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       Broken and Screwed, p.16

         Part #1 of Broken and Screwed series by Tijan
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  Was I? My phone’s alert went off again. “You bet!”

  She beamed back at me.

  It wasn’t until later as we had met the guys in the hallway and were walking towards the lounge that I snuck a peek at my phone. However, Eric sidled up next to me with a strange glint in his eyes. He lifted a hand to run it through his hair, messing it up, but the look suited him. It gave him a rakish appeal that I knew most girls would swoon over. He wore a black shirt that molded to his frame with low-riding jeans. He could’ve been a model in that outfit, a thought that I’d never had about him before. But his eyes had been dark as they’d trailed up and down me when we first stepped into the hallway. They were still darkened in lust now.

  “You think we’ll see Marissa before the trip’s over?” he asked.

  I started to shrug, but stopped. I told him the truth. “Yes, we’ll see her when she decides to show up.”

  “And she’ll be with another guy.”

  It wasn’t a question any longer. He already knew.

  “I’m sorry, Eric.” But I wasn’t. And from the clenching in his jaw, I knew he knew it as well.

  But then he changed the topic and forced a light cheery note in his voice. “You look sexy tonight.”

  He skimmed me up and down again. To my surprise, a shiver followed his gaze over my body.

  Angie threw me a wink over her shoulder. She was the proud momma, since she had argued with me about my attire that night for twenty minutes. In the end, I had succumbed and wore the black dress that weaved around my breasts and down to my hips. My entire back was exposed, along with the sides of my hips. It ended a few inches above my knees, but for some reason I didn’t feel embarrassed. I would’ve a month ago.

  “You can thank Angie.”

  She grinned and giggled, but Justin’s hand was on the small of her back. His fingers flexed in a possessive hold as he gave her a wolf whistle. “Nathan, I like you, man, but you better not comment on my woman.”



  The two shared a smirk as we came to the elevators.

  Angie rolled her eyes at me and I grinned, but then the doors slid open and everything stopped.

  Jesse stared back at me; his eyes widened as he took in my dress, but then he was jostled forward as his teammates pushed him out the door. Cord whistled at me, “Looking good, Street Girl.”

  “Street girl?” Angie threw me a frown.

  Then Camden stepped around Jesse and threw his hand out. “Can I please meet you again? Hunt, tell me we’re hanging out with your girl tonight? Please, tell me we are.”

  Another guy snickered, “This the girl who was hiding in the closet? I wish I’d stuck around.”

  “Yeah, right. You pissed your pants when coach came out in the hallway.”

  “Shut up, Wiscers.”

  “You shut up, pussy.”

  Jesse stepped closer as Justin threw his hand out. “Thanks, man, for the IDs.”

  I did the double take now. “You got them for us?”

  Jesse shrugged. “Who else do you guys know here?”

  Angie was transfixed by one of the guys and I saw her mouth the word, ‘closet?’ before she narrowed her eyes at me.

  “Nathan.” Jesse gave him a brisk nod.

  Eric had stiffened at the sight of him, but gave him the same gesture. “Hunt.”

  And then Jesse turned his back on him, towards me. It was smoothly and perfectly done, and it was more effective because of it. He’d cut him out of the conversation. I knew Eric registered the insult when his jaw clenched, but he didn’t combat it. He even stepped further back.

  “I texted you.” He dropped his voice so only I could hear him. His fingers touched my arm and he urged me back, away from the group. “Where are you guys going tonight?”

  I had read the two messages quickly, but that was when Eric had approached me. I hadn’t had time to really think about what he had asked. I frowned now. “You knew we were going out tonight?”

  “Yeah, I figured. Houston reached out to me about the fakes this afternoon. I can’t go out late tonight, but I thought I’d come for awhile.”

  I blinked at all that information. So he’d known where I was the whole time, who I was with. “That’s why you didn’t text me today.”

  “You were with your friends.”

  “And you didn’t want to pull me away from them?”

  He gave me a wolfish grin. “If I had, you know what we’d be doing all day.”

  Another shiver wracked through my body, one that had my every cell tingling in anticipation. I almost groaned from the dark thoughts that were going on in my mind, but bit my lip and held it back. My voice came out husky, “Jesse.”

  His finger was rubbing up and down my arm. He grinned at the torment he was causing and slipped an arm around my waist to pull me close. As he bent close, I closed my eyes. I could feel his breath against my skin and waited for the feel of his lips, but then Angie’s voice came out loud. “Are you ready, Alex?”

  Jesse froze and then hissed through his teeth. He pulled away. I caught the dark look he gave my best friend, but then he released me and stepped away. The effort seemed to cost him; he glared at Angie again. “Really, Russo?”

  A heated look flashed in her eyes as she raised her chin in the air. “Really, Hunt.”

  A different promise was smoldering in his depths.

  Justin watched the exchange, but moved away from Angie’s hold. “You coming with us, Hunt?”

  “Justin,” she hissed.

  He ignored her. “We’re going to some clubs. The girls wanted to dance.”

  Camden had been quiet, but he cleared his throat now. “Most of the team is going to Haze for a couple hours, but we can’t be out late. We have our game tomorrow.”

  Another guy spoke up, “Yeah, if we don’t get a full eight hours of sleep Coach will kill us.”

  “We wouldn’t want to trouble you guys. I’m sure you have all sorts of tramps to hang out with.”

  “Angie.” I glared at her.

  She shrugged. “Really.”

  Camden had been frowning at her when he caught the glare Jesse sent her way. He stepped forward again. “That’s no problem. We have a reservation and everything. No waiting line. Some private dancing area all to yourselves. I know they tend to cater to the girls too, but if you don’t want to go there with us, that’s no problem.”

  Angie’s smile turned frosty, the heat increasing in her eyes.

  Justin coughed as he turned away from her. “Yeah, man. We’re all for it.”

  “Justin,” she hissed again and tried to grab for him.

  He evaded her reach easily. “I don’t suppose you guys are ready to go?”

  Jesse had been silent next to me. He spoke up now, his gaze hard as he lingered on Camden first and then on Angie. “We’re ready.”

  “Oh, great,” my best friend muttered. Everyone heard, but no one responded.

  As we all got into the elevator, I was tense. Jesse’s teammates were in a good mood, as was Justin, but Eric and Angie were both glowering in silence. Then I glanced up and caught Jesse’s gaze. He winked at me. And suddenly, I wasn’t so tense anymore either.


  As we entered the club, a hostess met us at the door. She had perfect teeth, bleached blonde hair, and wore a skimpy uniform. Her eyes trailed over the group and lingered on Jesse, who stood next to me. He had a hand on the small of my back, but straightened as she headed straight for him. Her arm was extended. “Jesse Hunt! Welcome to Haze! It’s a pleasure to have you here.”

  Then she trailed over the group again. Her eyes lingered on me, but her smile never slipped. “We were not aware you were with the Grant West group. We’ll make the accommodations immediately. Will your father be joining you?”

  He straightened abruptly. The easy smile he’d had vanished. A hard look came over him. “He’s here?”

  Her eyes widened a fraction. “He was in earlier, I
believe.” She was rattled from the sudden intensity from him; hell, I was as well. Everyone was taken aback, but she still oozed a professional friendliness that verged on the line of being too friendly.

  “Hunt, I didn’t know your dad was coming to our game.” Camden pushed through the crowd and slapped a hand on his shoulder.

  The hostess’ eyes skipped over him, but snapped back to Jesse.

  My eyes had narrowed as I watched the exchange and I saw the interest in her depths. I couldn’t blame her. Jesse was hot when he was laidback, but he was lethal when he was angry, which he certainly was now. His eyes were hard, jaw clenched, and his body had tensed. A dangerous aura came off him in waves.

  And then Angie pushed forward. She gave the hostess a chilly smile. “Can we please go to whatever these guys booked? I have to pee and I don’t think you want me to take a piss on your floor. Or would you like to gawk at the famous movie director’s son some more?”

  The guys snickered and Camden was taken aback. He rapidly glanced from Angie to Jesse, who had shifted closer to me again.

  The hostess returned Angie’s chilly smile before she turned. “Follow me, gentlemen.”

  Angie huffed, but no one paid her any attention. Justin curled his arm around her waist and drew her close again.

  We were taken to a private box on the second floor, overlooking the dancing area. Camden threw his arm up and gestured around the table. “Can we get a round of shots, on me?”

  The hostess glanced at Jesse, who murmured, “We’ll take the VIP treatment.”

  Her smile was blinding before she left.

  “Dude, what was that?”

  Jesse stiffened beside me. “Nothing. We’re going to get our own bottles and shit.”

  A guy snorted from across the table. “Coach is going to kill us if we’re all hungover.”

  “Yeah.” Camden frowned. “We should take it easy tonight, party tomorrow night.”

  “I know.” Jesse’s eyes had remained hard at the mention of his father, but they slipped another notch into the danger area as he stared his captain down. Camden glanced at me, then lowered his eyes and turned to one of his friends.

  “Street girl.” Cord tapped me on the shoulder.

  I twisted around. “Yeah?”

  He shoved his phone in front of me. There was a list of Marissa’s name on the screen, all from text messages and missed phone calls. “Your girl keeps calling. What’s up with that? I thought she had a boyfriend here.”

  “She does.” Eric leaned forward now, beside Cord. Angie and Justin were beside me, in front of them. They turned to listen as well.

  Angie grabbed the phone and bent over. Her fingers flew over the keyboard before she held her breath and waited. It beeped a second later and she showed me the phone.

  I read the conversation. ‘hey, where are you?’

  Angie had texted on his phone, ‘At Haze. Come here.’


  ‘Take a cab. Tell the lady u with the g west group.’

  ‘ok. B there soon.’


  I looked up with a chest full of tension. “What’d you do?”

  She shrugged and sat back. When she threw a leg up on the table in front of us, I got a glimpse of Angie that I hadn’t seen in a long while. She was pissed, she was beyond pissed, and she was calculated right now. Marissa didn’t stand a chance.

  “Angie, I don’t think you should have done that.”

  “Are you kidding me?” She gestured over her shoulder. “She took off and left him high and dry. She left when we were trying to talk to you about our concerns. She always just takes off and shows up with a new guy. It’s got to stop. I’m sick of it.”

  She had a point, but it didn’t sit well with me. Not at all. In fact, after I had taken my third deep breath in a row, Jesse dragged me out of the booth and into a dark hallway. The music was muted slightly, but we were allowed a little privacy. A few people wandered past us, looking for their own boxes.

  He pressed me against a wall and stepped close. I felt his breath on me. “What’s wrong?”


  I looked away, but he turned my face back to his. He was so close, agonizingly close. My heart started to thump louder and louder. Then he leaned even closer. His lips brushed against mine as he asked again, “What’s wrong?”

  I started to shake my head. He stopped me.


  His lips were on mine now, lightly. But he held back. Desire was starting to build between my legs. It was throbbing down there and I wanted to pull him tight. My arms ached to grab him, but I kept them against the wall. I knew he was tormenting me for information. He had no intention of finishing what he had started. Not then, anyway.

  “Alex.” His breath caressed my skin as he whispered my name. “What’s happening? I know something’s wrong. What is it?”

  “Is that Jesse Hunt?” A female voice sounded from our right.

  He went stiff and didn’t move for a second.

  My hand skimmed up his side, to his arm. I was about to ask what was wrong, but he turned and clipped out, “Sabrina.”

  A high-pitched laugh rang out as she drew closer. She was gorgeous: tall, willowy, with long bleached hair that curled around her waist. And she had striking cheekbones underneath green eyes that looked like something I would’ve seen in a supernatural movie. Glitter was dusted over her cheeks. It matched her make-up and the glitter in her hair as well. She swept a rail-thin hand in a graceful move over her chest before it fell to her side. She could’ve been a model. Dressed in a very thin white fabric that hung on her body, but also emphasized the lack of bra or underwear, I knew for certain she wasn’t from my kind of lifestyle.

  “So you remember me?” she murmured in a husky voice as she drew even closer. Her eyes narrowed at our closeness, but she pinched her lips together in a faint pout. “And who is your friend?”

  Jesse’s hand tucked me behind me as he stood in front, as if to act as a barrier. Then he asked, strained, “Are you here with my father?”

  “Goodness, no.” Another high-pitched giggle peeled through the air. “Why would you assume something like that?”

  “Because the last time I saw you, my dad’s cock was six inches deep in you.”

  Her laugh dropped to a husky tone again. “Oh. That.”

  “Yes, that.”

  “Who’s your friend, Jesse?”

  “Why?” His hand kept me firmly behind him. He moved again as she looked around him. “So you can report back to my father who my dick has been six inches inside?”

  “Has it?”

  My eyes went wide at the sharp skepticism from her.

  Then he delivered smoothly, “None of your business.”

  “Hmmm. Something tells me your father will be very curious. He’s coming to your game tomorrow.”

  Jesse straightened again, any part of me that hadn’t stiffened at the sight of her now snapped to attention at that threat. “Really?”

  “And he’s having dinner with your coach right now, along with some high school’s friend’s dead parents.? No, that doesn’t make sense.”

  He bit out a savage curse under his breath. “Get away from me. Now.”


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