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       A Humble Heart, p.26

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  They sat in silence for a minute. A question was playing at the front of his mind and for the life of him he couldn’t let go. “I do have a question. Don’t get mad, but I’m just curious. When you were doing the scenes with Lucas

  umm, you didn’t get-“

  “Wet? No!”

  “Good,” he said, sounding satisfied.

  “However, Lucas had a problem not getting excited. I teased him relentlessly for two weeks about it.” She laughed at the memory. No one on set but Lucas and she knew he was too excited. She helped him hide it. He was beyond embarrassed about it. She wasn’t a guy, but she could understand how he felt. He looked really upset when it happened.

  Poor guy had to tell the director he had a cramp and couldn’t move off her. They shared a look. He silently pleaded with her not to say anything and she hadn’t. She laid there picking on him instead. He stayed half on top of her for five minutes until Mr. Happy went to sleep.

  “Lucas got hard with you?” Edward asked, sounding completely amused.

  “Yes, just keep your mouth shut. He was embarrassed about it.”

  “Amateur,” Edward said mockingly.

  She looked at him sideways. “You’re going to tell me that with all the beautiful women you kissed on screen and had sex scenes with you never once got too excited?”

  He shook his head. “Nope, not once.”


  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

  “I take that as a personal challenge.”

  “Do whatever you want, sweetheart. I have more selfcontrol than that. There is nothing you could do on a set filled with twenty people that will cause me to get a hard on.”

  “Oh, how are you going to stop it from happening?” She was curious now.

  He bit his lip. “I’ll take care of it before I go on set. It’s an old trade secret.” He laughed. “Someone should have told Lucas about it.”

  “He did. He told me when he apologized to me. He said he took care of it before so it wouldn’t happen.”

  Edward’s face dropped. “He jerked off before the scene and he still got hard?”

  It was her turn to shrug now.

  “Damn, I still won’t lose control.”

  “Do you want to make a little bet?” she asked.

  “Bet whatever you want, sweetheart, just be prepared to lose,” he said cockily.

  “Oh, and what great secret do you have up your sleeve to guarantee this?” she asked.

  “Amy,” he said simply. “There is no way I’m getting hard with her on set. If I feel I’m getting too excited I’ll look at her.”

  “What if she’s not there?”

  “Oh, she will be. I already asked her to come. I’m not a stupid man. I don’t need some lackey seeing how big I am and leaking my size to the paparazzi.”

  She hadn’t thought about that. That could explain part of the reason Lucas was upset. He didn’t care that everyone saw him when he was limp. There was no way to tell a man’s actual size that way. She also didn’t want the world to know that about Edward. “I won’t do anything, I’ll behave this week. I promise.”

  He looked at her doubtingly.

  “I swear!”

  “Okay. I believe you. When are you going to give me the code for this room?”

  “It’s a four digit code. It’s the day Elizabeth and Cole were born on.”

  “So, its 1726,” he said nodding.

  She looked at him shocked. Even Jeff didn’t know their birthdays. “Yes.”

  “Smart,” he said, laying his head back.

  Dana was about to say something when she saw what time it was. “Damn,” she sighed.

  “What?” he asked, sitting up.

  “It’s after twelve.”

  “Do you need to get to bed?” he asked.

  She shook her head, getting to her knees and leaned over him to reach the phone on the wall. She stayed leaning over him, resting her elbows on the side of the tub and hit speed dial number seven.

  “Cosmo Pizza, is this pick up or delivery?” a man asked.


  “Dana?” the man asked.

  “Hey, Tom, how are you?”

  “Good, what can I get for you? The usual?”

  “Hmm, a salad sounds good, but I don’t need the usual since the kids are in bed. I’ll take a large garden salad”

  “With extra carrot peelings and French dressing,” Tom guessed.

  “You’re the best, Tom. Can I get a large extra cheese pizza?”

  Tom chuckled. “I see the cravings are starting already.

  I’m guessing that I’ll be hearing from you a lot more over the next what is it, six months?”

  “Yes, Diane told you?” she asked, thinking her friend told her brother.

  “No, I read about it. Congratulations. Do you want any dessert? Perhaps a piece of cake or a large fudge brownie?” he asked teasingly, knowing she never made a habit of pigging out.

  “You’re the devil, Tom Rice,” she said, laughing. “I’ll take a brownie.”

  “I’ll send my son out with this so it gets to you nice and hot.”

  “Tom, do you know how much I love you?” she asked.

  He laughed. “Yes, what would you like, my little brownnoser?”

  She laughed softly “If you could add some cold pineapple in a little container you would be my hero.”

  He laughed harder. “You’re craving pineapple? I will definitely do it then.”

  “You’re the best, Tom.”

  “I know,” he said, still chuckling. “Expect it in twenty.”

  “Bye Tom, give my love to Sue and the kids.”

  “Will do.” He hung up laughing.

  Edward watched Dana with great interest, mostly because she was leaning over him. The conversation had been an interesting one. It always surprised him how many people she knew and was close to. He hadn’t been able to do that under the same circumstances. Dana didn’t let her situation stop her. She was kind to everyone and made friends easily and they all treated her like a dear friend not some celebrity.

  It made him smile when he thought about all the execs he knew that liked to brag about their connections. How wrong they were. Dana had the real connections. She had friends everywhere it seemed. People fell over themselves to help her out not because of her status, but because she treated them like friends, hell, like family. She wasn’t a phony, not in the least. She genuinely cared about people.

  “Is this your way of telling me I have to get out and dressed to get your pizza?” he asked, leaning forward to press a kiss to her back.

  She sat back on her legs. “Please.”

  He watched her for a moment. “You didn’t eat today, did you?”

  “I didn’t get a chance.”

  “Ah, that’s my fault I should have brought you out before the movie attempt. I’m sorry, sweetheart, I wasn’t thinking.”

  “It’s not your fault, Edward. I’m a grown woman. I should have made it a point to eat.”

  He moved to get out, but stopped and groaned when the muscles in his back tensed. His shoulders were sore from being grabbed and pulled on by all those insane girls.

  He reached back and tried to massage the pain away.

  “Here,” Dana said, pulling him gently back until he was sitting between her legs with his back to her. “We have a few minutes, why don’t you let me give you a back rub?”

  “Okay,” he said, trying to sound casual. A smile tugged at his lips. No woman had ever rubbed his back. They wanted him to do things for them, take them out, buy them things, help them when they needed it, and sleep with them when they wanted something. Dana was something else.

  Not only did she do things for him, but she did them without wanting something in return.

  He closed his eyes and hunched over while she worked the tension out of his neck, shoulders and back muscles.

  She worked every muscle in his back until he was completely relaxed.

A buzzing sound made them both jump. “Ooops, I guess the pizza’s here.”Edward pulled himself out of the tub and grabbed his pants pulling them up his wet legs. “Meet me at the table,” he said as he made his way out of the bathroom.

  He opened the door to a very stunned pizza boy.


  ” The young man took in his wet appearance and smirked. “Dana’s order. My Dad told me to tell her he put enough pineapple in the container to keep her happy until tomorrow night.”

  “Thank you.” Edward pulled out his wallet and paid him with a generous tip. The kid had saved him from a trip to the all night grocery store after all.

  “Wow, thank you, sir!” the kid said. “Oh, before I forget, my mom wanted me to tell Dana that Monday night we’re having a BBQ and she’s expected and to bring and I quote ‘those two adorable babies of hers and her fiancé so she can check him out to make sure he’s good enough for her.’”

  He gave Edward a sheepish look. “Sorry, man, I’m just the messenger.”

  Edward chuckled. “I’ll tell her.”

  “Alright, see you Monday then.” The teenager took off.

  Dana was already getting things ready at the table when Edward placed the food down. “Before I forget the pizza boy said Monday night we’re all invited to a BBQ at their house.”

  Her eyes shot up. “Ah, I guess they want to check you out. Make sure you pass inspection.”

  He cocked his head to the side and studied her for a long moment. “Yes, how did you know?”

  “I’ve been friends with the family for a year now. I know how Daniel works.” Her eyes locked on the plastic container on top of the pizza. “Is that the pineapple?” She picked up the container and grabbed a large chunk and began to nibble on it.

  Edward chuckled in disbelief as he set two plates. He placed a slice of pizza on her plate and prepared her salad for her before he grabbed himself any food.

  The sound of small feet slapping against the wood floor caught their attention. Cole walked into the room, dragging the teddy bear Edward bought him. Without a word he pulled a chair out and sat down. He yawned as he reached into the box and pulled out a slice of pizza.

  Dana and Edward watched with great amusement as the little boy devoured the entire slice. When the crust was the only thing that remained he handed it to his mother and without a word stood up, pushed his chair in, and turned to leave only to pause. He turned around and grabbed the huge brownie that was wrapped in plastic wrap and left the room.

  “So much for dessert.” Edward chuckled.

  “Taking junk food from a pregnant woman, that boy is brave,” Dana said in mock disgust.

  “I’ll go get it,” Edward said, standing up.

  She grabbed his arm to stop him. “Edward, he’s a three year old boy that has ill gotten chocolate. The brownie is already gone and most of it is on his face and in his bed.

  The battle is lost.”

  Edward gave her a doubting look and decided to go look for himself. Sure enough Cole was already passed out. He was covered in brownie and so were his sheets and pillow. He walked back to the kitchen stunned.

  “I’ll clean him up in the morning,” she said, nibbling on her pizza.

  “Damn,” Edward gasped as he sat down.


  “Baby, wake up.”

  Edward slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes. He felt something placed on his lap. The aroma of eggs and bacon teased his senses. He opened his eyes to see a breakfast tray on his lap with a plate filled with sliced fruit, toast, eggs and bacon. Dana placed a large cup of orange juice on the tray for him.

  She leaned in and kissed him. “I wanted to make you breakfast before I had to go.”

  “What time is it?”

  “A little after ten.”

  “You let me sleep in?” He was touched. He knew there was a lot to do in the morning with the kids.

  “Of course. Elizabeth has already come and gone.

  She’s at school. Deana is off for the morning until Elizabeth needs to be picked up from school, but she’s going to drop Elizabeth off with me and then she’s free for the weekend. I have the little man all day. We have a thousand and one things to do today so I’m taking my little man with me as my personal bodyguard as he likes to put it.” She grinned. “The security team is here. Tyler is assigned to me. He seems good with kids. He let Cole beat him twice this morning at Mario Kart.”

  Edward nodded, taking a sip of juice. “And you, sir, have a completely free day. I checked with Amy, she said you have nothing but some regular errands to run and Cole and I have volunteered to handle those. I believe we are picking up your dry cleaning, dropping your mail at the post office, picking up a package from UPS and we’re stopping by your Mom’s to help pick berries so you my dear have a completely free day to spend as you wish.”

  He was shocked. He couldn’t remember the last time he had a free day. There was always something to do. This was a great gift she was giving him. Damn she was treating him like a king.

  “Oh, since it’s been a long time since you had a guy’s night out or day or whatever. I called Seth up. He decided to close the shop and hang out with you today. He’s excited about it actually. He said it’s been years since he had a guy’s day.”

  “You called Seth for me?”

  “Yup, he’s in the kitchen eating us out of house and home. He pouted after Cole beat him on Mario Kart, but he was easily cheered up with some extra bacon.” Her eyes were filled with humor. “You men are so easy.”

  “Thank you

  .this is

  wow, I don’t know what to say, baby, this was really nice of you.” He leaned over and kissed her.

  “Enjoy your day and don’t rush home. Go and relax. I’ll be fine and so will the kids. I’m taking them to a water park tonight so don’t worry about anything and have some fun.”

  She stood up and pulled four tickets out of her back pocket. “I almost forgot. I guess one of the Dodgers is a fan of mine. He had four tickets couriered over this morning.

  They’re for tonights inter league game against the Yankees.

  I’m not really sure why that’s a big deal, but the courier, your security guy and Seth were all drooling out there. Do you want them?”

  Edward stared at the tickets shocked beyond words.

  Did he want them? Hell yeah he wanted them. He tried to get tickets weeks ago while he was in England only to discover they were completely sold out.

  Dana watched Edward’s frozen expression. She moved the tickets from side to side. Edward’s eyes were fixed on them. “Okay, if you don’t want them I’ll guess I’ll take the kids. They might like it.” She shrugged and slowly went to put the tickets in her pocket. Edward reached out and snagged them.

  “No, don’t worry I guess I’ll go.” He tried to sound cool about it. He wasn’t fooling anyone.

  “Uh huh, do me a favor, when you find out which player sent them, tell him I couldn’t use the tickets, but I’m sending him tickets to the premiere of Rogue if he would like them.”

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