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       Hidden Away, p.38

         Part #3 of KGI series by Maya Banks
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  “Son of a bitch,” Garrett muttered as he pried her hands away from his cock. “If you so much as breathe on me, I’m going to come and then I’ll be so humiliated I’ll never be able to get it up again. ”

  She laughed and took a step back, more so she could look at him, all of him. Oh but he was beautiful. She thought that a lot about him, but it was so true. He was the perfect male specimen. Rough. Hard. Strong. A warrior in every sense of the word. There was nothing easy about him. She doubted there was a soft part on his body. And she wanted his hands on her more than she wanted to breathe.

  “Touch me,” she said in an aching voice. “I want to feel you. ”

  He slid his hands over the sides of her neck and up to frame her face. His mouth came down on hers in a heated rush that stole her breath. His mouth was so gentle over hers, but insistent too.

  The warmth of his tongue licking delicately at her lips sent a shiver down her spine. He tasted her like she was a delicious treat he was sampling. And as if he found it decadent, he pushed inward, wanting more. She met his advance, rubbing her tongue over the roughness of his. There was a hint of caramel, proof he’d snuck a taste while he’d been making dessert.

  He sucked lightly at her bottom lip, pulling it then letting it go as he delved once more inside. Then he retreated and nibbled at her upper lip to the corner where he peppered her with tiny kisses. His mouth slid from her mouth to her jaw, tracing a line to her ear.

  His breath blew over the delicate shell of her ear even as he sucked the lobe between his teeth.

  “I want to savor you all night,” he said in a rough, husky voice. “I’m going to take this slow. I want it to be perfect. So perfect. Now that you’re finally mine, I’m going to kiss every inch of your body. I want to touch you and taste you and love you until you know in your heart that I’ll never hurt you. ”

  Her legs turned to jelly.

  Which was okay because he bent and looped his arm underneath her quivering legs and hoisted her into his arms. He turned and walked the few steps to the bed and gently laid her down on the mattress.

  He loomed over her, staring down at her like she was a feast he was about to devour. His gaze was fixed on her as if he was totally absorbed in her. Just her. It was a heady, giddy feeling that sent tingles of excitement through her blood.

  The mattress dipped as he crawled onto the bed beside her. At first he contented himself with touching her. Just as she’d asked. And oh but his hands were wonderful. She was right. They weren’t soft—she knew that already. But the way they glided up and down her body in a reverent manner made her feel as though she was a goddess being paid homage to.

  He levered himself over her so that his body half covered hers and he stared down into her eyes, his expression serious. “If at any time I do something you’re not okay with, tell me. I’ll stop immediately. ”

  She wanted to cry. Not because she was sad. Or afraid. But because he made her feel so protected and . . . cherished. It was a welcome change from fear and shame, from anxiety and fear.

  “Promise me. ”

  “I promise,” she whispered. “Now kiss me. ”

  His body pressed flush to hers as he lowered his mouth to capture her lips in yet another searing, soul wrenching kiss. Her breasts pressed into his chest, the light mat of hair teasing her nipples to hard points.

  One hand wandered over her body, tracing a path over her curves, down her leg then back up again to her shoulder and then tangling in her hair. There was no sense of urgency about him. No rush—though she could tell by the betraying tremble of his body how hard he fought for control. She released a sigh of bliss that he swallowed up as his mouth possessed hers.

  She wanted him. Not just wanted, but had to have. She wanted everything. His body. His touch. His tenderness. His love.

  He shifted and his cock rested across her pelvis, hot and pulsing, so rigid and yet satiny smooth. But he made no move to end things that quickly. He pushed himself up and over her once more and dipped his head to nuzzle at her neck. He teased the sensitive flesh below her ear and nibbled a path to her shoulder, spreading a thousand chill bumps in his wake.

  Soft, open-mouthed kisses caressed her flesh, ever closer to her breasts. She held her breath, waiting for his mouth to close around her nipple, but he continued to tease and lavish his attention on the plump swell.

  She groaned in equal parts pleasure and frustration.

  Then he dragged his tongue across the aureole and finally over her aching nipple. It puckered and thrust upward, so tight it was painful. He traced a damp circle around the bud before finally returning to it. His lips closed over the point and he sucked, keeping it between his teeth.

  She arched off the bed, grasping wildly at his shoulders, something to hold on to, something for her fingers to dig into as she gasped her pleasure into the silence. He smiled against her breast and then carefully pulled away and fixed his gaze to hers.

  “I’m not so good at pretty words,” he admitted in a somewhat self-conscious voice. “I feel like I should be composing poetry or saying all the right things. You’re so beautiful and the fact that you’re giving yourself to me . . . I don’t have the words. ”

  She melted all the more under his steady gaze. She let all her love for him bleed into her smile as she raised her hand to stroke over his cheek. “The way you look at me, the way you touch me, tells me far more than words ever could. ”

  He kissed her again, more fiercely than before. Breathless. Until she fidgeted with the restless, achy need that bloomed inside her. She wanted more. So much more.

  He slid down her body, his mouth brushing over her breasts and then her belly. He paused at the juncture of her legs and gently kissed the area right above the patch of hair at her groin.

  She shuddered, sighed and then arched upward, parting her legs in unconscious invitation. He repositioned himself so that he was between her sprawled legs, and again she held her breath as she watched his dark head lower until she could feel his soft exhale over her clit.

  And then he touched her with his tongue. Just a simple flick over her clit and her hips bolted upward. Her knees shook uncontrollably and her fingers curled into tight fists at her sides.

  With gentle fingers he parted her farther and swept his tongue over her quivering flesh to her opening. He circled it in a slow, teasing rhythm and then licked his way back up to her clit. He drew away for a moment and toyed with the swollen nub with his fingers, exerting just enough pressure to drive her insane. How could she withstand sweet and slow when he was killing her with just a touch?

  He pressed his mouth where his fingers had just played and kissed her softly, sucking until she twisted and arched spasmodically.

  “Garrett. ”

  His name spilled from her lips, a soft plea, although she wasn’t sure what she begged for.

  “You okay?” he asked as he raised his head.

  “Oh yes,” she breathed.

  He returned his attention to his gentle lovemaking, only this time he ran a finger through her folds. And when his mouth returned to her clit, he eased his finger inside her.

  Lightning sizzled through her veins. Her orgasm welled up sharp and explosive. As he applied more pressure with his mouth, she went up in flames. Flood after flood of intense pleasure washed through her and over her.

  It was several moments before she became aware of the fact that he was no longer between her legs. He lay beside her, gazing lazily down at her, smug satisfaction outlined on his face.

  “Welcome back. ”

  She stretched and turned into his arms, rubbing against his warm body. She sighed and laid her cheek on his shoulder.

  “Feel good?”

  “Mmm. ”

  He chuckled lightly as he lifted a strand of her hair and let it fall from his fingers. “We’re not done. Not even close to being done. ”

  “You say the nicest things. ”

  He cupped
her cheek and kissed her lingeringly. When he shifted over, she could feel his hardness burning into her belly.

  “I don’t suppose you pack condoms in your soldier gear. ”

  He reared back and then he laughed. “Soldier gear?”

  She shrugged. “Whatever you call it. Aren’t you Marines prepared for anything?”

  “Oh yes, we routinely stop and fuck during a mission,” he said dryly.

  She giggled and punched him in the gut. “Smart-ass. ”

  “I have two. We’ll have to make the most of them. ”

  “Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem. ”

  “Me either,” he murmured as he swept her underneath him.

  He started all over again, coaxing a response and building and stoking the fire within her. He alternated kissing her senseless and licking over her body until she was panting and twitching from head to toe.

  “Hold that thought,” he rasped out as he rolled off her. She glanced sideways to see him dangle from the bed and fumble with his jeans. A moment later, her repositioned himself atop her and stroked his hand through her hair. “Now. Where were we?”

  Feeling bold, she reached down and curled her hand around his latex-covered erection. She guided him toward her entrance and they both hissed out their breath when her heat surrounded him.

  “Here. ”

  “I like here,” he said hoarsely.

  “So do I. ”

  Lowering to his elbows on either side of her, he eased forward, pushing into her with extreme patience and care.

  “Stop me if I hurt you. ”

  In response, she lifted her legs, curled them around his waist and arched her hips. Her movement caused him to sink farther into her body and she sighed. She stretched around him and the sensation was delicious.

  “Almost there. ”

  “Mmmm. ”

  He surged forward the last few inches and her eyes flew open at the aching fullness. Tight, so very tight. She hugged his cock. Her body clenched with need and her pussy pulsed and rippled over his length.

  “Tell me you’re with me, Sarah. I can’t hold back anymore. ”

  The words came out in a pained-sounding rush. Sweat beaded his forehead and his jaw was clenched tight. Her fingers danced up his arms to his shoulders and she clasped her hands around his neck.

  “I’m with you, Garrett. All the way. Let go. You won’t hurt me. I want this. I want you. ”

  With a groan he withdrew and thrust forward again. He only paused a second before he thrust again. And then again. He watched her the entire time and to ease his mind, she gave over to the all-consuming pleasure surrounding her like a cloud. She closed her eyes and threw back her head as the sound of his hips meeting the backs of her legs slid erotically over her ears.

  “Tell me what you need,” he strained out. “I want you to come again. ”

  “Just don’t stop,” she said through clenched teeth. “Please don’t stop. ”

  No matter that he thought he was the one lacking control. She was already teetering on the edge of another orgasm, this one more intense, more explosive than the previous one. She bowed upward, her legs wrapped so tight around his waist that her body ached with the strain.

  He thrust harder but he watched her the entire time and his fingers gently caressed her cheek. His body tightened and he closed his eyes, his gaze leaving her for the first time. She knew he was close and she wanted to go with him.

  “Harder,” she whispered.

  A strangled sound escaped his throat and then he complied, rushing forward into her body. Once. Twice. She cried out his name, gripped his shoulders with bloodless fingers. Her name slipped from his lips in a husky, gravelly growl. Her orgasm burst over her like a balloon stretched too far.

  She couldn’t breathe. Couldn’t think. Couldn’t process anything but the mind-numbing ecstasy that fired through her brain. And through it all, Garrett gathered her close. Murmured her name. Whispered soothing words that were a balm to her ravaged senses.

  She was breathing way too hard and too fast. Bright spots flashed in her vision and she closed her eyes, melting underneath him. Boneless. Mindless. She lay still as he came to rest atop her.

  His chest heaved against hers and she felt the dampness as his forehead rested against hers.

  “I’ve never seen a woman come like you do,” Garrett said.

  “If I wasn’t so damn tired, I might take offense,” she muttered.

  He laughed. “It wasn’t an insult. Right now I feel like Master of the Universe. It’s a helluva ego trip for a man when his woman reacts that way to his lovemaking. ”

  “Now you’re going to get all smug on me. ”

  He grinned and kissed her nose. “Oh, hell, yeah, I am. ” Then he sobered. “You okay?”

  “Oh yeah. Never better. ”

  He rolled to the side and then turned his back to her for a moment while he discarded the condom. A moment later he rolled back to her and wrapped his arms around her. She snuggled into his embrace and laid her head on his shoulder. After a moment he rolled to his back, taking her with him so that she was tucked firmly into his side. His arm curled possessively around her and he rubbed his fingers up and down her arm as their quiet breathing filled the room.

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