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       A Humble Heart, p.18

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  device to her stomach. Dr. Brown pulled the monitor closer. “If you look here, these are the clips that were used to give her a tubal ligation. The clips are supposed to cause scar tissue to build over them, however if they aren’t placed correctly there is no closure like we have here.” He pointed to two solid white objects on the monitor.

  Edward tried to follow what he was saying, but he was more confused than ever. “The clips are hurting her?”

  “Yes. They have to be removed and I’ll do that in a minute.” He moved the device an inch higher and turned the speakers on the monitor up. He pointed to two small quivering masses. Edward heard weird echoes. “Now, here we have the other problem.”

  “Can you remove it?” Edward asked.

  Dr. Brown smiled politely. “Are you her boyfriend?”

  Edward reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. “I was hoping more than that.”

  “Has she been with anyone else in the last

  .oh, I would say three months?”

  “No!” Edward said, outraged.

  “Well then, congratulations, Dad. Looks like twins,” Dr.

  Brown said, smiling.

  Edward’s eyes dropped to Dana’s stomach and back to the screen. He watched the two objects move slightly.

  “Are you sure? This is why she was sick?”

  “Yes, I am very sure. Her blood work confirmed it. The clips weren’t attached correctly, leaving her able to have children. She didn’t know she was pregnant, didn’t expect it. She felt sick and didn’t eat. Her body began to attack itself and the babies. If she waited any longer she would have lost the babies and been in serious trouble.”

  “Save them, save them all, please.”

  “I’m having what she needs pumped into her body now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wakes up soon. You need to make an appointment with an OBGYN. For now I am going to prescribe medicine to help her. I want her to take a week for bed rest. Understood? That means she does nothing but rest and eat.”

  Edward nodded robotically as he watched his unborn children move. “Now hold her hand, because if she wakes up she might feel the urge to slap me,” Dr. Brown said as he adjusted Dana’s feet into slots. A nurse came in and draped a sheet over Dana’s lower body as he moved in between her legs. Thankfully Dana didn’t wake up while the clips were removed.

  She was moved upstairs to the labor and delivery unit where she would be monitored all night. Edward never left her side. She woke up a little after three in the morning feeling better than she had in days. Edward was asleep in the bed with her. His hand was under the blankets, protectively on her stomach.

  “Edward?” she asked with a hoarse voice.

  He stirred and looked at her with relief. “Oh thank god.”

  He kissed her lips.

  “Baby, what happened?” she asked. He got out of bed, but not before he gently rubbed her stomach. He poured her a glass of water and helped her sit up to drink it.

  “What happened, Edward?”

  “You collapsed. Why didn’t you tell me you haven’t been eating?” he asked gently.

  She shrugged. “It’s just nerves.”

  “Hmm.” He took her hand and kissed it. “Sweetheart, I have to tell you something very important, okay?”

  She nodded.

  “They had to take out your clips. They were very loose and causing problems.”

  “Is that why my stomach hurt all the time?”

  “They think that had something to do with it,” he said, clearly trying to hide a grin from her.

  “What’s wrong?”

  “Nothing’s wrong,” he said. “First I have to ask you something that I’ve been trying to ask you for a while now.”

  He helped her sit up in bed and tucked her in. “Comfy?”

  “Yes, what’s wrong?” she asked, trying to stay calm.

  Edward dropped to one knee and held out a velvet box.

  “Dana Mathews, will you marry me?” he asked, holding his breath while he waited for her answer.

  Her hands went to her face and she began to cry, “Edward.” She gave him a watery smile.

  “Is that a yes?” he asked, not really sure how to take that response.

  “Yes!” she said, nodding frantically.

  He sighed with relief and slid the ring onto her finger. He kissed her. “Thank you,” he said. “I have two more questions actually. When can I adopt Elizabeth and Cole and what do you think about having more children?”

  She was flabbergasted. “You can adopt them any time you want and I would love to have your babies.”

  His smile was brilliant. “I have to tell you something. The reason you were sick and feeling like hell is because you’re pregnant with twins. The clips didn’t work. I think I impregnated you on the first attempt,” he said smugly.

  “Pretty proud of yourself, aren’t you?” she asked teasingly.

  “Extremely proud.”

  Chapter 10

  “What are you doing?” Amy demanded.

  Dana looked at her future sister-in-law and swore. She caught her again. She needed to get up and walk around, but Dr. Brown’s orders were very specific. She was to stay in bed and her guards were taking their orders seriously.

  Everyone was excited and nervous about the pregnancy. They were excited because they adored Elizabeth and Cole and wanted more and nervous because this was the first pregnancy for most of them to be involved in. Eleanor and James were nervous because it had been so long since they were pregnant that Eleanor forgot that a lot of the complaints were normal.

  The media had a field day with her collapse. Some claimed drugs, suicide attempt, or publicity stunt while others claimed she turned anorexic under the pressure.

  That is of course until Edward strutted casually out of the hospital towards the large media camp and yelled triumphantly “We’re having twins!” She watched that clip on YouTube at least five times a day. It was so damn cute to see him that excited.

  The downside, thousands of girls around the world were in hysterics now that Edward was off the market and a father-to-be on top of that. Dana started to receive hate mail yesterday. After finding her crying hysterically Edward told Amy to have all her fan mail forwarded to her fan club to sort through. They were more than happy to do it for her.

  “Amy, I need to get up. I’m going crazy lying here,” she complained, not for the first time.

  “Too bad. Lay back,” Amy ordered.

  Dana scowled at Amy, but did as she was asked.

  “It’s just two more days you can handle that,” Amy chided her.

  “That’s easy for you to say,” she shot back.

  “Yes, it is,” Amy said, smiling. “You never know, your doctor might tell you tomorrow that you’re all set.”

  “I wish,” Dana said grumpily. “I’m just surprised Edward’s letting me out of the house for that. I half expected him to kidnap the doctor and bring him here.”

  Amy shrugged indifferently and crawled onto the bed next to her. “So, what are you hoping for?”

  “They won’t be able to tell for two more months. But I wouldn’t mind one of each again,” she said.

  “I’d like that. Then I’ll have two nephews and two nieces,”

  Amy said pleasantly. “You know Edward and Dad are going nuts turning the blue guest room into a nursery, don’t you?”

  “I was afraid of that,” she said, laughing.

  “Mom’s in charge of picking out the decorating. The kids picked out a Disney theme,” Amy said.

  “Oh, that was really sweet of them.”

  “Yup, and I’m in charge of decorating when they get everything. Apparently I have the eye for it or something like that,” she said with an exaggerated sigh.

  “You do indeed. You’re very organized and talented, sweet, kind, generous, did I mention unbelievably beautiful?” Dana asked cheerfully.

  Amy rolled her eyes. “Stop sucking up, I’m not letting you out of bed.”

/>   “Traitor,” Dana muttered.

  Amy chuckled. “You know Edward started to move in.

  He put his house on the market a few days ago.”

  “That would explain why all of his clothes are in here.”

  Dana looked around the room. He also had boxes in here.

  “I thought he was preparing for a long stay.”

  “Are you upset?” Amy asked carefully.

  “No, of course not,” Dana said. “I love your brother very much.”

  “Well, that’s good to know,” Edward said, walking in with another box in his arms. He dropped it on the carpet and walked over to Dana. He kissed her and then kissed her stomach, his new routine.

  She ran a hand through his hair and smiled at him. “I hear you’re redoing the house.”

  Edward glared at Amy. “You have a big mouth, brat.”

  She smiled unapologetically. “Well, if you two don’t mind, I believe I promised a certain little boy and girl I would go swimming with them,” Amy said, getting off the bed.

  “Swimming? I can do that, can’t I?” Dana asked excitedly. Anything was better than staying in bed for another day.

  Edward sighed and pulled out “The List.” He’d carried it with him everywhere he went for the last four days. It was a long list he and Dr. Brown made up. It had a list of every possible danger for her. After he looked the list over several times he said, “Well, it’s not on here, but I’m not sure. Hold on, let me call your doctor.”

  “No, baby, don’t,” she started to protest, but he already had his phone out and was talking to her OBGYN. The same OBGYN she hadn’t met and Edward had spoken to twelve times now. She counted the time his phone dropped the call and had to call back as one time.

  “Are you sure? What about the chlorine

  .yeah, I’ll check it before she goes in. Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.

  Thank you.” Edward snapped his phone shut.

  Dana crawled out of bed and made her way to her bureau to pull out a bathing suit. “Baby, we have another six months. You can’t call him for everything. Eventually he’ll get a restraining order, change his name, acquire a new identity and run like hell.”

  “He said to call if I had any questions,” Edward said seriously, earning a laugh from Dana. “What?”

  She shook her head and headed for the bathroom.

  “Nothing, you’re just so damn cute.”

  “Cute?” He sounded offended. “How about studly? I mean, not only did I get you pregnant on the first try but with twins no less. I think that clearly puts me in the stud category.”

  Dana looked over her shoulder and ran her eyes up and down his body. “I can think of something else that makes you a stud.”

  He licked his lips and looked at her bottom. Then forced himself to focus by shaking his head. “No, I’m off limits until the doctor says so. It’s on the list.” He pointed to the first item on the list. Dana was sure that after nine weeks without sex that was one of the first things he wanted to know about.

  She laughed. “Okay, I’m going to change.” He took a step forward, making her groan. “Baby, I can handle getting dressed, jeez.” She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her half expecting him to tear the door off and supervise this activity.

  After four days stuck in bed and his constant nagging about “The List” she wanted to exact a little revenge. She purposely picked out his favorite swim suit, a baby pink one that just barely covered her. Last time she wore this was the night before he left for England. He tore it off her with his teeth before he made love to her twice in the deep end, and once in the shallow end of the pool. If she was going to suffer then so was he. She wasn’t showing yet and this was the perfect revenge.

  She pulled on the black tee shirt that he left in the bathroom for her and walked out. Edward was waiting on the bed, already in his swim trunks. “Ready?”

  “Yes,” she said, making her way to the door. She yelped when he suddenly picked her up. “Baby, I can walk.”

  “Unnecessary,” he said firmly.

  That earned an eye roll. “Sweetheart, what are you going to do when I’m as big as a house? I am carrying twins you know.”

  “I’ll start lifting weights.”

  “Oh, this is going to be a very long six months,” she muttered.

  “Mommy!” Cole yelled. He was swimming with bright orange floaties on his arms. Amy was close by having a water fight with Elizabeth, who was winning.

  “You’re coming for a swim?” Amy asked, throwing a questioning look at Edward.

  “It’s okay I checked,” he said matter-of-factly.

  Dana wiggled until he put her down. She walked over to a lounge chair. After making sure Edward was watching, she pulled his tee shirt off. She saw him grab the back of a chair and heard a groan.

  She ignored him as she made her way into the pool as Cole doggie paddled his way to her. “Hey, Mommy!”

  “Hey, handsome!” she said, kissing one of his wet cheeks before he swam off.

  Edward jumped into the pool and kept as far away from her as possible, but watched her vigilantly. He played with the kids and talked to Amy, but never took his eyes off her for more than a minute.

  Cole swam over to her in a panic. “Mommy, I lost my froggie!”

  “When did you have it last, baby?” she asked as she put an arm around his tiny waist so he wouldn’t have to work so hard to keep afloat in the deep end.

  “Before I dropped him down there.” He pointed down.

  “Ah, I see. Okay, go swim to Aunt Amy in the shallow end so I can get it.”

  He turned and doggie paddle his way away from her.

  Edward was talking to Amy so she took the opportunity as a much needed break. Even if it was just to retrieve a big rubber frog. She took a deep breath and dove under the water.

  It only took her five seconds to find it. It was in the right corner. She made her way there and grabbed it the same time an arm wound gently around her waist and pulled her up. She broke the surface and was guided toward the corner.

  She turned around so her back touched the corner and saw to no surprise that it was Edward. She expected a lecture and a gesture to “The List” what she didn’t expect was to be pulled into his arms and properly kissed.

  He broke off the kiss abruptly and pulled her close until his mouth was near her ear. “You have no idea how many days and nights I thought of nothing but you in this,” he said, moving a hand below the surface until it landed on her bikini bottom.

  “You missed me?” she asked in his ear.

  He growled. “More than you will ever know.”

  “I missed you, too,” she said softly, wrapping her arms around his neck. He pushed off the side and pulled her with him towards the shallow end.

  “My frog!” Cole screamed with glee.

  Edward took the frog from Dana and passed it to Cole who hugged it like it was his best friend. He looked back at Dana. “Baby, until the doctor says okay, do me a favor in stay in the shallow end.”

  “Baby, you have to let up a bit. You’re driving me insane!” she said, half kidding.

  He looked apologetic. “I know, it’s just after what happened I want to make sure you and the babies are okay.”

  “We’re okay. I’m resting, keeping down food, drinking, so everything is okay,” she said, trying to soothe him.

  He nodded. “Just take it easy until we talk to the doctor tomorrow. Please.”

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