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       Delectable, p.16

         Part #9 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson

  the end there to make him think that she’d just done him a favor by accepting. “If I can find the time that is.”

  Devious and fucking adorable.

  “Is there something else?” he asked, noting the way that she couldn’t stop running her eyes over him.

  “Yes, yes there is, Yummy,” she said, reaching over and swiping his Coke. “I’m going to need you to understand something.”

  “And that is…”

  “Sleep, Yummy. I value my sleep.”

  “I see,” he murmured, biting back a smile as he waited for the threats of bodily harm that he’d heard her shout at Eric as she’d hidden in the living room closet to come.

  “I’m sure that you do,” she said, sipping his Coke as she surveyed the damage around them before adding, “So, we’re in agreement?”


  “Not sending your lackey to do your dirty work,” she murmured, taking a sip of his Coke.

  “Ah, that,” he said, nodding in agreement, because he’d already decided to give that job to someone else.

  Chapter 27

  “God, you feel so fucking good,” Trevor groaned, making his wife moan while the sounds of Haley whimpering echoed throughout his room accompanied by the sounds of a bed hitting one of the bedroom walls while Reese laid there, staring up at the ceiling as he tried to block out the sounds of his cousins trying to make their wives scream for the third time that night.

  He should have switched rooms when he’d had the chance, he realized as he was forced to reached down and readjust the painful erection tenting his boxers while he did his best to drown out the noises coming from the bedrooms on either side of him. Closing his eyes, he tried to think about all the things that he needed to do tomorrow and when that didn’t work, he mentally went over the list that he still needed to write, making sure to add an extra gallon of putty, copper pipes, another bag of drywall nails, and-

  “That’s right, baby. Just like that,” Jason all but purred, making his wife moan as Reese’s mind shifted to a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

  His mind quickly went to the plump pink lips that she liked to nibble on, making him wonder if she would lick her lips when he slid a finger inside her. He’d slowly fuck her with his hand, gently teasing her clit as he worked a finger inside her, making her wet, he decided as he ran his hand over his cock, rubbing the underside as he imagined the sounds that she would make as he did it.

  He’d tease her, taking his time as he licked and sucked her nipples, making them hard as she begged him to fuck her and if she begged him, he probably would do just that. He’d fantasized about fucking other women in the past, but none of them had ever made him seriously consider it, not like Kasey.

  She had him releasing the button on his boxers and wrapping his hand around his cock, groaning softly as he imagined her hand wrapping around him. Just thinking about her touching him had his cock bouncing and his balls pulling up tight, making him think about doing something incredibly stupid like going next door, climbing in bed with her, and waking her up in new and interesting ways.

  Over the past week, he’d been amusing himself as he woke her up in the morning, curious to see just how far he could push her before she finally snapped and made good on all those promises of bodily harm that she made to him every morning when he’d dragged her out of bed. Waking her up was the best part of his day, but it was also the worst, because late at night when he couldn’t stop thinking about her, he would imagine all the different ways that he wanted to wake her up.

  As he slowly stroked himself, he thought about how he would have loved to have woken her up this morning. When he’d walked into her room and found her lying on her back, wearing the latest shirt that she’d stolen from him, baring those beautiful tan thighs of hers all he’d wanted to do was to crawl on that bed, push the shirt up and kiss his way to the lilac panties that he’d caught a glimpse of.

  He wanted to trace her plump lips through her panties, defining the lines of her pussy before he pulled her panties down and pressed a kiss against the soft slit that would feel fucking amazing enveloping his cock. He’d press teasing kisses against her slit as he pushed her legs apart, giving him better access so that he could lick and touch her at his heart’s content.

  As much as it would kill him, he wouldn’t slide his tongue inside her until she was awake and moaning his name and when she finally did, he would slide his tongue inside her, slowly fucking her, he thought with a moan as his hand slid up to the tip of his cock and gave the velvet head a gentle squeeze as he imagined running the tip of his tongue from her clit to her-

  “Oh, god, Jason!”

  “Trevor! Trevor! Oh, god, Trevor!”

  And, he was done, he decided as he shoved his cock back in his shorts, and rolled off the bed with a glare towards the bastards that had ruined another night for him. Grabbing a pillow and a blanket, he headed towards the couch before the next round could start. After tossing the latest collection of crayons, comic books and all the shit that his cousins kids needed to get through the day off the couch, he slammed his pillow down, punched it for good measure and laid down with a sigh, pulling the blanket over the erection that refused to die.

  Still trying to figure out why she affected him like this, he closed his eyes and somehow managed to fall asleep only to wake up sometime later to the sounds of someone humming. The scent of cinnamon and apples cooking had him opening his eyes to find the woman that had him tossing and turning all night leaning over the back of the couch, humming as she absently waved the spatula in her hand back and forth, looking bored as she watched him.

  “Good morning, Yummy,” she said, absently looking over her shoulder at something in the kitchen before returning her gaze to him. “Sleeping in today, are we?”

  “What time is it?” he asked with a frown as he glanced at the windows and noted that the sun was barely up.

  “A little after six,” the crazed woman that had broken into the house said with a bored sigh as she pushed away from the couch.

  “What the hell are you doing here?” he asked, rubbing his hands down his face as he wondered if this was a dream or-

  Grunted when the devious woman plopped down on his stomach with a satisfied sigh that had him glaring at the cruel woman.

  “So, Yummy,” she said, drawing out her words as she leaned back with another sigh, “did you sleep well?”

  “No,” he bit out with a glare that she ignored.

  “Good, that’s good, Yummy,” she said, nodding absently as she glanced over her shoulder again.

  “Is there a reason that you’re here?” he bit out, trying to shift the damn appendage that was obsessed with her away from her hip before she spotted it and made this morning worse.

  “Besides to make my famous apple streusel coffee cake?” she asked, blinking down at him.

  “Yes, besides that,” he said, placing his hand on her knee, unable to help himself even though he knew there was a good chance that she might take that spatula and shove it up his-

  “Well, I thought we’d discuss our morning routine,” she said, shifting her attention back to him.

  “And what would you like to discuss about it?” he asked, absently running his fingers in circles over her bare knee, noting the soft skin even as he had to stop himself from running his fingers down the rest of her leg.

  “The fact that we have a morning routine,” she said, shifting on top of him to get more comfortable and ripping a grunt from him with a smile.

  “Comfy?” he asked, narrowing his eyes on her as she leaned back with another one of those sighs that was making his lips twitch.

  “Quite,” she said with a nod.

  “So, you want me to let you sleep in?” he asked a bit distractedly as he scented the air, almost positive that he smelled bacon, eggs, French toast, and possibly pancakes.

  “Yes,” she said with a nod as she glanced towards the back hallway this time before shifting her gaze back to him.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, sweetheart,” he said, shaking his head in regret.

  “And why exactly do you need to wake me up every morning at the crack of dawn to work on my kitchen and living room?” she asked with another shift that had him grinding his teeth and biting back another groan.

  “Besides the fact that it brings me such pleasure in the morning to have my balls threatened?”

  “Yes, besides that,” she said, waving her spatula regally as she gestured for him to continue.

  “Because I don’t trust you not to try sneaking a peek at what I’m doing,” he said, giving up on trying to behave and allowed his hand to slide up to her thigh as she considered his words.

  “What if I promised not to try to look?”

  “You’ve promised that before.”

  “Well, what if I put it in writing?”

  “You wrote ‘void’ over the last written promise that you gave me,” he pointed out with a sigh as he closed his eyes, deciding that he was going back to sleep since this conversation was going nowhere and they both knew it.

  “What if I cooked dinner for you for a week?” she offered.

  “For letting you sleep in or letting you take a peek at the kitchen?” he mumbled, surprised that he was already starting to drift off.


  “No,” he said, because they both knew that she’d do it anyway.

  Every day she used his kitchen to cook, bake and sauté her little heart out and every night he came home to find a collection of plates and goodies waiting for him. He still wasn’t sure how she’d managed to get his cousins and their children to keep their hands off his food, but he was thankful. There was honestly nothing better than coming home to a home cooked meal at the end of the-


  “Yes?” he managed to get out groggily.

  “Do we have a deal?” she asked, clearly needing to work on her negotiating skills.

  “Will you make me that triple chocolate cake from your website?” he asked, because he clearly didn’t have any problems negotiating.

  “The one with the fudge or the pudding?” she asked, sounding hopeful, which was sad, really sad.



  “Fine,” he said, sighing heavily and making sure to sound putout as he rolled over onto his side, making her squeal as the move tossed her off the couch.

  “Bastard!” she gasped as he climbed off the couch, tossing the blanket on top of her as he made his way to the kitchen to see what kind of goodies she’d made him this morning even as he wondered what she was going to do to him when she found out that he had absolutely no intentions of giving up the best part of his day.

  Chapter 28

  Five Long, Frustrating, Yet Amazing, Weeks Later…

  “Get up.”

  “No!” she whined, uncaring that she was bitchy since she’d literally just fallen asleep.

  “Kasey,” came the heavy sigh as Reese tried to pull the covers away, but she refused to release her hold on the covers that she desperately needed in order to fall back into the unsatisfying sleep that had been leaving her exhausted and cranky for the past month and a half.

  “Go away,” she said, rolling over onto her stomach so that she could bury her head under her pillow where she would either pass out or cry.

  God, she was so exhausted.

  “Let’s go,” the person who was responsible for her exhaustion said, plucking the pillow off her head.

  “No!” she snapped, almost missing the days when he sent Eric in here to do his dirty work.

  “Kasey, I need you out of here,” Reese said, emphasizing his words with a light slap on her ass and a, “Come on.”

  “No, I hate you. Go away,” she groaned, curling up on her side and blindly reaching out to grab another pillow to pull over her head, but Reese, who was now used to their early morning routine, took the pillow and blankets away, leaving her exposed to the early morning air.

  There was another heavy sigh and then, “Are you ever going to give me back my shirts?”

  “No, no I’m not,” she said even as she reached down and pushed down the hem of the tee shirt that she had rightfully claimed as her own.

  “Are you planning on getting up anytime soon?”


  “I need to work,” he said with a heavy sigh as she reached out, blindly searching for her pillow and comforter, but the large bastard had taken them away and most likely threw them on the chair in the corner, probably hoping to force her to get out of bed.

  “No one’s stopping you,” she pointed out, giving up on trying to get her blanket back and settled for curling up on her side and using her folded arms as a pillow.

  “You are,” he said, as she felt his hand close around her ankle and-

  “No, Reese, no!” she gasped as he dragged her to the edge of the bed, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.

  “I gave you a chance to do the right thing.”

  “You gave me nothing!” she snapped with a resigned sigh, because she knew that fighting this was pointless.

  “I gave you the same chance that I give you every morning,” he said, walking into the bathroom where he would drop her in the middle of the room, give her a look that told her what would happen if she tried to sneak back into bed, and then leave the room, giving her exactly fifteen minutes to get ready before he came back pounding on the door and demanding that she move her ass.

  “Did you pack a bag?” he asked, placing her on her feet.

  “No,” she said with a groan as she ran her fingers through her hair, mussing it up even more than her pillow had during the few minutes of sleep that she’d managed to get this morning.

  “Kasey, I need you out of the house,” he said, leaning back against the sink counter as he folded those insanely large arms of his over his chest so that he could scowl at her as though that was going to somehow intimidate her. “And I told you that you needed to be out of the house by today.”

  “I know,” she said, rubbing her hands down her face.

  “Then why are you still here?”

  “Because my website crashed last night, Mikey forgot to pack for her stay with Sara, and for some insane reason, I stupidly believed Eric when he said that he knew what he was doing, which resulted in me having to spend most of the night on the phone with tech support,” she said, shaking her head in disgust as she listed excuse after excuse, but never once did she mention the real reason why she was here, too exhausted to do anything more than grumble, bitch, and moan.


  In the past month, he went from being the person that made her nervous to the only thing that she could think about and she had absolutely no idea how it happened. He’d been sweet, patient, and kind, always smiling when he saw her, always there for her, and so…


  He’d been there for her, never taking it personally when she backed away, never getting angry with her or trying to push her for too much, too soon, he’d just been there for her.

  There was really no other way to describe it.

  She loved seeing him first thing in the morning, teasing a smile out of him, spending time with him, and making him glare at her. She just loved being around him. She was also afraid that she was already half in love with him.

  She was also afraid that if he didn’t kiss her soon that she was going to end up losing her damn mind.


  “Are you going to leave?” she asked, as he took in her messy short hair, spiking up at odd angles, the shadows beneath her eyes, the exhausted glare she was sending his way and he could honestly say that he’d never seen anything more beautiful in his life.

  “Are you going to try to sneak back into bed like yesterday?” he shot back, smiling when she muttered angrily as she turned around, turned the shower on and busied herself with grabbing everything that she was going to need for the shower. Hopefully, she was also grabbing everything that she was going to nee
d so that she could leave for a couple of days and he could get a break before he lost his fucking mind, because he honestly didn’t know how much more of this that he could take.

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