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         Part #1 of Colters Legacy series by Maya Banks
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  He pulled back then surged forward, more powerfully than before. She gripped Ethan’s head, yanking him down to her mouth. He held her tightly as Ryan began thrusting between her legs.

  She’d never felt anything like this before. Ryan leaned forward and jerked his hips powerfully.

  “Oh!” she exclaimed as he seated himself fully within her. She could feel his balls nestled against her ass.

  “Am I hurting you?” Ryan gritted out.

  “God no, don’t stop,” she pleaded.

  Her words seemed to shove him right over the edge. He began tunneling into her, his hands gripping her hips.

  In her haze, she registered another presence. Adam. The bed dipped again.

  “It would appear I’m missing all the fun. ” His deep voice washed over her, nearly sending her over the edge.

  Adam put a hand behind her neck and pulled her head up far enough that he could slide his cock into her mouth.

  She closed her eyes and sucked him deep within, in matching rhythm to Ryan’s thrusts.

  Adam gripped her head tightly and thrust hard, not allowing her to control the tempo. He paused to let her catch her breath then began stroking to the back of her throat.

  Ethan’s mouth closed over her nipple once more, his teeth grazing the sensitive tip. Then he sucked it into his mouth, and she nearly lost all sense of time and place.

  She couldn’t think, she could only react. She could feel Ryan’s urgency mount, and he shook the entire bed with the force of his thrusts. Then he tightened between her legs, and she felt the hot jets of his release.

  She whimpered in protest. She wasn’t ready yet. She was close, so close. She didn’t want Ryan to stop.

  Adam slid all the way out of her mouth and paused a moment. Then he curled his hands into her hair and thrust all the way into her mouth, his cock sliding down her throat. His balls rested on her chin, and he kept her still, allowing himself to fill her mouth completely.

  Ryan pulled out, and she felt the loss keenly. Adam withdrew and began pumping in and out of her mouth. He was close to his release, she could tell. He’d tightened, swelled, become even harder in her mouth.

  Precum filled the back of her mouth, and she swallowed quickly as he thrust faster.

  The bed dipped and her legs wobbled and fell as Ryan left her. Before she could utter any sound of regret, her legs were spread wide once more.

  Ethan slid into her. She moaned around Adam’s cock. Ethan felt so different yet every bit as good as Ryan had felt.

  Ethan began a slow in and out motion, gentle, deep.

  She gagged slightly as Adam’s hand gripped her neck tighter and he surged forward again.

  “Oh God, baby, I’m coming, get ready. ”

  The wet sounds of her sucking filled the room as he fisted his cock in his other hand and forced himself deeper.

  Hot liquid filled her mouth, jetted against the back of her throat and spilled down her chin. She swallowed as fast as she could but it kept coming. He thrust one more time and held it deep, holding her against him as he finished in the back of her throat.

  Slowly he let her head down until she was flat against the mattress again. She opened her eyes to see him staring down at her, desire and approval in his eyes.

  He lowered his hand to caress her breasts, feathering his fingers across her taut nipples.

  Ryan took the position vacated by Ethan, and he turned her head toward him. He was already hard again. He slid his cock into her mouth and groaned. He was surprisingly gentle, much more so than when he’d fucked her.

  Ethan stroked between her legs, the soft smacking noise of flesh meeting flesh filling the air. He pressed a thumb to her clit as he thrust deeper, and she began to squirm restlessly as her orgasm built, fanned out of control.

  Ryan’s cock in her mouth, Adam’s hands on her breasts, Ethan deep within her pussy, it was all too much. She’d held on as long as she could.

  As Ryan filled her mouth with his cum, Ethan sank deeply inside her and poured himself into her. She bucked wildly beneath them, spasms rocking her body.

  Ethan slipped from her and leaned heavily on her belly, his breath coming in ragged bursts. Ryan eased his cock from her mouth then gathered her in his arms.

  She closed her eyes and sucked in deep mouthfuls of air, trying desperately to calm her raging senses. She shook from head to toe from the force of her orgasm. In short, she felt like jelly.

  She felt her legs lifted then separated. A hard cock slid into her, and she moaned. “I can’t,” she whispered. She couldn’t take another orgasm like she’d just experienced. It would kill her.

  Adam chuckled, the sound husky and erotic to her ears. It was the laugh of a predator. One who knew he had his prey right where he wanted.

  “Oh yes, baby. You can. Just lay back and feel. ”

  She was impossibly sore, and yet as he pushed into her, lapped her legs over his shoulders, she felt her body react.

  “That’s it, baby. ”

  Ryan and Ethan ran their hands soothingly over her body, feathering over her soft belly, her ribcage, then to her breasts. Both dark heads dipped and sucked at her nipples, lavishing them with attention.

  Her body shuddered as Adam drove powerfully into her. He was so hard, so big.

  He withdrew and she opened her eyes.

  “Turn over,” he commanded.

  Ethan and Ryan helped her turn over, their hands warm and comforting.

  “Up on your knees,” Adam said.

  She shook in reaction. Was he going to take her from behind? This was by far the more erotic of her fantasies. The thing she’d wanted to try most. It was the one position guaranteed to turn her on.

  He gripped her hips in his strong hands and with his thumbs spread her buttocks until she felt cool air wash over her ass and pussy.

  He ran a finger over the seam of her ass, pausing at her back entrance.

  She flinched and tightened reflexively. Surely he wasn’t going to…

  He chuckled again as if reading her thoughts.

  “Not yet, baby. But soon. Very soon. ”

  Chills dotted her entire body at the idea of him fucking her ass. Would it feel as good as she imagined? Or would it be one of those things better left in fantasy and not in reality?

  She didn’t know, but she wanted to find out.

  He positioned himself behind her then surged forward, nearly rocking her off her knees.

  She screamed as a wave of pleasure, so sharp, raced over her. He was so deep. Deeper than she imagined he could go. He rocked forward, setting an insane pace, driving her forward. The slap of his thighs against her ass ricocheted through the room, the sound incredibly erotic to her ears.

  Ethan knelt on the bed and positioned himself in front of her. His cock stood erect mere centimeters from her mouth. She opened her mouth obediently and he thrust inside.

  Ryan’s lips slid across her back making her shiver. His hands curled around to tweak and pinch at her nipples.

  “You like this?” he murmured.

  She nodded, unable to speak around Ethan’s cock shoving impatiently into her mouth.

  “Imagine how it will be when you are taking all three of us,” he continued, his voice raspy with lust. “Would you like that? Adam in your ass, me in your pussy, Ethan in your mouth. ”

  She shuddered and bucked in reaction to his provocative words.

  Adam thrust harder in response, making her cry out.

  “I think I want to fuck you again,” Ryan whispered. “Would you like that?”

  She let Ethan’s cock slide out of her mouth long enough to shout yes before Ethan reclaimed her lips.

  Adam withdrew, but he hadn’t come yet. Ryan took his place and slid his hard cock into her quivering pussy.

  “Oh yeah, you feel so damn good,” Ryan said with a groan.

  He fucked in and out, his fingers digging into her hips as Ethan con
tinued his assault on her mouth. Never had she felt so powerful, so desirable and so in control of her own destiny. She reveled in it, giving as good as she was getting.

  Ryan stopped all too soon, but Adam was there to take his place. They began taking turns, driving her up the peak to her release only to stop before she catapulted over the top.

  Three, four, five thrusts, then another would take his place.

  She sucked Ethan’s cock with all the intensity of her raging desire. She wanted to come damn it. She needed to come.

  “I’m coming, doll,” Ethan said hoarsely.

  He shot into her throat, thrusting forcefully. She swallowed as she bucked back into the cock impaled in her pussy.

  Finally she felt Adam tighten against her ass. She raised up on her hands as high as she could and pushed back against him. He gripped her shoulders with his hands, pulling her back as hard as he could.

  He shot cum into her pussy until she felt it run down the inside of her thigh, but still she hadn’t found her release.

  He pulled out and Ryan quickly grabbed her hips and plunged into her. The fire in her pussy burned out of control. It ballooned into her pelvis, into her stomach, tightened her legs until she feared she would collapse.

  He fucked her harder, knowing what she needed.

  She closed her eyes and screamed as his hard thighs slammed against her ass. He reached underneath and pressed his fingers to her clit.

  Black spots filled her vision. The world blurred around her. Her pussy felt as though it exploded as her orgasm finally burned over her.

  Behind her, Ryan cried out. He thrust forward and convulsed against her.

  She collapsed forward, no longer able to bear her weight with her hands. Ryan came with her, his big body covering hers, his cock still buried deeply within her.

  She couldn’t catch her breath fast enough. She panted as the aftershocks rocked her limp body. Then she simply blacked out.

  Chapter Seven

  Holly opened her eyes and blinked to adjust to the darkness. Her body was cocooned in warmth, and she let out a drowsy yawn.

  She was curled against Adam’s chest, his arms wrapped around her. A bare back pressed into hers, and she glanced over her shoulder, trying to see if it was Ethan or Ryan.

  Best she could make out, it was Ethan. She frowned. Where was Ryan?

  “You’re awake,” Adam murmured.

  She ducked her head shyly, glad he couldn’t see her well in the darkness.

  His arms tightened around her and he tucked her head under his chin.

  “Are you all right?”

  She nodded against his chest. She was better than all right. She’d never felt righter in her life.

  She snuggled deeper into his chest, loving how safe she felt in his arms. She turned up her face so that her lips were in the direction of his ear.

  “Where is Ryan?”

  Adam stiffened slightly but continued to rub his hand up and down her back.

  “He went to his room,” he said quietly.


  Adam leaned back on his pillow, taking her with him so her head was cushioned on his arm. He stared up at the ceiling.

  “He doesn’t sleep well. He has nightmares, and he doesn’t want us to hear. ”

  Holly frowned. She knew she’d seen torment in Ryan’s eyes, but what could be so bad that even his sleep would be haunted?

  “Ryan got back from Iraq a little less than a year ago. He was Special Forces, got captured behind enemy lines. He was a POW for several weeks before our men got in to rescue him. He hasn’t been the same since. ”

  “What happened?” she asked in horror, afraid to know what he might have endured.

  Adam sighed. “I wish I knew. He won’t talk about it. ”

  “Will you two shut up so I can sleep?” Ethan complained, his voice muffled by his pillow.

  She grinned and elbowed him in the side.

  How natural it felt to be in bed with these two men, comfortable, easy, no awkwardness.

  Ethan rolled over and slid his hand up over her breast.

  “I’m glad to see we didn’t kill you. ”

  She smiled. “But what a way to go. ”

  “Come snuggle me. Adam’s gotten you the entire night,” Ethan groused.

  She giggled but curled into his arms and laid her head on his chest.

  “Now shut up and go back to sleep,” he muttered.

  She closed her eyes, marveling at how truly happy she felt.

  * * *

  When Holly woke again, sunlight streamed through the window, nearly blinding her as she cracked her eyes open. She was alone in the bed, a fact she found disappointing.

  A quick glance at the bedside clock told her why she was alone. It was nearly nine.

  She stretched, testing the limits of her body. She felt sore, but unbelievably content. She swung her legs over the side of the bed, groaning a little when her muscles protested.

  She started to grab the sheet to cover herself then laughed at the absurdity of that notion. Instead, she padded nude across the floor to the bathroom. The idea of a long, hot bath sounded like heaven.

  She started the water running, and soon steam filled the large bathroom. When there were several inches of water in the bottom, she stepped in, sighing as the hot water lapped over her.

  She leaned back in the tub and closed her eyes, allowing the water to rise around her. Images from the previous night filled her mind. Her body tingled, her thighs clenched, her nipples tightened in response.

  It was the single most fantastic experience of her life. If she didn’t remain with the brothers, what could she possibly look forward to in the sex department? It wasn’t as if she’d find someone else to satisfy her as they had.

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