Wicked ties, p.45
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       Wicked Ties, p.45

         Part #1 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
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Page 45


  “Are you sure?” Her voice trembled.

  “Watching you flush and swell in the sunlight, feeling you writhe on my fingers, seeing you smile, yeah. ” Jack sounded like he’d swallowed a truckload of gravel. “Yeah. ”

  A beautiful answer, but still…she had to ask the hard question. “You’re not going to turn into Destructor on steroids, watching Deke touch me? This isn’t going to upset you?”

  Cupping her cheek, he sighed. “If I don’t give this to you, I’ll lose you anyway. And I believe we belong together, cher. We have to trust each other to have any tomorrows. ” A reluctant smile tugged at his wide mouth. “Besides, you looked hot as hell coming for both of us. ”

  “Jack and I talked about it early this morning. His head is in the right place, doll. ”

  “So it’s up to you. ” Jack swallowed. “All it takes is one word, and we’ll fuck you beyond your every dream. You just have to accept your needs. Yes or no. ”

  The moment stunned her…humbled her. Simply amazing. Seemingly implacable Jack was willing to put aside his every misgiving to grant her wish. A ballsy move, one that proved he really didn’t want to let her go. Because he cared.

  Thank God, because her every attempt to shut him out of her body and heart had failed miserably.

  Now, all she had to do to fulfill her fantasy was be brave enough to accept her wants, the pleasure, their demand.

  A few short days ago, she couldn’t have accepted this offer. Oh, she would have wanted to. Ached and yearned to, in fact. Jack’s words alone would have set her on fire. But shame and worry and fear would have doused it in the end.

  Now…no embarrassment, no apprehension. Just a whole, open acceptance of who she was and what she wanted. Jack had set her free. For that alone, she loved him.

  Fresh tears pooled in her eyes as she looked at Jack. “I’d hug you, if I could. ”

  She wiggled her hands beneath her wrists bound to her thighs as dual tones of male laughter filled the room.

  “Is that a yes?”

  “Yes. ” She pressed her body against his. “Please, yes. ”

  “Cher, it will be our pleasure. ”

  He sealed the deal with a kiss, slanting his hungry mouth over her and urging her lips apart for him. Immediately, he filled her mouth with his unique flavor, something dark, spiced with Cajun coffee, whiskey, and mystery. She’d know the addictive taste of Jack anywhere. She also tasted just a hint of her own juices. But the gentle note of his kiss was new, infused with not just desire, but hope and promise. Morgan melted.

  Deke wasn’t content to be idle, though. He pressed his hot mouth to the sensitive curve between her neck and shoulder, skimming his fingers up her body, from hip to navel, up again to swirl around her taut nipple begging for attention.

  His thumb brushed across it once. Just once. She gasped into Jack’s mouth. Then she moaned when her sexy Cajun hottie pinched its mate.

  The two of them together were going to be pure combustion.

  A rush of hot desire blasted her, and her knees damn near turned liquid as Jack pressed kisses down her jaw, her shoulder, working his way straight to the nipple he still gripped between his thumb and forefinger.

  Deke apparently took that as a sign because he curled huge palms around her cheeks and lifted her face to his, eyes burning. All traces of the teasing big guy who called her “doll” had been replaced by one hard, hungry man. A fresh bolt of lust crashed in her belly.

  That need resonated in his moan as he took her mouth and pushed his way inside. Deft, seductive, his clever tongue danced around hers, flirting, tasting, then backing away. He taunted, giving her brief taste of his rich flavor, tinged with something minty.

  She was drowning in a sea of need. The feel of Deke’s mouth over hers as Jack toyed with her nipple was making for one hell of a riptide.

  Her ability to tread the waters of heavy desire didn’t improve any when Deke nipped his way down to her other nipple and both men each worked at a sensitive nub. If she hadn’t already been incredibly wet, the sight of two male heads, one like tawny light, the other like silken midnight, would have had her juices running like a leaky faucet. Blood rushed through her body. Desire burned achy and tight just under her skin, pooling between her legs, creating a sea of need.

  The tugs of their mouths, different times, different pressures, produced a unified result: arousal that had her sweating. Sensations darted from her nipples to her clit in a rapid-fire sequence her body could barely process.

  “Feel good?” Jack lifted his head, lips wet and red and so damn kissable.

  She whimpered in answer.

  “I think that’s a yes,” Deke whispered beside him.

  Standing at her side now, Jack urged her toward the bed. Deke helped, one hand guiding her by the shoulder, the other palming her ass. She waited for them to help her onto it.

  They didn’t.

  When her thighs bumped the mattress, they bent her over the rumpled bed, then disappeared behind her. Morgan closed her eyes, aware of being naked and vulnerable and exposed. And of two sets of eyes devouring her.

  Zippers rasped, clothes rustled. Someone dipped a hand into that little bag of tricks near her feet. Foil ripped. Her heart picked up speed. What were they doing? No anxiety in the request, just dying-to-know curiosity. A million forbidden images flooded her brain, each sexier than the last. And all because Jack wanted to fulfill her so he could claim her.

  She’d barely recovered from the thought when Deke eased around the side of the bed again, this time completely naked. She’d seen the hard muscles that slabbed his chest and rippled across his abdomen. Even more solid, lean flesh roped his thighs and framed a thick, heavily veined cock. Her gaze flew from it to his face, and he shot her a wry smile as he climbed on the bed.

  Behind her, Jack grabbed her hips and leaned over her back, the hair dusting his chest rasping over sensitive skin. She shivered.

  “I’m the director here, Morgan. What I say goes. Are you clear?”

  She swallowed, nodded. “Yes, sir. ”

  “Good. Deke…” Jack lifted one of the hands from her hips, just for a moment, apparently giving the other man some sort of signal.

  Clearly, Deke understood it, because he sidled closer as Jack edged her away from the bed just enough for his friend to ease in front of her.

  Morgan’s heart began to pound double time. Deke’s body was so close, she could smell the heady musk rising from his slightly parted legs, see the individual hairs dusting his thighs, see every vein bulging under the soft skin of his rigid cock.

  Jack urged her closer to it, grasped her hips in his greedy hands and pressed the swollen head of his erection to her weeping entrance. He eased in a fraction, but only enough to tease her.

  His flared flesh burned against hers. She moaned, writhed, doing her best to tempt him. She ached to feel him impale her, stretch her. A jolt of need nearly had her screaming. Morgan bit her lip, wriggled her hips. Jack merely kept her in place, stretched out on a torturous rack of denial.

  “You want me to fuck you?” he demanded.

  “Yes, sir. ”

  “I will,” he whispered in her ear. “When you suck his cock. ”

  His words lashed her with like a whip of desire, stinging across her senses. Morgan tossed a wide-eyed stare over her shoulder.

  “I want to watch your mouth on him while I fuck you. Do it now. ”

  A heavy craving gnawed at her, pulsing low in her belly. She wanted to. And she wanted Jack to watch—and get hot as hell.

  Turning back to Deke, Morgan focused on his erection. He was definitely in proportion with the rest of his gargantuan body. There was no way she was going to be able to take him all in her mouth. Ever.

  But it could be damn fun trying, knowing that with every swipe of her tongue, she’d be driving not just Deke out of his head with lust, but Jack, too.

  “Yes, sir. ”

Before she’d even finished speaking, Deke took her nape in a gentle grip with one calloused hand and wrapped a ruthless fist around his cock with the other. Then he led her head down.

  As she dragged her tongue across the swollen head, Deke groaned. Jack issued an echo.

  Morgan did it again, laving more of Deke’s flared crest with the flat of her tongue. Watching his thighs go taut, she swirled around the ridge of his cock, then swiped her way across the surface again, gratified at his growl in her ear and the salty-musky taste of him leaking across her tongue.

  “Jesus, Jack,” Deke moaned. “She’s torture. ”

  “She’s just getting started. Aren’t you, cher?”

  He eased the hot head of his cock out of her aching vagina, and she moaned in protest, right against the purple crest of Deke’s engorged erection.

  “Suck him,” Jack demanded. “Don’t toy with him. ”

  But damn it, Jack was toying with her.

  Casting a glance up at Deke’s face, taut lines of strain bracketed his mouth. His blue eyes flared with demand and a fiery hunger that tightened the screws of lust inside her, until the power of her need obliterated all but her hunger.

  He gritted his teeth, but still managed to joke, “Can you hurry, doll? You’d really be helping me out here. ”

  Looking back down, she watched with helpless fever as Deke stroked the stalk of his flesh ruthlessly, his grip so tight and rough, it shocked her. Thrilled her.

  The heavy knot of desire pulsed between her legs and swelled at the sight of him. It jabbed her with hot impatience as Jack fed her two scant inches of his cock and stopped. Sweat broke out across her back, and she licked her lips, her brain unable to keep up with the needs of her body. The torment was almost too much.

  Deke’s fingers tightened on the back of her head, pushing her down again. Yes, she wanted this. To taste him. To know that Jack watched in approval and arousal.

  Morgan opened her mouth and sucked in as much of Deke’s hard length as she could, coating his hot, dry skin with her saliva. The moisture eased her way as she drew back, then pushed down his cock again, taking him to the back of her mouth.

  He sat heavy on her tongue, salty, so damn hot and spicy. His taste ratcheted up her arousal. So did knowing Jack watched her every move.

  “Good girl,” Jack praised as he plunged his cock deep into her channel, up against the mouth of her womb, where he pressed against a spot that made her moan and squirm and writhe. “As long as you’re sucking him good, I’ll fuck you good. You stop, I stop. You come before he does…I’ll give you hell. ”

  A fresh bolt of lust hit her like lightning, white-hot and electric. Jack wasn’t just getting three people in a room for a fuckfest. No. Just like he understood the thoughts that made up her darkest needs, he dominated her, ordering her to participate, freeing her from any reins her morality might have put on her.

  Nodding her assent, Morgan bobbed her head, her tongue rasping against Deke’s cock. The big blond giant hissed in appreciation, and his fingers tugged on her hair, sending delicious pinpoints of pain across her scalp.

  God, she was burning up. Jack’s firm strokes rasping against her wet flesh was short-circuiting her brain. His every push sent her bobbing over Deke’s cock, and she swirled her tongue all over him, moistening, laving, teasing him with every stroke, loving the feel of him heavy on her tongue—and Jack’s stare hot on her back.

  Between the two of them… The torture rack of pleasure stretched her further. She was on fire, seared with lust that agonized. Her nipples ached, her clit screamed for attention. She imagined pushing Jack and Deke into climax at the same time. The thought made her insane with need.

  Morgan tightened around Jack, clamping down on him, as she dragged her tongue up the slick length of Deke’s cock. Both men groaned, long and guttural. One of Jack’s hands tightened on her hip; the other delved past her damp curls and press-rubbed her clit until she cried out. Deke upped the pleasure by pinching her nipples until the bite of pain, the shocking hedonism of their demands, nearly thrust her over the edge and sent her plummeting into hot satisfaction.

  “Not yet,” Jack warned, voice strained nearly beyond recognition.

  He eased back on his long, grinding strokes deep inside her.

  “No!” she protested, tearing her mouth away from Deke. Damn it, how could Jack do this to her? She throbbed. They’d tied her in knots of need. And wasn’t this her fantasy?


  “That’s sir to you,” he reminded her with a growl—and a firm whack to her ass and a gentle pinch of her clit. “Now suck him, make him come. Then you’ll get yours. ”

  With no mercy whatsoever, Deke watched her with raw hunger as he filtered his hands through her hair again and tugged her down to his cock.

  Morgan closed her eyes. She ought to be pissed. Flamingly furious at the way they demanded and controlled and withheld. But no. She was more aroused than she’d ever been in her life.

  “Suck me hard. ”

  Deke’s voice was like sandpaper on steel wool. The sound of it made heat flare like a furnace running full throttle, made her pussy clench with need.

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