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       Nothing Left to Lose, p.90

         Part #1 of Nothing Left to Lose series by Kirsty Moseley
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Page 90

  Author: Kirsty Moseley

  “Nice to meet you,” I replied, nodding in greeting.

  “My name is Kyle, and I am the manager of the resort. If there is anything that you need during the duration of your stay, please let me know,” he said.

  Ashton smiled, slipping his hand into mine. “Thank you. You can call us Ashton and Anna, not Mr and Mrs Taylor. ”

  Another unconscious giggle slipped out, so I chewed on my lip and looked at the beautiful scene that stretched out before me. It was like paradise, like a postcard, and I’d never seen anything more majestic in my life. The sand on the beach was pure white and powdery, and bright, blue sea lapped at it lazily. Little beach hut cabins were dotted along the tree line with hammocks hanging in the shade of palm trees outside. A little further up the beach, a wooden dock went straight out to the calm ocean, with villas each side of it. A little happy sigh left my lips as I imagined staying here for the next two weeks. It was going to be bliss.

  Kyle smiled and motioned up the beach a little way. “I will show you to your villa. Hassan, bring their luggage,” he instructed to the guy that was already unloading our bags from the boat. “Please follow me. ” Kyle walked off quickly, with his flip-flops slapping against the bottom of his feet with each step.

  I grinned and squeezed Ashton’s hand excitedly as we both followed behind him. When I realised he was walking towards the little wooden dock and the water villas beyond, I let out a little squeal of excitement.

  “The main reception is located where we were just speaking. There are three restaurants inside, snack bars, two swimming pools, a spa, a couple of stores, and three bars. Up the beach, we run various water sports, including kayaking, snorkelling and windsurfing. On the edge of the beach here, each night from eight until midnight, we have an outdoor grill. They’ll cook anything you want – steaks, fish and lobster. If they have it, they’ll cook it,” Kyle boasted. He stepped up onto the wooden walkway and waved out to the eight or so villas on stilts that sat directly over the sea. “These are our overwater villas. The one at the very end is yours. ” Kyle pulled two key cards from his pocket. “The one next door to you is empty for the next two weeks so you’ll have privacy up there. The ocean on this side is restricted access for the villas only so you shouldn’t have people swimming there. No boats or water sports allowed in this area so you can use it freely. ”

  I swallowed noisily. Clearly my father had thought of everything because no one was even allowed to swim near our apartment.

  As he stopped at the little wooden door and scanned the key on the black electronic box on the side, the door clicked and he pushed it open, waving me inside. As I stepped over the threshold, I had to gasp at the sheer luxury of the place. It was stunning.

  In the centre of the large room was a ginormous cream sofa with a canopy hanging from the ceiling that was draped around it. Next to it was a little table with a large bouquet of flowers set in the middle and two cosy-looking arm chairs. The walls on three sides were wooden, but on the wall opposite the front door it was floor to ceiling glass that looked out over beautiful, calm, uninterrupted ocean.

  Ashton walked in behind me, and I heard his gasp of shock too. Kyle waved at a little white box mounted on the wall. “The air conditioning operations are here. ” He walked in a little further and motioned to a door on the right. “This is your bathroom, complete with whirlpool bath. The glass in there is privacy glass, which means that you can see out, but no one can see in. It’s totally private. ”

  “It’s incredible,” I mumbled, shaking my head in awe.

  Kyle nodded in agreement and pushed open another door, waving me in. “This is the largest of the bedrooms. ”

  The bedroom was just as glorious as I thought it would be. The covers on the four poster, king sized bed were pure white. Two red towels had been folded and arranged into the shape of a heart, and little red rose petals were scattered over the white sheets. The bed faced another wall of glass so that the first thing you would wake to in the morning was ocean, as far as the eye could see.

  “Over there is my favourite part of this whole villa,” Kyle said, pointing to two armchairs. I frowned but walked over, shocked to see that a large part of the floor had been removed and replaced by glass. The water below was so perfectly clear that you could see every stone that graced the bottom and every fish that swam. So far, it was easily my favourite part of the villa too.

  “Let me show you the terrace, and then I’ll leave you two to get settled. ”

  As we walked back through the lounge, I noticed that our bags had been placed just inside the door already. As Kyle slid open the heavy-looking glass doors, the warmth from outside hit me full in the face. I sighed contentedly, squinting outside and unable to keep the smile off my face.

  Ashton busied himself quizzing Kyle about when the maids would come, and how to call for room service; so I walked around the deck, touching the little table and chairs, and the sun loungers. As I leant against the bannister and took in the magnificent view, I spotted a little set of steps to my right. We had our own access to the sea right from our terrace. With that and the room service, I didn’t even need to leave our villa for the next two weeks.

  “Well, I’ll leave you to get settled. Good bye, Mrs Taylor. I hope you enjoy your stay here with us,” Kyle called, waving as he stepped back into the villa.

  I grinned. “Thanks. I’m sure we will. ”

  Ashton followed him back inside, and I eyed the sun lounger, unable to decide if I wanted to bask in the sun, or swim first. Just as I was making up my mind, Ashton walked back out with a dazzling grin on his face. “It’s really hot out here. You should come inside and put on some sun cream. ”

  I nodded in agreement. “I know. ” My eyes again flicked to the sea, and I finally made up my mind what I wanted to do first. Swimming.

  Unfortunately, there was the menial task of unpacking to get to first. It seemed to take forever to find places for everything that we’d brought. As I unpacked my sixth bikini, I realised that, in my excitement, I may have gone a little overboard with the packing.

  As I watched Ashton silently unpacking his clothes and setting them in the drawers next to my own things, I realised something. This place was so remote, beautiful and romantic, that with the idyllic surroundings, and minimal clothes covering his incredible body every day, I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight my attraction to him for the duration of this vacation. Just like in LA, the passion and desire were already building inside me. There was no point in trying to fight the inevitable. Now that we were away from school and on our own, there was nothing to stop us from giving in and having a little fun for two weeks. As I came to this realisation, my stomach clenched with anticipation and a little smile slipped onto my lips. It had been so long since his hands had been on my body that I was almost buzzing with excitement.

  Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime of unpacking, I was finished. Picking up the first bikini that I got my hands on, I smiled over at him. “I’m going to change. I need to see if that water feels as good as it looks,” I grinned happily, snagging a bottle of sun lotion from the side and skipping off to the bathroom.

  Once I’d stripped out of my clothes, I pulled on my black bikini, tying little bows at my neck and hips. Twisting this way and that, I looked at myself in the mirror and chewed on my lip. It was incredibly revealing, and not something I would usually choose, but I’d picked it because it would be the one that would allow me to tan without getting huge tan lines on my back and shoulders. I made a mental note not to wear this one on the beach, I couldn’t have other people see me in this; I almost felt indecent in it even though I was entirely covered.

  After spreading on a layer of sun cream to all the places I could reach, I strutted out of the bathroom, seeing Ashton in a pair of black swim shorts and nothing else. I stopped short, my mouth popping open in shock and awe as I watched the muscles ripple on his c
hest and arms as he smothered white sun cream over his chest. My mouth was dry. My hands were itching to take the bottle from his hands and smooth it over his soft skin for him. I realised then how crazy I was about him.

  He looked up as I walked out, and his hand stilled on his body. His eyes widened as they raked down my body slowly, his bottom lip rolled into his mouth. The blush crept over my face as he carried on staring, not seeming to care that I knew he was looking. “Want me to do your back?” I offered, nodding at the lotion bottle in his hand.

  He swallowed loudly, looking down at the bottle in confusion as if he’d forgotten it was there. “Er… yeah. Thanks. ”

  I walked out to the terrace, knowing he would follow me. When I turned back, he was standing by the sun lounger, still watching me avidly. I smiled and took the bottle from his hand, nodding towards the sun lounger, motioning for him to sit.

  Rubbing sun cream on his back was a sensual act in itself. I did it slowly, letting my fingers explore the tanned skin of his back and shoulders, making sure not to miss a spot. The simple action of rubbing cream on his body was making me tingle all over and a burning ache start between my legs.

  The whole time I was fighting my inner slutty side that just wanted to push him down on the sun lounger and ravage him until I passed out from exhaustion. There was a fairly good chance that I wouldn’t get a tan at all on this vacation if my hormones had anything to do with it!

  When I was done, I pulled my hair into a messy bun and held out the bottle of sun cream to him as I turned on my seat and offered him my back. “Will you do me?”

  He didn’t reply, just squeezed a blob of cream into the palm of his hand before rubbing it into my back in small circles. I closed my eyes and focussed on my breathing, trying not to let his touch send me over the edge. Finally, he was done, so I turned back and smiled. “Thanks. ”

  He stood. “No problem. Can’t have you burning on the first day, can we?” he joked. Ashton turned and stalked off towards the stairs, leaving me there with my insides melted and my heart beating excitedly in my chest as I watched the muscles in his back and legs tense as he took a step. As he dipped his toe into the water, he moaned in appreciation. “It’s so warm. You’re gonna love this!”
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