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         Part #1 of Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott
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Page 44

  Author: Kylie Scott

  A full moon hung heavy in the sky. The stars twinkled on. And I’d just upended my entire existence. Again. “You’re now officially married to a college dropout who makes coffee for a living. Does that bother you?”

  With a sigh, David flicked on the indicator and pulled over in front of a neat row of suburban houses. He picked up one of my hands, pressing it gently between both of his. “If I wanted to quit the band would that bother you?”

  “Of course not. That’s your decision. ”

  “If I wanted to give all the money away, what would you say?”

  I shrugged. “You made the money, it’s your choice. I guess you’d have to come live with me then. And I’m telling you now, the apartment we’d have on my salary alone would be small. Miniscule. Just so you know. ”

  “But you’d still take me in?”

  “Without question. ” I covered one his hands with my own, needing to borrow a bit of his strength just then. “Thank you for being there tonight. ”

  Little creases lined his perfect dark blue eyes. “I didn’t even say anything. ”

  “You didn’t have to. ”

  “You called me your husband. ”

  I nodded, my heart stuck in my throat.

  “I didn’t kiss you at the studio today because it felt like there was still too much up in the air between us. It didn’t feel right. But I want to kiss you now. ”

  “Please,” I said.

  He leaned into me and I met him halfway. His mouth covered mine, lips warm and firm and familiar. The only ones I wanted or needed. His hands cupped my face, holding me to him. The kiss was so sweet and perfect. It was a promise, one that wouldn’t be broken this time. We’d both learned from our mistakes and we’d keep learning all our lives. That was marriage.

  His fingers eased into hair and I stroked my tongue against his. The taste of him was as necessary to me as air. The feel of his hands on me was the promise of everything to come. What started out as an affirmation turned into more at light speed. The groan that came out of him. Holy hell. I wanted to hear that noise for the rest of my life. My hands dragged at his shirt, trying to pull him closer. We had some serious time to make up for.

  “We have to stop,” he whispered.

  “We do?” I asked, in between panting breaths.

  “Sadly. ” He chuckled, nudged the tip of my nose with his. “Soon, my luckiest fucking girl in the world. Soon. Did you really have to throw the fucking in there?”

  “I really did. ”

  “Your parents looked about ready to have kittens. ”

  “I’m so sorry about the way they treated you. ” I ran my fingers over the spiky short dark hair on the side of his head, feeling the bristles.

  “I can deal. ”

  “You shouldn’t have to. You won’t have to. I’m not sitting by and—”

  He shut down my rant by kissing me. Of course it worked. His tongue played over my teeth, teasing me. I undid my seatbelt and crawled into his lap, needing to get closer. Nobody kissed like David. His hands slipped beneath my top, molding to the curves of my breasts. Thumbs stroked my nipples. The poor things were so damn hard it hurt. Talking of which, I could feel David’s erection, pressing into my hip. We kept our lips locked until a car full of kids went by, horn blaring. Apparently our makeout session was somewhat visible from the street despite the fogged-up windows. Classy.

  “Soon,” he promised, his breathing harsh against my neck. “Fuck, it’s good to get you alone. That was intense. But I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself. You did good. ”

  “Thank you. You think we’ll understand when we have kids, like my mom said?”

  He looked up at me, his beautiful face and serious eyes so wonderfully familiar I could cry.

  “We’ve never talked about kids,” he said. “Do you want them?”

  “One day. Do you?”

  “One day, yeah. After we’ve had a few years’ worth of alone time. ”

  “Sounds good,” I said. “You going to show me this condo of yours?”

  “Of ours. Absolutely. ”

  “I think you’re going to need to take your hands out of my top if you’re planning on driving us there. ”

  “Mm. Pity. ” He gave my breasts a final squeeze before slipping his hands free of my clothing. “And you’re going to have to hop back into your seat. ”

  “Okey dokey. ”

  His hands wrapped around my hips, helping me climb back over to my side of the vehicle. I refastened my seat belt while he took a deep breath. With a wince he adjusted himself, obviously trying to get more comfortable. “You’re a terror. ”

  “Me? What did I do?”

  “You know what you did,” he grouched, pulling back out onto the road.

  “I don’t know what you’re talking about. ”

  “Don’t you give me that,” he said, giving me a narrow-eyed look. “You did it in Vegas and then you did it in Monterey and LA too. Now you’re doing it in Portland. I can’t take you anywhere. ”

  “Are you talking about the state of your fly? Because I’m not the one in control of your reactions to me, buddy. You are. ”

  He barked out a laugh. “I’ve never been in control of my reactions to you. Not once. ”

  “Is that why you married me? Because you were helpless against me?”

  “You make me tremble in fear, rest assured. ” The smile he gave me made me tremble and fear had nothing to do with it. “But I married you, Evelyn, because you made sense to me. We make sense. We’re a whole lot better together than apart. You notice that?”

  “Yeah, I really did. ”

  “Good. ” His fingers stroked over my cheekbone. “We need to get home. Now. ”

  I’m pretty sure he broke several speed limits on the drive. The condo was only a couple of blocks back from Ruby’s café. It was located in a big old brown-brick building with Art Deco stonework surrounding the double glass front doors. David punched in a code and led me into a white marble lobby. A statue of what looked like driftwood stood tall in the corner. Security cameras hid in the ceiling corners. He didn’t give me time to look, rushing me through. I practically had to run to keep up with him.

  “Come on,” he said, tugging on my hand, drawing me into the lift.

  “This is all very impressive. ”

  He pushed the button for the top floor. “Wait ’til you see our place. You’re moving in with me now, right?”

  “Right. ”

  “Ah, we’ve got some visitors at the moment, by the way. Just while we record the album and that. A few more weeks, probably. ” The lift doors slid open and we stepped into the hall. At which point David took my handbag from me. Then he bent and set his shoulder to my stomach, lifting me high. “Here we are. ”

  “Hey,” I squeaked.

  “I got you. Time to get carried over the threshold again. ”

  “David, I’m wearing a skirt. ” It nearly went to my knees, but still. I’d rather not flash his guests and band members if I could avoid it.

  “I know you are. Have I thanked you for that yet? I really appreciate having that easy access. ” His black boots thumped along the marble flooring. I took the opportunity to grope his ass because I was allowed to. My life was fucking fantastic like that.

  “You’re not wearing any underwear,” I informed him.

  “That so?”

  A hand felt up my rear. Over my clothing, thankfully.

  “You are,” he said, voice low and growly in the best way possible. “Which ones you wearing, baby? Boyshorts by the feel. ”

  “I don’t think you’ve seen these. ”

  “Yeah, well we’re gonna change that real soon. Trust me. ”

  “I do. ”

  I heard the sound of a door opening, and the marble beneath me turned to a glossy, black-painted wooden floor. The walls were a pristine white. And I could he
ar male voices, laughing and trash-talking nearby. Music played in the background, Nine Inch Nails, I think. Nate had been playing his music at the apartment and they were a favorite of his. Of course the condo looked amazing. There were dark wooden dining room chairs and green couches. Plenty of space. Guitar cases were strewn about the place. From what I could see, it looked beautiful and lived in. It looked like a home.

  Our home.

  “You kidnapped a girl. That’s awesome but illegal, Davie. You’re probably going to have to give her back. ” My hair was lifted and Mal appeared, crouched beside me. “Hey there, child bride. Where’s my hello kiss?”

  “Leave my wife alone, you dickwad. ” David lifted one booted foot and negligently pushed him aside. “Go get your own. ”

  “Why the fuck would I want to get married? That’s for crazy folk like you two fine people. And while I applaud your insanity, no goddamn way am I following in your footsteps. ”

  “Who the fuck would have him?” Jimmy’s smoother voice moved up alongside me. “Hey, Ev. ”

  “Hi, Jimmy. ” I took a hand off the seat of my husband’s jeans and waved at him. “David, do I have to stay upside down?”

  “Ah, right. It’s date night,” my husband announced.

  “Got it,” Mal said. “Come on Jimmy. We’ll go find Benny-boy. He was going to that Japanese place for a bite. ”

  “Right. ” Jimmy’s sneakers headed for the door. “Later, guys. ”

  “Bye!” I gave him another wave.

  “Night, Evvie. ” Mal left too and the door slammed shut behind them.

  “Alone at last. ” David sighed and started moving again, down a long hallway. With me still over his shoulder. “You like the place?”

  “What I can see of it is lovely. ”

  “That’s good. I’ll show you the rest later. First things first, I really need to get into those panties of yours. ”
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