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         Part #1 of Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott
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  Author: Kylie Scott

  “You alright?” His body stretched out above mine. A hand rubbed carefully at the back of my skull.

  “Um, yeah. ” The scent of his soap and shampoo was pure heaven, Lord help me. But there was something more than that. His cologne. It wasn’t heavy. Just a light scent of spice. There was something really familiar about it.

  The tag hanging down in front of my face momentarily distracted me however. “Three hundred dollars?”

  “It’s worth it. ”

  “Holy shit. No, it’s not. ”

  He hung the thong from the tip of a finger, a crazy cool smile on his face. “Trust me. I’d have paid ten times that amount for this. No questions asked. ”

  “David, I could get the exact same thing for less than a tenth of that price in a normal store. That’s insane. ”

  “No you couldn’t. ” He balanced his weight on an elbow set on the step beside my head and started reading from the tag. “See, this exquisite lace is handmade by local artists in a small region of Northern Italy famous for just such craftsmanship. It’s made from only the finest of silks. You can’t get that at Walmart, baby. ”

  “No, I guess not. ”

  He made a pleased humming sound and looked at me with eyes soft and hazy. Then his smile faded. He pulled back and scrunched the thong up in his hand. “Anyway. ”

  “Wait. ” My fingers curled around his biceps, keeping him in place.

  “What’s up?” he asked, his voice tightening.

  “Just, let me …” I lifted my face to his neck. The scent was strongest there. I breathed him deep, letting myself get high off the scent of him. I shut my eyes and remembered.

  “Evelyn?” The muscles in his arms flexed and hardened. “I’m not sure this is a good idea. ”

  “We were in the gondolas at The Venetian. You said you couldn’t swim, that I’d have to save you if we capsized. ”

  His Adam’s apple jumped. “Yeah. ”

  “I was terrified for you. ”

  “I know. You hung onto me so tight I could barely breathe. ”

  I drew back so I could see his face.

  “Why do you think we stayed on them for so long?” he asked. “You were practically sitting in my lap. ”

  “Can you swim?”

  He laughed quietly. “Of course I can swim. I don’t even think the water was that deep. ”

  “It was all a ruse. You’re tricky, David Ferris. ”

  “And you’re funny, Evelyn Thomas. ” His face relaxed, his eyes softening again. “You remembered something. ”

  “Yes. ”

  “That’s great. Anything else?”

  I gave him a sad smile. “No, sorry. ”

  He looked away, disappointed, I think, but trying not to let it show.



  I leaned forward to press my lips to his, wanting to kiss him, needing to. He pulled back again. My hopes dived. “Sorry. I’m sorry. ”

  “Ev. What are you doing?”

  “Kissing you?”

  He said nothing. Jaw rigid, he looked away.

  “You’re allowed to kiss me and cuddle me and buy me insanely priced lingerie and I can’t kiss you back?” My hands slid down to his and he held them. At least he wasn’t rejecting me totally.

  “Why do you wanna kiss me?” he asked, his voice stern.

  I studied our entwined fingers for a moment, getting my thoughts in order. “David, I’m probably not ever going to remember everything about that night in Vegas. But I thought we could maybe make some new good memories this weekend. Something we can both share. ”

  “Just this weekend?”

  My heart filled my throat. “No. I don’t know. It just … it feels like there’s meant to be more between us. ”

  “More than friends?” He watched me, eyes intent.

  “Yes. I like you. You’re kind and sweet and beautiful and you’re easy to talk to. When we’re not always arguing about Vegas. I feel like …”


  “Like this weekend is a second chance. I don’t want to just let it slip by. I think I’d regret that for a long time. ”

  He nodded, cocked his head. “So what was your plan? Just kiss me, and see what happened?”

  “My plan?”

  “I know about you and your plans. You told me all about how anal you are. ”

  “I told you that?” I was an idiot.

  “Yeah. You did. You especially told me about the big plan. ” He stared down at me, eyes intense. “You know … finish school then spend three to five years establishing yourself at mid-range firm before moving up the ranks somewhere more prestigious and starting your own small consultancy business by thirty-five. Then there’d maybe time to get a relationship and those pesky 2. 4 kids out of the way. ”

  My throat was suddenly a dry, barren place. “I was really chatty that night. ”

  “Mm. But what was interesting was the way you didn’t talk about that plan like it was a good thing. You talked about it like it was a cage and you were rattling the bars. ”

  I had nothing.

  “So, come on,” he said softly, taunting me. “What’s the plan here, Ev? How were you going to convince me?”

  “Oh. Well, I was um … I was going to seduce you, I guess. And see what happened. Yeah …”

  “How? By complaining about me buying you stuff?”

  “No. That was just an added bonus. You’re welcome. ”

  He licked his lips, but I saw the smile. “Right. Come on then, show me your moves. ”

  “My moves?”

  “Your seduction techniques. Come on, time’s a-wasting. ” I hesitated and he clicked his tongue, impatient. “I’m only wearing a towel, baby. How hard can this be?”

  “Fine, fine,” I held his fingers tight, refusing to let go. “So, David?”

  “Yes, Evelyn?”

  “I was thinking …”


  I was so hopelessly outclassed with him. I gave him the only thing I could think of. The only thing that I knew had a track record of working. “I think you’re a really nice guy and I was wondering if you’d maybe like to come up to my room and have sex with me and maybe hang out for a while. If that’s maybe something you’d be interested in doing …”

  His eyes darkened, accusing and unhappy. He started to pull back again. “Now you’re just being funny. ”

  “No. ” I slipped my hand around the back of his neck, beneath his damp hair, trying to bring him back to me. “No, I’m very, very serious. ”

  Jaw tensed, he stared at me.

  “You asked me this morning in the car if I thought you were scary. The answer is yes. You scare me shitless. I don’t know what I’m doing here. But I hate the thought of leaving you. ”

  His gaze searched my face but still he said nothing. He was going to turn me down. I knew it. I’d asked for too much, pushed him too far. He’d walk away from me, and who could blame him after everything?

  “It’s okay,” I said, gathering what remained of my pride up off the floor.

  “Ah, man,” he sighed. “You’re kinda terrifying too. ”

  “I am?”

  “Yeah, you are. And wipe that smile off your face. ”

  “Sorry. ”

  He angled his head and kissed me, his lips firm and so good. My eyes closed and my mouth opened. The taste of him took me over. The mint of his toothpaste and the slide of his tongue against mine. All of it was past perfect. He lay me back against the stairs. The new bruise at the back of my head throbbed in protest when I bumped it yet again. I flinched but didn’t stop. David cupped the back of my skull, guarding against further injury.

  The weight of his body held me in place, not that I was trying to escape. The edge of the steps pressed into my back and I couldn’t care less. I’d have happily lain there for hours with him above me,
the warm scent of his skin making me high. His hips held my legs wide open. If not for my jeans and his towel things would get interesting fast. God, I hated cotton just then.

  We didn’t once break the kiss. My legs wrapped around his waist and my hands curved around his shoulders. Nothing had ever felt this good. My ache for him increased and caught fire, spreading right through me. My legs tightened around him, muscles burning. I couldn’t get close enough. Talk about frustrating. His mouth moved over my jaw and down my neck, lighting me up from inside. He bit and licked, finding sensitive spots below my ear and in the crook of my neck. Places I hadn’t known I had. The man had magic. He knew things I didn’t. Where he’d learned his tricks didn’t matter. Not right then.

  “Up,” he said in a rough voice. Slowly he stood, one hand beneath my ass and the other still protecting my skull.

  “David. ” I scrambled to tighten my hold on his back.

  “Hey. ” He drew back just enough to look into my eyes. His pupils were huge, almost swallowing the sky-blue iris whole. “I am not going to drop you. That’s never going to happen. ”

  I took a deep breath. “Okay. ”

  “You trust me?”

  “Yes. ”

  “Good. ” His hand slid down my back. “Now put your arms around my neck. ”

  I did, and my balance immediately felt better. Both of David’s hands gripped my butt and I locked my feet behind his back, holding on tight. His face showed no sign of pain or imminent back breakage. Maybe he was strong enough to carry me around after all.

  “That’s it. ” He smiled and kissed my chin. “All good?”

  I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.


  “YES. ”

  He chuckled in a way that did bad things to me. “Kiss me,” he said.

  Without hesitation I did so, fitting my mouth to his. Sliding my tongue between his lips and getting lost in him all over again. He groaned, his hands holding me hard against him.
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