Forbidden pleasure, p.12
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       Forbidden Pleasure, p.12

         Part #8 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 12


  “I can’t touch you like this, can I, sugar?” He stared down at her with savage frustration. “How good would it be to have those pretty nipples caressed? Lips at your neck, your back? Hands between those pretty thighs?”

  His hand tightened in her hair to hold her in place as she tried to draw back, tried to escape the promise in his voice.

  But she couldn’t stop the moan that fell from her lips. She could almost feel it. A phantom’s touch over her breasts, between her thighs, the sharp aching need for those fingers between her thighs.

  “I could give you that. ” His gaze darkened further. His fingers tightened in her hair, tugging further.

  And it shouldn’t have felt good. It shouldn’t have sent flames shooting from her scalp to her clit with devastating results.

  “I will give that to you, Keiley. ” His voice hardened, with determination, with approaching release. “All of it—all of it. ”

  He was thrusting past her lips, short, fierce thrusts that stroked his cock over her lips as her tongue licked, stroked, spurring him on until with a shattered groan he exploded.

  Keiley’s hands clenched in the material of his jeans as his semen spurted into her mouth. Fierce jets of heated male warmth that only made her hungrier, only made her need more until he stilled, holding her still as he eased past her lips and stared down at her with blatant satisfaction.

  She could barely breathe, her eyes clouded with her own arousal now as weakening sensuality burned through her veins.

  “We’re not finished,” he informed her roughly, drawing her to her feet before fixing his jeans. “I think it’s time we both went to bed. Now. ”


  Keiley kept telling herself that she couldn’t do this. Not that she could force the words past her lips. Each time she tried, her throat tightened and the heated moisture between her thighs reminded her that she wanted this more than anything.

  It was when Mac drew her through the kitchen, beneath the watchful eyes of Jethro Riggs, that Keiley began to tremble.

  His eyes were glittering with lust as he lounged back in the kitchen chair. His obviously aroused body tensed, his expression as savagely hungry as Mac’s.

  Then Mac stopped at the doorway, secured Keiley in his arms, and turned back to his friend.

  “Do you have any plans for tomorrow?” Mac asked the other man as his hand slid beneath her shirt, his calloused fingers caressing her stomach.

  The touch was devastating, especially beneath Jethro’s gaze as he rose slowly from the table.

  “Nothing planned. ” Jethro’s voice was strained.

  “We have the boat out at the lake,” Mac informed him. “I’ll take the day off tomorrow and we’ll go out for a while. ”

  Jethro stepped closer as Mac’s fingers stilled, and she felt the tension thickening in the room.

  “Mac,” Keiley whispered, feeling Jethro’s body heat from the distance that separated them.

  She couldn’t do this. Oh God, she needed to tell them she couldn’t do this. But all she could do was watch as Jethro neared them, his eyes suddenly on hers, the brilliancy of the blue color sinking into her.

  “She’s scared, Mac,” he said gently as he stepped to her, his hand reaching out, his fingers touching her cheek in a brief caress.

  It felt like flames sinking into her flesh, burning her alive.

  “I can’t—” She jerked as Mac’s hand moved, his fingers skimming over her flesh, lifting the t-shirt along her midriff as Jethro continued to stare down at her.

  “Say no,” Jethro whispered then. “Just say no, and it all goes away, Keiley. ”

  She shook her head roughly, feeling Mac’s free hand caressing up her arm, her shoulder, until it wrapped over her collarbone and his palm cupped her cheek.

  “Do you want it to go away, Kei?” He nipped at her earlobe as she shuddered in his grasp.

  “It can go away very easily sweetheart,” Jethro whispered then. “It can go away, or it can turn to this. ”

  She whimpered as his head lowered. He was going to kiss her. Sweet God, she was standing in her husband’s grip. He was watching. Watching as another man bent to his, his lips parting, his lashes lowering sensually.

  Mac’s hand drifted lower to the button of her jeans, flicking it open as Jethro’s lips touched hers. She stood still, panting for air, staring into his eyes as the kiss sent quaking shudders racing through her.

  Jethro wasn’t taking her kiss. His lips were asking for her kiss, but his gaze was demanding it.

  The band of her jeans loosened.

  “What did I say about touching?” Mac whispered at her ear then. “Every part of your body caressed at once?”

  His hands slid from the loosened band up beneath her t-shirt to her swollen, sensitive breasts. But Jethro’s hands were at her hips then, his fingers lowering the zipper of the low-rise jeans.

  The band was too low, she thought inanely. Once the zipper had completely lowered—

  Keiley whimpered as Jethro’s tongue licked at her lips and his hands peeled back the edges of her jeans.


  Where she found the strength to tear away, she wasn’t certain. The impulse slammed inside her as a wave of pleasure nearly took her to her knees and a millisecond later she was backing away from them, shaking her head, fighting to breathe.

  “No,” she snapped again, staring at Mac and seeing a stranger.

  A stranger who stared at her with her husband’s eyes. Eyes heavy with arousal, love, and regret.

  “Good night, Jethro,” Mac said as he began to walk toward her. “We’ll see you in the morning. ”

  The intent was there in his face. He was a conqueror. He was the ravisher. His expression assured her that it didn’t matter whether Jethro joined them or not—tonight he would have his wife.

  “You think you just can just give another man leave to touch me and then drag me to bed?” Keiley stared back at him in outrage. “Have you taken leave of your senses, Mac?”

  Had she taken leave of hers? Because this new side of Mac was making her hotter than hell.

  “Pretty much,” he announced a second before he stepped to her, picked her up, and tossed her over his shoulder before leaving the room

  Her last glimpse of Jethro was the wicked amusement glittering in his eyes a second before Mac headed up the stairs.

  “You are so going to get your ass kicked,” she snarled as she hung over his shoulder.

  “Probably. ”

  “I mean it, Mac. This is not happening. ”

  “Of course it is,” he grunted. “Stop deluding yourself. And stop pretending you’re not hotter than hell. I’m amazed your jeans aren’t damp from the juices spilling from your pussy. ”

  “Asshole,” she snarled.

  Unfortunately, he was right in one respect. She was hotter than hell. But wrong in the other. She believed her jeans just might be damp after all.

  Once he stepped into the bedroom, he didn’t bother just setting her on the floor. The next thing she knew she was on her back and Mac was jerking her sandals off before pulling her jeans down her legs and discarding them.

  Just that quick. That fast. Her jeans and panties were on the floor and her husband was kneeling at the side of the bed, his tongue swiping through the saturated folds between her thighs.

  “Oh God! Mac!” She screamed his name as his tongue thrust inside her, licking over tissue so sensitive that he caused an avalanche of sensations to pile upon her.

  Wicked heat. Electric pleasure. Fiery, intense, brutal desire.

  Her hips jerked up, grinding her clit against his lips as she gasped for breath. Her hands locked in his hair, holding him to her as her legs twined around his shoulders.

  It was so damned good. Better than ever. It was like the first time. The last time and all the times in between combined in one caress. All the pleasure s
he had ever known in her life and more was coming.

  Because his fingers gripped her rear while one wicked thumb began to press and massage the forbidden entrance below.

  It was wicked and wild, and when she felt her juices being smoothed onto the area, his thumb pressing in each time to lubricate the area, she lost her mind.

  It was the only excuse for allowing it. It was forbidden, a touch she had never known before, and she wasn’t protesting. She had lost her mind, that was the only excuse.

  A second later the lubrication was cooler, thicker. How had he done that? Managed to secure the lubricating jelly he kept in his bedside drawer without her knowing it?

  And who cared, but suddenly his thumb was stretching her anal entrance, burning her, filling her where no one had ever touched before and sending her senses exploding in an orgasm that ripped her head off and still left her begging for more.

  “Are you scared now, Kei?” he growled against her clit, his tongue licking around it, building the pressure once again as two fingers worked inside her vagina.

  She couldn’t stand this. She couldn’t survive it.

  “Do you know what I’m going to do?” His voice was black velvet, rough, wicked, carnal. “I’m going to stretch you here. ” His thumb moved inside her anus. “Then I’m going to fill it with a little toy I bought just for it. Make it burn and ache before I fill your pussy. ”

  “Oh God. Mac. ” Her head thrashed on the bed.

  “You’re going to be so tight, Kei. Your pussy is going to burn when I fuck you. The pressure will make you crazy for more. ”

  “I’m crazy now,” she panted. “Don’t tease. ”

  “No teasing, baby. ” His thumb slid free of her anus.

  “No. No. Don’t stop. ”

  “Never. ”

  “Put it back. ”

  His tongue licked down the soaked slit of her sex, licked and stroked as he shifted between her thighs, his shoulders bunching before she felt the cooling application of more of the lubricant against her rear.

  “Mac, what are you doing to me?” she cried, feeling the entrance open as a finger slid inside her. “You’re killing me. ” It retreated, worked inside her again, then another joined the first. “Please, Mac. ”

  A second later her hands slapped to the mattress, her fingers curling into the comforter as she felt the heavy pressure of whatever toy he had promised to use on her. He was working it inside her slow and easy stretching her, creating a burning pleasure/pain she couldn’t process in her fractured mind.

  “There you go, sweetheart,” he crooned as the tender opening continued to stretch, the pressure building. “All of it, Kei. So sweet and tight. Just let go for me. Close your eyes, baby, and just let go for me. ”

  She screamed as she felt the pressure increasing, only to feel a slight easing as the toy became lodged inside her. She knew what it was. She had seen the exotic toy, tapered at the tip, widening to the bottom before it indented to create a natural lock inside the anus. The butt plug was supple and smooth rather than hard and cold as she imagined when she had seen the pictures, but there was no doubt what he had used on her.

  “Perfect. ” His voice was harder now, deeper as he moved away from her. “Let’s get that shirt off. I want to see your pretty nipples, Kei. ”

  The shirt was pulled from her body and then she realized that sometime in the laundry room she had ripped the buttons from his shirt. It was only hanging on him as he stood to his feet and shrugged it off.

  He undressed quickly, tossing his clothes aside before he stood staring down at where he had placed her across the bed.

  “Fucking you is going to be like taking you the first time all over again. ” His expression was darkly sensual. “You’re going to be so tight. So hot. ”

  She was so insane, because that carnal intensity in his voice was making her womb clench in heavy hunger as he came over her.

  “Why now?” she whimpered. “Why are you doing this now?”
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