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       Lick, p.45

         Part #1 of Stage Dive series by Kylie Scott
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Page 45

  Author: Kylie Scott

  “I don’t think they’d fit you,” I giggled. He slapped me on the ass. White hot lightning, though it was more of a shock than anything. “Christ, David. ”

  “Just warming you up, funny girl. ” He turned into the last room at the end of the hallway, kicked the door shut. My handbag was thrown into a chair. Without a word of warning, he upended me onto a king-size bed. My body bounced on the mattress. The blood was rushing around in my head, making it spin. I pushed my hair out of my face and rose up onto my elbows.

  “Don’t move,” he said, voice guttural.

  He stood at the end of the bed, undressing. The most amazing sight in existence. I could watch him do this always. He reached back and pulled off his shirt and I knew bone deep I wasn’t the luckiest fucking girl in the world. I was the luckiest fucking girl in the entire universe. That was the truth. Not just because he was beyond beautiful and I was the only one that got to see him do this, but the way he watched me through hooded eyes the entire time. Lust was there, but also a whole lot of love.

  “You have no idea how often I’ve imagined you lying on that bed in the last week. ” He pulled off his boots and socks, tossing them aside. “How many times I nearly called you in the last month. ”

  “Why didn’t you?”

  “Why didn’t you?” he asked, undoing the top button on his jeans.

  “Let’s not do that again. ”

  “No. Never. ” He crawled onto the bed, smoothing his hands down my calf muscles. My shoes went flying and his fingers slipped beneath my skirt, easing it up, higher and higher. Without breaking eye contact, he dragged down my boyshorts. He obviously wasn’t interested in checking out my panties after all. The man had priorities. “Tell me you love me. ”

  “I love you. ”

  “Again. ”

  “I love you. ”

  “I missed the taste of you so fucking much. ” Big hands parted my legs, exposing me to his gaze. “I might just spend a few days with my head between your legs, alright?”

  Oh god. He rubbed his beard against my inner thigh, making my skin prickle with awareness. I couldn’t speak if I tried.

  “Say it again. ”

  I swallowed hard, trying to get myself back under control.

  “I’m waiting. ”

  “I l-love you,” I stuttered, my voice sounded barely there, breathy. My pelvis almost shot off the bed at the first touch of his mouth. Every bit of me was wound tight and trembling.

  “Keep going. ” His tongue parted the lips of my sex, sliding between before delving within. The sweet, firm feel of his mouth and the ticklish sensation of his beard.

  “I love you. ”

  Strong hands slid beneath my ass, holding me to his mouth. “More. ”

  I groaned out something. It must have been enough. He didn’t stop or speak again. David attacked me. There was nothing easy about it. His mouth worked me hard, driving me sky high in a matter of moments. The knot inside me tightened and grew as his tongue laved me. Electricity streaked up my spine. I don’t know when I started shaking. But the strength went out of me and my back hit the mattress once again. I fisted my hands in his hair, fingers gripping at the short, gelled strands.

  It was almost too much. I didn’t know if I needed to get closer or get away. Either way, his hands held me to him. Every muscle in me tensed and my mouth opened on a soundless cry. Fireworks filled my mind. I came and came.

  When my heart eased up on the hammering, I opened my eyes. David knelt between my legs. His jeans had been pushed down and his erection grazed his flat stomach. Dark blue eyes stared down at me.

  “I can’t wait. ”

  “No. Don’t. ” I tightened my legs around his hips. One of his hands remained beneath my ass, holding me high. With the other, he guided himself into me. He didn’t rush. We were both still at least half dressed, him on the bottom and me on the top. There was no time to waste. We were too needy to wait and do this skin to skin. Next time.

  He entered me so slowly I couldn’t breathe. The only that mattered was feeling. And God, the feel of him thick and hard pushing inside of me. The perspiration on his bare chest gleamed in the low lighting. The muscles in his shoulders stood out in stark relief as he began to move.

  “Mine,” he said.

  I could only nod.

  He looked down on me, watching my breasts jiggle beneath my top with each thrust. Fingers gripped my hips hard. Mine clutched at the bedding, trying to find purchase so I could push back against him. His expression was wild, mouth swollen and wet. Only this was real, me and him together. Everything else could come and go. I’d found what was worth fighting for.

  “I love you. ”

  “C’mere. ” He picked me up off the mattress, holding me tight again him. My legs were braced around his waist, muscles burning from how hard I’d been holding on. I wound my arms around his neck as he sat me on his cock.

  “I love you too. ” His hands slid beneath the back of my top. We moved harshly together. Our furious breaths mingled into one. Sweat slicked both our skins, the fabric of my shirt sticking to me. The heat gathered low inside me again. It didn’t take long in this position. Not with the way he ground himself against me. His mouth sucked at the section of skin where my neck met my body and I shuddered in his arms, coming again. The noises he made and the way he said my name … I never wanted to forget. Not a moment of it.

  Eventually, he laid us both back on the bed. I wasn’t willing to let him go so he covered my body with his. The weight of him pressing me down into the bed, the feel of his mouth on the side of my face. We should never move. In the best-case scenario, we’d just stay like this forever.

  But actually, I did have something I had to do.

  “I need my bag,” I said, squirming beneath him.

  “What for?” He rose up on his elbows.

  “I have to do something. ”

  “What could be more important than this?”

  “Roll over,” I said, already urging him in that direction.

  “Alright. But this had better be good. ” He relaxed and let me roll him. I scampered across the mattress, trying to tug my skirt back down at the same time. It must have looked a treat because David came after me with snapping teeth.

  “Get back here, wife,” he ordered.

  “Give me a second. ”

  “My name looks good on your ass,” he said. “The tattoo has healed very nicely. ”

  “Well, thank you. ” I finally got off the mattress and set my pencil skirt to rights. In the month we'd been apart, I'd ignored my ink. But now, I was glad it was there.

  “That skirt’s coming off. ”

  “Just wait. ”

  “And that top. We have a lot more making up to do. ”

  “Yes, in a minute. I've missed my topless cuddles. ”

  He’d dumped my bag on a blue velvet wing-backed chair by the door. Whoever had decorated the condo had done a hell of a job. It was beautiful. But I’d check it out later. Right now I had something important to do.

  “I bought you a present today, after we talked at the studio. ”

  “Did you now?”

  I nodded, searching my bag for the treasure. Bingo. The fancy little box was right where I’d left it. With it hidden in my hand I walked back to him, a wide smile on my face. “Yes, I did. ”

  “What have you got in your hand?” He climbed off the bed. Unlike me, he stripped off his jeans. My husband stood before me naked and perfectly disheveled. He looked at me like I was everything. As long as I lived, I knew I wouldn’t want anyone else.


  For some reason I felt suddenly shy, awkward. Any money, the tips of my ears glowed bright pink.

  “Give me your left hand. ” I reached for his hand and he gave it to me. Carefully I slid on the thick platinum band I’d blown my savings on that afternoon, working it pa
st his big knuckle. Perfect. I’d walk all winter and freeze my ass off, happily. David meant more to me than replacing my crappy old car. Given the money I now owed my parents, the timing wasn’t brilliant. But this was more important.

  Except the ring covered half of the second last E from his Live Free tattoo. Shit, I hadn’t thought of that. He probably wasn’t going to want to wear it.

  “Thank you. ”

  My gaze darted to his face, trying to judge his sincerity. “You like it?”

  “I fucking love it. ”

  “Really? Because I forgot about your ink, but—”

  He shut me up by kissing me. I kind of liked his new habit of doing that. His tongue stroked into my mouth and my eyes slid shut, every worry forgotten. He kissed me until not a single doubt remained as to how taken with his ring he was. Fingers fussed with the buttons on my top, slipping it off my shoulders. Next the band on my bra loosened.

  “I love my ring,” he said, his lips traveling over my jaw and down my neck. My bra straps slid down my arms and my breasts were free. Next he started in on my skirt, wrestling with the zip and pushing it down over my hips. He didn’t stop until I was every bit as bare as him. “I’m never taking it off. ”

  “I’m glad you like it. ”

  “I do. And I need to get you naked right now and show you how much I like it. But then I’ll give you back your ring. I promise. ”

  “No rush,” I murmured, arching my neck to give him better access. “We’ve got forever. ”


  We’d planned to meet Amanda, Jo, and a few other friends at one of the local bars the next night. My insides were in a permanent state of upheaval. Excited and nervous and a hundred other emotions I couldn’t begin to process. But not doubtful. Never that. I’d talked to Ruby about continuing on with the extra shifts at the café and she’d been delighted. It turned out her distraction the previous day had been on account of her finding out she was pregnant. My dropping out of college couldn’t come at a better time as far as she was concerned. Eventually I’d go back to school. I liked the idea of teaching, maybe. I don’t know. There was time.
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