Forbidden pleasure, p.42
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       Forbidden Pleasure, p.42

         Part #8 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 42


  She retreated, a hard thrust of need slamming into her womb, clenching it with enough force that her abdomen rippled, drawing Mac’s gaze as both men stepped into the room.

  The door slammed closed behind them, the lock snapping into place.

  The candles she had lit on the dresser cast flickering shadows over the two men as, simultaneously, they began undressing.

  “Stay still,” Jethro ordered as her fingers went to the buttons of her dress. “Unwrapping the present is just as pleasurable as playing with it. ”

  She shuddered at the dark cast of his voice. Her breasts were immediately more sensitive, her nipples hardening and pressing tightly beneath the lace bra and the material of the dress. She could feel the anticipation pounding in her bloodstream now, whipping through her with enough force to steal her breath as both men dropped their shirts to the floor.

  She had done this before. She tried to reassure herself that surviving with her sanity intact would be a snap. It would just feel like she was losing her mind.

  She touched her tongue to her lips as boots, socks, jeans, and underwear were shed in a matter of minutes, leaving them both naked, furiously aroused, and powerfully dominant.

  “Look how pretty. ” Jethro’s croon was a shadowed sound of hunger as he watched her, the fingers of one hand curling around the thick shaft of his cock.

  She stepped back again, watching their gazes flare, watching the dominance in their expressions notch higher.

  Mac’s lips tipped in a knowing smile as her breathing grew harder.

  “Come here. ” Narrowed and intense, his gray eyes looked black in the dim shadows of the room.

  “Not on your life. If you want it, take it. ”

  Take it. It was the ultimate dare and she knew it. A challenge neither man would reject. She watched the muscles flex over their bodies as she moved further away from them, smiling back at them with a mixture of temptation and anticipation.

  “Mac,” Jethro growled as though in warning.

  Mac’s smile was confident. “She likes to fight it sometimes,” he murmured. “Don’t you, sweetheart?”

  “Maybe she needs to learn the error of her ways, then. ” Jethro smiled and they moved.

  They caught her easily, and she did try to duck around them. There was a chance she could have slid around them if she had maneuvered it just right.

  But Mac had played this game with her before, and he was ready for her. And she had forgotten how easily he and Jethro seemed to work together.

  Mac’s arms wrapped around her from behind, holding her firmly while Jethro began unbuttoning the dress. And he took his time with it.

  Keiley shuddered as Mac’s teeth scraped over the back of her neck, laying in heated kisses that seared her nerve endings as Jethro laved each inch of newly revealed flesh with his wicked tongue.

  Her arms were restrained behind her back, pressing her breasts forward as the material fell away from them. The bra was disposed of with a quick little flick of Jethro’s fingers, the cups peeled back and his lips covering one hard, heated tip.

  Fire lanced between her thighs, tightened around her clit, and slammed into her vagina as the violent pleasure drew her body tight. He didn’t suckle the tip easily, he ate at it. Drew it into his mouth, rasped the sensitized nipple with his tongue, and sucked at it with firm pressure as Mac dragged the dress and bra from her arms.

  She stood before Jethro clad in nothing but black lace panties already damp from the juices spilling between her thighs. She was hot. Achy. Burning for touch, yet no one touch was enough.

  The wildness she had always tried to keep trapped inside her was winging free. It was arching her breasts closer as Mac held her wrists in one hand while moving before her. He cupped the other mound, his gaze meeting hers before opening his lips over the neglected nipple.

  Shock resounded through her. She couldn’t tell which arm was which behind her back, holding her to her feet, keeping her upright as she stared down at the two men tormenting, torturing her stiff nipples.

  At once.

  Two pairs of lips, two tongues, two hot mouths, sucking and licking, nipping and devouring the peaks. She didn’t expect the crashing orgasm that ripped through her womb. Her body bowed, her fingers curling into fists as she felt the ripping explosions of sensation tearing through her with exquisite force.

  “Mac!” She screamed his name. “Oh God. Jethro!”

  They didn’t stop. As the pleasure peaked they drew on the hardened tips further, lashing and laving with their tongues as she tried to writhe, fought to buck against their hold, to get closer. She needed to be closer.

  “Easy, sweetheart. ” Mac’s head lifted, his lips running up her neck as Jethro’s lips began to lower.

  “Not like this,” she cried out, struggling against Mac’s hold. “I can’t stand it like this. ”

  It was too much pleasure. Mac nipped at her neck, Jethro licking down her side.

  “You don’t have to stand it, Kei,” Mac whispered at her ear, nipping it erotically. “We’ll hold you up. Just let it have you. Let us have you. ”

  Keiley shook her head desperately, feeling the perspiration gathering on her forehead and along her neck as she tried to breathe. She couldn’t breathe. Pleasure was whipping around her, snapping along her nerve endings with fiery heat and violent pleasure.

  She lost the strength in her legs when she felt Jethro’s teeth nip at her hip bone and his hands pulling the lace panties over her thighs.

  “Mac. ” She could barely whisper his name, could find nothing to hold onto with her wrists still in his grip.

  “We have you, darlin’. ”

  Jethro spread her thighs, his hands smoothing down her inner legs as his cheek brushed over the damp curls between them.

  “So sweet and hot,” Jethro growled. “The juiciest little treat in the world. ” He blew a soft puff of air over her straining clit, causing her hips to jerk involuntarily as Mac’s lips covered hers. A second later, Jethro’s tongue eased into the moisture-rich slit of her pussy and began licking erotically.

  Sensation filled her world now. Cascading colors exploded behind her closed eyelids as pleasure ruptured through her body.

  How many times had they done this with other women? Each touch, each kiss was laid with exacting precision, with a choreography that stole her senses with destructive ease.

  Jethro lifted her leg over his shoulder, giving him better access to the juices easing from her body. His groan vibrated against her flesh a second before his tongue plunged inside her.

  She could feel him licking, drawing more pleasure, drawing more heat to his devouring lips. And Mac. His kisses were destroying her, flying through her as his tongue pumped into her mouth with the same dominant force that Jethro’s tongue pumped into her pussy.

  She was being consumed, and the pleasure was killing her.

  “We need her on the bed. ” Mac tore his lips from hers to growl the order to Jethro. “Now, damn it. ”

  Jethro’s response was a snarl, but his lips eased from her aching folds, his tongue giving a farewell lick to her clit that had her crying out at the impending orgasm that raced through her.

  Her wrists were released, though, and as she was lowered to the bed, her hands found the nearest raging erection.

  “Sweet mercy. ” Jethro’s body tightened as her lips covered the throbbing head of his cock.

  His body tightened, his hips jerking forward as her lips, tongue, and mouth sucked him in.

  He tasted like the night. His cock felt like silk-encased iron, his balls drawn tight beneath it. And Keiley used every trick Mac had taught her to erode his control while Mac’s hands eased over her quivering body.

  The fingers of one hand gripped the straining shaft, while she calmed his balls in the palm of her the other, her fingers working over the straining flesh of each portion of his body.
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  She licked beneath the head, then sucked him deep as she worked her tongue along the straining flesh. Blood was pumping, throbbing beneath the skin, making it steel-hard, sensitive.

  “She has you. ” Mac’s chuckle was rough. “Once that hot little mouth gets hold of you, you’re a goner. ”

  Jethro’s hands were in her hair, tightening, tugging.

  “Spank her. Let me watch her ass blush. ”

  Keiley moaned. A second later she cried out around the hard flesh filling her mouth as Mac’s hand landed on her rear.

  A second later, it rose between her thighs, a light little tap to her pussy exploding through her senses. Another to her rear. Back between her thighs. Jethro’s hands were tugging at her hair, and Keiley was fighting to keep the pressure on his cock as too many sensations began to invade her body.

  She was so wet that the soft slaps to her pussy only heated her further, made her want more. Need more.

  “I want her waxed. ” Jethro was panting. “Soon, Mac. I want that pussy waxed. ”

  “Do you know what that would feel like, Kei?” Mac’s voice whispered at her back. “Your pussy bare and soft as silk when I do this. ” His hand landed on her again, slapping against the damp curls that shielded it.

  She would be bare. Nothing to soften the small spark of heat between his hand and her flesh. She moaned at the thought.

  “Fuck, stop playing around, Mac,” Jethro snarled. “Distract her before I lose it. ”

  The head of his cock jerked, spilling a small amount of semen onto her hungry tongue. Behind her, she felt Mac’s fingers spreading her rear, and a second later a kiss so destructive she jerked back.

  Jethro’s cock slid from her lips as she tried to pull away, trying to reach back, to push him away.

  “Come here, sweetheart. ” Jethro caught her, easing her to the bed as Mac continued to lick along the narrow crease between her rear cheeks.

  “Mac!” Her cry was shattered as they laid her out across the bed, on her side. Mac’s hand lifted her leg, holding her beneath the knee, opening her to him further, and he was taking full advantage.

  “Oh God! Mac. What are you doing?” She heard the shock in her voice when his tongue found the small opening and began to rim it with lightning strokes of his tongue a second before it plunged inside her.

  She tried to jerk away. She drove her hips forward, pushing her clit straight into Jethro’s waiting lips.

  “Suck my dick, Kei. ” His voice was strained. “Do it now. ”

  Her head shook, her eyes opening, dazed, nearly unfocused as she felt the broad head of his cock touch her lips, press forward.

  She opened on another cry as two fingers stroked inside her pussy and drove the last fragments of thought from her mind.

  They were fucking her. Tongues, fingers, suckling lips at her clit. They were destroying her. Minutes later she felt thickly lubricated fingers easing into the damp entrance behind. Mac’s teeth were scraping over the curves of her rear as her body opened for him, taking the penetration of first one finger, then two.

  Jethro was licking, sucking her clit. His fingers were impaling her vagina, sliding deep, curling and stroking until she wondered if she would ever be able to live without both of them. Both of her men touching her. Both of them stroking her.

  Her mouth was filled with Jethro’s erection, but her senses were so scattered that tormenting him was out of the question. She could barely breathe. Barely cry out her pleasure.

  “Fuck! I’m going to come like this. ” Jethro jerked his cock back, his fingers sliding from her as Mac’s slid into her rear, hard and deep.

  “No!” She needed Jethro back. Needing his fingers pumping into her. She was so close. Sensation gathering upon sensation and threatening to explode through her.

  She was being moved. Lifted. Her legs spread as a hard cock pressed against the opening of her pussy. A second later, it drove deep and hard inside her as hard hands on her hips slammed her down.

  “Tight. So frickin tight. ” Jethro was beneath her. His cock filled her.

  Keiley forced her eyes opened as hands, Mac’s, Jethro’s, she wasn’t certain, pressed her against his chest.
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