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       A Humble Heart, p.21

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  and pushed it the rest of the way up. Without pausing, he pulled himself through the window and dropped on the floor with a loud “oomph!”

  He looked up to see his parents sitting on the edge of his old bed with their arms folded across their chests, staring at him with amused expressions on their faces.

  What the hell?

  “Pay up,” his father said. He watched as his mother slapped a twenty in his hand.

  “How did you know he wouldn’t be able to wait past ten?” she asked grumpily.

  “He’s been away for nine weeks and she’s been on bed rest for almost a week.” His father spoke as if he wasn’t in the room. “I knew the doctor gave him the green light by the way he was drooling after her tonight.” He shrugged. “It wasn’t that difficult. I’m more surprised you let me take ten o’clock and even more surprised that you bet he would come up here after one in the morning.”

  She looked irritated. “I thought he would use his brain and wait until he thought we were deeply asleep and the kids were asleep before making his way up here.” She narrowed her eyes on Edward. “You just cost me twenty bucks, young man. You’re doing the breakfast dishes in the morning.”

  James chuckled. “Thanks son, you just earned me twenty dollars and an easy morning.” He winked.

  Edward pulled himself to his feet. “Um, so where’s Dana?” he asked as casually as he could despite the situation.

  “She’s sleeping with Cole. He had a nightmare about a half hour ago. He was looking for you, but we told him you were downstairs and he didn’t want to wait,” Eleanor said.

  He nodded. “So, she’s asleep with Cole right now-“

  “And you’re going to let her sleep. Poor thing’s been through so much, plus she’s carrying two of my grandbabies so you leave her alone and hop in a cold shower,” Eleanor said.

  “Mom!” he said shocked.

  “Don’t ‘Mom’ me, young man. You’re lucky I don’t take you over my knee for this little stunt,” she said firmly and he knew without a doubt she would if she got the chance.

  “You can sleep here, son. No need to go downstairs. I think Dana’s perfectly safe with Cole by her side,” James said, chuckling. They waited until Eleanor left the room to say anything else.

  “Dad, come on,” he pleaded.

  James put his hands up in the air. “What can I do?”

  “Ten long weeks, Dad, come on, help me out,” Edward said, almost begging.

  “Sorry, son, if I help you out I’ll lose twenty dollars in,” he looked at his wrist watch, “I would say three hours, well I don’t think you’ll last two before you try to sneak her out of that room.”

  “You’re using my frustration to make money?” he asked, appalled.

  “Yes,” he said shamelessly, “See you in the morning, son. Oh, and thanks for doing the dishes for me, I really appreciate that.” He grinned as he closed the door behind him.

  Edward dropped on his bed. “Damn it,” he mumbled to himself. There was no way he was going to embarrass himself again and help his Dad make twenty more dollars at his expense. He had more self-respect than that. He closed his eyes, adjusting his painful erection in his pants and fell asleep beyond frustrated.

  A small noise woke him up sometime later.

  “Oops, sorry, did I wake you?” Dana asked.

  He shot up in bed fully awake. “No, of course not.”

  He turned on the light above his bed, expecting, hell hoping, she was tearing off her clothes to join him. Instead he found her pulling on her sneakers. She was fully dressed in a tight tee shirt and cargo khaki pants.

  “What’s going on?” he asked more than a little baffled.

  “What time is it?”

  “A little after two,” she said. They heard movement outside the door. She sighed and walked over and opened it. “You didn’t win the bet, Amy. I was grabbing my clothes. I have to make a quick trip to the pharmacy.”

  Amy rolled her eyes. “Damn it!” She walked away.

  “My entire family is placing bets on us?”

  She smiled sweetly at him. “Not on me, baby. You.”

  “If they only knew,” he said, giving her a lopsided grin that he knew melted her heart. “Where are we going?” he asked.

  “I’m running out to pick up my prescription,” she said.

  “You’re running out at two in the morning for prenatal vitamins?” His eyes narrowed on her.

  “Well, that and a SoBe or two. I’m really thirsty,” she muttered with the cutest little pout.

  He stood up. “That’s my job to get whatever you need.

  I’m not letting my woman go out at two in the morning by herself.” He took her hand and led her into the hallway. They heard a door open.

  “No one is winning a bet. I’m going with her to pick up some drinks,” he said.

  “Oh,” his father said after a moment. “Grab me a Ruby Red then and your mother some orange juice.”

  “Got it,” Edward said, leading her downstairs so he could grab his shirt.


  “I guess you were thirsty.” Edward chuckled as Dana finished her second drink.

  “I did tell you.”

  “Yes, you did,” he said, agreeing with her. She finished her drink and placed a hand on his thigh, gently rubbing it distractedly as she looked out the window.

  “If you could just move your hand two inches up and an inch and a half inch over I’d be in heaven,” he said playfully.

  Dana’s hand froze where it was as she absorbed what he was saying. When she moved her hand where he asked her he gasped loudly. He forgot how uninhibited she was when it came to their sex life. He silently thanked god as her hand teasingly stroked him through his pants. His erection jumped in response to her hand and could have sworn it damn near purred when she gripped it.

  He saw a closed beach and pulled into the huge empty parking lot. He threw the car into park. “Baby, I apologize that this isn’t going to be the sweet romantic reunion you deserve. I’m too past my limit for this to be anymore than a quick hard fuck.”

  She climbed into his backseat without saying anything and pulled her clothes off slowly while he watched. The moonlight lit up the interior of the car, giving him a perfect view. He licked his lips when she pulled her baby pink panties down.

  “Fuck, baby, trust me I want to kiss, lick, and caress every part of you, but I have no selfcontrol. The second I touch you I’m going to explode.” He yanked his shirt off and undid his pants freeing himself. Dana smiled at him and spread her legs wide in invitation. He growled as he climbed over the front seat to claim her.

  He entered her in one swift move. She was more than ready for him. He moaned loudly as he began to move inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, holding on for dear life. She kissed and sucked his neck hard, knowing how much he loved that. His hands dropped beneath her bottom and pulled her up to meet his thrusts.

  “Fuck! I missed this!” he groaned. She was so wet

  .so tight

  .It felt like a thousand tongues gripping his cock as he thrust into her.

  Her response was to suck on his neck harder, making his eyes roll back in his head. “You’re mine!” he said through clenched teeth.

  She moaned against his neck. “Mine


  all mine!”

  He thrust into her harder, shaking the car violently. She screamed his name as he kept up a hard pace. He forced himself to hold back, making it last as long as possible. The second time she came he couldn’t hold back as she milked him viciously. He yelled her name and a few profanities then claimed her lips.

  He dropped his forehead to hers, panting. “Thank you,”

  he gasped.

  “Mmm, I forgot how good you feel.” She kissed his clammy shoulder, gently making a trail of kisses to his neck. She ran a tongue down his neck making him moan and within minutes he was moving inside of her again.

  “My turn,” she said, pushing him o

  “What?” he asked still dazed. She pushed him onto the seat and then straddled him, taking him in her. She began to move slowly on top of him as he kissed her deeply. His hands gently squeezed her breasts. Then he moved his hands down to her bottom and cupped it, moving her on him harder and faster.

  “Oh Edward! Edward!” she moaned, enjoying the moment.

  “You like that baby? It’s all yours,” he said huskily.

  “I love it!” she moaned, dropping her head back as she rode him.

  “Fuck!” he groaned at the sight of this beautiful woman riding him with abandonment. She was so beautiful, so sexy and so damn sweet he could cry.



  Her hands tightened on his shoulders as she obeyed.

  “Hello?” a man said.

  Chapter 12

  A flashlight tapped against the window. “Excuse me, would you folks please step out and show me some ID,” the officer said.

  Dana jumped off Edward’s lap and pulled her clothes on in record time. He zipped his pants up and opened the car door when he was sure that Dana was completely dressed.

  He held out his hand for Dana. “Identification, please,”

  the officer said.

  Dana and Edward handed over their ID’s. Edward’s eyes were drawn to the second officer and patrol vehicle parked ten yards away. It looked as though the officer was lecturing three young men and a woman. The four of them seemed to be ignoring the officer as they stared straight at him and Dana.

  They weren’t press that much Edward was sure of. He looked around and saw a Jeep parked some ways down the parking lot. The officer went through their ID’s and handed them back.

  “I would ask what you were doing here, but


  .thanks to these kids we know,” he said, gesturing back to the teenagers standing next to the other cop. “I have to give you a ticket for trespassing after hours.”

  “That’s fine, officer,” Edward said automatically. His eyes were focused on the kids.

  “Officer, what exactly were those kids doing?” Dana asked.

  The officer shifted uncomfortably. “We saw them hovering around your car. They were using a camcorder.”


  “Oh no.” Dana mumbled.

  “Get the tape!” Edward demanded.

  “Can’t, they’re allowed to do it as long as they don’t distribute it or make money off it,” the officer said, not sounding too happy about it.

  “I want to talk to them,” Edward said. Without waiting he moved forward with Dana right behind him. He walked right up to the kids.

  “Hand over every tape you have and I want you to erase any pictures you have on phones, now!” Edward demanded.

  “You can’t do that! I know my rights!” the taller boy said.

  “Then you should also know that if you distribute or show it to anyone I can sue you and your parents if you’re under age,” Edward said.

  The kids looked nervously around. “It’s true. And since we have your names and addresses I will give them to him if any of this gets leaked,” the officer said.

  “Oh, come on, man, do you know how much money we could make on this? A porno with these two will make us rich!” the smaller boy said. Edward ran his eyes over the group and realized they were probably all legal age. That would work better in his favor.

  “It will also put you in debt if you get sued,” the officer pointed out.

  “How would you feel if you and your girlfriend were videotaped making love without your permission?” Edward asked, trying to get the kid to see it his way.

  “If she were my girlfriend I wouldn’t care if the whole world was exploding around me!” the tall boy said, gawking at Dana. The young woman with him hit him hard on the arm.

  The middle boy spoke up. “I’m no expert, but I wouldn’t exactly call what you two were doing making love, it looked more like you were fuc-” The girl hit him upside the head before he could finish his sentence.

  “Thank you,” Dana said to the girl.

  “No problem. I didn’t want to do this. They saw you leaving the pharmacy and decided to follow you.”

  “Shut up, Krystal!” the tall boy said.

  “Yeah, I don’t think so. I also don’t think I want to hang out with three perverts anymore. Officer, can I get a ride home or to the station so I can call my parents? I don’t want to be alone with them again,” she said angrily.

  The officer nodded. “I don’t blame you. We’ll take you home after we get this resolved.”

  “Look gentlemen, she is my future wife and she is also in her first trimester with my children. I will not stand aside and allow you to humiliate her. Now hand over the tapes, all of them so you won’t be tempted to do something stupid,”

  Edward said.

  “Damn it!” the middle one said, looking nervous. “What should we do?”

  “We wouldn’t have been caught if you didn’t try getting that close up, jackass!” the tall one shot back.

  “How many cameras do you have?” the officer asked.

  “Three,” the short one answered.

  “Shut up!”

  “Damn it,” Edward groaned.

  Dana sighed and pulled out the money she’d stuffed in her pockets for a hotel earlier. “Look, gentlemen, I can guarantee that if you even think about showing any of those tapes, my future mother-in-law will have a field day with you in court. You’ll be in serious debt before you’re old enough to drink. What I suggest is that you give me all of the tapes, and they better be the real tapes, and I will give you each,”

  she thumbed through her money, “Four hundred dollars.”

  “Four hundred bucks?” the middle and short one asked.

  “Yes, but I want all of your tapes, that includes blanks.”

  “Done!” the two young men said. They handed her five tapes and took their money, happily. “Thanks!”

  “No problem, gentlemen. How about you?” Dana asked the tall boy.

  “This is bullshit!”

  “Don’t talk to her like that again,” Edward snapped.

  “Just give her the tapes. Don’t be such a prick, Brad.

  She’s not an ice bitch like you said she was,” the shorter one said.

  “Um, thanks,” Dana mumbled, too stunned to manage a coherent sentence.

  “Fine!” he slammed three tapes into Edward’s hand.

  “But, you two douche bags, can find another ride home.”

  `”What the hell, man!” the middle one said.

  “Come on, guys, we’ll give you a ride home,” the officer said.

  “That’s cool,” the short one said. He looked at Dana.

  “I’m sorry. I hope we didn’t embarrass you.”

  “It’s fine, guys. I appreciate your help.” She pulled out a fifty and handed it to the short one. “This is to cover the cost of the tapes.”

  “This is going to sound ballsy after what we just did, but um,
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