Forbidden pleasure, p.20
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       Forbidden Pleasure, p.20

         Part #8 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 20


  “Your pussy’s hot,” he groaned roughly as he jerked his lips from hers. “So hot and wet, your panties are damp. ”

  His fingers were massaging over the folds, making her hotter, wetter. Keiley couldn’t keep herself from rubbing against him, from pressing her rear back to force his fingers more firmly against her. He rewarded her with a few brief caresses over her straining clit as his teeth raked down her neck.

  “Come here, sweetheart. ”

  Keiley uttered a broken cry as Mac’s hands lifted her from Jethro’s hold, easing her to the stool before pressing her back into the chair, the back cushion of the seat supporting her weight where he had set it at an incline. As he eased her back, Jethro whisked the pants from her hips, then over her thighs and legs, leaving her naked but for the white lace thong.

  She was laid out before them like a banquet, staring up at two dark, naked, fully aroused males.

  “I feel like a damn virgin sacrifice. ” Her voice trembled worse than it had the night Mac had taken her virginity.

  “A tasty sacrifice,” Jethro whispered as he eased her legs apart, pulling her to the edge of the stool as Mac knelt beside the chair.

  There was no time to protest, if indeed she had meant to protest. Mac’s lips covered hers as Jethro’s pressed damply against the lace between her things, sending riotous, violent pleasure singing through her body.

  Her hips jerked, twisted against the ravaging lips between her thighs. The feel of Jethro consuming her through the lace of her panties was destructive. Mac’s lips on hers, his hands caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples, was destroying her control. Sensation clashed into sensation as the pleasure became torturous. She was lost within the building, crashing waves of heat and erotic fervor as the world centered around the heated kisses flaming through her nerve endings.

  “Mac. ” She whimpered his name as his head lifted, his gaze narrowed on her face as her hips arched to Jethro’s mouth. “It’s too much. ” Too much sensation. Too much pleasure.

  “It’s not enough, Kei. ” He lowered his head to her breasts, his lips surrounding a nipple as his fingers plucked at its mate, sending clawing, desperate shards of pleasure to tear across her flesh. “It’s not nearly enough. ”

  Lower, Jethro’s lips were pulling at the lace, his hands holding her thighs apart, his tongue moving beneath the material to stroke flesh saturated with hunger and need.

  Keiley writhed beneath the caresses, beneath the heat beginning to flame through her body. Erotic, forbidden, hands and mouths caressing and cajoling until her cries became hoarse pleas.

  Calloused hands stripped her panties from her. A wicked, hungry mouth devoured the passion-soaked flesh as she felt broad fingers filling her. Lips suckled at her breasts, and when her eyes opened, it was to see Mac watching her, pleasure and lust suffusing his expression.

  As far as Mac was concerned, Keiley had never been more beautiful than she was now. Stretched out on the stool and the chair, her breasts arched to his lips and tongue, heat mounting her cheeks and dazed pleasure filling her eyes.

  Her arms were arched over her head, fingers digging into the wide cushion that supported her back. Pulling back, he looked down her body, his eyes narrowed as he saw Jethro’s tongue working her swollen, delicate clit. It was enflamed, engorged, throbbing from the erotic kisses bestowed upon it.

  Jethro’s cheeks were flushed with his lust, his gaze heavy-lidded as Mac allowed him a view of Keiley’s expression.

  “More,” she gasped roughly as she tried to twist beneath Jethro’s lips. “Oh God! Oh God!” Her eyes flared open, locking with his. “Mac! Help me!”

  The green in her eyes glittered, flaming like emerald stars in a hazel background. Perspiration dampened her body and desperation twisted her features as she reached for him.

  Mac caught her wrists, pushing them back to the cushion as he leaned closer. “Stop fighting it, Keiley,” he commanded roughly. “Let it go, sweetheart. ”

  Her head thrashed on the cushion, her body tightening as she fought the release Mac could feel building in her body.

  “Mac, please—” Her fractured scream had his jaw tightening and his dick pounding.

  Watching her like this, seeing the pleasure that transformed her, was almost as erotic as giving her all the pleasure she was receiving.

  His lips lowered to a hard, cherry-red nipple to suck and nip at the tight peak. A growling vibration of ecstasy left her throat, the sound felinish and filled with desperation.

  “She’s close,” Jethro suddenly snarled, his voice deepened, filled with his own arousal. “Her pussy is so tight around my fingers it’s like being trapped in vise. ”

  Mac lifted his head again, his hands caressing over her upper body, his lips lowering to hers for a brief, hard kiss before drawing back.

  He wanted to watch her. God help him, he needed to watch her. The forbidden eroticism of the act always pushed a woman’s pleasure higher. It was pushing Keiley’s higher. She was staring back at him, her eyes dazed, her expression tightening as she fought the violence of the orgasm building inside her.

  “Mac, we don’t have a lot of time left here,” Jethro warned him, his voice tight. “She’s creaming so hard now she’s flooding my fingers. If she doesn’t come she’s going to lose it. ”

  “Move,” Mac ordered harshly as he lifted her, pulling her into his arms as he took her place in the chair and forced her to straddle his lap.

  She went wild. Mac stared into her eyes as she impaled herself on his dick and surrounded it with a fist-tight friction and a heat that had him snarling with the pleasure.

  One hand clamped on her hip as he pinned her to his chest with the other arm, holding her to his shoulder as he stared up at her face. Frantic with sensations she couldn’t contain, crazed with a lust she couldn’t control. She was at her most defenseless now, her body stroked to a pinnacle of pleasure that required more than a soft caress.

  She was riding a wave of violent need so intense, so heated that the edge of pain became a craving her body wouldn’t deny her. She was there now. He had felt it when she slammed her body onto his cock, taking him in one deep stroke that normally took several to seat him entirely inside her.

  Even now, her pussy was flexing, fighting to adjust to the impalement, and she was begging for more.

  Mac knew the second Jethro’s heavily lubricated fingers began to caress her rear entrance. Her eyes widened, then closed, and a shudder tore through her body as Mac angled his body closer to the edge of the chair to allow Jethro the position he needed.

  A second later the sound of a heavy caress landing on her rear had Mac grinding his teeth against the need to come as Keiley suddenly bucked. Writhed.

  “She’s blushing so pretty,” Jethro muttered roughly as another hard caress landed. It vibrated through her flesh to Mac’s cock, creating a wave of pleasure that broke over both of them.

  He could feel the tightening of her pussy as Jethro’s fingers impaled her rear. The vibration of the sharp caresses as he spanked her rounded ass, the feel of her coming apart in his arms. The sound of her screams. Screams of pleasure, of hunger, of need.

  “She’s opening. ” Jethro’s voice was a rough, primal sound. “She’s on edge, Mac. ”

  On the edge of that precipice that allowed pain and pleasure to mingle. Another heavy caress, a heated spanking that moved over her rear and had her nails clawing at his shoulders.

  “Two fingers, easy. ”

  Mac clenched his teeth together tight as he felt her pussy flexing, tightening as her anus accepted Jethro’s fingers.

  Another erotic slap sounded as Mac stared at her face. Her dazed eyes, her lips parted and damp, swollen with passion and his kisses.

  “I need—,” she mewled.

  “Three, Mac. ”

  She was tighter now, whimpering, her fingers digging at his shoulders as her lips opene
d on a gasp of helpless pleasure/pain. Jethro’s cool, thickly lubricated fingers eased inside her, stroking tender tissue and nerve endings until she was a mass of desperate hunger.

  “Take her. ” Mac snarled the order.

  “Fuck, she’s going to be tight,” Jethro groaned. “So damned tight. ”

  Keiley heard the words drifting around her, but nothing processed except the incredible sensations tearing through her, the hunger ripping her apart from the inside out.

  She knew what was coming. She had sensed it the minute Mac’s cock had filled her and he suddenly clamped her to his chest. Helplessly pinned against him, she couldn’t move, couldn’t ride him as she needed, couldn’t still the flames burning through her body, demanding release.

  Then Jethro behind her.

  “Oh God. Mac. Mac. ” She shuddered violently as Jethro’s fingers filled her first, stretching her, burning through her senses with a pleasure so close to agony she felt tears seep from her eyes. “Mac, help me. ”

  “Now, Jethro. ”

  Her nails bit into his shoulders as she felt Jethro behind her, felt the head of his cock pressing against the tight anal entrance as Mac tore the cushion from behind them, allowing him to lay full length along the stool and the chair as Jethro began to press inside her.

  She could feel the cooling lubrication easing the way, creating a counterpoint between the magnified heat of Jethro’s cock and the hot depths of the channel he was invading. His hands, calloused like Mac’s but not as broad, parted her buttocks. Warm. Clenching into the flesh with almost catlike strokes.

  As she felt the broad head slip fully inside her, Keiley screamed out mindlessly. In acceptance or denial, she wasn’t certain. But her body opened for him. She felt it. Felt the burning, searing acceptance as the iron hard length of his erection began to work inside the ultra-tight, ultrasensitive channel.

  She stared back at Mac, weak, her body flooded with sensations that echoed and resounded, built and intensified by the second.

  She could feel both of them now. Their differences, the alternate scents of each man weaving around her. Mac’s stormy scent, laced with the scent of lightning. Jethro, wild and untamed, not quite like a storm, more like the scent of the earth just before the storm hits. Different, and yet familiar. It attacked her senses as the pleasure attacked her nerve endings.

  “Mac. ” She tried to arch in his arms as another scream came out as a whimpering sound of demented pleasure. “He’s—” She tried to swallow. “He’s inside me. ”

  “He’s inside you, baby,” he crooned gutturally. “Tight inside you. ”

  “Mac. I don’t know—,” she whimpered as she felt both their cocks jerk inside her. “I don’t know if I can survive—”

  Her eyes drifted closed as a surge of lust tore through her. She needed them to move. To do something. To ease the burning, gnawing ache for release.

  “Look at me, Keiley. ” His voice was strained, growling. “Open your eyes, damn it. Let me see them. ”

  She forced her eyes open, tightening, writhing beneath the combined penetrations as she whimpered his name again.

  “God, yes,” he muttered savagely “The pleasure in your face, Kei. It’s gorgeous. So damned gorgeous. ”

  She could feel his cock throbbing inside her as her rear stretched further, sending hard, agonizing bursts of sensation through her nerve endings.

  “Help me,” she gasped, aware that she was clawing his shoulders but unable to pull back. “Please. Please, Mac. ”

  His eyes were nearly black, his corded muscles like steel beneath her. She suddenly jerked, shuddered, and felt every inch of Jethro’s cock impaling her.

  Keiley wasn’t certain at that point if she could maintain consciousness. Keeping her eyes opened and locked on Mac’s took superhuman effort. Nothing could control the frantic writhing of her body, the internal contractions around the thick intrusions filling her, or the kaleidoscope of sensations racing through her body.
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