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       Loved, p.13

         Part #2 of The Vampire Journals series by Morgan Rice
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Chapter Thirteen

  Samantha woke at the crack of dawn, and looked over. There, in bed beside her, was the teenage boy. Sam. He had been so easily seduced. She almost felt bad. She knew she had violated a law in sleeping with a human, but this one was so young and fresh, she had decided to bend the rules. Why not? No one would ever know. Of course, she would never tell, and she wouldn't keep Sam alive long enough to tell anyone himself. Once every few hundred years, she had to indulge. It was the least she could allow herself.

  Besides, there was something about him, something that, for a human, made him almost tolerable. In fact, if she were being honest with herself, more than tolerable. She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was, and this, more than anything, bothered her.

  Agitated by her feelings, she sat up, still naked, and in one swift motion jumped to her feet and walked silently through the room. She picked up her clothes and dressed quickly, looking out the sliding glass doors. Dawn was breaking. How ironic, she thought. Sleeping during the night, and waking in the morning. Just like a human. The thought of it made her sick, but there were times one had to make exceptions.

  She looked over her shoulder and saw the boy sleeping soundly. She had tired him out, that was for sure. She knew he'd never had an experience like it, and that he never would again. After all, she had 2,000 years of experience. He was certainly lucky. At least for now. He would be equally unlucky in the coming weeks, when she'd had her fill of him, and had found out all she needed to know about his father. Then, she would dispose of him. But for now, he was a fun toy. Quite fun.

  He remained sound asleep, as she was so lithe, so limber on her feet. Like a cat. She could prance through the entire house and he would never hear a thing, unless she wanted him to. One of the many advantages of being a vampire.

  He had been so gullible: he had really believed that this house was hers. She'd worried how she would explain the fact that there were no blankets or sheets or pillows - or anything in the house - but to her surprise, he didn't even ask. And the place has been at least partially furnished. Probably all the doings of some desperate broker, staging the house for his hypothetical showings. At least she had put it all to good use.

  She felt the heat course again through her veins, and realized that she couldn't wait any longer. She needed to feed. It had been hard for her to mate with him and not finish it off, like she always did, with feeding. But she needed him alive. He was the key, and she'd had to control herself. But that didn't stop the hunger, and as she walked about the empty house, looking out at the breaking sky, the empty country road, she wondered if any unsuspecting humans might be walking down the path. Perhaps a small child, up too early. That would be perfect.

  Before she could finish the thought, a shiny BMW came down the road, and turned into the driveway. There was the sound of gravel, as the car's shiny tires made their way slowly towards the house. Who on earth, she wondered, could be pulling into the driveway this time of day? Who knew she was there?

  Her heart stopped momentarily, as she wondered if it could be a member of her coven. Had someone seen her mating? Had some rival vampire reported her, and had they come to punish her?

  The car door opened and out came a human, poorly dressed in a cheap suit, carrying a "for-sale" sign beneath his arm. He walked towards the front door of the house.

  She was so relieved, that she laughed out loud. It was just another pathetic human. And this one, a real estate broker. The worst of them all.

  Of course. Now it made sense. He was probably preparing to show the house, probably had an open house scheduled, and was here bright and early to make sure everything was fine. Overzealous. And desperate.

  As she watched him approach, she saw his brow furrow in confusion and then concern, as he began to notice the signs that the house was occupied. Sam's pickup truck in the driveway. A light on. He seemed utterly confused, as if racking his brain to remember if he'd left a light on, or whose car that could be. Then, as he seemed to realize that it was something more, his expression turned to annoyance.

  Samantha smiled. She loved how annoyed he was, and she reveled in the fact that it was about to get much worse. She couldn't wait.

  She opened the front door widely, and walked out, heading right towards him.

  His look changed to one of outright outrage.

  "What the hell are you doing in this house?" he yelled from across the lawn, strutting right towards her. "Do you realize that this is breaking and entering? You young kids think it's all a joke, that you can crash anywhere you want. I'm sick of it. You're not gonna get away with it this time. I've had just about enough of this!" he yelled in a rush, as he pulled out his cell, still strutting towards her.

  She smiled even wider, and this really set him off.

  "You think this is a joke, don't you?" he said, as he began to raise his phone to his ear, walking towards her with twice the speed.

  As he reached her, he grabbed her roughly under her arm. He turned, thinking that he would drag her off.

  His expression changed to one of shock, as he realized she had other plans. Before his fingers could fully dig into her skin, she had swept his arm around in one swift motion, and then twisted it back, snapping it cleanly in half.

  His face contorted in pain as he began to scream. But before he could make any noise, she grabbed his head and brought it down right into her knee. There was a crack, and then nothing, as his body went limp.

  Before his body hit the floor, she was already pouncing, sinking her teeth deep into his neck. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she fed, and fed. She felt ecstasy, as his blood coursed through her system.

  When she finished, she picked up his lifeless body, went to his car, opened the trunk and threw his body in. Before she slammed it shut, she reached in and grabbed the car keys from his pants pocket.

  She headed back towards the house, wiping the last remnants of blood from her mouth, and admired the morning sky.

  This was going to be a great day.

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