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       A Humble Heart, p.34

         Part #1 of Hollywood Hearts series by R. L. Mathewson

  He sat up in the bed. Damn, just the thought of her in the black teddy was enough to get his ass moving off the bed.

  She wrapped her bathrobe around her and headed out the door.

  Edward felt like a kid on Christmas morning. He picked up the bags and dumped them on the bed. He saw a lot of lace and silk. There were new panties and bras too. He ran his fingers over them, imagining how they would feel on her until his fingers came across something hard.

  Thinking it was just a security tag they left on one of the garments he picked through the clothes until he found a small thick black box with a small antenna on it. A small red light glowed on the top and the front looked liked the mesh on a microphone. “What the hell?” He picked up the box and looked it over.

  On the bottom was printed ‘OMNI 25’. He pulled his pants up and made his way to the office. He sat down at his computer and Googled the name. A gadget site popped on the screen. The OMNI 25 was one of the most powerful listening devices on the market. It could transmit sound from ten miles away.

  “Oh shit,” he mumbled. Whoever dropped this in the bag had just heard their very private encounter and unfortunately there was nothing he could do about now. Somewhere close by someone was no doubt already turning what they recorded into an MP3 file.

  He made his way to the kitchen and placed the gadget in the refrigerator. There was nothing else he could do but call the police. Hopefully they could get a print off the device or maybe look over the mall security cameras to see who dropped the device in the bag.

  After he made the call he walked towards the nursery to tell Dana the police were on their way and what happened.

  She was tucking their sons in bed. When she turned around and saw him she smiled. He didn’t want to tell her, but it would be worse if she found out on her own. She moved past him to check on the older children.

  “Did you pick something out?”

  “Dana, you have to get dressed. I have something to tell you,” he sounded glum.

  She nodded and went back to the room. She pulled on jeans and a tee shirt. “Okay, tell me what’s going on?”

  He dressed as well. “The police are on their way. Baby, someone dropped a listening device into one of the bags.”

  Dana felt lightheaded. Edward reached out and grabbed her arm and helped her sit on the bed. “I’m really sorry, honey. They heard everything.”

  “Where is it now?” she whispered.

  “I put it in the fridge.”

  She nodded. “Okay, there’s nothing we can do about it now.” She stood up, trying not to panic. “Do you mind handling the police? I want to work on my book.”

  Edward nodded. “It will be okay.”

  “Yeah, I know. It will be a bad couple of months and then they’ll move onto something new.” She kissed his cheek lightly before leaving the room.

  The police took his statement and the device and left.

  They didn’t bother making any promises to him. Unless the person who did this had a record there was no way they were going to get a match on prints. He felt like a failure.

  There was nothing sacred in his life anymore. A very private moment between him and his wife was about to be made public. The things they said to each other, private things, were now public knowledge.


  Another thought occurred to him. Dana would never talk to him during sex again. Hell, she would probably tape his mouth shut. She would probably become skittish about sex, checking the room for cameras, and listening devices before he was allowed to touch her. He could literally kill someone. She was so good in bed, carefree, competent and like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Now they were going to take that away from him as well.

  He made his way to the office and stopped when he heard Dana sobbing. She sounded like she was gasping for air. He made his way quickly to the office to find Dana falling from her chair on to the ground, tears streaming down her face as she

  .laughed? She was laughing her ass off. He couldn’t make out the sound coming from the speakers until he came closer. He dropped his head next to the speakers and heard soft grunting and loud moans.

  On the screen was a page dedicated to the latest news about Edward and Dana Pierce. A media box was playing.

  The caption described an exclusive sexual encounter between Edward and Dana Pierce. The site boasted its claim that one of their informants dropped a listening device into a bag of lingerie.

  “Dana, what the hell is so funny?” he asked tensely. He was pissed, whoever did this worked fast. Everything in his life was up for grabs. At least that’s what some people thought. Just because he played a part on the big screen people thought he was public property. They acted like they owned him. He was sick of it.

  She tried to talk, but couldn’t. She fell over laughing harder. He ground his teeth and picked up her headphones. He attached them to the speakers and started the audio file again. He sat in her now empty chair, ignoring her as she pulled herself together.

  He heard Tyler offer to drop the bags in their room, the sound of footsteps, and then a loud “Oomph” as something fell on the bag. “Shit,” Tyler mumbled. He heard the bag being moved. The noise that followed sounded muffled.

  Edward sat on the edge of the chair and listened as the tape was skipped to when they entered the room. The voices were muffled, but he knew they said each other’s names, but they sounded distorted. Even he couldn’t make out anything on the tape. The only thing he could hear was moaning

  sort of. He listened anxiously to the rest of the tape. He began to laugh as the embarrassing moments came and went. None of them were clear enough.

  He took off the head phones and sighed with relief.

  Dana was now composed and sitting in the overstuffed chair. “Have you noticed we keep earning a reprieve when it comes to our sex life being recorded? First the video tape at the beach and now this?”

  Edward chuckled. “We just have to check bags when we get to the house.”

  “You know this isn’t going to be the end of it, don’t you?”

  Edward stood up and walked over to her. He dropped to his knees in front of her. “I know. It will still be pretty bad for a while. Will you stand by me?” He caressed her cheek.

  “Always.” She reached out to run her fingers over his jaw.

  Chapter 19

  “Buckle up, small fry,” Edward said as he turned the car on. He looked back to make sure Elizabeth was safely belted in before he moved.

  “Okay, Daddy.”

  “I need you to put this on. You can play it loud this morning, okay?” He handed Elizabeth her MP3 player. She smiled and took it.

  He was dying to hear what people thought of the recording. The media circus outside their house had tripled overnight, not a good sign. He had a bad feeling when he turned the radio on. He tuned into his favorite morning talk show.

  A song was just ending. It was one of his favorites and he found himself relaxing and tapping his fingers to the beat. The media slowly moved out of his way as he made his way out of the driveway. He didn’t roll down his windows when they tried to scream questions.

  “We’re back. That was One Republic who will be playing in town this weekend. Now onto more important news like the MP3 that was released last night at eleven thirty on the web. What did you think about that, Trevor?”

  Trevor laughed. “I thought it was a hoax, kind of an annoying hoax. The distortion on the tape was painful.

  However, when they worked their magic on the tape overnight and re-released the MP3 I thought I died and went to heaven. The lovely Dana’s moans were enough to drive even the Pope to shoot in his pants.”

  “Oh shit,” he mumbled to himself. He looked in the mirror and saw his daughter bopping her head to whatever music she was listening to.

  “My concern is, is this real? Or is it another tease like the video that ruled the internet for two weeks, eight months ago?” Trevor said. “What are your thoughts on this, Hank?”
  “Well, after I listened to it for the tenth time this morning I went to YouTube and played a clip with Edward’s voice for comparison. I would stake my life on it that it is the genuine article.”

  “I would have to concur on this one, Hank. Hmm, how strange we agree. How the hell are we going to fill up the remaining hour?”

  “Gee I don’t know, Trevor. I think we could think of something. I know let’s break it down for our listeners!”

  Hank said gleefully.

  “Oh no,” Edward mumbled.

  “Now, I think it’s pretty obvious that-” Trevor started.

  “Wait! For the listeners that haven’t heard it go to www.thepierces.com so you can hear it.”

  “Good thinking, Hank. They should be well informed.

  Back to the discussion. I think it’s pretty obvious from the tape that this is the first time the couple has, consummated their relationship since the birth of the twins.”

  “That it is, Trevor. I think it’s also obvious that Dana is a considerate wife who made sure Edward didn’t suffer for those two dry months. ‘You know after two months of blowjobs One would think you’d grow tired of them.’” They played a clip from the recording. Dana’s voice sounded sultry and crystal clear.

  “I agree, providing your man with a blowjob when you can’t spread is a considerate thing for a woman to do, however,” Trevor began. Edward didn’t like that however, not in the least. “I think it was more considerate of Edward to offer to pull out. Now, let’s be honest, how many men would be able to do it never mind offer to pull out of Dana Pierce when they were balls deep in her? Huh, I don’t think many would. Either Edward Pierce is the man of steel or he’s full of shit and that was a fake offer.”

  “Hmm, good point. Is Edward Pierce a considerate lover or a man who would say anything to stay between those luscious legs? Let’s give it a listen and see if he sounds honest.”

  There was a slight pause before the next piece of recording played. “We can’t do this. You need to see the doctor tomorrow, baby. Is this much pain normal?” Another small pause followed by “Damn it, I’m pulling out.”

  “You know what concerns me here,” Trevor said, the humor was clear in his tone.

  “What’s that, Trevor?” Hank asked innocently.

  “While our poor Dana is getting ripped to shreds she is going out of her way to compliment him. I would like to vote right now that Dana is the WJOR’s sex kitten of the year.”

  “I would second that, Trevor,” Hank said.

  “Listeners, go online now. I’m told we have a link to the recording and you can vote. Do you think Dana deserves to be The Sex Kitten of the year? You need to let us know.”

  “I don’t know if she can be considered The Sex Kitten of the year anymore, Trevor,” Hank said.

  “Why’s that?”

  “Well, after the tape I doubt she’ll ever let him touch her again. Therefore if she’s not having sex during the rest of the year she can’t be in the running.”

  “Hmm, good point, however, I don’t think that will be a problem.” If they only knew, Edward thought smugly as he took a right turn. They discussed the possibility of the tape being fixed last night. After that they made out for an hour like a couple of teenagers before he pushed her down and took her from behind. Damn if she didn’t make him sweat.

  Their impending humiliation didn’t dampen their sex drive, not in the least. Hell, he woke up with her straddling him two hours ago.

  “You know what I find interesting here,” Hank said.


  “The ex-husband.”

  Trevor sighed in the microphone the same time Edward groaned. He looked back to make sure Elizabeth was still rocking out to her MP3 player, she was. He was just killing time driving around now. She didn’t have to be to school for a half hour. The snacks were still in the trunk, well sealed so he didn’t have to worry about those. He knew Elizabeth wouldn’t complain. She was only allowed her MP3 player when she earned it so right now she was in heaven.

  “Oh, don’t get me started on that prick. What kind of man first off neglects a woman like her, I don’t care if she was carrying extra weight after giving birth. She had two kids almost back to back and was partially paralyzed. Give her a break!”

  Edward hated hearing about that. Jeff left her by herself all day. She struggled to do everything and had no help with the two young children. If it had been him he would have busted his ass so she never felt an ounce of pain or discomfort.

  “True, then the prick cheats on her with, I’m sorry I realize I’m about to receive hate mail, but a dog and then marries her! What the hell?”

  “Do you think Edward would cheat on her?” Hank asked in a serious manner.

  “Hmm, I’ve given that some serious thought. I don’t think so. He could have easily slept with hundreds of women, but he was known for being a bit of a prude before he met Dana. He had a few model girlfriends and dated a few actresses, but he didn’t go nuts. All of his exgirlfriends have said he’s a nice guy, too nice. So no I don’t think he will. He seems to be crazy about her if the tape is any indication.” Just to add emphasis to his point they played another clip. “God I missed you so much, Dana

  .I love you

  ..I love you.”

  “I think we’ve gotten off track here, Hank. We’re supposed to discuss the ex.”

  “Oh right, my bad, Trevor. I think the guy has balls of steel to give up his kids. You noticed he didn’t give a rat’s ass when the little one, what’s his name, Cole?”


  “Cole gets burned because some psycho babysitter is too drunk to watch the kids, which I must say is every parent’s nightmare. My heart goes out to Dana and Edward on that one. My wife freaked out and now has Nanny Cams all over the house because of that. Anyway, they catch him on film and tell him what happened to his biological son and the son of a bitch shrugs and walks off,” Hank said.

  “True, I did want to bitch slap him myself.”

  “But this hits the air and a little comment about his size is involved and the guy is flipping out giving interviews to every Tom, Dick and Harry. What the hell?”

  He was beginning to love these two guys. His hand twitched towards the phone, he couldn’t help it. He opened the phone and dialed.

  “Oh my God, I’m being told that Edward Pierce is on the phone right now.”

  “Are you kidding?” Hank asked, sounding truly surprised.


  “Well, let’s put him on!”

  “Good morning, Edward.”

  “Good morning, guys.”

  “I’m a little surprised by your call. Isn’t your wife going to kill you?” Hank asked.

  Edward chuckled. “No, she has faith in me and thankfully is a very forgiving person when I mess up.”

  “Good to know. So, Edward, let’s cut to the chase, is this tape real?” Trevor asked with an edge to his tone. They expected him to deny it.

  “Yes,” he said, knowing there was no point in lying.

  “Sweet Jesus!” Hank yelled.

  “I only have a few minutes to talk guys,” he said, looking at the clock. “So, we have to make this quick.”

  “Damn, okay

  .um, wow, I’m so excited,” Trevor said.

  “Me too. I don’t know where to start.”

  “Oh, has Dana cut you off?”

  Edward chuckled. “No, it was an unfortunate incident, but we love each other very much and have no problem showing it. It really upsets me that someone saw my wife and decided to take advantage. It should have been a very private moment between us and it was exploited for cheap thrills.”

  “As hot as the tape is I would have to agree with that.

  She sounded like she was in a great deal of pain. Hell, my wife cringed when she heard it,” Hank said.

  “I was sorry for that too, but it’s a side of effect of giving birth and I know my wife doesn’t regret our boys. I wish I could have
spared her further pain, but it was unavoidable,”

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