Wicked ties, p.46
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       Wicked Ties, p.46

         Part #1 of Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black
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Page 46


  She sucked Deke into her mouth and gave a demanding pull on him. He stiffened even more against her tongue and gripped her hair in harsh fists. In reward, Jack plunged into her, prodding at her swollen clit with his fingers, now coated with her juice. She cried out.

  God, it was so much. Too much. And even though Jack had backed off the hot pace of his strokes, she still felt the inferno of desire raging, climbing, threatening to lick at her until her body exploded into a thousand pleasure-rent pieces and sanity fled.

  As if sensing how close she was, Jack eased away again. Morgan whimpered. She had to come. Soon, damn it. Now!

  She rededicated her efforts to Deke’s cock, laving from root to tip, lingering on the hidden spot just beneath the flared head, wrapping her tongue around the thick root. Then she took him in her mouth, deep, back to her throat and sucked hard. Her cheeks hollowed. Beneath her, Deke got even harder. And he groaned, urging her on.

  “Oh, that’s it. Holy shit, doll, you’ve got a mouth… That’s it. So hot, so good. Suck my cock. ”

  He thrust up into her, fucking her mouth once, twice. Again, he swelled against her tongue, bulging so that she felt every ridge, every vein, the pulse of semen beneath the skin.

  “Jesus, Jack,” he panted. “I’m not going to last. ”

  “Good girl,” Jack panted in her ears as he covered her back with sweat-slick flesh and finally began to piston in and out of her aching pussy. “Swallow him. Every drop. ”

  Morgan bobbed her head in understanding, frantic now with arousal. She clawed her thighs as desire ballooned inside her. Her belly cramped with need as Deke engorged again. He pulsed on her tongue—hard. Then he cried out, the guttural sound ripped from his chest as if the pleasure was pure agony. His hot seed filled her mouth, salty, milky. She barely had time to swallow before Jack stiffened behind her, gripping her hips ruthlessly, and fucked her with every ounce of power he possessed.

  Up, up, up—she didn’t climb the ladder of arousal. She rocketed straight to the top with the feel of Jack’s cock stretching her, rasping against her every nerve ending. The beginnings of climax fluttered inside her, and Morgan whimpered, so ready to let go.

  “Don’t come,” Jack commanded. “I didn’t give you permission. ”

  Who the hell was he kidding? Frantically, Morgan shook her head. She couldn’t stop it. Couldn’t.

  Jack smacked her ass, and Morgan instinctively jumped to obey. Why, damn it? She wanted to come.

  But she wanted to please him more. So Morgan tensed, trying to push out sensation, to stop her body’s headlong rush to satisfaction.

  “Hold on, doll,” Deke encouraged.

  She raised her eyes to his, pleading, needing. He just shook his head, those blue eyes promising more—much more…later.

  She railed, whimpered. God, the erotic edge of pleasurepain had never been so overpowering.

  Behind her, Jack gripped her hips as he pounded into her with jackhammer strokes that had her weak-kneed and mewling. The drumbeat of desire pulsed in her clit as he continued to ramp her up and up.

  Then he swelled, stiffened. And with a savage shout and a last brutal thrust, Jack came, long and hard and powerfully.

  Morgan didn’t. Though denying herself had her tense as hell and crying out. God, she’d almost rather tear the top off of her head and pour acid inside. The ache was eating her up. So hot. So damn achy. Tears stung her eyes. This couldn’t go on…

  Jack withdrew from her body and tore off his condom with a satisfied smile. Bastard! He just left her here to burn alive.

  She glared, making plans to skewer him alive, string him up by his balls. This was her fantasy, and nowhere in it did she go without orgasm!

  “Wow,” Deke commented.

  “Fiery, isn’t she?”

  “Stop talking about me as if I’m not here! You two put me in this…state. ”

  “We’ll fix you,” Jack assured.

  “When? Next month isn’t good enough. Even five minutes from now is too long to wait. ”

  Morgan jerked against her bonds, frustration eating at her. But she couldn’t do anything, especially touch her own clit. Having two pairs of hot male eyes devouring her was only making her hotter, expanding the never-ending need.

  “Get on the bed. ”

  Jack’s deep voice pinged in the air, telling her he wouldn’t tolerate any more of her outbursts It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him to fuck himself…but ultimately, she couldn’t disobey. Not when he spoke like that. Not knowing the way she longed to please him. The submissive in her relented, needing to bow to his stronger presence and give herself into his care.

  She trusted that he would give her what she needed.

  Morgan approached the bed, uncertain exactly how he wanted her. Jack didn’t let her flounder, but helped her onto her knees—straddling Deke as he lay back with a grin. His searing blue gaze was fixed on the wet curls between her legs, and already his cock stood like a stone column against his belly.

  Please, please don’t let them want her to fuck Deke without coming.

  On her knees, Jack urged her up Deke’s body, past his thighs and to his hips. But he didn’t stop. He kept pushing her up and up, past Deke’s abs and chest. Then the blond hulk himself lifted her, settling her knees on either side of his head.

  “I’ve got to get my mouth on this pussy,” he groaned.

  He dove into her like a man possessed, tongue spearing at her drenched channel, then lashing at her clit. Morgan gasped at the shocking burst of sensation. Any cooldown she’d achieved in the last three minutes evaporated at the first touch of Deke’s mouth. She squirmed, trying to find relief from the sweet torture of his teeth gently nibbling her. He wasn’t about to allow that. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her thighs anchoring her in place.

  Morgan might be on top, but Deke was completely in control.

  “You look so damn sexy,” Jack rumbled in her ear from behind her, his voice thick with desire. “I can’t wait until we’re both fucking you and you wash us in your cream as you come. ”

  Both fucking her? God, yes. Jack understood what she craved. And he’d give it to her. She hoped before she expired from unfulfilled need.

  Jack fiddled with the locks at her sides, and suddenly her wrists were free—just in time for Deke to suck her clit into his mouth and nearly send her rocketing into the stratosphere. Nearly. But he didn’t let her go yet.

  “Can I come?” She turned pleading eyes on Jack as he bent to retrieve new items from his bag of tricks. “Please. ”

  “Not yet. I’ll tell you, cher. ”

  “I can’t stop…” she panted, gasping for her next breath. “It’s too…”

  “You can. You will,” Jack demanded.

  A fresh coat of perspiration glazed her skin. A new jab of lust sizzled inside her pussy. The same whimper that failed to move Jack before failed to move him now.

  Damn him! She was barely hanging on here… Her folds felt swollen to four times the normal size, and still Deke kept bringing the heat, the pleasure, leaving her just on the threshold of an atomic orgasm. And Jack just kept watching the show, idly toying with her nipples, like he had all day to enjoy.

  “Lean forward and brace yourself on your hands,” Jack commanded.

  Morgan complied, hoping that they’d let her come and end the maelstrom of lust driving her out of her mind. The orgasm brewing just grew and grew, expanding into something larger than she’d ever imagined. When this peak hit, it was going to kill her.

  A moment later, Jack wedged a pair of fingers deep in her pussy. He wriggled, reawakening nerves his cock had stroked to life. But he didn’t stay. No, those fingers of his dragged her juices back to the smaller hole in back.

  He was going to fuck her there again. And once he did, there was no way she could stop the orgasm bubbling in her gut from completely overtaking her.

  “Jack! Sir…”

r skin is so flushed and pretty,” he murmured against her back as one finger toyed with the puckered rosette.

  “Her taste is fucking addicting, too,” Deke muttered against her pussy before he dove back in, sucking her clit into his mouth.

  The dark ache of desire throbbed harder. The edge rushed closer, looming huge and unavoidable in its burning grip. God, the heat blistered her. She couldn’t hold back much longer. Her inner walls fluttered. Her clit throbbed against Deke’s tongue. Just one more sensation, and denying her climax would no longer be possible.

  Jack seemed oblivious to her sensual distress, taking his sweet time dragging her cream from her weeping entrance to the forbidden hole in back. Morgan found herself pushing back toward his fingers, whimpering, pleading.

  “Are you mine?” he whispered right in her ear, so she alone could hear.

  “Yes. ”


  “Yes. God, yes. ”

  “You’ll stay with me? Be mine? Wear my collar?”

  “Yes, yes, yes,” she chanted.

  He positioned a finger against her back entrance, and every nerve ending jumped as he began to press in.

  “Oh, yes!” She could barely get the words out, barely find a breath to say them. Dizzy, hot, aching tight under her skin, Morgan babbled with mindless appreciation.

  Jack thrust his finger deep in her ass at the moment Deke scraped her clit with this teeth.

  “Come!” Jack shouted.

  But she’d already started. Nothing could stop her from flying apart, exploding into a million sizzling pieces, burning under the pressure of Jack’s invading finger, aching at the adroit ministrations of Deke’s insistent tongue.

  She didn’t moan or cry out. She screamed, long and loud, gripping the bed sheets with her hand as the pulses went on and on and on. The climax shattered her, hitting so hard, she lost her breath. Her gut cramped. Dizziness assailed her as her heartbeat pounded in her ears like a staccato drum.

  God, she was dying. Right here in this little cottage room, bursting into so many flaming little pieces of herself, she’d never be able to put them all back together. And she didn’t care.

  Deke eased her down his body and reached for something near his hip. A condom, she realized a moment later, as she watched him tear open the foil with his teeth, roll it on, and grab her hips in world-record time.

  Again? Oh…She had all the muscle control of a rag doll right now, had just taken what felt like the first ragged breath of air in hours, and they wanted to fuck her into orgasm again?

  Before Deke thrust home, Jack withdrew his finger from her ass and replaced it with the searing width of his lubricated cock.

  “Jack… Sir,” she began to protest.

  “Take me,” he demanded on a groan. “Take us. ”

  And he slid in, dark, ruthless, demanding that she open wide and accept every inch of him in her ass right now. Moaning at the feel of him stretching her so completely, Morgan pushed down until he’d sheathed his entire cock inside and his balls slapped at her pussy.

  And there he stayed, completely unmoving.

  Shockingly, the feeling of him tunneling inside her dark, forbidden passage roused her all over again. She tried to wriggle and whimper. Deke’s hands stayed her hips. Her previous scream had stolen most of her voice. The new jolt of demand scorching through her body took the rest.

  They were killing her. Honest to goodness killing her.

  Before she could find a way to recover, to cope, Deke positioned his thick cock at the weeping entrance of her pussy and thrust inside, driving his way in quickly, pushing past resistance, shoving in inch after inch after ruthlessly hard inch inside her.

  Oh. My. God. Stretched so full, packed tight. The burn of their cocks put her senses on overload, sent her reeling straight back to the kind of sharp arousal that had her holding her breath, calling Jack’s name, gripping Deke’s shoulders to stay grounded in reality in the midst of this mind-blowing fantasy.

  And then they began to move, like a well-timed dance designed for maximum devastation to her senses. Jack withdrew, Deke thrust in. Jack thrust in, Deke withdrew. And friction, oh God… The heat overwhelmed her. She’d never had so many nerve endings screaming all at once, and Deke only made it worse when he pressed a thumb to her clit.

  “Jesus, she’s tight,” he ground out.

  “And she has a thin membrane between her ass and her pussy. I feel the head of your cock dragging over me. Damn!”

  “Yeah,” Deke’s face twisted into a mask of concentration. “She’s killing my control. ”

  “What control?” Jack growled. “Cher, come when you can, as much as you can. ”

  That was all the invitation Morgan needed. At the feel of Deke’s cock pressing right against her cervix and the slick pad of his thumb dragging across her swollen clit, she exploded, seeing light and stars behind her eyes. Hell, she wouldn’t be surprised if someone told her the heavens had parted.

  The explosion was Jack’s to command, and sharp as a machete. The two men tore her apart with thick, sublime, unearthly pleasure.

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