Forbidden pleasure, p.50
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       Forbidden Pleasure, p.50

         Part #8 of Bound Hearts series by Lora Leigh
Page 50


  “Shut up, Robert. ” Victoria’s gaze jerked to him in warning.

  Robert’s lips twitched. “We should all be so brave. ”

  Keiley’s eyes widened as he then rose to his feet and nodded to Jethro and Mac as they straightened as well.

  “Thank you for allowing me to take care of Delia before you retaliated. I’m aware of the problems you could have caused had you wanted to. ”

  “Robert, I told you, John McCoy has a cool head. ” Victoria rose as well, her tone reproving as she spoke to her son. “You should heed my council more often. ”

  He sighed. His look said this argument was a common one.

  “Good day, Keiley. ” He nodded in her direction before extending his hand to Mac once again. “And again, thank you for the cool head. ”

  “Thank you for sending her to Pennsylvania. I might not have kept that cool head otherwise. ” Mac grimaced.

  “That I assumed. ” Robert nodded. “We’ll leave you now. I’m aware you have a trip planned later. If you ever need anything. ” He left the sentence hanging, his meaning clear.

  “He knows who to ask,” Victoria informed him, her tone offended. “Really, Robert. John has always known he could come to me. ”

  “Yes, Mother. ” His lips quirked with a faint tolerance that bespoke his affection for his mother.

  “Victoria. ” Mac stepped forward, his hands raising to clasp her shoulders as he bent and kissed her cheek gently. “Thank you. ”

  Victoria blinked then, her expression softening, then firming once again to its normal, imperious lines.

  “You heathen,” she muttered fondly then. “I always knew you had a wild streak. You didn’t fool me. ”

  “No, ma’ am, I didn’t. ” He smiled. “And you’d better buy a hot dog off me this summer, or I’ll send all the old men to you. Imagine the lines at your booth if I send out the message you’re selling kisses. ”

  “That threat will not always work. ” She shook her finger at him reprovingly. “Now be good. All of you. These shenanigans of yours are too hard on my composure. Not to mention my phone. ” She sighed expressively. “The phone was still ringing when I left this morning. You and that young friend of yours are going to be very popular for a while. The young ladies are scandalized and curious. It does not bode well for keeping them in line, I’ll have you know. ”

  “No, ma’ am,” he agreed, hiding his smile now.

  “Come see me soon. ” Victoria reach up and patted his cheek in such a motherly gesture that it brought tears to Keiley’s eyes. “I’ve missed our chats, you know. ”

  “Soon,” Mac promised as she drew away from him, following her son to the doorway as she looked back affectionately.

  “Very soon,” she reminded him. “All of you. Very soon. ”

  As the door closed behind them, Keiley sighed in satisfaction. As Mac and Jethro returned to the doorway, she smiled in sensual anticipation. Both men were loosening their belts with the same anticipation with which she was toeing off her sandals and pushing her capris from her hips.

  In seconds, they were naked. Within minutes they were sweat-dampened, and not long after Keiley was between the two men she loved with all her soul.

  She screamed with pleasure as she felt Jethro press firmly into her rear, tightening her pussy on Mac’s furiously throbbing erection as her lips ate at him. Her tongue licked over his, her teeth nipped at his lips and were nipped in turn.

  Behind her, Jethro’s lips attacked her neck and shoulders, kissing, licking, nipping in turn. Together they were devouring her body as her body devoured them in turn.

  “Mac,” she moaned in rising pleasure as they began to move, thrusting, invading, penetrating her body and her soul.

  Her back arched as she stared down at her husband, seeing the love gleaming in the gray depths, and the peace settling inside him.

  “I love you,” she whimpered, delirious with the pleasure now. “I love you both. I love you so much. ”

  “God, Keiley. ” Mac’s hands were tight on her hips as he held them still, his hips jerking harder, driving deeper inside her. “You’re my soul. ”

  “My life,” Jethro groaned, his hands gripping her shoulders, pressing her to Mac’s chest as the pleasure/pain of his possession mixed with the burning ecstasy of Mac’s and created an inferno that swept her higher than ever, threw her into the star-studded expanse of an orgasm that left her shuddering, and an emotional kaleidoscope of joy that left her dazed.

  This was the dream she thought she would never have. A forbidden pleasure she never expected to be able to hold forever. But she was holding it. Or they were holding her, filling her with their release, their harsh voices filled with love as they whispered their love.

  Forbidden pleasure. And all hers. Forever.

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