Forbidden pleasure, p.25
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       Forbidden Pleasure, p.25

         Part #8 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 25

  “It’s not the same. ” She jerked as Jethro’s lips touched her shoulder, his tongue licking over the flesh and sending a spike of electric sensation racing through her.

  She had only ever responded to Mac this way. Now, beneath his gaze, her body was responding to another man, the flares of sensation tearing through her, clawing across her nerve endings in violent hunger.

  And his touch wasn’t like Mac’s. His lips were a little rougher, his tongue just as adventurous, but the texture of it rasping more than her husband’s.

  It didn’t stop her from responding, from moaning with the sensuality racing through her.

  “It’s not supposed to be the same,” he whispered as Jethro leaned over her, his fingers touching her jaw, turning her face to him. “It’s supposed to be hotter, more intense. It’s supposed to make you weak with need, Keiley. It’s supposed to make you wet and wild. That’s what I want to see. That’s what I need to see. ”

  The truth of it was in his gaze, in his voice so filled with hunger. Her chest clenched with a sudden shaft of pain. What had happened in her husband’s past to have caused this? Surely something darker and more vicious than he had so far told her.

  She stared up at Jethro helplessly then.

  “Shh,” he whispered, as though he could see into her, could see the sudden fear that grew inside her for her husband. “There’s no pain here. Only pleasure. ”

  Only pleasure? A pleasure derived from the need to escape the pain?

  Her hands lifted, touched his face, her fingertips skimming over his high cheekbones, the dark brow, then into his overly long hair.

  Hair nearly as black as Mac’s, but with dark brown shades threading through it. It wasn’t the silky softness of her husbands, it was coarser, though not as thick.

  She watched as his expression tightened with her touch, an almost desperate light filling his gaze before he swiftly closed his eyes for a long second.

  When they reopened, it was gone, but the blazing hunger remained. In his gaze and in his kiss.

  The kiss caught her off guard. It was like Mac used to kiss her. Without apology. Without asking. Without the natural gentleness that came with three years of marriage. It was the kiss of a man who made no apologies for his desires and no excuses.

  “You like that, don’t you, Kei?” Mac whispered. “I see how he’s kissing you. You like having your lips taken. ”

  She couldn’t deny it. She couldn’t affirm it. She was too busy fighting the response that threatened to swamp her.

  “Don’t fight it, sweetheart. ” Mac’s voice was a low, rough growl of rising hunger. “Let me see your pleasure. Your need. Give in to it. ”

  She whimpered as Jethro nipped at her lips, stroked them with his tongue, and pushed his fingers into her hair to hold her head in place. He was restraining her movements, but not her response. Where it welled from, she wasn’t certain. From some dark inner part of her soul that reveled in the extremity of taking another man as her husband egged her on. In letting her own sensuality free, letting it rule rather than being concerned with how he might look upon her for being ruled by it.

  Her arms wrapped around Jethro’s shoulders, her fingers playing with his longer hair, pulling at it, tugging his lips closer as her tongue touched his.

  As though she had struck a match to gasoline, Jethro’s response exploded over her. His muscles tightened and flexed, his cock jerked against her hip, and one long leg tangled with hers.

  Suddenly the flaming need was whipping around her, through her, over her. Her lips parted further, taking his kiss and returning it, drawing it into her before giving it back.

  Lips and tongues battled in a dance of erotic fervor. Hands stroked sensitive flesh. His were broader, cupping her breasts, tweaking her nipples, hers smaller, stroking up his back, tangling in his hair, feeling the muscles shifting in his shoulders.

  Her nails scraped over his flesh, and he groaned in response. His lips tore from hers, stringing heated kisses down her neck as she arched and silently pleaded for more.

  She forced her eyes open as Jethro’s lips moved to her breasts, only to whimper in rising heated desire. Mac still stood by the bed, slowly stroking his cock, his gaze dark, his expression clouded with pleasure and approval. With a surfeit of love as his gaze met hers, and wicked, carnal knowledge, his eyes dropped to where Jethro’s tongue was slowly curling around her nipple, sending a whiplash of naked fire to flay her nerve endings.

  God help her, just as he wanted, she was coming undone.

  Mac watched as Keiley’s eyes began to glaze over, then dropped to where Jethro ministered to her nipples with seductive abandon.

  Broad male hands cupped her breasts, lifting first one, then the other to the wicked lash of his tongue, then to his suckling mouth. Her nipples darkened, becoming cherry in color rather than the innocent pink of pre-arousal.

  The delicate tip disappeared into Jethro’s mouth as his cheeks began to draw deeply. Mac knew what pleased his wife, just as he knew from watching his friend repeatedly how he tormented tender, sensitive nipples.

  His tongue was lashing at it. Keiley jerked with each flick of a tongue against her highly sensitive nipples. She was trembling now, shuddering, her nails creating indents in the hard muscles of Jethro’s naked, tense shoulders.

  Moans slipped from her lips as Jethro began to slip down her torso. He strung kisses along her perspiration-slick flesh. Tender skin that shimmered with life and moisture. His tongue licked over the lightly salty essence of her, causing her to shudder as her hands pushed him lower.

  Mac grimaced with rising hunger, his hand tightening on the shaft of his cock at the sight of Keiley pushing Jethro to the soft folds between her thighs.

  She loved having her pussy licked. She kept the soft curls that shielded it trimmed to the perfect length so they were still soft, yet didn’t impair the pleasure Mac found in going down on her.

  Jethro would appreciate that, though Mac knew that eventually he would press her to have the plump little mound waxed. Something Mac had put off, waiting, he knew, for Jethro’s arrival.

  Jethro eased lower, spreading her thighs wider, wedging his shoulders between them and revealing the glistening curls to Mac’s gaze.

  His friend’s eyes lifted, a question in them. Mac grimaced in rising lust. Watching this, having the chance to watch Keiley’s pleasure, knowing that the intensity was greater for the extremity of the act, had his own pleasure spiking higher.

  He could watch her. Gauge her response. See her coming apart and know that the pleasure she was receiving was greater than any he could give her alone. He wasn’t sharing her. He was giving to her.

  He nodded slowly to Jethro, finally answering the question in the other man’s eyes. They had done this so many times before that Mac felt a shimmer of amusement that the other man would ask permission to continue at this point.

  But once that permission was given, Jethro didn’t hesitate. With his thumbs he parted the soft folds, revealing the glistening pearl-pink flesh saturated with sweet female syrup. It was thick, sweeter than candy, slick, and Mac knew that the fresh, soft scent of it would make Jethro crazy.

  The other man loved eating pussy. He loved the taste, texture, and exciting heat to be found only between soft thighs and aroused folds.

  His head lowered, though he was careful to make certain Mac could see every lick, every promise he gave to the trembling flesh.

  Keiley’s clit was swollen now, glistening nearly red with the aroused fervor whipping through her. Jethro rimmed it slowly, then closed his lips over it and suckled with delicate greed as one hand moved lower.

  “Oh God! Jethro!” Keiley cried out, her head whipping from side to side before her eyes suddenly jerked open and she tensed, her eyes moving to him.

  As though she had just realized she had screamed another man’s name.

  Jethro didn’t ease in his c
aresses. Mac watched the battle on her face, the fight to stare back at him versus the need to close her eyes and let herself fly.

  “Let go,” he whispered, moving closer to her, kneeling on the bed to touch her cheek, his thumb whispering over her lips. “Let me see you let go. It doesn’t matter whose name you scream, baby. We’re both here. ”

  Her hips jerked, arched. Mac gritted his teeth against the hunger tearing him apart. He knew what that meant. Jethro’s fingers were filling her, stroking inside her, fucking her with slow, sweet strokes as she began to shake with the need to release.

  “I know what he’s doing to you,” he told her as she stared back at him, helpless. “He’s fucking that tight pussy, his fingers filling it, burning with the grip you have on them. ”

  Her lips parted with breathless pleasure as he glanced down her body once again. Jethro’s eyes were closed, his tongue dancing around her straining clit, licking, drawing the heated syrup to his lips until it clung to them with glistening sweetness.

  Mac lowered himself to the bed, his arm going beneath her neck, holding her head to his chest as he continued to watch. Watched the sweetest pussy in the world as it creamed for Jethro’s mouth. Watched as her clit disappeared inside the other man and, seconds later, she screamed his name, jerking, writhing as Mac held her to him, feeling her orgasm ripping through her.

  “I need her. ” Jethro jerked to his knees and tucked his cock against the fragile folds of Keiley’s slick flesh.

  Jethro pressed her legs further apart, opening the plump lips further to reveal the dark pink flesh hugging the tip of his cock.

  With one arm Mac held Keiley close as he stroked his own dick with his other hand. Son of a bitch, he was going to be lucky to last until she came again.

  He was going to be lucky to last until Jethro buried fully inside her.

  He was working his cock in, the head disappearing, then reemerging, slick and glistening with her inner juices before disappearing again.

  Keiley’s sharp little teeth bit into his chest as he watched Jethro wedge inside her a little deeper with each stroke.

  “Ah God. She’s so fucking tight. ” Jethro breathed roughly. “So hot. So tight. God help me. ” He impaled her farther, pulled back, the sweet juices clinging to his cock like threads of damp satin before he penetrated once again.

  It seemed to take forever. With each stroke inside her Mac’s fingers tightened on his cock, stroking it, feeling the blistering heat of her pussy through memory alone.

  Jethro felt his soul rocking. He stared at where he was penetrating Keiley, barely half-impaled, and he was ready to release. He could feel the pre-cum welling from the head of his cock before he suddenly stilled. He stared at the naked length of his erection that he had yet to bury inside her before his gaze jerked to Mac.

  The knowledge that he wasn’t wearing a condom was in the rueful, amused glimmer of his friend’s eyes.

  Jethro swallowed tightly. God, if he had to pull free and sheathe himself, lose the feeling whipping through his dick, he would die.

  “I’m protected,” Keiley said breathlessly. “I won’t get pregnant. ”

  His hips jerked, driving full-length inside her as he felt agonizing, clenching pleasure tighten his balls and rip up his spine.

  “Ah, fuck!” he groaned.

  He was doomed. Dead man walking.

  He shook his head, fighting against the incredible power of the pleasure rocking him to his soul.

  “It’s like being inside a dream, isn’t it?” Mac rasped softly. “A wicked dream so hot, so searing,. that you know if you wake up you’re going to die. ”

  Jethro’s hands tightened on her thighs as he fought to breathe through the rippling, clenching pleasure racing from his cock to his chest.

  Beneath him, Keiley was arching, screaming his name, her juices heating her pussy until he swore they would both combust from the pleasure of it.

  As good as it was, as shaken as he was, he couldn’t stay still. He jerked back, impaled her again, watching as the plump folds of her pussy parted, then closed around his cock, feeling the viselike grip of her inner muscles stroking over him.
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