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       A Humble Heart, p.30

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  “That’s what I figured you would say,” Eric teased.

  “We’re going to tighten up security for a little while.”

  “Do you think our marriage is going to cause problems for the film?”

  He shook his head. “No, I think the opposite will be true.

  A lot of people are dying to see the chemistry between the two of you. Plus you are an extraordinary actress and Edward is one hell of an actor. Teenage girls are not going to control your fates.”

  “I hope you’re right,” she sighed.

  “Don’t worry about it, that’s my job. You just enjoy this time. I know the filming is going to cut into your honeymoon, but I want you to relax and enjoy this time with Edward before the babies come,” Eric said.

  Dana kissed his cheek. “Thank you, Eric.”

  “You’re welcome, sweetheart,” Eric said, moving her quicker to match the new song.


  Edward’s tongue explored her mouth as he pushed her dress off. His clothes were already discarded in a trail leading from the kitchen to their bedroom. His fingers reached into her panties and ripped them clean from her body.

  Dana chuckled against his mouth. “Baby, we have all night. Your parents have the kids for the entire week.” She gasped as he pushed her onto the bed.

  She moved up the bed towards the headboard. Edward climbed onto the bed and crawled slowly towards her. “You are so beautiful, Dana.” He shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you’re my wife. I’m so lucky.”

  “I’m the lucky one,” she said tenderly, taking his hand and gently pulling him towards her until he hovered over her.

  He looked down at her, stunned. She’d said yes, to him!

  A fact he didn’t take for granted.

  Her hand came up and gently ran through his hair. “So, are you planning on making love to your wife?” She wiggled her eyebrows up at him, making him chuckle.


  Edward kissed Dana deeply as his hands ran over her back until they came to her ass. He gently squeezed her bottom, moving his hands up so he could wrap his arms around her.

  Dana broke their kiss. “I just wanted to let you know that I’ve never done anything like this before,” she stammered.

  “I’ve never done this before.”

  He chuckled softly. “You’ve never had sex in stranger’s bedroom at a party before?”


  ..no, I’ve never done that before either, but I was referring to-” she stopped and gasped as Edward kissed and licked her neck greedily as his hands worked at removing her bra. “Wow, you’re really good at that,” she gasped.

  “You were saying

  ,” he prompted as he worked his mouth down between her breasts.

  “Yes,” she moaned and shook her head, trying to stay focused. “I meant I’ve never slept with a guy I just met before.” Her hands ran through his hair as he kissed her breasts.

  “It’s okay. I won’t tell if you won’t,” he said softly as he moved down her stomach.

  “Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m doing this. My friends dragged me here tonight, it was supposed to be a way to relax,” she rambled on nervously.

  “I’ll help you relax, baby, just give me a chance,” Edward said as his fingers worked the clasp on her skirt. He pulled it off revealing white panties.


  I don’t doubt that it’s just that

  .hell, I have a fiancé

  ..well, maybe an ex-fiancé I’m not sure exactly


  Edward moved back up her body and held himself up by his elbows. He sighed. “Well, which is it?”

  She looked like she was thinking it over. “I’m really not sure.”

  “Well, perhaps I can help you out. Why don’t you tell me what happened.”

  “Okay.” She shrugged lightly. “My boyfriend Jason and I have been together for three years. This is our last week before the wedding. Well, it was supposed to be, but now I’m not sure if there’s going to be a wedding.”

  “I see.” Edward nodded. “What changed?”

  “He sat me down last night and explained that he owed it me to take a week to think things over and sow his oats.

  He said it would be selfish to make a commitment to me when he had other things he needed to do before he met me at the altar.”

  He stared at her like she was slow. She snorted. “I’m not an idiot. Trust me I know the jackass is off getting laid right now. The only thing I’m not sure about is if I’m going to forgive him.” She sighed warily. “I probably won’t.”

  “Hmmm.” Edward moved a strand of hair away from her face. “So, basically you’re here to cheat on him to make the two of you even before you face him in a week?” he surmised.

  “Yes, does that bother you? I’m sorry it must seem like I’m using you,” she said.

  He nodded. “Yes, but I’m fine with that.” He kissed her slowly before she turned her face away.

  “Wait, what about you? Do you..um, do this a lot?” she asked.

  He chuckled. “No, I don’t usually sleep with woman I’m not dating. But I find myself in a similar predicament.”

  “Oh, your girlfriend asked you for a break, too?” she asked as she kissed his neck.

  “Not exactly.” Dana pulled back to look at him.

  “What do you mean by ‘not exactly’?” She narrowed her eyes on him.

  He gave her a crooked smile. “She’s kind of down stairs right now.”

  “What?!” Dana pushed him off the bed and crossed her arms over her chest as she stumbled off the bed and fell to the floor. She quickly recovered before he could help her.

  His hands went up. “Whoa, let me explain.”

  She blew a strand of hair out of her face. “I’m listening.”

  “This is her house. I dumped her two weeks ago when I realized we weren’t heading in the right direction. I told her I wanted to be friends. So, she invited me here tonight and stupid me I accepted the invitation hoping we could be friends, but she had other plans in mind.”

  “What plans?” she asked cautiously.

  “Like plans of letting me know she’s been sleeping with my best friend for a year,” he said, shrugging sheepishly.

  “Oh wow, I’m so sorry

  umm.” She couldn’t’ remember his name.

  “Cale,” he said.

  “Cale, I’m really sorry that must be awful.”

  “I’ve had better days. So look, this is just about you needing me and me needing you just for this,” he gestured to the bed, “I’m not looking for anything serious and I don’t think you are either. We both have something to settle. I promise after tonight you won’t hear from me unless that’s what you want,” he said.

  She studied him for a long moment. “You promise?”

  He nodded eagerly and pulled his shirt off and began to undo his pants. They were off in seconds and he was kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but blue boxers and a sweet, hopeful smile.

  She walked slowly back to the bed and took his hand.

  He helped her onto the bed. “Wait, how exactly do you plan on letting her know what we did? You’re not planning on getting her up here to catch us are you?”

  He shook his head and kissed her. “No, I don’t care if she knows about this. It’s just for me. Just like it’s just for you. The knowledge that we didn’t let our exes completely screw us over. We’re two consenting adults that just a need a little comfort right now. That’s all I need.”

  “Sounds good.” She wrapped her arms around his neck.

  “Okay, now Edward, pull down her underwear and then push her gently onto the bed and explore her body slowly with your mouth. Dana, I need you to look like you’re enjoying what he’s doing to you, when he lowers his mouth to your hip pretend he’s pleasuring you. Then I want you to pull him up after a minute and push his boxers down and make it look like you’re using a condom. That will be your cue to begin thrusting, Edward. Kee
p moving until I yell cut,”

  the director said before signaling the cameras to begin rolling once again.

  They paused for a few seconds and then began kissing again. Edward slid her panties down her legs, revealing his wife’s backside to about twenty people. He had to focus.

  He pushed her onto the bed and began kissing his way down her body. His mouth stopped on her left leg an inch from her center where his face would block the view and give the illusion of him pleasuring her.

  He brought his hands to her hips and held them as he moved his mouth over her skin, pretending he was somewhere else. Dana began to squirm under his touch and moan softly. He continued for a minute as he felt her arch and then her hands went to his hair. She ran her fingers through his hair and moved his mouth and tongue over her skin faster cueing her to moan frantically and pull him up.

  Edward moved up her body and kissed her mouth passionately as she pushed his boxers down. He grabbed the condom lying on the pillow next to her head and pretended to put it on while kissing her. He was ready. He already prepared in the bathroom right before the scene with the Maxim magazine she was featured in. He thought about that moment when he knelt behind her and teased her. There would be no problems with this. There wouldn’t even be any real contact. His groin was at least six inches away from hers. His stomach pressed between her thighs was the only intimate contact, well that and their chests, but that wouldn’t be the thing to undo him. He had to do that with six other actresses over the years and it never affected him before.

  He began thrusting gently against the bed. She kissed him deeply moaning, into his mouth as she moved. He broke away from her mouth and moved to her neck. She dropped her head back and moaned loudly. His hand reached up automatically and cupped her breast and played with the nipple between their bodies out of the view of their audience.

  She ran her hands over his back and cupped his ass firmly as he thrust. He felt himself start to lose it. He opened his eyes and kissed her jaw line. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that Amy was no longer in the place she promised she would stay. Damn it!

  He was getting painfully erect now. The tip was pushed against Dana’s bottom. He felt her gasp. If he continued to thrust in this position she would be screaming soon in pain.

  Tomorrow by this time she would have a circular bruise on her ass and she would pick on him about it relentlessly.

  His hands moved down her legs. He grabbed her legs gently and moved swiftly to change positions before he hurt her or embarrassed himself. He moved tighter against her, positioning his erection between her legs, but against her stomach, no need to make this into a porno after all. He pressed his stomach tightly against hers so nothing could be viewed. He was basically on his knees bent over her. It wasn’t exactly comfortable at the moment.

  Thankfully Dana went along with it, probably thankful not to be poked in the ass any longer. She ran her hands over his back as she kissed him. He thrust against her slowly this time trying not to focus on the sensations. The moans that were escaping his throat were real now. His hands pushed beneath her and wrapped around her back.

  “I want you,” he whispered, not being able to help himself.

  In one quick motion he picked her up and sat back until she was in his lap. She pressed tightly against him, keeping Edward Jr. pressed firmly between their stomachs as she began to give the illusion that she was riding him.

  She dropped her head back as she moved. He moved his mouth between her breasts and licked slowly up to her chin, making her shiver.

  He moved his hands down to cup her bottom as she moved against him. He was pretty sure her moans were real now as well. At least he could feel that she was aroused. There was no question about that. She brought her head back up and began kissing and licking his throat making him close his eyes and moan.

  “Okay guys, now I need you to finish this,” the director said, his voice full of humor.

  Edward let Dana push him down until she was leaning over him. She moved on top of him, keeping him covered as she leaned over and kissed his mouth greedily. He kept his hands stretched out on their sides firmly on her bottom to add extra cover in case she slipped.

  He began thrusting up to meet her movements. She moaned into his mouth and cried out. He copied her seconds later. She fell against him, panting.

  “Cut!” the director yelled.

  At least a dozen people were suddenly crowding the small set. Robes were brought to them. Dana’s was placed over her back while she remained on him. She worked her arms through the sleeves as Edward helped her. When she sat up he pulled the robe closed and tied it tightly. She remained sitting on him as he struggled to pull his robe on.

  Once he was ready to cover himself up she moved quickly off him.

  Eric walked onto the set, grinning. “Give us a minute, people,” he said loudly. In a matter of seconds the set was cleared.

  “You guys did great,” Eric said. He seemed amused and not pissed, thankfully.

  “Thank you.” Edward and Dana said in unison.

  Eric placed a finger against his lips, looking thoughtful.

  “I just have one question, um, we didn’t accidentally just make a porn, did we?” he chuckled.

  “Eric!” Dana gasped.

  “Take it as a compliment, sweetheart. He’s telling us it looked real,” Edward said, trying to sound casual. It had been damn close. Damn close.

  “Yes, it looked real. You were giving the cameramen heart attacks! Your sister had to run from the room, I think she’s hyperventilating around here somewhere.” Eric looked around the closed set.

  “If you, gentlemen, will excuse me. I’m going to get dressed and work a little bit before the next scene.” Dana kissed Edward on the cheek and smiled at Eric as she made her way to their dressing room. She pulled the bathrobe tighter and wasn’t stopping for anything.

  She thought the love scene was going fine until she felt Edward’s erection. Then all was lost. It took everything she had not to grind against it. His swift thinking probably saved them from a lifetime of humiliation. It was hard to pretend the orgasm, but she would have done anything to get the hell out of there before she really did lose it.

  Bret stood outside their dressing room, making sure no one snuck inside. She said hello and told him he could go take a break. She wanted to be alone so she could work.

  Knowing someone was standing outside her door was too distracting. It was bad enough Edward would be coming in at any moment to get dressed.

  He was a huge distraction.

  Dana dressed quickly in her favorite cargo khaki pants that thankfully still fit and a tee shirt and threw her shoes on for good measure. They had two more sex scenes for the movie to work on this week as well as several other scenes. They were trying to squeeze some extra scenes in because of the impending union strike and her impending huge stomach. When it hit it would put them behind schedule for however long it took both sides to agree on a contract.

  She pulled out her laptop from her hiding place, under the couch, way in back behind books. The door opened as she was straightening everything on the coffee table.

  Edward walked in smiling.

  “Don’t worry I’m just getting dressed then I’m out of here.

  I’m shooting a scene in an hour and I have to get over to make-up.” Edward leaned over and kissed her lips gently.

  Dana nodded and yawned. Edward narrowed his eyes on her. She looked exhausted. “That’s it.” He closed her computer and placed it back under the couch.

  She jumped to her feet. “Edward, what are you doing?”

  He moved a throw pillow to the end of the couch and grabbed a blanket. “Lie down, you’re exhausted.”

  She looked like she was going to argue, but he wasn’t hearing it. He picked her up and placed her on the couch and tucked her in.

  “But I’m not tired!” she whined.

  “Just humor me,” he said dryly. He kissed the top of her head. Edward dressed quic
kly and shut the light off, leaving a night light on. “Get some sleep.”

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