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       A Humble Heart, p.16

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  She took a moment to admire him before she made her way to her bedroom.

  For the last week she had to rush her showers for one reason or another. Tonight she planned on taking a very long shower. She turned the shower on and started shaving. After that was done she washed up and stood under the showerhead enjoying the hot water.

  “Are you planning on saving me some water?” a soft voice whispered in her ear.

  She drew in a deep breath as Edward’s arms snaked around her waist. “You’re awake,” she noted.

  He chuckled. “Yes.”

  Since Cole’s injury they hadn’t had time to do anything more than kiss quickly between taking care of children, working on the book, and memorizing their lines.

  “Shall I wash your back?” he asked, picking up the bar of soap.

  She turned around slowly and faced him. “I would rather wash you,” she whispered softly. Their eyes moved down each other’s bodies.

  “Beautiful,” he mumbled as his gaze ran down large breasts tipped with beautiful rose nipples. His eyes went further down to a flat sculpted stomach with a tiny thin scar running across her lower belly. He reached out and ran a finger across the scar from her csections. He bit back a groan as his eyes dropped to the trimmed golden hairs between her legs, heaven.


  Standing in front of a large group of strangers in nothing but floss was surprisingly less frightening than standing but floss was surprisingly less frightening than standing naked in front the man she’d fallen in love with. Although she knew he was nothing like Jeff she couldn’t help but wait for the look of disgust or the cutting remark that always followed. When he lovingly caressed her scar and called her beautiful she couldn’t help but love him more. He didn’t care that she wasn’t perfect or that her body was flawed.

  This man who could have his pick of millions of women thought she was beautiful. In that moment for the first time she truly felt beautiful.

  While he continued to caress her scar she ran her eyes over his body and good lord what a body. She couldn’t help but devour him with her eyes. The man truly was a work of art from his chest to his sculptured abs to…..

  She swallowed hard as her eyes ran down the trail of dark hair running from his navel down and she felt an overwhelming desire to follow it with her tongue. Her eyes dipped even lower and she may have whimpered, a little. At that moment she wasn’t sure it would fit, but she was damn sure willing to try. As if it felt her gaze it jerked hard against Edward’s stomach.

  “Come here, Dana,” Edward said as he cupped her hips with his hands and pulled her to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and raised herself up to kiss him.

  One touch of his lips and she was on fire.

  He made hungry sounds as he kissed her deeply. His hands ran down her body and cupped her bottom, pulling her against him. She moaned loudly as his erection rubbed against her.

  Dana moved her mouth down to his neck and sucked him gently. “Oh,” he moaned. She moved her mouth down his chest, licking as she kissed her way down his stomach until she was on her knees before him. She traced that little trail of hair with her tongue, brushing against his erection as she went. Edward dropped his head back, enjoying the feel of her mouth on his skin.

  When she wrapped her hand around him and stroked him from base to tip he bucked forward and moaned. A second later her mouth joined the party, making him groan loudly. She moved her mouth down, sucking gently the same time she moved her hand up and down his shaft.

  Edward put a hand on the side of the shower to steady himself.

  It was amazing. Dana’s hand and mouth were working him to the point of climax quickly. He’d never felt anything so good in his life. He couldn’t stop her even if he wanted to, and he did. He wanted to be inside of her, but he was helpless in her hands. He watched as his cock disappeared into her mouth over and over again.

  “No, baby, stop I’m gonna

  oh shit! Dana!” he groaned her name and pushed deeper into her mouth, coming harder than he’d ever come before in his life. She cleaned him gently with her mouth before she stood up. Still panting he pulled her into his arms and kissed her.

  “Baby, I wanted to make love to you. Why did you do that?”

  “I wanted to thank you.”

  He chuckled. “It had to be the best thank you I’ve ever received.”

  “I’m glad,” she said, smiling shyly.

  “Are you nervous about tomorrow?” he asked as he ran his hands over her back and arms.


  “I wish I could be there for you. Hell, I wish I was playing the part. The script looked damn good,” Edward said.

  “I’m sorry.”

  “For what?”

  “If it wasn’t for my book you would have.”

  “Then I wouldn’t have met you and fallen in love. I’m not regretting it,” he said. Dana froze. Did she hear him right?

  As if he could hear her thoughts he answered her. “I love you, Dana.”

  “I love you, too, Edward,” she said, her voice breaking with emotion.

  Edward leaned in and skimmed his mouth down her neck.

  “My turn.” She felt him smiling against her skin as he moved down her body. He paid special attention to her breasts, making her moan sweetly. His fingers played between her legs, teasing her while his mouth made its way down. His mouth moved over her mound as he grabbed her firm bottom and pulled her against his mouth. “Open up for me,” he commanded. She obeyed, spreading her legs for him.

  He leaned forward and closed his eyes, breathing in her scent. Then he pressed a chaste kiss to the plump pink lips, making her squirm. His tongue came out to run teasingly down her slit, earning a loud gasp. He pushed his tongue in further until he found her hard little nub and then flicked it several times before he pulled it into his mouth to gently sucked on it. He released it to run his tongue further south. He traced her opening with his tongue before he slowly buried his tongue inside of her. He closed his eyes while his tongue slid in and out of her, savoring the sweet flavor of her arousal.

  “Edward, please!” she begged. His tongue was driving her crazy. His response was adding two fingers. “Edward!

  Baby, please!”

  “What do you want?” he asked innocently.


  “You already have me. What in particular can I do for you?” he asked as he pulled back to flick his tongue over her clit once again. She could feel his erection against her leg.

  “Make love to me please, please, baby,” she moaned.

  He moved his mouth up her body until he claimed her mouth again in a demanding kiss before grabbing her hips and turning her around. She placed her hands on the back wall of the shower and spread her legs as she arched her back.

  “You want this?” he asked, teasing her folds with his shaft.

  “Yes! Please, fuck me!” She moved back against him, sliding against his erection, making them both moan loudly.

  “Fuck!” he cursed as he pushed slowly inside her.

  “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight! How can that be?” he asked through clenched teeth. “You have two babies, sweetheart, why are you tight?”

  “Csections,” she said simply.

  He grabbed her hips and pushed in all the way. She was tight and hot and very accepting. He had to pause before he lost it like a kid. Something occurred to him.

  “Baby, I don’t have a condom. I’ve never

  .oh, fuck this feels so good.” He dropped his head back, panting. It felt like a hot silky vice. Never had anything felt this good.

  “You’ve never gone all natural?” she asked, teasing him in a strained voice.

  “No. I’ve never felt a woman wrapped around my dick without a rubber before. It feels so fucking good! Christ, I don’t want to wear one now



  .oh shit, I have to pull out,” he said in agony.

  She reached back and grabbed his arm. “No
you don’t.

  I’m fixed and most importantly I’m clean.”

  “What?” he demanded as he suddenly stilled. “You can’t give me another child?”

  “I can have more children. I just have to have the clips removed,” she said, trying to ignore how good the possessive tone of his voice made her feel.

  “Good,” he said, pushing back into her. He slowly thrust into her, enjoying the sensations he’d never experienced before her. “You feel so good. Do you know how good you feel?” he moaned.

  “Not as good as you,” she groaned. He was filling her better than any man ever had.

  “It’s all for you, all yours, baby,” he groaned as he began to move faster in her. He reached between her legs and rubbed a finger over the swollen nub. She began meeting his thrusts and moaned louder.

  “Edward! Yes!” she screamed.

  “Come for me, baby.” He closed his eyes and became speechless as she gripped and squeezed him into an orgasm so powerful it had him seeing spots. He groaned her name and collapsed against her.


  “Papa bear?” Cole said.

  Edward sat up and smiled at the little boy standing in the doorway. The kids stopped calling him Uncle Edward after the accident and began calling him Papa bear. He absolutely loved it and prayed that one day they would call him Daddy.

  “Let’s not wake up Mommy. What do you need, buddy?”

  Edward asked, pulling on the underwear he dropped by the side of the bed when he undressed to surprise Dana earlier.

  “I’m hungry and firsty,” Cole mumbled.

  “We’ll have to do something about that then,” Edward said. He kissed Dana on top of her head and walked over to Cole, taking him into his arms.

  “Can we have ice cream?” Cole asked eagerly.

  “What would Mommy say?” Edward asked him.

  “Let’s not tell her!”

  Edward laughed at the little boy’s sly look. “Okay, little man.”

  He scooped two bowls of chocolate ice cream for them.

  Halfway through his small bowl Cole began to drift off.

  Edward wiped him down and returned him to bed and checked on Elizabeth before going back to bed.

  He slowly crawled into bed. Dana was on her back and awake. “Everything okay?” she asked.

  “Yup, just had to help Cole to the bathroom,” he said.

  She kissed his lips. “Hmm, we have chocolate ice cream in the bathroom now? I see Cole has brought you over to the dark side.”

  He kissed her. “It was man time, sweetheart. You wouldn’t understand.”

  “I guess not.” She deepened the kiss, enjoying the feel of his warm tongue gliding against hers. Her hands went down to his waist and pushed his boxers down.

  He moved on top of her and slid in without breaking their kiss. Dana wrapped her legs around his waist, giving him better access. He thrust into her in one quick movement. They made love slowly for a half hour before Dana screamed her release into his mouth for the fourth time. He greedily accepted it as he found his own moment.

  He broke away from her mouth and squeezed his eyes shut as he thrust into her faster and harder. He wanted to stretch it out, but she was so damn hot and wet. Her name escaped his lips in a growl.

  He collapsed on her, panting. After a long moment he rolled over, pulling her on top of him while they were still intimately joined. She fell asleep on his chest soon after. He joined her a few seconds later, grinning.

  Amy picked her up at six o’clock. Deana was already in the house and crashing on the couch, trying to squeeze two more hours in before the kids woke up. Edward was sleeping in bed. He didn’t have to be on set until nine that morning. He tried to join Dana in the shower this morning, but she playfully pushed him away telling him to get more sleep. He grudgingly obeyed and was soon fast asleep. He hadn’t woken up when Dana kissed him goodbye.

  Dana was nervous. For the last few months she learned the ins and outs of a set, but this was the first time she was going to be working on the set. She usually sat in her trailer or outside working on a book. The only time she was on set was to catch a scene. Now she was either going to make it or crash and burn in front of a hundred or so people.

  Lucas James met her at the car. He was tall, built, tan and had short silky black hair, making him look dangerous and sexy. She met him a week ago when he came to her house to meet with her and go over their lines. He seemed to already know Edward and they got along really well.

  Lucas put his arm around Dana’s shoulder and brought her inside. “Are you ready?” he asked.

  “No,” she squeaked. He threw his head back and laughed.

  Chapter 9

  “Mommy, is Papa Bear coming home soon?” Elizabeth asked.

  Dana gave her daughter a playful look. “Sweetie, I told you Papa Bear had to go to England for ten weeks to shoot his film. Now tell me how long has it been?”

  Elizabeth jumped up from her chair at the kitchen table and went to the calendar she’d been keeping for Edward.

  She counted the weeks slowly then did it again when she didn’t reach the number she hoped for. “Nine weeks,” she said, sounding miserable.

  Dana bit her lip to stop from laughing. “It’s okay, honey.

  He’ll be home soon and he calls us every night.”

  “I know,” she said, pouting as she laid her head on her arm. “I miss him.”

  “Me too, sweetheart,” Dana said. The last nine weeks seemed to drag some days and speed by other days. Her film was done, well her part was. She wasn’t really sure what they had to do now. She’d finished her book and finished their book with online collaboration from Edward.

  She turned them in last week for Rick’s approval and red pen.

  She also kept busy promoting two of her books as well as the upcoming release of Christian and Bailey movie.

  The premiere was tonight and Edward was going to miss it.

  He would be attending the premiere in London instead.

  She missed him so much.

  “Mom, you have to get ready!” Elizabeth said. Dana looked at the clock. She had one hour to get dressed. Cole beamed because he knew they were spending the night with Grandma Eleanor and Grandpa James. The kids were very close to Edward’s family. They treated Elizabeth and Cole like they were Edward’s children and the kids loved it.

  “Who’s your date, Mommy?” Cole asked.

  “I’m bringing Uncle Lucas tonight.”

  “I like Uncle Lucas. He’s funny,” Elizabeth said.

  “I do too, he’s a good friend,” she said. And he was. He turned into a great friend over the last two months. Granted she had to make out with him several times and do two love scenes with him. They joked and laughed before and after each intimate action. They didn’t take it seriously, but it looked real. Did it ever. They were allowed to watch the video clips the other day and she’d turned three different shades of red when she saw them. If she didn’t know better she would have thought they were really having sex.

  “Mommy, aren’t you going to eat?” Cole asked.

  Her hand went to her stomach. “No, sweetie, I don’t want to get sick again.”

  “Aunt Deana said you have butterflies in your stomach,”

  Elizabeth said.

  Cole laughed a sweet baby boy laugh. “How did you get butterflies in your tummy, mommy?”

  “It’s just a saying, baby man,” Dana said, kissing the top of
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