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       Perfection, p.26

         Part #2 of Neighbor from Hell series by R. L. Mathewson
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Page 26


  "Thank you," she said, feeling secretly pleased by the comment and attention. At least someone was happy to see her, she mused.

  "Are you here with someone?" the man asked as he ran assessing eyes over her, pausing on her br**sts.

  She opened her mouth to answer only to have a familiar deep voice answer for her.

  "She's with me," Trevor said, throwing his arm around her shoulders as he gave the man a pointed look.

  The man opened his mouth, looking as though he wanted to argue, but quickly snapped his mouth shut as he took in Trevor's large build. With a forced smile and a nod farewell the man grabbed his beer and walked away.

  "You're welcome," Trevor said, taking the newly vacated seat and signaled for a beer.

  "Why the hell did you just do that?" Zoe hissed, watching the man hurry across the room towards a much prettier brunette. Great, now she'd have to figure out how to get another man to approach her, she thought, taking a sip of her very delicious drink.

  "Because he was bothering you," Trevor simply said, looking around as though he'd already dismissed her and he probably had, she thought, taking another large sip of her drink.

  "He wasn't bothering me. "

  "No?" Trevor asked, sounding bored as he winked at a pretty blonde across the room. Even from this distance Zoe could tell the blonde was giggling behind her hand and loving the attention.

  Hmmm, perhaps that's what she should do. If she spotted a man that she wouldn't mind ha**ng s*x with she should wink or giggle or something to let him know she was interested. Yes, that was a good plan, she decided, but she should probably wait until after she had another drink to put her new plan into action.

  She signaled for the cute bartender and pointed to her mostly empty drink and mouthed the words, "One more. " With a wink the bartender did just that.

  "What the hell are you doing here, Zoe?" Trevor asked, not bothering to turn around on his stool to acknowledge her in any other way. "I thought you had a date," he bit out, making Zoe frown.

  If she had a date she wouldn't be stuck hitting a bar, trying to get picked up for sex. Hopefully really hot sex, but sex nonetheless.

  "Well?" he demanded in that bossy tone of his that usually annoyed her, but for some reason she found it really cute tonight.

  She looked him over and noted the styled short hair, which if she was to be honest she'd admit that she liked the way his hair looked after a long day of work when it was all messy and adorable. His shirt was nice, dark blue and fit him just right, showing his muscular build off to perfection along with his dark pants. She sighed happily when she caught a whiff of his delectable cologne.

  The man was simply delicious. Deliciously cute, she thought, fighting back a giggle as she finished off her drink and reached for her new one. Had she paid the bartender? She wasn't sure so she pulled out another ten and handed it to him as he walked past, earning another one of his cute winks. Where Trevor was all hotness mixed with a bit of cuteness the bartender was adorable mixed cuteness.

  Wait. . . . . .

  Wasn't cuteness and adorable the same thing?

  It didn't matter, she decided a minute later when she started sipping her new drink, which in her mind was even more delicious than the previous. . . . . . umm, well, it didn't matter how many previous drinks she'd had, because this one was by far the yummiest.

  "Zoe? What the hell are you doing here?" Trevor, the hot cutie pie, demanded once again.

  "Probably for the same reason that you're here," she said, taking another sip of her drink and wondering if she could start drinking screwdrivers for breakfast since orange juice was a breakfast drink and vodka was made from grains. It would be her fun, delicious, healthy breakfast drink, she decided.

  "And that is. . . . . ," Trevor prompted, pulling her out of her happy thoughts and back to the task at hand.

  She threw a wink at the bartender that made the happy drinks and answered, "To have sex. "

  Chapter 14

  Trevor was so busy running an appreciative eye over his little tenant that he nearly missed what she said. When her words registered in his mind, he decided that he'd simply misheard her over all the noise.

  "What?" he asked, leaning back slightly so he could run his eyes over her floral skirt encased ass. Holy hell, she had a great ass, he thought, taking a sip of his beer and nearly choking on it when she repeated her answer.

  "I need sex," she said in a matter-of-fact tone that clearly caught the attention of several men around them. One murderous look from him had them losing interest in Zoe real damn fast.

  "What the hell are you drinking?" he asked, already knowing alcohol was to blame for his normally reasonable tenant's temporary insanity. He stole the drink from her hand and took a sip.

  "Hey! That's my yummy diet drink!" she cried, trying to grab the drink back from him.

  He easily avoided her mad grabs. He cringed as the taste of hard liquor hit him. Holy shit, whoever made this didn't know anything about mixing drinks. This drink had to be more than half filled with vodka. He caught the attention of the bartender and handed the half empty drink over to him.

  "Hey! That's mine!" Zoe grumbled, making an attempt to reach for the drink, but the bartender was already gone. She sighed heavily as she watched the bartender dump her drink down the sink.

  "Is he going to make me another yummy diet drink?" Zoe asked, sounding so damn hopeful that he couldn't help but chuckle.

  "I don't think so," he said, still smiling.

  She scrunched up her face adorably. "Damn. "

  "How many of those drinks have you had?" he asked, moving his beer away from Zoe with a heavy sigh as her sneaky little hand tried to steal it.

  "I don't know," she said, scrunching up her face adorably in thought, "I lost count after the third one. "

  "And how long have you been here?" he asked, already having a rough idea.

  "About an hour," she said, running her eyes around the bar and looking slightly distraught. "This is taking a lot longer than I thought it would," she confessed, making another half-ass attempt to steal his drink.

  "What is?"

  "Finding a man to have sex with," she said with a lazy shrug as if her little announcement was no big deal.

  For a moment he could only stare at her in wonder. "You really came to a bar to have sex?"

  She snorted out a small giggle, rolling her eyes. "No, silly, I wasn't planning on ha**ng s*x at the bar," she said as if he were crazy. A few seconds later her lips pursed up thoughtfully. "Although I've never had sex in a bar and that does sound kind of fun," she admitted, shocking the hell out of him. Not because she thought ha**ng s*x in a bar was fun, it was, but the fact that she was speaking to him so bluntly.

  "I couldn't help but overhear your dilemma," a man sporting a goatee and a wedding band said as he sauntered up to Zoe. "Maybe I can-"

  Trevor leveled a glare on the man that had him stumbling to a halt and practically running away a second later.

  Something soft brushed against his shoulder. He looked over in time to see Zoe's little balled up fist sail through the air and land against his shoulder, although he barely felt it he figured telling her that would only come as a challenge to his little tenant.

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