:

  I need to see you.


  I tossed the letter on my lap and sighed, a long, shuddering, almost-but-not-quite-crying whimper of desperate confusion. My thoughts were a jumble of noise and curses and hysteria.

  What do I do? What do I do?

  The thought repeated itself, over and over. Jeff kept silent and drove. I thought of Chase, of the one night I'd had with him. He made me feel alive as never before. He'd awakened my hunger not just for sex but for life. I would never have even considered being with Jeff if it wasn't for my time with Chase.

  And god, Chase had done things to me that I didn't know were possible. He'd done, hot, kind of kinky things that I really had liked, and wanted again. And again.

  Jeff...god, the man didn't need any of that to rock my existence.

  But Jeff wanted more. Expected more. Needed and deserved more. It wasn't just sex for Jeff. And I wasn't sure I wanted that, at least not yet.

  Jeff finally pulled his Yukon over to the side of the road. We were on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, fields on both sides, a glowering gray sky heavy around us and threatening rain, trees in the distance. AM talk radio whispered in the background, only audible in the silence as Jeff waited for me to speak. He wouldn't ask. If I didn't say anything, he'd just wait until it was clear I wasn't talking and that would be that.

  "He...he wants me to visit him in New York." The words were like small, hard stones tumbling out of my mouth.

  A long, fraught silence. "And you want to go."

  "I don't know, Jeff. I don't know." I picked up the plane ticket and stared at it like it could answer my dilemma. "Yes, I do. But I also don't."

  Silence, Jeff staring out the window as raindrops plopped in slow, staccato rhythm on the windshield, abruptly blossoming into a downpour.

  "Say something," I said.

  "So go. Don't let me hold you back. If New York is where you want to be, then go. Be happy. We had fun while it lasted." His voice was a study of nonchalance.

  "Jeff, I--"

  "It's fine, Anna." Jeff pulled the gearshift into drive, slowly and carefully, as if he wanted to slam it, but wouldn't let himself. "You do want to go. I can see it in your face, but you're worried about hurting me. Don't. I'll be fine."

  He made a U-turn and took me home, driving in silence. When we pulled back into the parking lot of my apartment complex, he put it into park and finally met my eyes.

  "Be happy, Anna. If that means going to New York to be with Chase, then go."


  He cut me off with a kiss, slow--as all things with Jeff are--and delicate. A farewell.

  "Goodbye, Anna." It was a dismissal.

  I got out of the vehicle and went to my door. Jeff pulled out backwards and drove away without looking at me.

  My flight was for ten the next morning.

  I was on it.

  End of part 2 of the Big Girls Do It series

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  Jasinda Wilder, Big Girls Do It Wetter

  (Series: Big Girls Do It # 2)




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